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    "When I meditate I see the world as it should be, all that does not fit, i remove"

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    I.S.L.E system - Exo-skin Module

    This an additional module for Hayate's launcher. I plan to rework it as customizable and represent each pieces as a separate module.

    Item Name: Exo-skin Module
    Cost: 2 (Merdle Rating)
    Description: This is a customization module for Hayate's I.S.L.E system. When activated it releases a skin-tight telfon polymer coating. By combining with the users chakra navigation lines this coated second skin covers the body within seconds (1 post) and does so underneath all clothing, directly adjacent to the skin's surface. The suit is insulated, water and air locked, resistant and repellent to mundane chemical substances. The telfon make up of the polymer is also highly elastic and has a very low friction coefficient, allowing the user uninhibited motion and the ability to slide on most surfaces. The second skin has a natural white color, except for the translucent visor section which covers the eyes. The suit is entirely closed except for the slots of the various equipment of the I.S.L.E system, and the mouth section which connects to the I.N.L.E.T system.

    Posting the I.N.L.E.T system for reference, but does not need approval/rating.

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    "When I meditate I see the world as it should be, all that does not fit, i remove"


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      Crinoline Cloak

      Item Name: Crinoline Cloak
      Cost: 5 (Jami Rating)

      This is a cloak with an internal cage structure beneath the fabric, made of a wire mesh. The purpose of this is to hold out the cloak so that it does not make contact with the body, thus hiding the user's body shape. The extended dome-like form reaches out up till before the user's elbows, but due to internal rotational gyros and a tilting mechanism does not impede arm mobility in any way. The outer arm sleeves are long with no joints and have a similar, but more flexible cage to hide the shape and muscularity of arms, while maintaining mobility and a cylindrical channel from which to launch projectiles. Due to the structural integrity of the cloak it will hold shape even if the user is not within it, as well as hold up any helmet attached to it (helmet purchased separately). When a Helmet is attached, there is no opening as a collar forms connecting the two. The bottom of the cloak is filled with a frilled arrangement of laced metallic fabric that shares similar properties to the rest of the structure and encloses the shape.
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      "When I meditate I see the world as it should be, all that does not fit, i remove"