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    (Narf) Weapon List

    Filter Mask [2]
    With the appearance of a regular mask which portrudes from the collar of the shinobi's issued cloth, the mask forms a sealed cover over the nose and mouth. It resembles a standard item that many shinobi have been seen wearing. (IE; Kakashi Hatake) However it differs, as it protects the wearer from inhaling airborne pollutants and toxic materials. A respirator designed to keep the wearer from inhaling harmful dusts, fumes, vapors, and/or gases. The Konoha Emblem is stitched into the front of the mask in black thread. It's a bit heavier than most masks, but works nonetheless. (Click name for rough sketch)

    Shinzui (Spirit) [6]
    Shinzui is much less a weapon and more of a contraption in the shape of a three inch thick metallic wrist band with a thick hole at the top of it. Inside this mechanism is rope, five meters of rope to be exact. It's lined with a metallic wire in the center of it that can support as much as three hundred pounds of pressure before snapping, allowing it to be pretty versatile. Chakra is surged into the band which allows the rope to be expelled in a sense similar to a string shooter, giving it various options of use. What's so special about this rope shooter? Well, the path the rope takes is lined with a large amount of special liquid that acts like a super adhesive for a minute's duration. Each time the rope is reeled back into the band, however, it is layered in another case of this special substance. This item by itself has boosted Minori's reputation, as well as her success rate in catching and subduing criminals.


    Hadoufusen (Surge Tag) [7]
    A blue rectangle tag similar in dimensions to an explosion tag. An oval resides in the middle of the paper with a lightning bolt in it's center. A seal written around said oval in which activates it's properties. These tags function in groups. They can't be used without a perimeter. One or two tags isn't enough. At least three tags are needed and each tag must be within five meters of the others, or else it won't work. The way this works, is that as soon as the perimeter is set the tags are deeemed prepared. However they do not activate until something breaches it's perimeter. This will only work on actual humans and/or animals. Chakra constructed beings aren't affected, however. Static flies between each tag and sends a large burst of electricity throughout the target. This electricity surges through the nervous system and renders the target(s) paralyzed for an entire post. They can still channel their chakra, but any movement of bodily functions will effectively cease. After use, the tags crinkle up and burn.

    Himei (Shriek) [11]
    In all regards Himei has almost the exact same anatomy as the average katana. From the blade, to the kashira you'll find that there aren't any major deformities that surface from it, other than the hilt being made of reinforced steel. But there's always a reason for extra protection. The katana's hilt lacks the ito that many carry in order to utilize it's strengths. A sequence of five holes plague the frontside of the hilt. These holes aren't that large, two centimeters in diameter. But when utilized properly they carry the same abilities that you could expect from an harmonics glove. Given it will take more force to generate the required sound waves in order to utilize the techniques than a large harmonics glove would require. Attached to the kashira is a six inch metal chain that the sword can be swung from to quickly produce said effect.

    Compound Bow Anatomy
    Move To Weapon Thread Under Weapon

    Condensation Bow [8]
    It’s a typical compound bow, to say the least. Nothing about its design is much of anything to go over in particular, other than its entirety is almost completely covered in gray, except for a thin navy blue line on each limb. The limbs of the bow are made from plastic while everything in between the limb pocket is a very durable steel alloy, useful against clashes with someone who prefers to stick to close combat with a blade. Everyone knows how often those encounters happen in Kirigakure. It seems to be the perfect bow on its own, however, there’s more to it than just bladed protection.

    Much like any real Kirigakure shinobi, the arts of water manipulation indeed come into play. The user (in this case, Hisana) can permeate her own chakra through the grip of the bow and attract water particles to the string from nearby – taking it from an available water source or even from the moisture in the air itself – and fine-tune it in the shape of an arrow that extends from the user’s fingers to the bow’s quiver. The arrows stay just what they are, arrows, until they come into contact with something, reverting to a puddle of water after a blow was struck.

    This is rather taxing after a while and usually the ability is only used when the user runs out of arrows or is in need of an immediate offense, with no time to retrieve their arrows and load them onto the bow. Nothing can be used on these arrows to amplify their effects (such as arrow ninjutsu and the Hawkeye combo archetype specialty) because of their already heavily influenced chakra origin. However regular/special techniques from any archery taijutsu can be transferred over.

