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Jinchuuriki and Bijuu - Beta V0.6

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  • Jinchuuriki and Bijuu - Beta V0.6

    Bijuu - The Beasts

    The bijuu are monsters made of pure, raw chakra. They once roamed the land as rampaging forces of nature, leaving death and destruction in their wake, but ancient heroes shattered them and scattered the remains to the winds. Now, however, the bijuu stir again. They grow in the dark corners of the world, gathering strength, but in their still weak state, they can be sealed within human hosts – jinchuuriki. Even imprisoned, the bijuu are far from powerless. Whenever a jinchuuriki is registered, the bijuu he hosts must be registered as well, similar to a beastmaster's pet.

    Unlike most other characters, bijuu have just three stats: Force, Finesse, and Fortitude. Force determines the strength of the power that the bijuu can exert over the world. Finesse determines the amount of control the bijuu has over that power. And Fortitude determines how long the bijuu can exert that power before becoming exhausted. No matter the rank of the jinchuuriki, all of his bijuu's stats begin at zero.

    In a thread where the jinchuuriki is awarded points, the bijuu also receives an experience point, but if the Jinchuuriki is in multiple threads at once, they can only receive XP for one concurrent thread. Once a bijuu amasses ten experience, he may exchange ten experience for a single stat point in any bijuu stat. Additionally, in any thread where a jinchuuriki defeats and absorbs a bijuu, they may choose to give their own bijuu an additional experience point. In a thread where the bijuu is controlled by a GM, the defeated bijuu gives experience equal to their total stats.

    Drive - The Transformation

    Within a thread, a jinchuuriki's control over their bijuu is measured by the Drive system. At the start of a thread, most jinchuuriki begin at 0 Drive, which represents total control over the bijuu, or at least total suppression of it. At the other end of the scale, 100 Drive represents losing control over the bijuu, either by being overwhelmed or by surrendering to it. Different actions and triggers can influence Drive by sliding closer to either end of the spectrum. Past certain amounts of Drive, the jinchuuriki's state alters.

    25 Drive – Awakened
    At this point, the bijuu is roused from slumber, or otherwise actively paying attention. Host features related to the bijuu, such as whiskers, claws, or markings, become exaggerated. All the jinchuuriki's physical levels are raised by one as long as they remain above 25 Drive.

    50 Drive – Blended
    Now the bijuu and jinchuuriki exert near equal influence over the host body. The bijuu manifests over the jinchuuriki as a shell of chakra that mixes man and beast. The jinchuuriki's movements become feral at this point, and many start to fight on all fours. As long as the jinchuuriki remains above 50 Drive, their physical levels are raised by two. The Jinchuuriki's reliance on the Bijuu's power makes it difficult to mold chakra for more powerful techniques. Jinchuuriki lose access to their highest 1/2/3 (genin, chuunin, jounin and above) available stages of jutsu or special techniques. Jinchuuriki swaps are still available. (ex. A genin Jinchuuriki knows stage 3 leaf ninjutsu, and has specials in stage 2 of their taijutsu. They will have access to stage 2 of both their ninjutsu and their taijutsu)

    75 Drive – Overwhelmed
    The jinchuuriki borders on losing control to the bijuu. The bijuu's silhouette manifests around its host as the chakra shell glows brighter. Reasoning with the jinchuuriki becomes difficult. While at 75 Drive or higher, the jinchuuriki gains a total of three physical levels, but must attack each post. With the Bijuu overwhelming the thoughts and chakra of the Jinchuuriki, they lose access to all jutsu and special techniques, except Bijuu and Jinchuuriki techniques.

    100 Drive – Lost
    Whether the jinchuuriki surrenders control or succumbs to the bijuu's coercion, the bijuu wins, at least temporarily. The bijuu's manifestation becomes a miniaturized but near perfect recreation of their true form with the host body floating inside. With 100 Drive, the jinchuuriki has a bonus five taijutsu levels from Drive and may attack twice a post, but they must attack every post until exhausted, defeated, or reduced to 0 Drive. The Jinchuuriki still has no access to their jutsu and special techniques. They also suffer from chakra bleed (see below).

