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  • The Brigade wants you!

    But the real question is do you want the Brigade?

    The Brigade of Light

    Hi, I'm Sleepy or Common depending on when you knew me. Also known as the "Comeback Kid", not because of any great achievement, but just because I keep coming back to Engi. Can't get rid of me. Anyway, I have an Organization now. That's weird, huh? Let's see if this lasts longer than a day! Again anyway, this org is looking for players to join it. Do you have a masterless Ronin who is looking for a cause that is just and right? Do you have a lonely Miko wandering this world alone looking for ways to help it be good? Do you have a Non-Shinobi who has nothing better to do than be rereg into a Ronin/Miko?

    Then this is the place for you!

    It really is because The Brigade of Light welcomes all from the Lowliest Non-Shinobi, to the Loneliest Ronin, to the Holiest Miko.

    Now, I know what you're wondering. "Sleepy/Common you've never GM'd a thing in your life, why should we join your org?" Well my dear friend, that's where you're wrong! I'll have you know I once GM'd a Dungeons and Dragon's 5th edition game! But, yeah, never really done anything like this before. I'll let you know that I do plan on making some missions, though I know most of the people here are more creative than me so if you'd like feel free to make your own! Or, if you'd like to play with Shinobi then feel free to!

    There are rewards of course. Well, there will be once I start get AP payment for the clan. Once that starts rolling in then the first and second Brigade member to finish a "mission" thread will be awarded the AP.

    Boy this is a long winded post for what is essentially every other recruitment thread on the board! Let's be real right now, you either already are interested in this or you don't care. So let me know in the comments below and don't forget to hit that like button and subscribe to my channel, it really helps the community grow.

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    Sleepy, I believe in you!

    You can count my Miko Sennin in, of course! Reiha will likely be a strong supporter of militarization - somewhat uncommon of a Miko. A Miko Princess, at that! Escandelo!!


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      Welcome to the new year! With it comes new beginnings, new aspirations, and new ways to to disappoint those you love and care for. I am officially the new Brigade of Light GM after the torch was passed down to me from our beloved overlord CommonRider.

      What does that mean?
      The Brigade is open for applicants! Who can join? Well, you can read the info, or if that is too long and tedious, let me hit you on the slant with a list. The Brigade of Light accepts anyone with these criteria:

      Any character not affiliated with any existing governments
      Any character sincerely looking to perform good deeds or eradicate evil

      Under this umbrella are miko, ronin, untrained nonshinobi, and even villageless shinobi or missing nin who aren't active murderers or thieves.

      If you have a current character who wishes to join let me know and we can set up a thread. If you want to register a Brigade member directly that's also cool!

      But Junge, Why?
      Exciting supernatural stories await across the known Engi world, and...okay, yeah, there's a few character perks. Brigade members can gain access to the new Kirin summoning contracts if they feel so inclined. In addition, I'll have an AP incentive for completing Brigade missions (which are in the following post).

      I have a question!
      Feel free to ask it! The Brigade and Kirin info is filled with tantalizing little tidbits and loose ends and that's fully intentional. I love collaborative input and feedback, so don't hesitate to shoot some fully loaded inquiries my way.
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      (Brigade of Light) Chosokabe Muneshige | (Leaf Chuunin) Hong Feiyan
      Shichou Clan GM - Shichou Mission Thread Here!
      Brigade of Light GM - Missions and More!
      I will do any thread, anywhere, anytime. Just PM me!
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        The Brigade of Light's Grand Grimoire

        What is this?
        Consider this the in-universe job listing for Brigade of Light members looking to do good. Most of these missions come from areas too poor or too isolated to draw shinobi attention. Some are brought by the villagers themselves, some come from rumors that trickle into the Brigade's campus, and some jobs are expeditions requested directly by the Brigade. Given the vague, uncertain nature of the supernatural, there is often very little information to go of off for those who take up the investigations. That is just a part of the job!

        How does it work?
        Jobs are organized by type, but the Brigade has no ultimate purpose in each case except to satisfy one or more of the organizations three goals. Even if a mission is completed 'successfully', the nature of the world means similar types of anomalies often crop up in multiple areas. That being said any already 'completed' mission can be attempted again in a different location if desired.