    Blades That Roll [3]

    Description: What shinobi of Kirigakure would be complete without some type of blade? Although the wearer likes to keep her offense quick and blunt, she just couldn't resist the efficiency that blades provide. She wears combat efficient shoes which seem bulky but help her condition her leg strength so all of her power isn't forced into her upper body. With a quick surge of chakra applied to these shoes comes four blades, one after the other, shooting from the bottom of it.

    Roller blades, of course. Preferring to skate around the field rather than run, she saves stamina and time by opting to use roller blades whenever possible. And while skating may seem rather mundane when it comes to rocks and trees and shit, you would find that these chakra suitable skates allow techniques such as Wall-Walking and Water-Walking to be used through them (given he knows the techniques himself), effectively granting the user the ability to skate up walls, on ceilings, and even across bodies of water as if it was land.

    - Allows faster travel via skates
    - Wall-Walking/Water Walking can be used through them
    - Chakra spring to almost-instantly eject and/or conceal the skates, to use them as shoes
    - Slightly bulky, but not enough to make jumping/kicking impossible--just requires more strength

    Puppet Models:

    Karite (Reaper)
    Head: Ari (Ant)
    Storage Slots: 2 | Weight: 1 | Wood | Small
    A cylinder-shaped head with a elongated mouth part that can open up. Has no eyes. Has a red wig atop of the head, short spiky hair. The large mouth can open up via hinge on it's bottom, and can unleash a small torrent of smoke bombs at it's target. Until then, they are stored at the back of it's mouth.

    Chassis: Karasu (Crow)
    Storage Slots: 4 | Weight: 3 | Wood | Small
    Sleeker, single-section torso. Supports one set of arms. Opening up also like a hinge except horizontal unlike the head, the chassis has a small mechanism inside it's stomach that releases a bola net upon command. Attached to rope, the net has an effective way of gathering objects in a fifteen meter distance and capturing them once hitting said target. The rope is bound by a small metal pole in the stomach of the puppet.

    Arms (2): Karasu (Crow)
    Storage Slots: 6 (Pair) | Weight: 4 (Pair) | Wood | Small
    Offers a bit more space at the cost of increased weight. Also, is slightly sturdier. The hands, being the same, are very weak. But the palms of the Karite is where it's dangerous offensive abilities lie. A hole in both palms, a large amount of senbon lay strapped in these sleek arms by a loading mechanism, and can fire out the senbon one at a time in an automatic firing shot. The senbon are dipped in lingering poison, making them of great use when breaking the skin of the target. These senbon can also be ejected to where they don't shoot out but lock in place at the tip, as to be used in close-range combat.

    Legs: Karasu (Crow)
    Storage Slots: 4 | Weight: 2 | Wood | Small
    The heaviest and roomiest of the puppet legs. The legs, although the roomiest, don't have much. There is a small hole at the bottom of each leg, where the kaginawa eject. Their purpose can be either for climbing, helping others climb, retrieving an object, or holding off a target. Another compartment, attached at the knees of the puppet comes in place. By unlocking the joints of the legs, a hole will be shown where the knee is. This hole is where Makibishi are piled up. Upon release they will shoot out in the same manner as the senbon do, used in their primary function to stop those from following or advancing. However, because of their shape and figure, they cannot be locked into place, only projected.

    Storage Slots: 15/16 | Weight: 10
    Head - Smoke Bombs [2]
    Chassis - Bola Net [4]
    Arms - Lingering Poison [4], Senbon [2]
    Legs - Kaginawa [2], Makibishi [1]

    Enzeru (Angel)
    Head: Arikui (Anteater)
    Storage Slots: 3 | Weight: 2 | Wood | Medium
    A long-shaped head with curved mouth and jaw that can open up. Has one eye. Inside the head are flash bombs in which are projected through a pipe that extends when the jaw lowers, capable of launching the items a fair distance depending on angle.

    Chassis: Karyudo (Hunter)
    Storage Slots: 8 | Weight: 6 | Iron | Large
    Similar to the Arikui model in most respects. However, it is constructed of iron and thus is much heavier. Also, it supports two sets of arms. As the arms are stocked at the top of the chassis near the head of the puppet, Enzeru holds a groove near where the abdomen would be on a human body in which is three and a half feet in width, large enough to hold the slicing shield inside of it. The slicing shield has been attached to a iron joint that can extend the shield, position it in a defensive formation, and retract it. Through chakra the puppeteer can control the shield to spin around in a clockwise formation on it's joint, amplifying the damage caused by its blade-like edge. The shield can only be extended out of the chassis for a total of two meters, despite the shield being a meter in diameter, which effectively only gives it a meter of length from its chassis. Destroying the iron joint effectively renders the item useless. From that same groove kunai may be launched in groups of three through the opening, although they cannot be used at the same time that the shield has been deployed for obvious reasons.

