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    Engi no Jutsu!
    Roleplay Setting and Guide

    Before we begin things, welcome to Engi no Jutsu! Whether you're a new member or a returning one, things on Engi are constantly changing, evolving to create a more integrated, community-driven roleplay that everybody can take part in, if they are willing. To be clear, our roleplay is set approximately one hundred years after the end of the canon Naruto storyline in a semi-AU universe. What does this mean? This means all the canon characters are dead. It means a fresh start. It means having an RP where the most important things are not Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Orochimaru, or the Akatsuki. Every country and every village and every character can be in the spotlight. Original and unique storylines are created, developed, and RPed through. When we say we're semi-AU, we mean that while our RP acknowledges the existence of Orochimaru, Naruto, and so on, we've struck off in our own Alternate Universe storyline beginning after the Chuunin Selection Exams seen in canon. We've kept the core of what made Naruto such a great story and carved off the excess, and in some places, nonsensical story events that occurred after.

    Each village has changed over the course of one hundred years, and to see how your favourite villages have adapted, take a look at the information threads here. Jutsu can be located here, clans and organizations here, and if you want to look at characters that have been approved as a reference, head on over here for a gander.

    Now, here on Engi, we take pride in the storylines created by the Game Masters (otherwise known as "GMs") and played out by the members. Each village has its distinct, flavourful storyline developed carefully by its village GM. When you create a character, it is extremely important you include some information of how the village's events have impacted your character. Some things you could address are: How did this event affect my character? What was my character doing during this time period? It is almost assured that if you don't make any mentions to recent events in your character's biography, it will not get approved by the village GM.

    And speaking of time, we understand that timelines can be a tricky issue when it comes to creating characters, so here's a helpful global timeline you can use. Note that these events are not the only things you should keep in mind; these are merely events that would be noticed on a global scale. The timeline starts at 0.00 (with the event of our Chuunin Selection Exams), and each unit of 1.00 is equivalent to one year. That means 0.50 is half a year, 0.25 is a quarter of a year, and so on. Values in between can be interpreted as weeks. A negative value means it took place before the 0.00 mark.

    Global Timeline

    Year -50.00 : Amegakure is invaded and flees underground.
    Year -20.00 : Otogakure is attacked by several allied nations and destroyed.
    Year -20.00 : Survivors of Otogakure secretly band together as the Sound Nomads.
    Year -12.00 : Denryuu Kazuhiro takes the seat as the Raikage.
    Year -10.00 : Suna no Soushoku (Sand Priests) are sighted and begin a guerrilla war with Sunagakure.
    Year -8.00 : Denryuu Konishi takes the seat as the Raikage after Kazuhiro's assassination.
    Year -6.83 : Kumogakure is destroyed.
    Year -6.75 : Two new, separate, and opposing Kumogakure are established.
    Year -6.00 : Jyuushin Nagai becomes the new Lightning Lord.
    Year -3.67 : Jyuushin Nagai defeats the Raikage and takes control.
    Year -3.67 : Kumogakure is restored.
    Year -0.92 : Konoha declares war against an encroaching Yukigakure.
    Year -0.83 : Yukigakure retreats from the war, but is completely annhilated; virtually no survivors remain.
    Year -0.83 : Konoha's famed ANBU are declared traitors and flee arrest.
    Year -0.75 : Nemoha Maya takes the seat as the Mizukage.
    Year -0.58 : A new leading Council for Konoha is formed by undercover Roots operatives.
    Year -0.40 : Itou Batsu takes the seat as the Kusakage.
    Year -0.25 : Arisugawa Enzan takes the seat as the Kazekage after his mother, the previous Kazekage, is murdered.
    Year -0.25 : Hajime Hagane takes the seat as the Tsuchikage.
    Year 0.00 : Chuunin Selection Exams [link]
    Year 0.00 : Amegakure reveals its existence to the world at the Chuunin Selection Exams.
    Year 0.25 : Fukumen takes the seat as the Kusakage after Batsu's assassination.
    Year 0.40 : The Sound Nomads are given a new Otogakure in Rice Country.
    Year 0.42 : Araiso Shuzamaru becomes the new Water Lord.
    Year 0.81 : Sunagakure achieves victory against the Suna no Soushoku.
    Year 1.15 : The Kage Summit is held in Iron Country.

    Year 1.35 ~ 1.49 : Present day - The Calamity Mountain Global Arc

    As you can see, we have a long, meaty history on Engi. One thing to make note of is Yukigakure (Hidden Snow): it was obliterated following the war against Konoha. The country has been occupied by Leaf forces. Snow Shinobi are no longer allowed to be registered on Engi. However, despite the fall of Snow, all of the other villages are still alive and kicking.

