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  • Riz's Items

    Name: Blister Vial
    Item Cost: 4
    Item Owner: Unique
    Item Description: A small glass tube holding a red liquid inside. The vial is very fragile and easily shatters upon impact with an object. Any part of the skin that comes in contact with the liquid will, in the next post, develop blistering. Only affects the top layer of the skin. Hardly dangerous but can be rather painful.

    Name: Glue Vial
    Item Cost: 3
    Item Owner: Unique
    Item Description: Liquid super-glue in a vial. Toss at enemy, vial breaks and liquid within splashes out onto the opponent's body. Enemy becomes sticky... very sticky... Dries and hardens in two posts at which time the now hardened chunks drop off.

    AP: 47

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    Riz's unique hoard

    Name: Anti Drug
    Item Cost: 3
    Item Owner:
    Item Description: Small, edible pills, upon consumption, decreases the duration of any non-lethal poison within the body by 1 post. Only work on one poison at a single time, can not be consume more than three per thread and not for the same type of poison.

    Name: Sleep Bomb
    Item Cost: 3
    Item Owner:
    Item Description: Akin in appearance to the infamous smoke bomb, the sleep bomb releases a large gas cloud that induces sleep. If one remains within the gas for duration of two posts they fall into a sleep. The sleeping gas is has a distinct pink hue to warn the user the presence of his own bombs. If opponent leaves the smoke before two posts, they are not affected. Effect lasts for three posts and any loud noise or physical disturbance will wake the target.

    Name: Shugoshin (Guardian Deity)
    Item Cost: 12
    Item Owner: Otoha Isa
    Item Description: A set of spears that, for all appearances, is the same as any other spear. The only distinctive difference is the line of seals engraved along the handle. It acts as a catalyst for Isa's repertoire of ninjutsu. In the midst of battle, freeing one's hand from a weapon to heal an ally can be a dangerous move for the healer. As such, the spears are given the ability to extend the reach of techniques which usually requires the palm or hand down to the tip of the spear-head, allowing the owner to perform medical jutsu without relinquishing a hold on her weapons.

    Name: Hoshiou (Star Chaser)
    Item Cost: 9
    Item Owner: Chisane En
    Item Description: A single katana, plain and mudane but with a single secret. The blade can be detached from the hilt with a chakra signal. Holding the hilt, the user draws the katana and is able to fling the blade out from the hilt. The blade, aided by the force of the swing, is able to fly out five feet from the hilt. The blade travels in the direction of the swing, can not be controlled by the user during flight and will retract back into the hilt after the swing’s momentum has finished. Limited to three such actions her thread.

    Name: Fuyu Tsubame (Winter Swallow)
    Item Cost: 10
    Item Owner: Hyousetsu Kanji
    Item Description: A simple rapier gleaming iridescent white beneath the sunlight. In place of hilt's cage, a single feathered wing spread in flight, pinions arching towards the pommel. To be cut by the pale blade is a strange sight. No blood will taint the weapon or flow from the wound, only frozen veins and tissue. From this blade shall create no bloodbath, each attack freezing the area the blade cuts. Death by blood loss is impossible, but without the proper treatment (Stage 4 Chiyute), the tissue affected will freeze and die, causing not only extreme pain but inhibiting movement.
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    AP: 47