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  • Sinn's Status and Plans

    Updated 5/9/18
    Getting head back in the game.

    Well shit. Here I go again. Making a slow but powerful return.

    Hina needs to be tweaked and revised for new system

    Minamoto Hina
    Rain Chuunin
    Seriously... completely lost on this chick at the moment. I need to get her into something. She's (hopefully) going to learn some Katon ninjutsu at some point to make awesome splosions with some swaps. :3
    Current Threads:
    Threads in Planning:

    Nokoribi Enshoku
    Leaf Chuunin
    This chick needs to be broken in. Anything at all. C'mon, you know you want to. There is a lot more to her story that wasn't in the bio and I want it to unfold through threads.
    Current Threads:
    Threads in Planning:

    Kyuukai Aikiko
    Sand Genin
    Getting ready to jump back in head first into Spartoi.
    Current Threads:
    Threads in Planning:

    Plans for Future:

    Take over Engi

    Note to self
    Fuck people.

    My Goals:
    A character in every village, a m-nin, and a non-shinobi
    Engi has 9 villages
    Snow doubles as m-nin
    So I need 2 character slots... can only get one

    I WANT
    I think I'm good.

    I HAVE (Possibly, pending all approvals)
    Samtron: Extra Character Slot
    Samtron: Tai Savant x2
    Samtron: Extra Clan GM Spot
    Samtron: Forbidden List - Used on Enshoku
    Samtron: AP Limit Breaker
    Samtron: Personal Summons (Kana is working on them)
    Samtron: Sennin
    Samtron: Jinchuuriki
    Samtron: Avenger
    Engiversary: Advanced Character
    Engiversary: Extra List
    Engiversary: Cross-village List
    Engiversary: Staff AP Character

    RPCs Priority
    Miko or Stone Character
    Rei (Cloud Chuunin) - Needs all details transferred from head to Unfinished
    Tenmei (Sound Sennin) - Undergoing revamp for Sennin, also Ninsen clan is approved as GM
    Snow Avenger(?) or just Snow Jounin
    Jinchuuriki(?) or Grass Jounin, or both xD Depending on where they would best fit in

    To Do List
    Shinsei: Basic history, Ninjutsu list
    Boukyaku: History (Done), Ninjutsu Swaps(?)
    Shunmin: History, Genjutsu, possibly Ninjutsu
    Ninsen: History (Done), Swaps
    Hina's minor revisions
    Work on Characters in Unfinished (priority on individuals may differ depending on the above and deadlines)