    Leaf, having faced essentially unknown and unrecognizable enemies with ties in the village, has recently endured and survived a direct attack. Fortune smiled upon the shinobi of Leaf, bringing back the famed ANBU from exile at the right time to help defeat their assailants. The challenge now is to rebuild and recover while maintaining the air of prowess and victory the village has always maintained. Mist, on the other hand, has both recognized and identified the enemy within their own country's government: Araiso Shuzamaru, the Water Lord (and former Kyuudaime Mizukage), and his seven hired henchmen. However, as the Mizukage and the Water Lord continue to grapple, one can only guess how long it will be before the boiling pot bubbles over and explodes.

    Sand has thrived under the leadership of their young, charismatic Kazekage, who led them to victory over the occult priests that plagued Wind. However, while the citizens enjoy the golden age of Wind, there are those who gather yet again to upset the peace and harmony of the land. Meanwhile, Stone faces a problem both like and unlike Sand's: while Sand's troubles come from priests, Stone's ailments come from its people, the citizens of Earth Country. Dragged into a frantic arms race, Stone has no choice but to fight for its very life - losing is not an option.

    Grass, after quelling a revolutionary set to upset politics within the village, now must deal with a powerful drug that is upsetting both shinobi and civilians in the village. Meanwhile, Rain has sat upon the cusp of destruction several times in the past. While they have gained strength over years under the oppression and opposition from their nation's military forces, the Shinobi who were once branded "sewer rats" have risen up to prove their worth and fight for their right to exist.

    No nation is immune to war, and Cloud is a village that has shrouded itself in it. After emerging from its internal conflicts that lasted years, Cloud now seeks to re-establish itself within the Shinobi world by any means possible - a similar goal to that of New Sound. Recently settled in to the village the mysterious Naga had prepared, former Sound Nomads must now find their place within their own home, their own people, and, most importantly, the world.

    Across the world, a prophecy has been heard. On the day of the Solar Eclipse (1.50), a battle of fate will come to pass. Until then, the darkness that lurks across the land has started bubbling to the surface.

    Individual timelines, as well as information each village's division set up and a broader summary - summary, not complete description - of their current events can be found in the following posts.

    The Big Five
    Leaf - Mist - Sand - Stone - Cloud

    The Others
    Grass - Rain - Sound - Snow

    For direct links to fully detailed information on each country, click one of the above links to the appropriate village you're interested in, and in that post, click the header.

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    Hidden Leaf
    Konohagakure - Fire Country

    Leaf's Timeline

    Year -1.25 : Kyuudaime Moshou Kintaro makes a sinister discovery about his elite guard and embarks on a mission to rid the country of evil.
    Year -1.17 : First reports of Yukigakure encroaching the Fire Country’s borders.
    Year -1.08 : Moshou Kintaro, still on his ‘mission’, disposes of his nephew Kitenmaru (Jichou) before doing the same with his brother Keibenmaru – who he believes to be one of Konoha’s enemies. Meanwhile, the Shattered Silence begins as the Council assumes temporary control of the village
    Year -1.00 : Moshou Kintaro is assassinated before he can return to Konoha. However, only the Council and Root members are aware of this; the rest of the village still assume that the Hokage is missing and/or has abandoned them.
    Year -0.92 : The Council declares war against Yukigakure. Konoha triumphs after a conflict which lasted a whole month
    Year -0.83 : Following an incident involving Owl operative Asano Kozue, ANBU members are branded traitors by the Council. The Hokage’s elite guard flee the village before they can be arrested
    Year -0.58 : A new Council primarily made up of former Roots secret operatives is formed
    Year 0.00 : The Chuunin Selection Exams are held in Konoha
    Year 0.17 : The First Assembly is held
    Year 0.50 : First appearance of strange, hybrid creatures in various locations throughout Hi no Kuni
    Year 0.66 : ANBU and Centurions converge to compare investigations of Yukigakure and the disappearance of the former Hokage
    Year 0.68 : Operation Wildfire sends teams of Leaf shinobi to various locations to find and destroy animal hybrid creatures.
    Year 0.72 : The invasion of animal hybrid creatures on Konoha, led by scientists and distant relatives of Leaf’s Sanada clan. Council of Elders are overthrown, Centurions and ANBU return. Hokage and Centurions begin work together to rebuild.
    Year 0.75 : Groups of shinobi and other opponents that were thought to be dead reappeared at the northern borders.
    Year 1.00: Present Day

    The Story So Far...

