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  • Clans and Organizations

    Clan Rules

    Clans are noteworthy families in each village. There are two types of clans on Engi no Jutsu: regular clans and bloodline clans. The main difference between the two is that bloodline clans may possess an inherent trait they are born with (IE. The Uchiha possess the Sharingan, and the Hyuuga possess the Byakugan), whereas the regular clans possess no such trait, but are unique because of the clan techniques they pass down through the generations (IE. The Nara teach their younger clan members their shadow-based techniques and the Akimichi teach their children their body-based techniques).
    • Each of the villages may contain 3 bloodline clans, and 5 normal clans.
    • A player may have a villageless clan. There can be 3 villageless bloodline clans, and 3 villageless normal clans.
    • Each clan may have as many characters as the clan GM wishes, though a village GM may limit the number if it gets out of control.
    • Clans cannot reside in multiple villages.
    • All clans require GM or Admin approval to be accepted.
    • All bloodline clans require admin approval on their jutsu to be accepted.
    • No single character clans are allowed at present, meaning no clans in which your character is the last surviving member or similar will be allowed. This may change in the future however as the rp expands.
    • One member may only be the owner/GM of three clans.

    Because there is a limited number of slots for clans in each village, clan slots are prized highly by village GMs and expect a good execution in clan ideology and theme. It is also important that the creators and/or owners of clans are people village GMs can trust to run it well. As such, it is highly advisable that new members do not attempt to create a clan as it is very likely they will be denied.

    Current Engi Clans and their owners are listed here. When registering a clan, fill out the following form, place it within the Clan/Organization Registry, and title it appropriately:

    [B]Clan Name:[/B] (The clan's family name, such as the Hyuuga)

    [B]Clan History:[/B] (Describe how the clan was formed and the current state of the clan)

    [B]Clan Village:[/B] (Indicate what village this clan resides in)

    [B]Clan Abilities: [/B](Describe the abilities that make this clan special, particularly in the case of bloodline clans. Also put up a link to the clan jutsu)
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    Organization Rules

    Organizations are essentially groups of people (not necessarily shinobi), who have a singular purpose. This can include groups such as the Leaf's ANBU, to other kinds of groups, such as religious ones. Organizations are required to be registered just as clans are, though there are some special differences.

    Unlike clans, organizations have somewhat more lax limitations on the number of members allowed. A global maximum of 10 characters per organization exists, though this is merely a guideline. Upon registering the organization you must specify the desired number of member slots you wish the organization to have (which must not exceed the global maximum), and then explain the reason you feel you should be allowed that many. Based on your reasoning the moderators will set a final limit for the number of members allowed in your group.

    Organizations may possess their own unique jutsu which are accessible to all members. These are registered like normal, though indication should be given as to what organization the jutsu's belong to.

    Please note that vast numbers of organizations will not be allowed, so expectations of any organizations will be quite high, as such it is not recommended that newer members attempt to register organizations. When registering an organization, use the following form and place it within the Clan/Organization Registry with an appropriate title:

    [B]Organization Name:[/B] (The name of your organization, e.g. ANBU)

    [B]Desired Number Of Member Spots:[/B] (Must be no greater than the global limit)

    [B]Reason For Number Of Spots:[/B] (Give your reasons for requiring as many slots as you suggested)

    [B]Organization Techniques:[/B] (Merely link to the techniques, don't post them all. If they're not yet created, please leave a note indicating that some will be registered later)

    [B]Organization Description:[/B] (Give a summary of the organization's purpose, the habits of its members, etc.)

    [B]Organization History:[/B] (Detail how the organization came to exist)

    [B]Organization Goals:[/B] (Indicate what it is the organization hopes to do above all else)
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      Clan and Organization GMs and Account Points
      Added March 11th 2014

      Every month, the primary GMs for Clans and Organizations will receive 2 AP, or Account Points, if their clan/org activity is deemed sufficient.

      Activity and eligibility for payment will be judged by the following criteria:

      1) Those who receive Staff payment will not receive Clan/Org payment.
      2) The clan or organization has an active thread related to the clan/organization
      3) There are multiple active characters of the clan/organization
      4) If there are not multiple active characters, there is an attempt to recruit more characters

      The Admin that is handling payment will make the initial decision if a clan or organization is eligible for payment. The village GM may also be consulted when relevant.

      Payment usually happens in the first week of every month. A post will announce payment. These Account Points should be logged in the Account Points thread. These Account Points are used like normal AP.