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    --Right Season Worker’s Gloves and attachments
    (Item stages are based off of Right Season Worker’s style and are for a Sand shinobi)
    Gauntlet Rating: 3
    The gauntlet that Mashiro wield serve a base purpose but have the ability to expound upon that, based upon his mastery of the items. The God of the Moon looks for justice and put some rear propulsion on the back of some gauntlets, that justice can be served easily.

    There are also slots for attachments (Which are to be rated separately and purchased separately) that can enhance the use of the gauntlets, turning them from regular defensive gloves to dangerous weapons.
    In the base form, a radial disk form around the wrist of the gauntlets and can protect the user from Stage three strength blows. (Uses stage 4 jutsu)

    --Thrust mechanism (Requires RSW stage three)
    Rating: 1
    This attachment adds a thruster of sorts to the back of the glove. There are no flames or anything, but increase the power behind each punch if required.
    Effect: At this point the user can create force behind the gauntlet that’ll push the target five feet backwards while using the force of an explosive note. (Uses a stage 3 jutsu) If the opponent has a strength level of 3, he can avoid the push effect.

    --Blast Refiner (Requires RSW stage five)
    Rating: 1
    The thrust mechanism has been refined and improved so the punches pack even more of a punch and even become dangerous for those around the initial target.
    Effect: The user can now create a blast through the gauntlets that have the force of an explosive tag and can push the initial target back fifteen feet. Because of the increased force applied, anything but the user within two feet of the initial blast are thrown back ten feet. (Uses stage five jutsu) An opponent with level five strength or higher can resist the push effects.
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