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    The Bingo Book

    All missing-nin on record are contained and rated within the Bingo Book. There are 6 seperate ranks one may be given depending on how dangerous you are deemed to be. The ranks are:
    • E Rank - Only the most pathetically weak missing-nin qualify for this, and could likely be caught by mere genin.
    • D Rank - Often reserved for genin missing-nin, typically capture instead of killing is prefered for missing-nin of this level.
    • C Rank - These missing-nin are moderately threatening, though still not worth sending more than a jounin or two chuunin after.
    • B Rank - Missing-nin at this level have either committed numerous crimes already, or possess a recognised degree of power that makes them potentially dangerous. Hunting and capturing these missing-nin whenenver they are seen is vital.
    • A Rank - Very dangerous missing-nin likely possessing both great abilities, but also having committed numerous crimes. Capture is preferable, but killing is also acceptable given the dangerous nature of people at this rank.
    • S Rank - Only the most dangerous of criminals possess this rank, and their capture should not even be attempted. Hunting and killing these missing-nin is preferable, as their abilities can sometimes be equal to those of village Kage's.

    A missing-nin's rank is determined and stated by the appropriate village GM during creation. In each missing-nin's character sheet should be the following form, properly filled out:

    [B]Shinobi Rank:[/B] (Their shinobi rank, e.g. Genin, Chuunin, etc)
    [B]Missing-nin Rank:[/B] (The missing-nin rank assigned by the appropriate village GM)
    [B]Shinobi Village:[/B] (List the shinobi village they are from)
    [B]Last Location:[/B] (Indicate where the missing-nin was last seen)
    [B]Additional Notes:[/B] (Leave here any notes that may be of use to parties hunting this missing-nin)
    [B]Reward:[/B] (Leave any details of a reward on offer for their capture or killing and how to collect it; this is completely IC)
    Do not give your character a missing-nin rank; let the village GM handle it.
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