    Bleed: Once a Jinchuuriki is Lost, the bijuu begins to express so much of their powerful chakra that it bleeds out of the host. Every post, including the post where they first go into a Lost state, the Jinchuuriki loses 30 drive (at the end of their post). They may continue to use triggers and Bijuu Techniques to gain or lose drive. If Bleed would put the Jinchuuriki at 0 drive, their post ends with them dropping out of the Lost state and collapsing or passing out.

    Note: Bonus taijutsu levels from Drive thresholds do not stack.

    Triggers – Gaining and Losing Drive

    Whenever exposed to particular triggers, the jinchuuriki may adjust their current Drive.

    Attacking – Any round where the jinchuuriki attacks, they may gain 10 Drive.

    Damage – Any round where the jinchuuriki is hit by a physically damaging attack, they may gain or lose 10 drive.

    Hold Back – Any round where the jinchuuriki does not take an offensive action, they may lose 10 Drive.

    Protect – Any round where the jinchuuriki witnesses an attack on a loved one, they may gain 10 Drive.

    Soothed – Any round where the jinchuuriki is healed, or is calmed by an ally, they may lose 10 Drive.

    Delirium – Any round where the jinchuuriki's senses are muddled (by genjutsu, poison, or other effects), they may gain or lose 5 Drive.

    In addition, several unique Bijuu Techniques and Jinchuuriki Swaps affect Drive, as listed in each technique's description (See Below). Jinchuuriki archetype bonuses modify how those characters manipulate Drive.

    Bijuu Techniques – Demon Arts

    As living hosts of the bijuu, all jinchuuriki have access to a number of standard abilities – bijuu techniques. Whenever their Drive passes a particular break point, the jinchuuriki can draw on more of the bijuu's chakra to access bijuu techniques. However, giving in and using the natural weapons of the bijuu is a dangerous process, one which can quickly allow the bijuu to gain control over the jinchuuriki. The attributes of the Bijuu influence how powerful their instinctive Bijuu techniques are.

    Passive techniques are always on when the Jinchuuriki reaches the appropriate breaking point. Active techniques must be purposely used as an action.

    For the purposes of interacting with other techniques, Bijuu techniques are considered ninjutsu.

    Bijuu Claws – Awakened - Passive
    When the Jinchuuriki reaches the Awakened level of drive, the chakra of their Bijuu can leak into their physical attacks, giving an extra level of lethality to even basic strikes. This manifests as hazy claws, talons, or fangs, made of pure bijuu chakra. Bijuu Claws manifest on one part of the body, like hands, feet, head. Whenever an attack is made with Bijuu claws, 5 drive is gained on top of any other drive gain.

    Force 0 – Strikes as if ninjutsu stage based on rank: genin at stage 1, chuunin at stage 3, and jounin or over at stage five.
    Force 1 – Allows the jinchuuriki to fire blades of chakra from the Bijuu Claws, striking up to ten feet away.
    Force 3 – Adds another ten feet to the range of the blades, up to twenty feet.

    Bijuu Senses – Blended - Passive
    Creatures of chakra, the bijuu perceive the world around them different than humans do. Using this technique, the jinchuuriki borrows that bizarre set of senses. Often compared to certain doujutsu, this allows jinchuuriki to feel the very thrum of chakra around them, and is typically disorienting to new hosts. Every post where the Bijuu lends the Jinchuuriki their senses, the Jinchuuriki gains 5 drive. Senses extends out to 40 feet around the Jinchuuriki.

    Finesse 0 - The Jinchuuriki can sense chakra around them. They know when ninjutsu, genjutsu, taijutsu specials, puppets, or anything else animated by chakra, is around. They do not distinguish between them though.
    Finesse 1 - Once per post, a jinchuuriki can filter their Sense so it only distinguishes one type of chakra: Ninjutsu (constructs), Genjutsu (mental), Taijutsu (internal), or Other.
    Finesse 3 - The Jinchuuriki can use Sense to move around, even when deprived of their normal senses.

