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    [For Renchishin Hitoko]
    The Dragon Emperor's

    Crown of Talons
    jewelryNinjutsu with the absence of handsealsCrown chakra point.

    [1] Headgear
    [1] Repair
    [3] Special Modifier | Ninjutsu Catalyst
    (/2) Heirloom Modifier

    Guillotine Gauntlet

    Of the Dragon Emperor
    KanjuGuillotine Gauntlet of the Dragon Emperor is an ancient glove adorned by spiraling seas of cloud and coiling dragons swimming through its fixture, crafted by an intricate network of chainmail and fine metals while bolstering an almost alchemic array of seal inscriptions used to help the wielder channel chakra right into the gauntlet itself. As such, the mystical properties of the glove serves as a catalyst for The House of Legends: Dragons summoning swap list, for Ryujin commanded his entourage of guards with an iron fist.

    Each component of the glove is a reflection of a summon
    Finger 1 / Index: Taiyoryu
    Finger 2 / Middle: Seiryu
    Finger 3 / Ring: Kuzuryushin
    Finger 4 / Pinky: Shinryu
    Finger 5 / Thumb: Goko
    Palm: Toyotama-hime
    Back of Gauntlet: Zennyo Ryuo
    Dragons play whirlwind
    Among the clouds meet and rain
    Unite earth and sky
    [1] Limb Armor
    [1] The House of Legends: Dragon Catalyst
    [For Hyousetsu Echizen]

    A Blade that Doesn't Cut
    [Seiryu Sakabato]
    Blue Dragon Reverse Blade Sword

    "Reign over the Frosted Heavens."

    A weapon forged by The Twilight Blacksmith (written on the neck of the steel) and blessed by Lady Chiyoko, a reibai Miko of the Snow Country, the Seiryu Sakabatohamon patterns (a visual effect crafted on the blade after the hardening process) on both sides of the sword, it is hard for onlookers to differentiate the cutting edge from afar, or even up close.

    As the Seiryu Sakabato is modeled after a sword said to have been infused by winter moonlight and was capable of producing a chill that many are unable to withstandatmosphere around the steel can be frozen to allow second-degree frostbite upon the surface of whatever it makes contact with, and also acts as a catalyst for Jutsu based in Ice Release, or the Hyousetsu Bloodline.

    The Sakabato also houses duo ornate bronze guards running parallel to one another; designed like the prongs of Sais to capture and disarm weapons that fall between them. The scabbard is black with gray highlights, made of traditional lacquered wood lined by steel, with a bronze dragon ornament at its end. The last feature of this sword set is a deep indigo sageo
    Slashing myself,
    I have trained countless blades
    My son reviles, but for my grandson,
    I bleed
    [Synopsis | [5]