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Sennin characters and Sennin/Disciple Lists

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  • Sennin characters and Sennin/Disciple Lists

    Sennin Characters

    Beyond the rank of Jounin are rare individuals who gain enough skills as a shinobi to be deemed superior by all other shinobi. The rank of Sennin does not require formal promotion, and many characters that reach the rank of Sennin are never given any official capacity related to it.

    Sennin are commonly seen in two roles, either as the leaders of shinobi villages, or sage-like wanderers. They have access to powerful techniques that could warp a war in an instant, and their mastery of the shinobi arts mean they are often the creators of new shinobi techniques. Sennin are also known for taking disciples, teaching new generations of shinobi and shaping the future of the world.

    Sennin that wander the world may have received permission by their village to leave, in which case they are not considered missing. This doesn't stop other villages from being concerned about them.

    In normal circumstances, you may not register a Sennin character. You receive a Sennin character by being promoted. This promotion will be approved by either the village GM, or an admin.

    Sennin Character Stats:

    Primary: 100
    Secondary: 90
    Tertiary: 80

    Character Creation Maximum Per Stat: 45

    Number of Jutsus: 26
    Number of Lists: 9

    Stat Caps:

    Primary Maximum: 50
    Secondary Maximum: 40
    Tertiary Maximum: 35

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    Sennin Lists and the Disciple Slots

    Sennin excel at creating scrolls of techniques that often become the standard all shinobi use. Whether it is a powerful medical shinobi crafting the medical ninjutsu, or the legacy of fighters that created the Gouken-fu many shinobi know. Sennin are the most advanced shinobi in the world, and their students will often go on to great feats. The relationship of a powerful sennin and their student is legendary, and shinobi strong enough to become sennin know that taking on students only makes them better shinobi.

    Creating Sennin Lists

    Sennin who start creating their own list of techniques start with a goal and theme, the sennin researching in their free time. To start creating a Sennin List, the player registers the first three stages of the list, with at least three techniques in each stage if the list is structured like a ninjutsu or genjutsu. If it is a taijutsu, it must have the first three stages, their bonuses, and either one special technique or two regular techniques per stage. This is approved by an admin, and any GMs whose permission are needed.

    After the start of the list is approved, the additional stages can be registered at whatever rate the player wants, but at least three techniques must be registered in a stage to create a new stage.

    A character who is promoted to sennin may take a group of swaps they have created that follow a coherent theme and use them as the base of a Sennin List. When the list is approved, the character then knows those jutsu as part of their Sennin List.

    Because Sennin Lists are unique, new, and cutting edge, these lists can take allowances that would be uncommon in normal universal lists.

    Taking Sennin Lists:

    Every character has a Disciple Slot. Sennin Lists fill this slot. A character who was previously the disciple of a sennin, and then becomes a sennin, keeps the list they were learning from their sennin sensei. A character cannot have more than one Sennin List (But a Sennin List may eventually become a universal list, in which case it can be changed into a normal jutsu list slot).

    When taking jutsu from stages five and above of a Sennin List, you must know two jutsu from the previous stage. With Taijutsu, stages four and above require an additional point to take.

    Teaching techniques helps a sennin craft new techniques. To take one of their own stage five techniques, a disciple must know stage one. To take stage six, a disciple must know stage two. For stage seven, someone must know stage three. Below is more information on teaching disciples.

    Teaching Sennin Lists

    A sennin may teach others their techniques, treating them as disciples. When a sennin is in a thread with another shinobi, and uses any techniques from their list in that thread, they can allow the other participants in the thread to take one of their Sennin List jutsu. Taking these techniques is like learning a new list, they must start at stage one, and must have techniques from the previous stage to move up. In addition, they must follow the rules for 'taking a Sennin List' above.

    There is an additional bonus to 'teaching' other shinobi. If that shinobi is a genin or a chuunin, they receive an additional point that thread that can be used on stats. If that shinobi is a jounin, the shinobi receives an additional point that can only be used on taking an extra jutsu that thread. A sennin gains no additional benefits from being the disciple of another sennin.

    In exchange, the sennin can learn an additional jutsu that thread.

    At maximum, A sennin can teach three disciples in a thread.

    Disciples can create twists on their sennin teacher's techniques even while they are learning. If a disciple knows a technique in a stage of a Sennin List, they are allowed to swap a technique over other techniques in that stage.

    A List Becoming Universal

    If a sennin teaches at least three disciples 40% or more techniques of the in their list, and the list has three techniques in seven stages [or just seven stages for a taijutsu-like list, or a summon and a sage technique in each stage], the list is eligible to become a Universal list. With admin approval, the list stops counting as a Sennin List for everyone besides the sennin, and can be taken by others as a universal list, ignoring any of the restrictions on taking Sennin Lists. The sennin can continue to advance on the list, but these new additions are not added to the universal version of the list.

    For disciples, the list can become universal, and the disciple could learn from a new sensei if they wanted. They may instead keep it in their disciple slot in preparation for their own promotion to sennin.
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