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  • Shi was so generous as to give me an AP. The sweet girl. <3

    Kidding. Just reiterating that Chiru gave me 2 AP for Suzaku. ._.

    been driving ms. daisy
    Let's RP & stuff. But be patient I'm still a n00b.

    Swap Thread & Weapon Thread & AP Management


    • Received and used 11 points from Zephyr on Kaji

      Yeah, I have a gaia. So what?
      INTERNET is down. I'll be online les often since I have to use the public library.

      I'm free!!


      • Used all remaining AP on Ayume, editing home post.

        Thank you Relu for the buttons!


        ~ Mist Secondary GM [ in training :P ] ~


        • [Clean Plate Kiba]

          Seeing as I have no AP stored up, and I don't want to look around for how I've used what I have, I would like to start with my happiest AP yet.

          +2 AP From Kaen The Coolest Person EVAR.

          I tend to save my birthday money, so I'll probably just lose it somehow. But YAY! I'll pay you back, somehow, Kaen. On your birthday!
          Edits To AP:
          -2 AP [8/15/08]
          +2 AP [12/28/08]
          -2 AP [12/28/08]
          +3 AP [6th Anniversary]
          -2 AP For Yama [5/2/2010]
          -1 AP For Yuki [1/19/2011]
          +1 AP For Engi No Valentines 2011
          -1 AP For Yuge [1/24/2014]
          +5 AP for Engiversary 10!
          -2 AP for Hinku Hiroshi
          +2 AP for Staff Payment March 2014
          +2 AP for Staff Payment April 2014
          -2 AP for Asuka
          +2 AP for Staff Payment May 2014
          +1 AP from Kana 7/20/14
          -2 AP to Junge for rating so many threads
          +4 AP for Staff Payment June/July 2014
          -4 AP to Yasuhiro Isamu
          +4 AP for Staff Payment August/September 2014
          -1 AP to Hinku Hiroshi
          -2 AP to Hitoko for Here, Lies
          +8 AP for Staff Payment October/November 2014
          -2 AP to Kaen and Oak for being massively slow on rating.
          +7 AP for Engiversary, The Thirteenth Year
          -5 AP for Gyousou Kugo
          -2 AP to Cayuga
          -15 AP for Gun Nin'hon
          +3 AP for Staff Payment 05/2017
          +3 AP for Staff Payment 06/2017
          -1 AP for Seikon Graphics Request
          -2 AP for Sazanami Tako
          -1 AP for Nomics [7/28/2017]
          +5 AP for July & August [8/29/2017]
          +7 AP for 14th Engiversary [5/15/2018]
          +8 AP for 15th Engiversary [3/20/2019]

          Current AP:
          27 AP

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          | Asuka | Aima | Isamu | Kugo | Etsuko | Nin'hon | Hiroshi |

          Engi No Volunteer | Secondary Sound GM

          Items - Swaps - AP [19] - Tracker - Works In Progress


          • I gave an AP to Shi.


            Soushin & Hankyou
            Irezumi Ido [June 2009] & Kyakudo Hakka [July 2009]
            Swaps & Items & AP


            • Using my two AP on Joururi. <3s Kaen.

              | Asuka | Aima | Isamu | Kugo | Etsuko | Nin'hon | Hiroshi |

              Engi No Volunteer | Secondary Sound GM

              Items - Swaps - AP [19] - Tracker - Works In Progress


              • AP Tracking



                Bo-style Taijutsu List: 3AP

                RP Rewards

                Character Creation: 1GMAP (Kam)
                Iwakagure Roll Call: 1GMAP (Kam)
                Calamity Mountain: 2GMAP (Gen)


                Valentines 2019: 2GMAP (Gen)
                Happy New Year 2020: 1AP


                Engiversary #6: 3AP
                Engiversary #8: 3AP
                Engiversary #9: 2AP
                Engiversary #9 Gift: Cross-Village List (Tan)
                Engiversary #10: 5AP
                Engiversary #11: 5AP, Limit Breaker (Gen)
                Engiversary #12: 5AP
                Engiversary #13: 7AP
                Engiversary #14: 7AP
                Engiversary #15: 8AP
                Engiversary #16: 8AP

                Monthly Clan/Org Payments

                2018: 7AP
                2019: 36AP
                2020: 3AP

                Donation Rewards

                Donation Drive 2008: 2AP, 1AP

                Donation Drive 2015: 2TP (Tan)
                Donation Drive 2015: 63AP
                Donation Drive 2015: 2AP (Donation Goal)
                Donation Drive 2015: Tai Savant (Tatsuo)
                Donation Drive 2015: Tai Savant (Tan)
                Donation Drive 2015: Limit Breaker (Tan)
                Donation Drive 2015: Limit Breaker (Haru)
                Donation Drive 2015: Sennin slot (Haru)
                Donation Drive 2015: Cross-Village List (Gen)

                Donation Drive 2019: 9AP (Site-wide Unlocks)
                Donation Drive 2019: 36AP (Bulk Packs)
                Donation Drive 2019: 56AP
                Donation Drive 2019: Limit Breaker (Tatsuo)
                Donation Drive 2019: Limit Breaker (Kagero)
                Donation Drive 2019: Limit Breaker (Kam)
                Donation Drive 2019: Avenger Clan/List (Gen)
                Donation Drive 2019: Uncanny Smell (Basan)
                Donation Drive 2019: Eerie Ears (Gen)
                Donation Drive 2019: Keen Eyes (Kam)


                - Limit Breaker
                - 3AP
                - 2GMAP

                - Limit Breaker
                - 4AP at Registration
                - 15AP at Re-Registration
                - 4GMAP

                - Limit Breaker
                - 21AP

                - Limit Breaker
                - Tai Savant
                - 45AP
                - 2TP