    During the first few months under Konoha’s new regime, the name of the game was essentially to reinforce the village’s perceived image as a superpower across the shinobi world. Everything – from the missions to the hosting of the Chuunin Selection Exams – that had been done was for this one purpose alone: to show that, despite the demise of the previous Hokage, the Leaf Village was still a force to be reckoned with.

    This goal was ultimately achieved and the need for this show of strength gradually disappeared. Following a vote held at the First Assembly, the Council accordingly revisited its policies to reflect this change. Focus turned away from shows of strength instead to an investigation of a threat discovered within Fire Country borders.

    An unprecedented amount of time, money, and lives went into fighting off a surge of genetically-enhanced enemies with distant ties to the village. The destruction was brought directly inside Konoha's walls and now, having finally dealt with the problem and rebuilt in the aftermath, the leaders of Konohagakure have deemed it a top priority to mend broken relationships with other shinobi villages.

    The only thing complicating this vision currently has been strange attacks at the northern border of Hi no Kuni. Shinobi have been intercepted and attacked by individuals long-believed deceased. The situation is currently under investigation. Despite the challenges ahead, the Village Hidden in the Leaves is on its way back to being the pinnacle of shinobi achievement.

    --Genjutsu-based shinobi, assassins, espionage specialists

    --Ninjutsu-based shinobi, medics, supporting fighters, puppeteers

    --Taijutsu-based shinobi, brawlers, security, escorts

    Konoha Shinobi Police Department (KSPD)
    -- Officer (Chuunin)
    -- Squad Commander (Jounin)
    -- Force General (Jounin NPC)

    Special Intervention Unit (SIU) (NPC Only)
    -- Special agent (Chuunin or Jounin)
    -- Squad leader (Chuunin or Jounin)
    -- Commander (Jounin NPC)

    Roots - [Defunct]
    -- Elder (NPC only)
    -- Guardian (NPC only)
    -- Delegate: Itto-he (Genin or Chuunin)
    -- Delegate: Chu-i (Chuunin or Jounin)
    -- Delegate: Tai-i (Jounin)

    Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai (ANBU)

    - Stealth and Assassination (Cats)
    - Stealth and Information Retrieval (Owls)
    - Hunt and Disposal (Falcons)
    - Torture and Interrogation (Wolves)
    - Protection and Investigation (Bears)
    - Medical and Crisis (Frogs)
    - Organization and Gathering (Dragons)

    Credit to Slav & Will of Fire
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      Hidden Mist
      Kirigakure - Water Country

      Mist's Timeline

      Year -3.50 : Mist sends troops to aid the Hima blaze in the Lightning Country
      Year -0.75 : The end of the Seagull War
      Year -0.75 : Araiso Shuzamaru is removed from power as the ninth Mizukage
      Year -0.75 : Nemoha Maya rises to power as the tenth Mizukage through a coup d'etat
      Year 0.00 : Chuunin Selection Exams
      Year 0.33 : Campaign to assassinate the four major families of organized crime in Water is launched, but ultimately fails
      Year 0.42 : Sango Kaiu, the Water Lord, is declared deceased
      Year 0.42 : Araiso Shuzamaru is the new Water Lord
      Year 0.42 : Araisu Shuzamaru's new Seven Legendary Swordsmen are revealed
      Year 1.00 : Present day

      The Story So Far...

      With the Seagull War at a close and Nemoha Maya comfortably seated her position as the Juudaime Mizukage, Water underwent over a year of peace before Maya grew restless with inaction. Proposing a project to a small council including Sango Kaiu, the Water Lord, to assassinate all four of the major mafia families that had grown deep within the Water Country (the Kato, Yoshida, Nishimura, and Sasaki families), Maya persuaded them to grant her their reluctant approval. The mission began...and though the Kato were destroyed, Maya's teams were quickly put to a halt when each squad was ambushed by strangers and forced to retreat.

      Araiso Shuzamaru, formerly the Kyuudaime Mizukage, resurfaced with news of Sango Kaiu's sudden death, and the announcement of his election as the new Water Lord. With an apparent grudge against the woman who usurped his position of Mizukage, Shuzamaru revealed he'd been gathering a group of mercenaries and criminals to be the new Seven Legendary Swordsmen - and it had been they, following Shuzamaru's instruction, who stopped Maya's campaign.

      As of now, Maya and Shuzamaru are playing a personal chess match for superiority. Shuzamaru, with his anonymous political backing and his group of Seven, has retained completely authority and support from the Mist Law Enforcement Agency in order to police Hidden Mist. He keeps an oppressively watchful eye over the village for any uprisings - and, more important, any activity from Maya - all under the pretense of protecting the people from "the dangers at home". Maya, however, has put her own machinations in the works to find truth behind the deception she is convinced Shuzamaru has constructed, all the while fighting for every inch of ground that Shuzamaru is trying to wrest from her hands.

