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  • - 2 GMAP and 4AP from merdle's grass summon contest

    update: Won IAP from White Eyes for pictar request
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    Umehara, Takashi - Cloud Genin
    Naome, Shun - Rain Genin


    • Seems I forgot to post here when it happened but:

      1 GMAP from Meno for Feburary character creation (good only for Ryujo).

      Currently [OPEN] to character registry checks.
      Currently [OPEN] to item/jutsu registry checks.
      Got a Mist question? PM me.

      Master RP Thread


      • Received one AP from sushyi for chat-cleansing.

        Edited home post to reflect this.
        Unofficial Official Snow GM

        Social Media Moderator for Engi.
        Co-Secondary Mist GM
        Enari Clan GM, The Loyalists GM


        • I forgot to throw this in as well. One AP for Meno's Feburary Mist application and another for Merdle's Valentine's Day win-thing. Both used and stated on Nikaido Shunko's character sheet.
          [Kirigakure] Imai Hayate [Kusagakure] Kiyomizu Shusui
          [Kumogakure] Matsuoka Imae [Konohagakure] Ohayashi Toshiko
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          • So I sat down and re-evaluated my AP situation. Reflected within This Post. As of now, still holding 6 Ap.


            • Spent three AP on Hokusai. Noted as such. :3

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              • Previously
                - 2 GM AP from Tigre
                - 1 AP from Chiru


                Used Rain GM AP, leaving me with one remaining AP.

                been driving ms. daisy
                Let's RP & stuff. But be patient I'm still a n00b.

                Swap Thread & Weapon Thread & AP Management


                • According to my records, I have like 20 AP from staff payment that I never used. o.0 (If any staff member wants to verify this for me, please do. The months are as follows.)

                  November 06 - 5 AP
                  May - 4 AP
                  June - 4 AP
                  July - 3 AP
                  August - 4 AP

                  And I checked with Kaito to make sure I can still use them even though I'm no longer staff.


                  EDIT: 5 AP have been used on Hayase, 4 on Sagasu. I have 11 AP left.
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                  • I'm not sure if Meno mentioned this but I think I have an AP from when he had that Mist help he needed.

                    I unfortunately have cleared my inbox since then though =/

                    Meno could confirm this?

                    Awaigetsuryuuki Risana (Awai GM)
                    ^ Never forget Snow! D:
                    Kouryou Kurisu, Chuunin
                    ^ Placeholder


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                    • My AP earnings are:

                      1 AP from Hicks for writing the Raikage
                      2 GMAP from Res for npcing the SR thread
                      3 AP from Res for more of the same
                      2 AP from Jake for making a character for Sound
                      1 AP from Jazz for whoring myself

                      And spendings:

                      4 AP and 2 GMAP spent on Saito Jinsei, 2 in stats+4 in jutsu

                      2 AP from Jake going to my Rain/Sound M-nin. (Sound-nin was forced back to reg, never escaped again, therefore [according to Kaen] I still have this AP.)

                      1 AP spent on Hakkenshi Genpachi


                      2 AP
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                      • Listing

                        1. 4 AP ~ from Whiskey Hicks
                        2. 2 AP ~ Contest [Link]
                        3. 1 AP ~ Contest [Link]
                        4. 1 AP ~ from Meno
                        5. 2 AP ~ from Hyuuga Kaito, 5th Aniversary
                        6. 3 AP ~ from Resound, Mist Contest: Swordstyles
                        7. GMAP ~ Mr. Hicks

                        1. 3 Tetsumaki Shinjiro
                        2. 3 Aomori Daikiri
                        3. 3 Gingitsune

                        Remaining: 5

                        Update: 0
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                        • Recieved 1 AP for old Snow Nin.

                          Rain GM

                          Items/Swaps/To Do List


                          • Using my 1 AP on Canti, so now I have none.

                            Characters and Status of said characters.
                            Takeda Eiji (Grass Chuunin): Coming Soon



                            • [06-12-2007] 2 AP [Contest]
                              [01-27-2008] 2 GMAP [Contest]
                              [02-16-2009] 1 AP [Valentine's Day]
                              [04-06-2009] 1AP [Bijuu Application]
                              -1AP (Given to Buko)
                              [4-12-2009] 1AP [From Juu for being awesome]
                              [4-12-2009] 1AP [From Simon from a bet]
                              -2GMAP (Hidegetsu)
                              [7-10-2009] 2AP [From Merdle for my Birthday]
                              -2AP (Given to Buko)
                              -3AP (Ottori)
                              [03-11-2010] 3AP [Engi Anniversary]
                              -1 AP (Given to Seikon)
                              [05-13-2012] 4AP [From Hicks]
                              [05-22-2012] 3AP [Engi Anniversary]
                              [06-28-2012] 2GMAP [Mist - Grans]
                              -3AP (Masashi
                              -2GMAP (Hajime)
                              [03-8-2014] 2AP [From Kaen for Finding a Thread]
                              [03-11-2014] 1AP from Jange-Chan for some reason
                              [03-11-2014] 5AP for [Engi Anniversary]
                              [05-1-2014] 2AP from Oak for finishing a thread
                              [03-25-2015] 5 AP + Staff Limit Break [Engi Anniversary]
                              [10-09-2015] Cross Village List [Engi Donation Drive]
                              [01-01-2016] 10 AP + Staff Limit Break [Engi Donation Drive]
                              -18AP, Cross Village List, Staff Limit Break (Ogiwara)
                              [03-31-2017] 7 AP [Engi Anniversary]
                              -6 Ap to Kyz for being a person
                              [04/03/2019] 8 AP [Engi Anniversary]

                              22 AP
                              Staff Limit Break
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                              AP - Swaps - Weapons/Items


                              • Giving Shi the 1 AP Mid gave to me.

                                Minus that, I still have 2 AP left from my staff days.