                - Limit Breaker
                - Sennin Slot
                - 28AP

                - Limit Breaker
                - Tai Savant
                - 12AP

                - 3AP


                + Cross-Village List (Tanryoku)
                + Cross-Village List (Gen)
                + Avenger Clan/List (Gen)
                + Uncanny Smell (Basan)
                + Eerie Ears (Gen)
                + Keen Eyes (Kam)
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                • 12AP
                  - 3AP (one each for samuraibobx, mizu, and chiaki)


                  And more to come :<

                  Unique Stuff: Jutsu and Item

                  Gekitai Kinaru - The Odd Gekitai Genin of Rain [Junked]


                  • +1 AP from Middy for reasons she can disclose. : )

                    Edited my AP bank. Thanks Middy, you're wonderful, and I totally forgive you x9000.
                    Unofficial Official Snow GM

                    Social Media Moderator for Engi.
                    Co-Secondary Mist GM
                    Enari Clan GM, The Loyalists GM


                    • Since I never posted here, I figured I should do it now so I can keep track.

                      1 AP from Sushyi for the engi no manga weapon contest.
                      2 AP from Merdle for a mamotou mission
                      2 AP from Meno for NPC of smexiness
                      1 AP From Chiaki because we made cookies together
                      3 AP From Engi Anniversary.
                      3 AP From Merdle for my B-day (Thanks <3)
                      3 AP from Son Hijikata
                      3 AP From Engi Anniversay(3-16-10)
                      2 AP back from sound character
                      5 AP Engi's tenth anniversary
                      6 AP another engi anniversary
                      7 AP engiversary

                      2 Sound GMAP for the (attempted) creation of Shiga

                      Total: 25
                      Village specific: 0

                      1/2/09 - 1 AP on Wakai Takesi
                      2/7/09 - 2 AP given to Bukowski
                      4/17/09 - 1 AP given to SleepyNin
                      (forgot) 9/30/09 - 2 GMAP on Hideo
                      1/31/11 - 1 AP to Buko
                      4/17/14 -6 Spent on Ap, maybe another 2 if Abby does that thing #TheHussle
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                      • I used those two AP (not on Suzaku, omg) and I went to zero.

                        But then I got 1 GMAP from Res for some thread posting. And then I just got two more for some NPCing, leaving me with a total of 3 (GM)AP.

                        [11-7-2008] I'm pretty sure he didn't get it just now, but I was just alerted of 2 GMAP for being in the Chuunin Exams. So I'm claiming.

                        [11-12-2008] Since I registered Hisana before October 28th (whenever Meno said that Chuunin created weren't entitled to GMAP) I claim the single GMAP from the event to use in the future.

                        [11-21-2008] Updated total AP. Used Rain/Sand GMAP.

                        [1-03-2009] I received 2 GMAP for Akino and then used them immediately.
                        1 GMAP (Mist - Hisana)

                        [2-18-2009] Used Hisana's GMAP, leaving my AP bank empty. Yay. :[

                        [3-10-2009] Merdle gave me 1 Grass GMAP.

                        [3-13-2009] 3 AP because MY USERNAME IS BLUE!

                        [3-18-2009] Using 3 AP all on “Itaku Chizuru”, leaving me with a single Grass GMAP.

                        [4-6-2009] 1 Grass GMAP remaining, and a single AP for Bijuu/Jinchuu April Fools.

                        [5-30-2009] Grass GMAP and Bijuu/Jinchuu AP both spent on Ariwara Kari.

                        [3-11-10] 3 AP from Engiversary.

                        [3-28-2010] 2 Sound GMAP and an AP gained for making a Kitaeru/spent on him as well.

                        [4-12-2010] 1 Cloud GMAP gained because Cloud needs you. Put it on Hisagi's Stamina.

                        [4-13-2010] 1 Stone GMAP from Jami. [link]

                        [5-30-2010] 1 AP towards creation of Kakkyou Reika. 2 AP Total Remaining

                        [6-27-2010] Riz gave me an AP in a thread rating. Brings me back up to 3.

                        [6-8-2012] Gave Kana 1 AP for his bday, brings me back down to 2.

                        [4-14-2013] Claiming 2 AP from Engiversary [link]. 4 total.

                        [3-27-2014] Spend 4 AP on Arashi of the Sand. Claimed 5 AP at the Tenth Engiversary. 6 AP total remaining.

                        [8-10-2019] Spent another 4 AP on Arashi, totaling 8. 2 AP remaining, 1 Reg and 1 Stone

                        [8-14-2019] Claiming 8 AP from Engiversary. Back to 10 AP.

                        Regular Points: 9
                        GameMaster Points: 1 (Stone)
                        Total: 2
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                        been driving ms. daisy
                        Let's RP & stuff. But be patient I'm still a n00b.

                        Swap Thread & Weapon Thread & AP Management


                        • Just Notin that I've got 4AP in reserves :O

                          One from all the way back when Pande was handing out some to Elders.
                          2 From Merdle for my birthday.
                          and 1 from Merdle for the NaNoWriMo Group :O
                          Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like honey.


                          • Hiku, no, you don't. If you had read, you'd see that's given at the -end- of the month.

                            EDIT: Same to Jaunty. Neither of you, nor anyone else in the group, has that AP. Do not post about it here.


                            • Long time coming AP update. Thanks to Shinji for retrieving my total.

                              Current: 22 AP
                              Gifting 5 to Hiku for sticking with it

                              Leaving: 17

                              Harimusha Clan GM - working on coming back...again

                              (PM/IM me if you have any questions)


                              • Actually decided to put all five AP into Ito Kojimma as soon as edits are done.
                                Last edited by Hiku; 11-16-2008, 04:33 PM.