        In addition regardless of whether the Brigade succeeds or fails, there will be follow-up missions that emerge directly related to how the first went. Brigadier status is not tied to success or failures and there is no shame in retreating if it means the preservation of life and limb.

        Jobs can be as hard or as easy, as violent or peaceful, or as quick or dirty as the players decide they will be. Scale to whatever level of danger feels the most compelling!

        Why should I bother?
        Because it's supposed to be fun! But apart from that expect reward incentives for particularly well-done missions. At the end of the month those who participated in the best Brigade of Light thread will receive 2 AP. 'Best' is subject to discretion, but generally I will be looking for entertaining threads that attempt ambitious narratives. So even if your characters fail, if they do so in an interesting way, you still might get AP at the end of it!

        The Grand Grimoire

        A single Grimoire is a large, single, unique book or scroll that has been transcribed by a member of the Brigade of Light. The chapters and passages within are taken from the original, ‘true’ Grimoire, also known as the Grand Grimoire, which resides in a vault within the Brigade of Light’s university. The Grand Grimoire is an encyclopedia of sorts, filled to the brim with information regarding the supernatural events and occurrences that the Brigade has collected. While most of the entries are old, inaccurate, and subject to interpretation, the Grand Grimoire is a living document that evolves every time a new anomaly is researched. It's up to enterprising Brigadiers to fill its pages with the latest information.

        To gain access to the Grand Grimoire requires Brigade of Light membership and a functional understanding of Scripture, the Brigade of Light’s language.

        The Brigade of Light has spent the better part of a century learning, experimenting, and sealing what they view as ‘corrupted’ forms of the Kami. Commoners often refer to these corruptions as ‘demons’ or ‘ghosts’ or ‘yokai’ or any number of outlandish superstitious things. The academics in the Brigade prefer to use more precise, scientific language, instead calling these mysterious beings ‘anomalies’. Records, illustrations, and stories of anomalies have been fastidiously recorded into a large musty tome on the campus grounds known as the Grand Grimoire.

        Rumors are flying around the BoL campus that perhaps the Grimoire might soon serve another purpose. For now, it only serves as an encyclopedia of the strange and bizarre occurrences that are rapidly becoming more common across the known world.


        The most broad mandate for a Brigade mission, research often require no more than the collection of data for further study and judgment. Investigations might turn into other mission types depending on the events that play out in them, but that is ultimately up to the discretion of those responsible for the mission. An investigation mission is never considered a failure unless the Brigadiers violate one of the three goals of the Brigade while attempting it.

        The Kasa-obake
        A number of incidents involving villages across Wheat Country has been brought to the Brigade's attention. Objects are leaping off walls, levitating in midair, and flying around and chasing children. Reports also say an abandoned looking umbrella with a strange pattern has been sighted in the air accompanying these incidents. Though the events seem harmless, figuring out a solution to the strange activity would put many villager's minds at ease.

        The Dodomeki
        A thick blue mist keep rolling into villages in Iron Country, causing temporary blindness to the residents who happen to inhale it. The mist only occurs at night, and vision is restored to the villagers by sunrise, but it is still quite a bit distressing to those who work in those lonely hours. Find out why this is happening before bandits or scoundrels learn to take advantage of these moments.

        The Tesso
        Swarms of rats are no stranger to Rain Country, but recently the Rain Militia has been plagued by vermin of a more peculiar nature. White rats have been spotted in many of their military bases and seem to defy capture. Whats more is that soldiers are reporting that these rats whisper their personal secrets at night. While the Brigade remains neutral in the ongoing Rain Country conflict, we have a vested interest in learning about these strange creatures, and have been granted permission to Rain Militia bases to attempt to catch some.

        The Zashiko-Warashi
        In old Snow Country folklore there was a protective boy spirit that kept homes from cooling off too much during the night. Isolated hunting camps on the borders of Snow Country have been reporting incidents of frozen looking children that are putting out campfires and dousing lanterns. The Brigade has been asked to figure out what is going on.