    Bijuu Presence - Overwhelmed - Passive
    The intense chakra energy coming off of a jinchuuriki can be intimidating enough. When a Jinchuuriki learns to utilize this, their chakra automatically lashes out at anyone that comes within range. Presence passively activates when Jinchuuriki reaches Overwhelmed Drive. The first time someone comes within 30 feet of the Jinchuuriki and can sense them, they are hit with the effect. Any post where any number of opponents are influenced by Presence, the Jinchuuriki gains 10 drive as the Bijuu's chakra lashes out. Once per thread, Presence can lash out at a specific target in range a second time (but not within two posts of the first effect wearing off).

    Fortitude 0 - Presence rattles the target, lowering their taijutsu levels by one each. If this lowers a taijutsu level to 1 or lower, they are paralyzed in fear for the duration.
    Fortitude 1 - Presence lasts for two posts.
    Fortitude 3 - Their taijutsu levels are lowered by two each, and the first time someone is affected they are paralyzed for at least one post regardless.

    Bijuu Shift - Awakened - Active
    The form of the Bijuu is a form the Jinchuuriki knows by heart. They see the Bijuu's body when they shut their eyes, in their nightmares, in every technique they use. The form of a Bijuu is something feral, nightmarish, unstable, and it often shifts with their mood and power. With Shift, the Jinchuuriki can harness this mercurial form by giving the bijuu a brief moment in its own skin. Shifting into a Bijuu's natural form taps into their chakra, and gains 10 drive. Every post the Jinchuuriki remains transformed, they gain 10 more drive, and gains another 5 drive whenever hit.

    Force 0 - A limb can be shifted, but after one direct hit, the Jinchuuriki loses their shifted form. This limb gives one taijutsu level to strength, stamina, or speed.
    Force 2 - The Jinchuuriki can use a limb at full Bijuu size, creating a giant claw, a massive stinger, or big tails. This gives two taijutsu levels, split between strength, stamina, and speed.
    Force 3 - After two direct hits, the Jinchuuriki loses their shifted form. This gives three taijutsu levels, split between strength, stamina, and speed.

    Finesse 0 - The Jinchuuriki can use the limbs of the bijuu form briefly, usually gaining animal legs, arms, tails, or head, using it for disguise.
    Finesse 2 - The Jinchuuriki can now take on a miniature form of the Bijuu, looking exactly like their Bijuu but at their human mass. Bijuu with natural advantages like flight or swimming gain those advantages.
    Finesse 3 - The jinchuuriki can now take on the bijuu's form at its full size. While this is different for every bijuu, this could mean the jinchuuriki can transform into an animal the size of a massive house. This comes with all of the weight expected, and can allow the jinchuuriki to simply crush objects that don't get out of the way. This gives two additional taijutsu levels in strength.

    Bijuu Recovery - Blended - Active
    The Jinchuuriki can tap into the chakra of the Bijuu to recover in dire situations. While a reluctant or angry Bijuu may take offense to having their power stolen, some Jinchuuriki make deals with their Bijuu in exchange for the power they want. Regardless, filling their body with Bijuu chakra is a quick path to the Bijuu gaining control, making Recovery a risky technique. On the post that recovery is used, the Jinchuuriki recovers from any sense of fatigue, but gains 15 drive from the influx of Bijuu chakra.

    Finesse 0 - Recovery can be used while on the move, but requires enough concentration that it cannot be used while attacking or being attacked.
    Finesse 2 - Recovery can be used in the heat of combat. If the Jinchuuriki uses a jutsu the same post, and it will not use a jutsu usage if it is stage four or lower.
    Finesse 3 - The Jinchuuriki can now touch other people and infuse them with Bijuu chakra. This gives them the rejuvenating effects of Recovery, but this can only be maintained for a number of people equal to Force.