      A conflict between the two is waiting to explode, though the question is: who will dare to fire the first shot?


      The Naval Fleet of Mist
      --Sailor (Chuunin/Jounin)
      --Ensign* (Chuunin/Jounin)
      --Tactical Officer* (Jounin)

      The Medical Corps
      --Medic (Genin/Chuunin/Jounin)
      --Medical Officer (Chuunin/Jounin)

      Mist Law Enforcement Agency [Currently NPC]
      --Agent (Chuunin/Jounin)
      --Special Agent* (Chuunin/Jounin)

      Engineering Department [NPC only]

      Seven Legendary Swordsmen [Currently NPC]

      * Denotes ranks that can only be earned through the RP.
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        Hidden Sand
        Sunagakure - Wind Country

        For Updates; View this thread
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          Hidden Stone
          Iwagakure - Earth Country

          Stone's Timeline

          Year -0.25 : Jondori Earthquake
          Year -0.20 : Hagane becomes Tsuchikage / Tension Begins
          Year 0.00 : Chuunin Selection Exams
          Year 0.15 : Mitsuya's Capture
          Year 0.20 : Jewel Plot Exposed
          Year 0.25 : First Appearance of Underground Jewel Users
          Year 0.30 : Division Changes/Yellow Ribbon Army Established
          Year 0.45 : People's Defense Coalition Established
          Year 0.65 : The Battle of Daichi
          Year 1.00 : The Gem beasts appear in force
          Year 1.40 : Present Day

          The Story So Far...

          Several months before the Chuunin Exams, Earth Country was devastated by a massive earthquake that hit Jondori City. In mere minutes, the entire city was utterly destroyed as the ground opened up beneath it. Before assistance from Iwagakure could arrive, most of the city's populace was dead or dying and only a few were rescued during the aftershocks that continued. In the aftermath of the disaster, then Tsuchikage Jukoto Daisuke resigned and assigned his position to the new Tsuchikage, Hajime Hagane.

          Iwagakure came under fire from civilian groups who criticized the village for its seemingly lackluster response to the disaster. Some even went so far as to blame the village for the disaster. Civil unrest continued to build in the country, riots began to boil, and soon shinobi were being harassed when outside the village in hotzones around the country. Amidst all of this political tension, Iwagakure captured a certain missing nin and discovered two things: criminal organizations were fanning the political dissent and the same groups were attempting to recreate the Stone Force Jewels, a closely kept secret of ninjutsu in Hidden Stone.

          Reports of unknown shinobi started to circulate, men and women who, though unaffiliated with the village, were wielding the Force Jewels. With the building crisis, the newest Tsuchikage reorganized the village and created thereby created the Yellow Ribbon Army, a force intended to reinspire hope for the future of both the country and the village. Shortly thereafter, as the Tsuchikage attempted to win the support of Earth Country back, the missing-nin jewel users took center stage and revealed the People's Defense Coalition, an organization designed to compete with Iwagakure's shinobi while tapping into the intense non-shinobi sentiment bubbling across the country.

          Upon receiving word from a former Iwa nin employed by the Coalition, the Tsuchikage arranged a full scale invasion of the capital city in order to return her to the village's custody while eliminating Coalition presence in the city - the Battle of Daichi. Teams of shinobi attacked major locations through Daichi simultaneously, destroying Coalition laboratories and training facilities while taking control of the capital building itself. Destruction soon followed as Coalition members, shinobi, and civilians alike died in the chaos. However, as the Coalition headquarters fell into rubble, Iwagakure won its first major victory against the Coalition.

          Now, Iwagakure is engaged in an arms race with a threat in its own country. The enemy has the public in the palm of its hand and the government's legal protection; the only way to win is to reclaim Stone's former glory, the power and reputation lost long ago in the Great Shinobi Wars. Failure means the slow death of a shinobi village; Iwagakure's very existence hangs in the balance.