        The Zorigami
        In the grand central library of the shinobi village Sunagakure there is a story floating around about a book that steals ones time. Those who begin to read the book suddenly find themselves flung hours ahead, even if it felt as though they'd only spent a couple seconds on a page. We have received permission from Sunagakure to investigate this phenomena. However the Brigade, to maintain neutrality, must ensure this anomaly (if it indeed exists) is not weaponized.

        The Mukurokumen
        A myriad of strange vision problems have been cropping up deep in the rural northern villages of Earth Country. Reports of people 'misplacing' their eyeballs have surfaced that beg for further investigation. Though the distribution seems random, afflicted villagers believe one of their eyes get 'stuck' in a specific physical location for hours at a time before they return to normal. Given the unstable political climate in Earth Country, the Brigade recommends discretion is used during this mission, as fingers may be pointed towards shinobi as the culprits.

        The Akashita
        A prison in Swamp Country is in an uproar as inmate's cells keep getting unlocked. There have been several jailbreaks as officials try to locate the source of the failures, but so far nobody has figured out what is happening. The prison is host to hundreds of criminals and thus absolutely cannot be shut down, so the Brigade must go in and investigate with the full knowledge of the danger present in an active prison.

        The Kasha
        Unmanned horse-drawn wagons have been sighted traveling between the side roads that connect Bear and Iron Country. Inside the wagons many bones can be seen, believed to be of human origin. Anyone who approaches the wagon causes it to veer off course and disappear after sight is lost of it. Find out what is happening and who, or what, those bones belong to.

        The Tsukomogami
        Though imaginary friends are a mainstay of childhood, reports from River Country are surfacing that suggest more sinister forces are afoot. Children are committing acts of violence and saying their toys are responsible. A specific set of the same toys has come up in multiple stories told by these children, suggesting an anomaly might be responsible for the incidents. Secure these toys to confirm or refute these suspicions.

        The Enenra
        A long dormant volcano on an island near Water Country has been spouting off bouts of smoke and flame. Yet it doesn't seem as though the volcano is active. Even so, the village that lives on the island is worried about what might happen if this is left unchecked. Uncover what the true source of the pyrotechnics is.

        The Ishiren-Bozu
        A shrine in Coal Country is claiming to grant the wishes of those who make generous donations. It is gaining popularity as it seems some high profile patrons have indeed had their desires fulfilled after paying visits to the shrine. The chief priest of the shrine has denied all our requests to study there. The exploitation of the Kami for profit will lead only to ruin, so the Brigade is looking to investigate this phenomena to determine exactly what forces are at play here.

        The Futakuchi-Onna
        Across the more isolated settlements in food-starved areas of Bear Country there are stories of a bizarre sickness afflicting women. Teeth have been documented growing on the scalps of those afflicted accompanied by a ravenous hunger. Several of these women have disappeared into the mountains as their symptoms progressed. Find out what is happening, and if possible, how to stop or reverse it.

        The Hakutaku
        Students on the Brigade of Light campus love to complain about their professors and make excuses. This specific complaint might actually hold merit, however. Multiple students have reported their term papers having gone missing, and the library has been scratching its head to figure out where some important one-of-a-kind scrolls have gone off to. These missing items usually turn up again in strange places around campus, though often way past their due date. Coincidentally multiple students have claimed to have seen a white ox on the school grounds shortly after these incidents. Is it a spirit, or a mischievous student? That's your job to find out.

        The Yamabiko
        There is a village in Valley Country where it is said there are no secrets. Words whispered in the strictest confidence seem to be carried on the wind and into the ears of random townsfolk. What's worrying is that this strange quirk of geography seems to be spreading, as nearby villages have also begun experiencing this 'echo' anomaly. Uncover the reason for this spreading, gossipy echo, and if possible keep it from growing further.

