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Thread Ratings: Gaining New Stats/Jutsu

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  • Thread Ratings: Gaining New Stats/Jutsu

    Thread Ratings: gaining new stats/jutsu

    After character creation, your character grows and improves through roleplaying. There are two kinds of threads that a player can take part in—solo threads, in which a player operates alone until the thread is complete, or cooperative threads where he/her roleplays with other players’ characters.

    This thread deals with the mechanical growth of your character; that is how you improve within the game system (Personality growth and history is solely dependent upon the person playing the character through the threads they take part in).

    This mechanical growth is accomplished through a system implemented by the staff known as Thread Rating. To become rated, you first go to the Thread Ratings Forum (located here) where you will create a thread that has a link to thread you completed, the names of the participants involved and links to the characters they used along with an optional summary of the events within the thread. Like so…

    Much ado about nothing

    Taekaneru Kyogi, council man of sound, and smooth talking ninja of the nomads discovers - much to his dismay - that his favorite pair of shoes have fallen into disrepair. Naru, a recently promoted Hiyoutori, tinker, and self styled tailor spies this awful event with her keen ninja vision. Taking it upon herself to aid a leader of the camp (and perhaps gain standing as a result) the young girl enters the man's tent and offers to fix his footwear.

    A great conversation ensues that leads to philoshopical disscussion and profound insights to each character's personality. Only a single drop of blood was shed throughout the whole affair and in the end Kyogi decides to take her under his wing as a confident and subordinate out of the goodness of his own heart (and perhaps in an effort to curb her attitude before she talks to someone a little more hardcase).

    Cannonball: Taekaneru Kyogi

    Selesti: Konsei Naru
    After accomplishing this you wait patiently. Eventually, a rater will come along and decide he/she is going to rate your thread. They will either inform you of their decision to work on a rating, or they will simply post up your ratings. Either way, you will be provided with a grade and most likely feed back on the areas you need to improve on in order to become a better RPer.

    In a solo, a character may receive up to two points, and only in stats, and in cooperative threads it culminates in you receiving one to four points which you may spend improving your statistics or acquiring new jutsu. Please note you may only gain one extra jutsu per thread even if you have more than 1 point. To acquire the stats and jutsu you want for your character simply reply in the rating thread and the mod in charge of your grading will edit your character sheet to include the new additions and update your history of completed threads.

    Players are only allowed to have one ratable thread running at any time. They may have more, but they must pick one they wish to be rated. An exception is made if you have been waiting for a post for a time in excess of two weeks; you are allowed to then start another thread which can be rated.

    IMPORTANT: One of your primary considerations when roleplaying within a thread is its quality. With that in mind, do relize that the staff expects at least a certain level of effort to go into each and every thread they rate. Because of this, a staff member is under no obligation to grade your thread if it is under approximetly 3000 words per poster (approximtely 10 posts of 300 words). Or a total of about 30 posts of at least 300 words in the entire thread (around 9000 words total). Less than this and you may not recieve anything.

    RATING BUMPS: Are no longer allowed. Raters will rate threads in reverse order, starting from the oldest threads to the newest threads. If you bump your thread to the top, it'll only take that much longer for someone to claim it.
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    Forgetting Techniques

    When you want a character to forget techniques, but do not want to register a character again, you can make them forget techniques at a rate of one technique per thread.

    IMPORTANT: First, ask for permission from your village GM or an admin.

    When you claim the points from a thread, mention what technique you want to lose. This can be a jutsu, a taijutsu technique, or anything else you would need to spend thread points on. When you no longer have any techniques from a list, you have regain that list slot.

    Non-essential Changes

    You can also change your character's descriptions, biography, picture, and additional information, without needing to recreate your character. For these non-essential changes, inform your GM (or if your village GM is not available, an admin), and then you can ask them to make any changes you need.

    Additional Taijutsu

    When taking taijutsu, depending on your archetype (see more in taijutsu summary), you may need to spend additional points to take each stage. To do this with a thread rating, you may either spend a point each thread to take part of the stage, or you can spend multiple points from the same rating to take the stage. Spending a point to take part of a technique still counts as taking your one jutsu from the rating.
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