          YAMA - Yellow Army Military and Administration
          --Soldier (Genin/Chuunin/Jounin)
          --Commander (Chuunin/Jounin)
          --Administrator (Genin/Chuunin/Jounin)
          --Executive Administrator (Chuunin/Jounin)
          --Bear Cavalier, 3rd/2nd/1st Degree (Genin/Chuunin/Jounin)

          YARI -Yellow Army Reconnaissance and Intelligence
          --Scout (Genin/Chuunin/Jounin)
          --Recon Captain (Chuunin/Jounin)
          --Intel Analysis (Genin/Chuunin/Jounin)
          --Intel Overseer (Chuunin/Jounin)
          --Owl Cavalier, 3rd/2nd/1st Degree (Genin/Chuunin/Jounin)

          MORI -Medical Operation, Research, and Invention
          --Adept (Genin/Chuunin)
          --Expert (Chuunin/Jounin)
          --Master (Jounin)
          --Researcher (Genin/Chuunin)
          --Head Researcher (Jounin)

          IWA - Instruction and World Affairs
          --Academy Instructor (Chuunin/Jounin)
          --Academy Administrator (Chuunin/Jounin)
          --Culture Specialist (Genin/Chuunin/Jounin)
          --Diplomat, 3rd/2nd/1st Degree (Genin/Chuunin/Jounin)

          Sareki no Shinkan
          --SnS Agent

          Credit to Jami
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            Hidden Cloud
            Kumogakure - Lightning Country

            Cloud's Timeline

            Year -67.00 : The Lightning Government obtains absolute power over cloud
            Year -67.00 : The Paranoia Age Begins
            Year -12.00 : Denryuu Konishi assassinates the Raikage
            Year -12.00 : Kumogakure begins its war against the G-Men
            Year -8.00 : Raikage Denryuu Kazuhiro is assassinated by the G-Men.
            Year -8.00 : Denryuu Konishi is elected as the new Raikage
            Year -7.50 : Hima is set ablaze by the G-Men and Mist aids in the evacuation procedures
            Year -7.25 : Explosives are found at the Festival of Freedom, resulting in several civilian deaths
            Year -6.92 : G-Men destroy Old Doruma City, leaving Kumogakure to take the blame
            Year -6.83 : The Raikage decides to surrender Cloud to the public, while the legendary Sennin, Jyuushin Nagai disagrees, resulting in a split that would ultimately tear apart and destroy Kumogakure
            Year -6.75 : G-Men kill the Lightning Lord
            Year -6.75 : The Raikage establishes a new Hidden Cloud in Jishaku Village; Nagai establishes his own new Hidden Cloud
            Year -6.00 : Nagai's forces successfully conquer and destroy the G-Men and take control of the capitol
            Year -6.00 : Nagai becomes the new Lightning Lord and births the Lightning Military Government
            Year -5.00 : Nagai launches an assault on Sakoshi city while Konishi's forces fight a holding action
            Year -5.00 : Nagai is victorious and takes control of Sakoshi
            Year -4.67 : The Lightning Military Government strikes an alliance with the Sound Nomads
            Year -4.33 : Jishaku Village is assaulted by LMG/Sound Nomads and is overtaken
            Year -4.33 : Nagai kills the Raikage and rises to power
            Year -4.33 : Kumogakure is restored
            Year 0.00 : Chuunin Selection Exams
            Year 0.50 : Cloud begins campaign to free the people of Swamp
            Year 0.60 : The Leviathan is stolen from Cloud
            Year 1.15 : At the Kage Summit Nagai declares his intent to protect Sound
            Year 1.40 : Present Day. Cloud's campaign in Swamp becomes a War

            The Story So Far

            Cloud has endured a long history of conflict and war, with the village being torn apart 8 years ago in a cataclysmic struggle between the Sennin, Nagai Jyuushin, the Raikage, Denryuu Konishi, and the G-Men. Caught between multiple factions, it was ripped apart and then forced back together by the hand of the hero, Jyuushin Nagai.

            However, after being tied into so many internal wars and expending a large amount of resources in doing so, much of Kumogakure's presence in the Shinobi world has been lost as they became an isolationist country. Its reputation squandered, Kumogakure has begun to gear up for what could be called a global mission: to re-extend its influence to let the world know of their might, to never let them forget the power of the lightning bolt. Exactly how they intend to achieve this has opened the door to controversy, though Cloud will not be easily swayed from its path.

            They have formed an alliance with Sound, and have the backing of Hidden Stone. Their first mission is to extend their political ideology to their neighbors, starting with the stubborn lord of Swamp Country. Now Cloud is actively at war, and may find themselves stretched too thin to realize corruption within.