    Fortitude 0 - Recovery removes simple bruises, and light cuts.
    Fortitude 2 - Recovery heals internal wounds and heavy non-lethal cuts over two posts, and cures non-lethal poisons immediately.
    Fortitude 3 - Recovery can set bone over 3 posts, and seal up amputations. Small bruises and cuts heal passively without gaining additional drive.

    Bijuu Dama - Overwhelmed - Active
    Bijuu Dama, or the Bijuu Ball, is a powerful attack made of raw negative chakra. Typically, chakra is charged at the mouth, turning into a solid ball of energy before firing out. Just charging the attack can be enough to disrupt the landscape, and the impact of a Bijuu Dama can cause anywhere between heavy damage, to complete obliteration. The Bijuu Dama is an instinctive Bijuu attack, and Jinchuuriki that are overwhelmed by their Bijuu find that this attack comes natural to them, as long as they give in to more of the Bijuu's control. Using Bijuu Dama gains 15 Drive. Instead of firing out a ball, it can also be used as a wave-beam, a beam attack that comes from the ball and can be swept across a fight.

    Force 0 - Dama counts as a Stage 2 ninjutsu for genin, stage 4 for chuunin, stage 6 for jounin and above. The impact is enough to leave an impact crater in soil or stone, and the ball is no bigger than two feet across.
    Force 2 - The Dama now counts as Stage 3/5/7 for Genin/Chuunin/Jounin and above respectively. The impact could demolish smaller structures, and is nearly always lethal on a direct hit. The ball has grown to six feet across. The Dama puts off a dangerous amount of heat while charging, enough to cause steam from nearby water sources.
    Force 3 - The damage from the Dama now leaves massive craters in all but magically defended surfaces, and it can obliterate most anything caught in the blast. The ball is 10 feet across, and charging it causes the earth to shatter beneath the user's feet.
    Force 4 - The Dama now counts as Stage 4 or 6 for Genin or Chuunin. The Dama is now 24 feet across while charging. It creates craters just from building up. This stage of Bijuu Dama warps the landscape, and destroys the land surrounding the point of impact as well, burning away land and vaporizing bodies of water.

    Fortitude 0 - The Dama can be used to penetrate approaching ninjutsu attacks of its stage or lower, the Dama explodes on impact with the attack.
    Fortitude 2 - The Dama can be charged for one extra post, giving it Force plus one. This gains 5 additional Drive.
    Fortitude 3 - If the Dama's stage is 2 higher than the ninjutsu attack, it will not explode on impact, and instead will pierce through and continue.

    Tails of the Beast - Bijuuko Ranks

    The Bijuu of old were set in their ways. The beasts themselves had tails from one to nine, and all together they formed the ten-tailed beast. In this new world, the Bijuu wrestle for power, and the number of tails on a Bijuu fluctuates as it gains more of the chakra that makes it strong. So every time a Bijuu's stats increase, so does its number of tails. This is also used to rank and describe Bijuu, like status among them.

    0 Tail: A no tail is like a child among Bijuu. It is barely more than coalesced chakra that is trying to find its way.
    1 Tail: An Ichibi is weak, but has enough intelligence to want more power. In the wild, Ichibi often move in packs.
    2 Tails: Nibi are a step above, strong enough to be noticed among a group of Ichibi.
    3 Tails: Sanbi start to exhibit power that would concern shinobi one on one. They sometimes lead Bijuuko packs.
    4 Tails: Yonbi rarely run with packs, and sometimes could take on a whole group of Bijuuko by themselves.
    5 Tails: A Gobi Bijuu would be hard to call a Bijuuko, unleashed they could take on a group of shinobi, and might come out on top.
    6 Tails: Rokubi Bijuu start to show weird abilities in the wild, so it is dangerous to confront one without being prepared for the unexpected.
    7 Tails: Shichibi are extremely rare outside of a host. This would be a concern for several teams, and should be taken out immediately.
    8 Tails: There have been reports of Hachibi, but not for long. They have gained an intelligence and strength that means they should be destroyed.
    9 Tails: There has been no sighting of a Kyuubi level new Bijuu, and everyone is thankful for that.