    Arms (4): Ari (Ant)
    Storage Slots: 6 | Weight: 4 | Wood | Small
    A spindly model with little room for weapons, and is rather weak, but very light. The sets of arms stock around the chassis giving a single arm for the north, south, east, and west of the model (assuming the model front is north). Each arm uses a ball and socket joint to move around, and each small forearm is piled with six meters of razor wire. The wire drops out of the forearm and locks the end into place, capable of reeling/locking every two meters until the entirety of wire is deployed. Every inch of these wires is coated with lingering poison.

    Legs: Ari (Ant)
    Storage Slots: 3 | Weight: 1 | Wood | Small
    Basic legs, somewhat weak and small, but light. At the heels of these feet are small holes completely designed with a cock and shoot mechanism to release pepper grenades. There are two of these grenades within the right heel, and a single within the left. The mechanism used is very powerful, capable of shooting the item fifteen meters in one direction with the force behind it.

    Storage Slots: 20/20 | Weight: 13
    Head - Flash Bang [3]
    Chassis - Kiritoritate [ 6], Kunai [2]
    Arms - Razor Wire [2], Lingering Poison [4]
    Legs - Pepper Grenades [3]

    Kame (Tortoise)
    Head: Kame (Tortoise)
    Storage Slots: 4 | Weight: 2 | Metal | Medium
    Long and shaped like an almond, this head resembles the head of a very large metallic tortoise exactly. It has a mouth which is used to carry things in which need a little extra protection in the head of the puppet, while its illuminated crimson eyes are fitted specifically to pick up heat in the area giving its user an advantage in times where they would usually have a disadvantage. The head may be retracted into the chassis when given the command as it is pulled by a mechanism

    Chassis: Kame (Tortoise)
    Storage Slots: 5 | Weight: 4 | Metal | Large
    This specific model's chassis takes the form of a shell. Big surprise. Its radius is about four yards across and its very big and sturdy with a sleek design that doesn't emulate a turtle to perfection, but it gets the job done. Along the sides of the chassis are six holes which correspond to each of the other parts that connect to the machine's anatomy. When all appendages are pulled into the chassis sheets of metal slide out and fill in the holes to keep whatever is it out of them, out. There is another compartment at the very top of the chassis which opens a panel out of Kame's back and brings out a tube mechanism which fires out arrows. The tube has the ability to rotate in place and the arrows explode upon contact with their target, giving this puppet a great defense and offense.

    Legs (2 Pair): Kame (Tortoise)
    Storage Slots: 10 | Weight: 8 | Metal | Large
    The typical bulky legs you find on a tortoise, with the same design and efficient shielding as the rest of the puppet. There are small holes running throughout the side of the legs which upon command release a gaseous form of lethal poison from each leg via the puppet's ventilation system. Great for when the puppet is overwhelmed by enemies. The bottom of the legs have a panel which raises up and releases sand into the environment, as each leg acts as a travel kit for the very element Keiko has taken to manipulating.

    Tail: Kame (Tortoise)
    Storage Slots: 3 | Weight: 2 | Metal | Medium
    The tail is fat, short, and determined to be useless on a turtle. But Kame's tail emits gas grenades which can heavily shroud an area with utmost ease. Other than that and it being made of metal it has no other use, however.

    Storage Slots: 22/22 | Weight: 16
    Head - Thermal Goggles [4]
    Chassis - Exploding Arrows [5]
    Legs - Large Container [3], Lethal Poison [7]
    Tail - Gas Grenade [3]

    Name: Crystalline Limb
    Item Cost: 10
    Item Owner: Yugito Hisagi

    Description: The Shining Arm is a prosthetic right arm which was built essentially for increased function. Engineers at Sakoshi did nothing to further increase the efficiency of the arm for battle or any other spectacle, but they did make it so that the arm was translucent and therefore the gears inside could be seen without much trouble, to aid Hisagi and his mechanic compatriots for a quick and easy fix if anything seemed to be going on the fritz.

    Other than that the arm is what you would expect a shinobi's arm to be. It allows chakra to be channeled through it via special add-on at the area of attachment, made from a material almost identical to titanium if not for the see-through part of it. Its initial purpose is to not disable another, but to enable the Chuunin to work at his best even with a dismantled limb.

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