            --Team Sensei
            --Academy Teacher
            --Personal Tutor
            --Filing Clerk
            --Administration (NPC only)

            --Field Medic
            --Medical Director (NPC only)

            --Biomedical Engineer
            --Reverse Engineer
            --Field Engineer
            --Civil Engineer
            --Daedalus Council Clerk

            --Law Enforcement/Protection
            --Non-Commissioned Officer
            --Commanding Officer

            --Internal Affairs
            --Internal Relations

            Cloud Specialized Forces
            --Division 17
            --Doruma Rangers
            --Naval Defense Force (NPC only)
            --Ice Guards (NPC only)
            --Border Guards (NPC only)


            Cloud Ranking Chart

            * Denotes ranks that can only be earned through the RP.
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              Hidden Grass
              Kusagakure - Grass Country

              Grass' Timeline

              Years -3.00 : Daisou Garr ascends to the position of Hachidaime Kusakage
              Year -0.06 : The Grass Secret Prison is destroyed, releasing Itou Batsu
              Year -0.04 : Hachidaime Kusakage Daisou Gar is killed, Itou Batsu made Kusakage
              Year -0.04 : Special Forces "Hensou" Are exiled from Grass. Shinku Seijun terrorist become the special forces
              Year 0.00 : Chuunin Selection Exams. Business mogul Mamotou becomes only Daimyou
              Year 0.25 : Hensou return to Grass, Hachidaime Batsu assassinated. Kyuudaime Fukumen is confirmed. All special forces disbanded
              Year 0.35 : First sighting of the 'Men in Black', the Chuku
              Year 0.50 : Conclusion of the battle with the 'Men in Black'.
              Year 0.75 : Battle with (and defeat of) the revolutionary, 'White Mask' and the creation of the Elite Kusa Defense Force.
              Year 1.00 : First appearance of the drug Druid's Heart, arrival of Yumiko
              Year 1.15 : Declaration of Druid's Heart as illegal.
              Year 1.20 : Present. Grass Hospital is attacked by a Komo

              The Story So Far...

              Before the start of the Chuunin exams, things were business as usual in Hidden Grass. But about a month before the exams began, a secret operation within the village destroyed the Secret Prison that housed many of the missing-nin within Grass. Deep within this prison was kept Itou Batsu, a war criminal from the great shinobi war who was kept young through medical seals. After being freed by the leader of the Hensou, a mysterious man known only as Fukumen, Itou quickly seized control of grass through a secret coup.

              As part of this Coup, the secret special forces, Hensou were revealed to the village and promptly banished. The revolutionary organization known as Shinku Seijun, were lifted to the position of special forces. Finally, the honored 'Three Lords' of Grass were picked off one by one leaving only Mamotou Hatsuru behind. Mamotou, a crooked businessman who owns the insanely wealthy Mamotou corporation, became the first single Daimyou to lead Grass Country since the creation of the village.

              The Hensou returned though, lead by Fukumen they managed to destroy Batsu, destroy the Shinku Seijun, and regain control of the village. This lead their leader Fukumen to become the Kyuudaime Kusakage, revealing himself to the village for the first time to take his leadership position.

              The village found itself in a short lived battle with non-shinobi assassin called 'The Chuku'. These highly skilled warriors used stealth arts to emulate skills that shinobi achieved through Chakra. But as the headquarters of the Chuku was discovered, Fukumen had them eliminated

              With the Chuku destroyed, Grass was plagued by a single man hinting at revolution. This 'White Mask' has come out in opposition to the Kusakage and Daimyo Mamotou, calling them liars and manipulators. Ineffective attempts to capture White Mask lead to the creation of 'The Elite Kusa Defense Force', or EKD. A non-shinobi group of soldiers tasked to operate with Shinobi, and trained in anti-shinobi combat. Now resent to shinobi is building in the citizens of Grass country. White mask was defeated, but the Elite Kusa Defense Force remained.

              Just in time for complaints to rise of drug-addled shinobi plaguing the country. A new drug, Druid's Heart, has become popular across Grass, with shinobi and civilians. Some have overdosed on the drugs, many more are just terribly addicted. Even the daimyo has proclaimed it an epidemic. After further investigation into the nature of the drug, Hidden Grass deemed use of it by shinobi as illegal, and has started to crack down on its use. At the same time, the thief Komo continues elaborate assaults on historic locations within Grass Country, while the village investigates the mysterious woman known as Yumiko.


              --Neophyte (Genin)
              --Specialist* (Genin)
              --Scout (Genin)
              --Aspirant (Chuunin)
              --Advanced Chuunin* (Chuunin)
              --Espionate/Infiltration (Chuunin)
              --Hunter-nin (Chuunin)
              --Adept (Jounin)
              --Elite Jounin* (Jounin)
              --Elite Hunter-nin (Jounin)

              --Field Nurse (Genin)
              --Medical Support (Chuunin)
              --Combat Medic* (Chuunin)
              --Field Doctor* (Chuunin)
              --Field Surgeon (Jounin)

              --Auxiliary Officer (Genin)
              --KISEO Officer (Chuunin)
              --KISEO Detective* (Chuunin)
              --Officer First Class* (Chuunin)
              --KISEO Lieutenant (Jounin)
              --Strike Commander* (Jounin)