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    Creating The Host - Jinchuuriki Creation


    Jinchuuriki have a lot going for them, but they also have a lot of distractions in life. For this reason, characters created as Jinchuuriki are at certain disadvantages compared to their non-host counterparts. These are problems that are quickly overcome, but represent the distraction of having a chakra demon living inside of you.

    Characters created as new Jinchuuriki lose some of the pool of points typically spent on stats. Genin lose 1 point each for primary/secondary/tertiary. Chuunin lose 3, Jounin lose 5, Sennin lose 10.

    Characters created as new Jinchuuriki have less starting techniques. Genin have 2 less techniques, Chuunin have 3 less, Jounin have 4 less, and Sennin have 6 less.

    Instead of these stats and techniques, a Jinchuuriki can use the Bijuu Techniques (See Above). During a thread where the Jinchuuriki's drive reaches the proper breaking point, they may take advantage of Bijuu techniques from that point and below.

    Jinchuuriki can be any character type in addition to a jinchuuriki (shinobi, samurai, miko, non-shinobi, etc), but a Jinchuuriki character must have one of the Jinchuuriki archetypes as their primary archetype. Their secondary archetype should be one of the archetypes available to their character type.

    If a character receives permission to become a Jinchuuriki, despite already being an established character, this takes a harsh toll on them. First they change their primary archetype to a Jinchuuriki archetype, and then they use either their previous primary or their secondary archetype as their new secondary. The torment on their body and chakra makes this especially dangerous the older a person is, and the event is always followed by terrible illness and weakness.

    Genin characters lose 3 in all stats, but regain one in each stat the next two threads. Chuunin lose 6 in all stats, but regain one in each stat the next four threads. Jounin lose 9 in all stats, but regain one in each stat the next six threads. Sennin lose 12 in all stats, but regain one in each stat the next eight threads.

    A Jinchuuriki character has a Bijuuko, a spirit creature attached to them. This Bijuu, regardless of the hosts rank, starts with 0 Bijuu stats. The Bijuu should be given a name (or a nickname, if the host doesn't care to know their real name), a personality, and an appearance. Typically, Bijuu look like animals, and often take the form of mythical animals that cannot exist in nature. That isn't always the case, but they never take on the form of a human.

    Jinchuuriki Swaps - Techniques Using Bijuu Stats

    Once someone is host to a Bijuuko, their chakra is forever changed. Whether they like it or not, they learn and adapt differently. For this reason, when Jinchuuriki create new techniques, they often incorporate the power of the Bijuu. This leads to dangerous techniques that feed on Bijuu chakra, and can stir the beast further.

    Jinchuuriki swaps are registered like any other swaps, cannot use stat scaling, and are taken like any other technique. The effects should be created with the characters current rank in mind (instead of having variable strength based on character rank), and the base power level of the technique will be used to set the stage of the swap. The creator may choose ONE Bijuu stat (force/finesse/fortitude) for the swap to increase with, giving it an increasing effect based on that Bijuu stat being at 0-3. The balance of these scaling effects should be similar to about half a stage per increase. Effects that start off weaker can get more leeway for growth, while effects that start strong should be reigned into lower growth per increase. Obviously this means that higher level Jinchuuriki swaps may have effects that reach effects similar to stage 7, or beyond, and this should be taken into account when the swap is given a rating. If the scaled effects are too powerful, the technique itself should be placed into stage 7 to compensate.

    Every Jinchuuriki swap not only uses a jutsu usage, but it must have an associated Drive gain.

    Types of Hosts - Jinchuuriki Archetypes

    Jinchuuriki have special archetypes that also help define how they gain and lose drive. These archetypes represent something different than the other archetypes of engi, they represent the type of host the jinchuuriki is. Whether they had the bijuu placed inside them with a cursed seal, or they just had an unfortunate meeting in nature, the Jinchuuriki archetype is the key to understanding the relationship between the Bijuu and the Jinchuuriki. Sometimes a character meets the definition of multiple archetypes, in which case they can choose whichever suits them.