        The Nurarihyon
        A peculiar man has been sighted across Valley Country. His head is large and in the shape of a gourd, and he seems to be able to unlock doors and pantries without needing keys. Complaints have arisen from his bellicose nature, as he invites himself into homes while the residents are out and eats and drinks all their food. However, whenever anyone attempts to capture the man, he rolls away on his head at speeds too fast to catch. This anomaly is not believed to be an evil corruption of the Kami, but the requests from local villages have become too numerous to ignore. Find a solution.

        The Hiderigami
        A wicked long drought has taken hold deep in the interior of Wind Country. Though the area is known for it's lack of rain, more strange is the perishing of entire herds of livestock overnight. The dead livestock are recovered in an almost mummified state without a drop of water inside them. Since most of these animals were observed as being healthy prior to their sudden dehydration, the Brigade suspects something is afoot, and seeks to give the dying villagers an answer to the mystery.

        The Bakeneko
        An entertainer is gaining notoriety across the continent for delivering spot-on impersonations and satires of powerful political figures. These performances have ruffled many a feather in the international community and a few offended Lords have put a bounty on the girl's head. However nobody seems to be able to find the performer after her acts. Some are saying the performer is using the shinobi are of henge to disguise herself, however that would not explain the girl's prescient ability to mimic important figures with such accuracy. The Brigade does not necessarily wish to see the entertainer captured or punished if she is acting in good faith, but an investigation is necessary to determine if this person is abusing the power of the Kami for personal gain.

        Missions in the Resolve category have a distinct goal in mind that must be fulfilled to be considered a success. Though there might be many ways both peaceful and not to resolve any specific situation. Often these missions involve a significant risk of violence or personal harm to those who undertake them.

        The Akaname
        Meat and fish stores in Rice Country have been souring mere days after preparation. In each incident a ghoulish, bloody-skinned man crawling on all fours has been sighted hiding in bathrooms around the same areas. These events seem to be related and demand investigation in case an epidemic threatens the areas affect with starvation.

        The Akurujin-no-hi
        Dim golden fires continue to break out across the southern forests of Fire Country. These flames have been reported to be harmless and do nothing but drift between valleys, and the more 'learned' residents of country call them nothing more than rare weather events. More distressing is when these flames seem to enter homes, startling the residents. See what you can do to prevent or mitigate what is believed to be anomalous behavior.

        The Datsue-ba
        An old woman has been sighted digging up graves in Coal Country and undressing the corpses. It is unclear what her motivation is and nobody has been able to catch her since she seems to disappear by sunrise, even when held in captivity. Given Coal Country's heavy wars and many old rivalries, local villages are starting to accuse each other of the crimes. This should be resolved before more feuds turn to bloodshed.

        The Teke Teke
        In Wave Country there is a school that has been closed down after a school girl was brutally murdered by an unknown assailant within it. Children are refusing to enter the school, as they claim the ghost of the girl still haunts it. There are no credible adult reports of any such apparition existing, but multiple children of all ages claim to have seen the upper half of the school girl prowling the halls armed with a large scythe. The Brigade has been requested to settle this matter so that classes can begin again.

        The Bakezori
        A traveling shoemaker has been acquiring quite a reputation as a con artist, as the shoes he sells seem to spring to life and leave the homes of those who buy them. His current location is unknown and could be anywhere. The Brigade believes the man is exploiting an anomaly for profit, which is simply unacceptable. Find a way to put a stop to it
        The Mu-Onna
        Half a dozen reports across Bear Country follow the same pattern. A strange woman moves into a village, and after a few months, marries a local man. The man is then rendered mute a few days later, and the woman disappears completely. It is unclear what is at work here, and if the voices of the afflicted can be returned, but the Brigade has an interest in resolving this one way or another.

        The Abura-Akgao
        Miners stretching from Earth Country to Iron have been reporting incidents of their lanterns being extinguished or ignited at random. In one mine in particular workers are refusing to enter after a miner was burned when his pipe exploded in his face. Find some way to stop or mitigate these incidents so the mine can be reopened.

        The Kokokachu
        Infants in rural villages across Rain Country have been getting snatched from their cribs and placed into bird's nests high in the treetops. Whispers that this might be shinobi attempts to intimidate the locals make investigation a touchy subject, thus the Brigade must take care when attempting to resolve this dispute.