              --Sensei's Aide (Genin)
              --Shinobi Tutor (Chuunin)
              --Team Sensei (Jounin)
              --Elite Tutor (Jounin)

              * Denotes ranks that can only be gained through achievements in Grass.
              Credit to merdle
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                Hidden Rain
                Amegakure - Rain Country

                Rain's Timeline

                Year -50.00 : Fallout from assassination of Emperor, Hidden Rain flees destruction underground
                Year -29.00 : Coronation of Tanomoshi Ishimaru as Yondaime Amekage
                Year -2.00 : Yondaime disappears. Coronation of Tanomoshi Ayame as Godaime Amekage
                Year -1.00 : Hidden Rain prepares to announce it's presence back in the eyes of the world. Increases hostilities with Rain Military. Amanjou plans begin
                Year -0.50 : Systematic assassination of Rain Country leaders and Daimyou
                Year 0.00 : Hidden Rain announces it's reappearance sending shinobi to Konohagakure Chuunin Selection Exams.
                Year 0.25 : Open hostilities between weakened Rain Military and Hidden Rain begin anew
                Year 0.50 : Amanjou plans cancelled. Shinobi stay underground
                Year 0.75 : New Rain Military leadership appointed, with a missing nin appointed as a Great General
                Year 1.00 : Hontou no Itami shrine finally reveal themselves as a third party in the war, who's interest is solely on securing Rain Country as a whole and keeping it safe.
                Year 1.15 : Current

                The Story So Far...

                Enter Tanomoshi Ayame, two years after her coronation as Godaime Amekage. After fifteen years of seclusion, she has brought Hidden Rain back into the light of the world's view with the announcement of their strength in Hidden Leaf's Chuunin Examination. Hostilities are still around with Hidden Rain and it's Rain Country's administration, however, preemptive measures on the shinobi village's part has weakened the grip of the former's rule. New leaders are being transplanted who are sympathetic to Hidden Rain's plight and new stance on the country's place as a whole. However, the Military has been aggravated by these very same actions, increasing their fervor in attacking and killing shinobi when possible. Not only that, but now they are targeting suspected villages that are allied with Hidden Rain.

                The village itself is stuck in a rather interesting position. It must continue and crush the Military, rebuild it's reputation in the shinobi world and also develop their depleted country. More than likely, there will be other problems to pop up in the face of the budding village, but only time will tell where it goes.

                Credit to Juushichi
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                  New Hidden Sound
                  Otogakure - Rice Country

                  Sound's Timeline

                  Year -20.00 : Creation of the Sound Nomads from leftover Sound-nin
                  Year -15.00 : First use of the Eighth-note tattoo and new ranks
                  Year -1.00 : Death of Seijuu Kaigen, rise of Seijuu Raimei
                  Year -0.75 : Sound assist Mist with the Seagull war through a mercenary contract
                  Year -0.67 : Non-aggression pact of Sound/Cloud.
                  Year 0.00 : Chuunin Selection Exams; the Nomads did not participate
                  Year 0.30 : Black Night decimates number of Sound Nomads
                  Year 0.35 : Search through catacombs begin. Naga researchers found
                  Year 0.40 : Sound Nomads move into New Sound Village
                  Year 1.00 : Hidden Sound struggles to maintain authority over Rice Country because of mercenaries in Atama.
                  Year 1.15 : Hidden Sound begins open conflict with the mercenaries in Atama City.
                  Year 1.25 : Present. Atama City begins a direct assault on Hidden Sound.

                  The Story So Far...

                  20 years ago the Sound Nomads were formed from the remnants of the Hidden Sound Village, since then they have held to ironclad laws, staying in secret, always serving their own first. For most of this history, Seijuu Kaigen was the head of the nomads, but within the last year his untimely death has created a crisis within the Nomad band. His brother, Seijuu Raimei, continued his dream of returning Sound to prominence.

                  Recently the Sound Nomads were attacked, betrayed from within and without. Their numbers ruined, the Nomads sought shelter and resources with the Naga of the catacombs, a clandestine order of researchers who remained after Hidden Sound's destruction. While many Naga wished (and still do wish) to kill Nomads on sight, the most powerful of the Naga entered negotiations with the Nomad leaders, and from their meeting the Nomads got a new village. Now the Nomads are shinobi once more, and Hidden Sound has returned.