    Jinchuuriki archetypes only have a primary stat group set, the secondary and tertiary can be chosen. In addition, the stats gained and lost in a Jinchuuriki archetype are set by the creator, but limited to a certain stat group.

    Cursed Seal Archetype
    Sealed Archetype Jinchuuriki must register a Cursed Seal to go with their character. This cursed seal will have as part of its positive effects: "If the user would gain 10 drive, they gain 5 drive instead."

    A Sealed Jinchuuriki can 'loosen the barrier' once a thread. They gain 25 drive for 3 posts. After those three posts, they lose 50 drive and become exhausted. If this would set them to 0 drive, they collapse at the end of that post.

    Primary: Chakra or Physical
    Stats: +3 in Chakra, -3 in Mental
    Description: Most common among those who had a bijuu placed within them as a safety precaution, the cursed seal allows the bijuu's power to be trapped behind a chakra gate. These seals sometimes have other positive or negatives, but their primary purpose is to regulate the beast, or the host. As the host becomes used to the seal, or learns more about it, they can tap into it to gain the power that was hidden away from them.

    Spirit-Breeder Archetype
    Spirit-Breeder Jinchuuriki can use the energy from their own Bijuu to either charm a Bijuuko/Lesser Bijuu, or spawn a Bijuuko. Once per thread, if a Spirit-Breeder destroys or defeats a Bijuu of a lower rank in a thread, they can use their own Bijuu's power to turn it to their side, gaining it as an accomplice. This weaker Bijuu will loyally fight for the Jinchuuriki, using a body of pure chakra.

    Spirit-Breeder Jinchuuriki can never have more Bijuuko pets than the number of tails on the Bijuu they host, plus two. The Bijuuko pets start back at 0 tails. Their Bijuu pets can never rise beyond having one tail. Bijuuko pets grow just like a hosted Bijuu does, gaining one experience per rated thread. The Jinchuuriki can also skip a forfeit a point from a thread rating to give an additional experience point to their bijuu or bijuuko pets.

    If a Bijuuko pet is at its maximum stats, it can be consumed by the hosted Bijuu, or another of the Bijuu pets, to give that Bijuu 2 stat points that thread. This destroys that Bijuuko for good. A Bijuu can only consume one other Bijuu in a thread.

    Any round where a Bijuu pet is attacked, gain 5 drive. If the Bijuu pet is hit, you may gain another 5 drive.
    Any round where a Bijuu pet is destroyed, you may gain 20 drive.

    Primary: Mental or Chakra
    Stats: +3 Mental, -3 Physical
    Description: Breeders are unique, bijuu have some supernatural attraction to them. Their own bijuu may be a charmer, able to influence their fellow monsters, or maybe it is something that drew the bijuu to the jinchuuriki in the first place. No matter how it happened, now the bijuu is inside the host, and more bijuu want in as well. Like a piper, Bijuuko find something interesting about them, and often seek them out. This doesn't always end well for the Jinchuuriki.

    Unleashed Archetype
    Unleashed Jinchuuriki gain 5 extra drive whenever they use a jutsu or technique, including Bijuu techniques.

    Unleashed Jinchuuriki swaps and techniques count as one stage stronger for attempts to defend against them.
    Once per thread, an Unleashed Jinchuuriki can scale a Jutsu one stage higher than they have access to, and do not expend a jutsu usage to do so. This gains them an additional 15 Drive.
    Once per thread, an Unleashed Jinchuuriki can use a Bijuu technique as if their Bijuu's stat was one higher, for the rest of the thread their Bijuu's stats all count as one lower.

    Unleashed Jinchuuriki may not lose 10 Drive when they 'Hold Back' or are 'Soothed', instead they may gain 10 drive.

    Primary: Chakra or Mental
    Stats: +3 Chakra, -3 Physical
    Description: Sometimes the barrier between a Bijuu and a Jinchuuriki is so loose that chakra is freely flowing between them. These Jinchuuriki are dangerous batteries of chaotic energy, and even their most basic techniques become more powerful. These hosts are often created when someone is doused with masses of Bijuu chakra, like being trapped in a space with one for long periods. They may also be the result of experiments hoping to create a weapon, without all the usual limits of a cursed seal 'holding back' the demon's power.