        The Betobeto
        A hospital in River Country has been having noise issues. Patients say they can hear footsteps running up and down the halls at night, though the guards claim that their searches have turned up nothing. Normally this might be chalked up to nothing more than nerves, but after a recent plague outbreak resulted in dozens of deaths inside the hospital the footsteps have multiplied drastically. The entire floor has been emptied because of how awful the noise can be, and the footsteps only grow more numerous with each week. Figure out how to put a stop to these phantom feet.

        The Amanojaku
        Popular entertainment shows across the continent have been getting interrupted by a rude female heckler, who seems to possess a sharp enough wit to hurt the feelings of some powerful celebrities. Normally this wouldn't be any concern of the Brigade, but the heckler allegedly possesses a small set of horns she keeps hidden. The heckler also seems very strong, and has been reported to of knocked bouncers out with a single punch. The description of the heckler is the same in all cases, meaning it is likely that only one anomaly is at work here. Many a performer would be grateful to put an end to this scourge.

        The Ikiryo
        Young, old, male, female, a sickness has taken hold in a distant canyon in Valley Country. Villagers are falling into deep slumbers and not waking. In the surrounding mountains it is rumored their ghosts can be found wandering, though getting confirmation is difficult since anyone who sleeps in the canyon is at risk of falling into eternal sleep themselves. Figure it out before the entire area becomes uninhabitable.

        The Amikiri
        Fisherman on the coast of Coal Country have been suffering from someone, or something, that is slicing open their nets. Originally believed to be the work of pranksters these incidences have become more severe as stories of fisherman being attacked have surfaced. Rumors abound as to the source, but most reports describe the creature as being 'lobster-like' and possessing enormous physical strength. It is unclear if this is the work of dark forces, or a simple misunderstanding, but either way care must be taken while on this job to not end up like the unfortunate victims themselves.

        The Ittan-Momen
        Deep in the interior of River Country small villages have been thrown into turmoil as their leaders are found smothered in their beds. Local weavers have been accused of cursing their products, and one public tar and feathering has already taken place. For the sake of peace the Brigade would like to find the cause of these killings, and to put a stop of them posthaste.

        The Nuppeppu
        Since the start of its great wars, Lightning Country has been something of a no-go zone for Brigade members. To put it simply there was no method to remain neutral in such a turbulent part of the continent. That has changed now, as the Brigade has received actionable intelligence that a mercenary band known as the Bearded Dragons near the border of Lightning and Swamp have been practicing dark arts. In particular there are reports of a foul-smelling monster being held by the band for unknown purposes. This mission requires only the freeing of this unknown creature, though learning of the band's true intentions would be equally valuable.

        An unarmored woman with black teeth and blue skin who is wearing multiple kimonos has taken up residence on a small, but long rope bridge stretching across a large river in Bear Country. The bridge is the only method for a small village to quickly access the main road of Bear Country, but the woman claiming royal heritage is refusing everyone passage. Attempts to remove the woman by force have resulted in soldiers being thrown off the high bridge to their death, and cutting the bridge down would doom the village even worse. The woman is said to neither sleep nor eat and talks in a 200 year old dialect barely understandable to most folks. Resolve this incident in a way that doesn't leave the village completely stranded.

        Representing the most dangerous, but also most significant missions the Brigade of Light can post, removal missions often involve direct confrontation with forces both dark and violent. To be considered a success these jobs require the complete eradication or nullification of either a corrupted Kami spirit, or the people causing the corruption in the first place.

        The Kyokotsu
        A very strict religious sect in the theocracy of Swamp Country is gaining infamy for executing heretics by throwing them down wells. The Brigade distances itself from political matters, but reports are indicating the leader of the sect might be invoking dark forces with this strange killing method. Investigate the sect, and if evil is rooted out, destroy it.

        The Ameonna
        Torrential typhoons are common in Wave Country but recently its trading ships have been accosted by worse than usual downpours. This wouldn't be news in itself, except that there have been sightings of a laughing long-haired woman standing atop the waves in some of the worst storms. Some sailors are even refusing to leave port until an exorcism is performed on what is believed to be a cursed sea. Caution should be taken on this mission as ships have been sunk in the maelstroms.