                  With their new village, Hidden Sound must regain power not only within their home country of Rice, but in the global community. The trouble in Rice Country wouldn't let life be that easy. As the Sound Shinobi adapted to their new home, violence increased within Rice Country to the point that Sound has refocused their forces at home. Especially because of the overwhelming authority of bandits in the capital, Atama City. Now while Hidden Sound is still figuring out their identity, they face the force of a city worth of Nuke-nin and mercenaries. But while Hidden Sound is able to undermine the authority of Atama City, they couldn't predict that the Mercenary King, Kumanoi, would attempt full scale war with the new village!

                  Genin are called "Kitaeru", Chuunin are called "Hiyoutori", Jounin are called "Senshi"

                  --CDF Officer (Hiyoutori/Senshi)
                  --CDF Commander* (Senshi)

                  --Junior Officer (Hiyoutori/Senshi)
                  --Senior Officer* (Senshi)

                  --Academy Tutor (Hiyoutori/Senshi)
                  --Academy Instructor (Hiyoutori/Senshi)
                  --Team Sensei (Senshi)
                  --Heralds* (Senshi)

                  --Kariinu (Hiyoutori/Senshi)
                  --Bunraku* (Senshi)

                  * Denotes ranks that must be given approval for.
                  Credit to merdle
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                    Hidden Snow
                    Yukigakure - Snow Country

                    Snow's Timeline

                    Year -1.00 : Snow forces begin to infiltrate Fire Country territory to expand their control
                    Year -0.92 : Konoha declares war
                    Year -0.83 : Snow forces retreat following a high priority alarm from the Yukisen
                    Year -0.83 : Yukigakure is no more
                    Year -0.83 : Leaf forces occupy Snow Country
                    Year 0.00 : Chuunin Selection Exams
                    Year 1.35 ~ 1.49 : Present day

                    The Story So Far...

                    Snow began to establish border points near Fire country, eventually bleeding into it with their newfound strength and technology. This ignited a border dispute with Leaf that turned into a war; ice against fire. But unbeknownst to either party, a mysterious force was working in the background; while Snow was distracted with the war, they struck, crippling the village and causing an avalanche to bury the village. The remnants of Snow wander the world, rogues without a home that are uniquely free and uniquely without protection.
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                      Non-shinobi Countries

                      The Wild World
                      Hi-ninja no Kuni - Non-shinobi Countries

                      The Story So Far...

                      The rest of the world doesn't quietly wait for the great nations and their shinobi villages to act. There are many countries that rest between the spotlights, or along the edges of the known world. These countries are filled with villagers, secrets, monsters, and more. The last 100 years haven't been kind to each of them, with places like Bear Country remaining broken after years of conflict by neighboring shinobi villages, or Bird Country remaining a land of violent warlords because it is too poor and weak to hire the help needed to stabilize. In a violent world, there are countries that only know strife. Both Coal Country and Swamp Country have turned to rebellion and revolution to bring themselves out of dark periods of feudal labor.

                      Not everyone suffers endless violence. Some countries are safe, but find themselves in political turmoil. River Country is a prosperous metropolis, but suffers from gang and mafia activity that have disrupted their government. Valley appears to be a land of priests and faith, but holds dark secrets that turn a lens of doubt over their presumed sanctity. Meanwhile, countries like Wheat and Wave have become quiet destinations, though not necessarily because nothing happens there.

                      In the center of it all is Iron Country. Home to the mighty Last Legion of Samurai that have defended the world since their creation for generations. Iron is known as a safe haven country, and the City of Kings at its capital has mortal penalties for violence. But that means it is a place for all sorts to congregate, including those who don't wish to be found.

                      Off the known map there is the elusive island known as Spirit Island. This land housed the wild chakra of the Bijuu after their capture 100 years ago, and has transformed into a terrifying place of tribal politics and unnatural beasts. Because of it being found again by the shinobi villages, the Bijuu have returned to the world. Weaker than before, their chakra has been split between the spirits of the original nine, and many Bijuuko offspring that now wander across the world either hiding or causing chaos. These strange minor 'demons', the Bijuuko, are a cause for political concern, as they show the power to gain in strength through cannibalism and struggle, possibly becoming as strong as their Bijuu cousins.

                      [The nature of the rest of the world is free to explore, within reason. On engi, you can establish a lot if you pay proper respect to the GMs and Admins of the site. Want to fight a rogue shinobi in Bird? Feel free. Want to establish a conclave of Stone shinobi hiding in Bear, the Stone GM may take interest in that development. Want to say a whole hidden village has been hiding in River? The Admins want to take a look at that. The scale of your adventure dictates who needs to know what is happening. Not always so we can say no, but often so that the story doesn't end after your thread. Some of the best organizations, clans, and stories on engi come from what started as personal plots. So make sure you share!]
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