    Skin-suit Archetype
    Skin-suit Jinchuuriki start every thread at 15 drive.
    A Skin-suit Jinchuuriki doesn't have to attack every post until they reach overwhelmed state.
    Skin-suit Jinchuuriki gain an extra taijutsu level in every stat while at 50 drive and above.

    Skin-suit Jinchuuriki lose access to their higher jutsu at the Awakened breaking point instead of Blended. They lose access to all of their techniques except Bijuu techniques at Blended, instead of Overwhelmed.

    Primary: Chakra or Physical
    Stats: +3 Physical, -3 Mental
    Description: Sometimes hosts lose the fight against their bijuu, and are nothing more than skin being ridden by a bijuu. Maybe there is still something of the host in there, fighting to regain control, or begging for release. It doesn't matter, the bijuu is bubbling on the surface, using its powers at will. It isn't the inexperience of the host holding the beast back, the restraint is the bijuu's inexperience with the flesh. The closer they get to their full form, the more terrifying they are.

    Demon Weapon Archetype
    Demon Weapon Jinchuuriki must register a weapon with the [0] cost modification 'Bijuu Bound'. This weapon cannot change without plot reasons. It is more durable than most weapons of its type.

    Any round where a Demon Weapon Jinchuuriki attacks, they may gain an additional 5 drive.
    Any round where their Bijuu Bound weapon draws blood, they must gain an additional 5 drive.
    Any round where the Jinchuuriki is away from their bound weapon, they lose 20 drive.

    Every post that the Demon Weapon Jinchuuriki is away from their weapon, their taijutsu levels are lowered by one, and they feel an intense need to regain their weapon by any means.

    Attacks from a Bijuu Bound weapon also count as Ninjutsu attacks with a stage equal to the highest stage of taijutsu that is being used. When a Demon Weapon Jinchuuriki begins to transform, their weapon will meld into the chakra form of the Bijuu, so it can continue to be used as a weapon.

    Primary: Physical or Mental
    Stats: +3 Physical, -3 Chakra
    Description: Placing a bijuu within a human host is dangerous, but there is a safer alternative. By forging the beast into a weapon, and then binding the host to that, it is possible to remove some of the complications of jinchuuriki life, supposedly. Demon Weapon jinchuuriki pull the power of the bijuu from their weapon, but they also become fanatical and obsessed with the weapon that feeds them power.

    Gourmand Archetype
    If a Gourmand Jinchuuriki consumes a Bijuu's essence during a thread, its hosted Bijuu gains two extra experience points.

    Any round where a Gourmand Jinchuuriki hurts a Bijuu or Jinchuuriki, it gains 10 drive.
    Any round where the Gourmand Jinchuuriki consumes Bijuu or Jinchuuriki flesh, it loses 30 drive.

    Gourmand Jinchuuriki do not have access to the Bijuu Shift or Bijuu Dama techniques.
    Gourmand Jinchuuriki gain one less taijutsu level from Blended, Overwhelmed. Gourmands do not reach Lost state, except they do begin to Bleed chakra.
    Gourmand Jinchuuriki gain access to Bijuu techniques at one lower break point than usually required. (EX. They can use Bijuu claws at 0 drive. Can use senses at Awakened)

    Primary: Physical
    Stats: +3 Physical, -3 Mental
    Description: It would be a safe assumption that no one would be foolish enough to try to consume a creature made of chakra. Still, it has happened too often to believe. Any person foolish enough to eat large amounts of Bijuu flesh will find themselves a host to a fraction of that Bijuu's power, which begins to grow into a Bijuu of its own. Every bijuu the gourmand eats is added to amalgam of chakra within them, morphing their bijuu with every bite. The creature their insane act creates is about as stable as the fool willing to eat a demon. They do not have access to all the powers of a Jinchuuriki, but they tap into that power easier, and can grow in strength dangerously fast.
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