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  • Shiraha's AP Tracker

    +1 AP from Woodstock
    +1 AP from Rizhou :3
    +2 AP from Sushy for helping with artsies
    -1 AP on Seiseiru (Thanks Res)
    +2 AP from Jazzworth, cuz he's awesome like that! :3
    -3 AP on Rahana
    +4 AP from Kaito, for mah burfday! XD Thank youuuuu!!!!!!
    +5 AP from Slav, for reward/picture
    -3 AP to Juu
    -3 AP on Saki
    +1 AP from Chiru! <3
    +2 AP from Juu
    -2 AP on Sakiiii
    -3 AP on the birth of Rie!
    +3 AP from the Engiversary Thread!
    +1 AP from Juu in a Thread Rating!

    +5 AP From Engiversary Thread #10
    -2 AP Spent on MAI LEEPH GENIN

    Total: 10 (Woo. I'm relatively poor! X3)
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    [Artist and Wolfadilger+!<3] (Unfinished) (Item) (Swap) (AP 10)

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    Seiseiru: What do you know about boys, kid?



    • Sooo... I'm editing this post because I received 1 GMAP from Merdle and 1 AP from Sushy.


      And I spent them too....


      yay kugutsushi!
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      Told you she didn't have a dick.
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      • I forgot to throw this in as well. One AP for Meno's Feburary Mist application and another for Merdle's Valentine's Day win-thing. Both used and stated on Nikaido Shunko's character sheet. [Previous]

        I'm listing my one GMAP for Kiyomizu Shusui here, which brings my (used) total up to three.

        Gained two AP for usage on Shusui from Grans. Now my total AP gained is five. I've used five as well.
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        • chiaki, mid, cnagy + 2 AP

          Grans + 1 AP

          0 AP left

          sig by Kitsune-chan

          9 APs left for contest giving. Look for them in the future.


          • Thank you, sir. This puts me at 11 (Kaito informed me that I had 14, used 3 on Juro, gave 2 to Lei, gained 2 from Bers.)
            Courtesy of Oakapea

            AP: 16
            GMAP: 0


            • Current Total: 52 AP

              +3 AP (January 2019 Staff Payment)
              +1 AP (February 2019 Staff Payment)
              +2 AP (March 2019 Staff Payment)

              -6 AP (Ozawa Sento, 6 jutsu)
              -19 (Ozawa Sento, +4 Stamina, +2 Strength, 11 jutsu [Senryaku-do S6 + 5 specials])

              Current Total: 29 AP
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              Currently [OPEN] to character registry checks.
              Currently [OPEN] to item/jutsu registry checks.
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              Master RP Thread


              • Rizhou gave me an AP from her contest winnings because of my birthday (and the fact that we're butt buddies... yes, that makes her a pedo) giving me a total of... well, 1.

                Edit: And along with White Eyes giving me 1 AP for coloring an image for him, that brings my total to 2.

                It's on like Donkey Kong... byatch. =)
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                been driving ms. daisy
                Let's RP & stuff. But be patient I'm still a n00b.

                Swap Thread & Weapon Thread & AP Management


                • Down Payment of 5 AP from Meno for my GMship. whoo.

                  Told you she didn't have a dick.
                  The Fame
                  R.T. - K.H. - G.G. - D.K.
                  Boys, Boys, Boys


                  • Hicks gave me an AP for drawing Nagai for him.

                    Nara Ryuu
                    Kiriyama Kazuo
                    **Daifuku Ichiyou Orijaki


                    • I'm gonna have to start actively recording AP now, I think. Better late than never.

                      3 From Sushy's contest, spent in this thread on a certain Saitsuki Yori.
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                      • I think this is correct.

                        Active characters: 4
                        2 characters who have finished a thread with 25+ posts: 2

                        So I have 6 AP I would presume. Am I correct with this assumption?


                        • That stuff pertains to Engi 2.0, not the current version, so it doesn't apply to you.


                          • So how is AP distributed now? through contests and such?


                            • 2 more from Sushy's Contest 4 puts me at 13.
                              Courtesy of Oakapea

                              AP: 16
                              GMAP: 0


                              • i got three from sushys contest so thats... 3...

                                edit: do i count already spent ap from threads and such?... in that case im on 5
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