        The Okiku
        In the dark shadow of an Iron Country mountain there is an abandoned ghost town that once bustled with life. Local folklore says that anyone who enters the town and starts counting, but stops before reaching the number 10, will be dragged to hell by demons. This was considered a fairy tale for the longest time until a group of children playing in the area went missing several weeks ago. Investigate and, if deemed necessary, destroy any evil that might be lurking in those blighted structures.

        The Jubokko
        The entrenched saltwater marshes of Swamp Country host hundreds of different spooky ghost stories. One particular tale has given new reasons to be concerned, as blood-drained corpses of locals have been found impaled by the tree branches of the spiny mangroves of the swamp. Though this looks to be a case of corrupted Kami forces, Brigade members accepting this job are encouraged to keep an open mind.

        The Bake-Kurija
        Whalers off the cost of Wheat Country are known for being drunkards and liars, and tall tales of mermaids to lost cities of gold are not uncommon in the area. A new story has cropped up about the skeletal remains of a whale capsizing boats and eating the drowning sailors. As patently silly as this sounds, a noble in the area has posted a large bounty for the slaying of this strange undead creature after one of his prized ships was mysteriously lost at sea. The Brigade has no interest in the monetary reward but putting to rest a potentially corrupt abomination is good enough cause to investigate.

        The Harionago
        An infamous band of thieves named the Red Throats have made their living raiding most war-torn areas of Bird Country. The group only now is gaining recognition for its unorthodox method of fundraising. It is said the female leader of the thieves possesses hair made of thorns, and that a single touch from her is enough to send a grown man into violent, often lethal convulsions. Without a doubt the bandits are known for using poisoned weapons and it's unclear if their leader is either a corrupted miko priestess or practicing some kind of shinobi art. Either way, the Brigade has a vested interest in putting a stop to this scourge of evil.

        The Tamamo-no-Mae
        Those accursed corruptions of the Kami, the bijuu, have been growing in numbers in recent years. Multiple sightings of spectral many-tailed beasts have occurred throughout the continent. However, when investigated, it seems most of these accounts hold very little water. The locals who claim to have seen these beasts are often ridiculed, but the Brigade believes there to be some truth to the claims. Someone, or something, is creating illusions of these demon beasts to trick poor villagers. Many a shinobi village also desires putting an end to these sightings, making this one of the few times Brigade and shinobi interests align.

        The Kanedama
        A money-hoarding banker in Iron Country has been harassing locals to pay off debts. Rather than hire thugs to collect the money there have been rumors the banker has turned to miko to curse those who don't pay up. Unfortunately it is Brigade policy to not get involved in financial disputes- however, there is reason to believe the hired miko are corrupting the Kami and using the banker to further their own needs. The wiles of Black Miko will not be suffered so long as the Brigade exists, and their acts must be stopped.

        The Gashadokuro
        Legend tells of a wise, giant skeleton that takes up residence on a glacier far north of Snow Country. More and more stories have surfaced since the destruction of Yukigakure that a giant, house sized skeleton has been spotted moving around the snowy countrysides. A large group of hunters went missing as they passed through this valley known for multiple sightings of this anomaly, prompting the Brigade to look for ways to eradicate the threat this spirit poses.

        The Nure-Onna
        From the top of Lightning Country all the way down to the coasts of Wheat Country have been coming increased reports of snakebite victims. The venom seems to be the same as the sea-snakes, but the puncture wounds from the bite are far larger than any recorded snake on record. In addition the bodies are recovered shrived and completely drained of all blood. These incidents, while rare, are causing coast-dwelling villagers considerable distress. Figure out what powers are at work here, and put a stop to them.
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          If anyone has a Brigade character, my absolutely not-suitable for Brigade Enrollment samurai is all about traveling the world to hunt down beasties in exchange for coin. If you're in or around Wind Country, my miko is available to help, too! Neither can really participate in deeper Brigade nonsense, but if you need an extra sword, let me know.
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