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  • [HARI] Ikoma Senzo

    Ikoma Senzo

    Nindo:"Only a blade with a sheath can be used for good."
    Rank: Advanced Genin
    Village: Sunagakure
    Division: HARI [Apprentice]


    Physical Attributes

    Despite being a young teen, Senzo is well developed. That can be attributed to his extensive taijutsu training, where a blend of calisthenics, cardio and agility training combine for strong, yet supple muscles.

    He's fairly tall for his age, reaching about five feet seven inches. He's flat footed and bow legged, but tries his best not to show it in his gait. His shoulders are fairly broad and he also owns a pair of embarrassingly large hands.

    As far as the boy's features, his jaw is squared off, with full lips, a wide nose and expressive brown eyes. The teen's skin is a dark, chocolatey complexion with a few blemishes here and there from acne. The genin's hair is thick and coarse, twisted and locked into neat, shoulder length dreads.


    Senzo usually wears clothes that have a mix of both fashion and function. Breathable, yet durable. Long, with many pockets, bright yet doesn't stain easily. He prefers tanks and short sleeves, coupled with cargo shorts or that convenient, moisture wicking material that sports players wear.

    A constant for the boy is to wear his Dao strapped across his back, hilt to the right. While he wears his medical tools on pockets and sleeves along his waist.


    Despite a rather checkered past, Senzo is a well adjusted teen. Usually seen with a little smirk on his features, he always seems to be in an upbeat, energetic mood. He exudes confidence, sometimes overly so, seeming arrogant and douchey to some. A handsome youth, he's comes off as flirtatious, but he'd argue, saying that he's " just being him".

    A generous young man, he doesn't hesitate to help others, from a few ryou, to tips on forming chakra, he'll lend a hand. His positive outlook and likeable personality make him a natural leader of others. Usually picked as Captain of whichever competitive team he's on.

    Usually, that's as far as most make it, they see the handsome face and winner's attitude and think they've got him figured out. Yet there's so much to the former orphan. Deep down, there's a chip on his shoulder the size of the Jondori monument in Stone country. For a long time in his formative years, he wasn't worthwhile. His parents nor anyone else wanted him and that six year old boy on the streets of Garasu still drives Senzo to accomplish bigger and better. He seeks GLORY; validation of him being worthwhile, worthy of someone's love and admiration.

    This works as a double edged sword however, cause even though it keeps him driven and noncomplacent, there are times when the young lion bites off a bit more than he can chew.

    Another trait of his that is often overlooked is that he is well read and a rather thoughtful young man. He enjoys his downtime with books of all kind, usually sticking to martial strategy, philosophy and history.


    Archetypes, Stats, & Jutsu
    Blade Dancer
    Special: Can use regular techniques and benefits from a Stage above their highest for 1 post.
    Benefits: Speed +1, Strength +1, Tactics +1
    Flaws: Willpower -1, Reserves -1, Power -1
    Physical, Mental, Chakra

    Offensive Healer
    Benefits: +1 Intelligence, +1 Speed, +1 Reserves
    Flaws: -2 Willpower, -1 Power

    Stats Key
    1= Base Benefits or Flaws
    1= Creation Points
    1= Advanced Points

    Stamina:1+5+1 +2(thread)=9
    Strength:1+1+1 +2(thread)=5




    Medical Ninjutsu
    Onigokko Kenjutsu

    Healing Techniques
    Medical Training (Control 2, Willpower 2)
    Caretaker (Control 3, Tactics 2)
    Stage 2
    Poison Removal (Intelligence 5, Tactics 4, Willpower 4)

    Eclipse Sword Style (Dao Sword)
    Stage 2 [Speed 7, Stamina 7, Willpower 6]

    Illusion Sword Techs
    Stage 2 [Willpower 7, Tactics 7, Speed 6]
    -Blind the Devil
    -Tag the Devil

    Wind Ninjutsu
    Projectile Control (Control 3, Tactics 2)
    Stage 2
    Wind Explosion (Willpower 5, Tactics 4, Intelligence 4)

    Shinobi Kit: 0
    Dao Broadsword: 3 [Large Blade]


    Our story begins at one of the most devastating moments of young Senzo's life....

    Originally posted by A Long Time Ago
    "Etsujo no!!!" Slick, hot blood poured out of a young boy's neck. He laid in Senzo's arms, painting the boy with his life force. "Etsujo stay with me. I can't stop the bleeding. There's so much!!! HELP!!!!!!" The young Senzo tried frantically to push the blood back in, to close the wound, something, anything to help his friend. Etsujo looked up into Senzo's eyes, not filled with anger, or surprise, but fear. It would be an image that would never leave the budding shinobi.
    It was an accident. The two boys happened to be training, when an awkwardly thrown kunai dragged relentlessly against the young boy's jugular. No one blamed Senzo, but that didn't matter, cause he blamed himself. Despite being distraught over his closest friend's death, his convictions didn't change. He still wanted to be a ninja, but he would learn as much how to heal, as he would to do harm.

    Senzo was fairly successful in the Academy, his natural charisma being a boon to his efforts, despite suspect ninja skills. He had entered the Academy late, and it showed. It seemed to him that he was forever in a state of catch up. It was at this stage, at the tender age of ten, where he began to develop that chip on his shoulder.

    Thus, he used the death of Etsujo, his past as an orphan, the whispered snickers of being adopted, and everything else that had happened in his life thus far as fuel. Fuel to become greater, to seek glory and achievement in all endeavors. In his last years in the Sunagakure Shinobi Academy, he became what most would call an overachiever, acing any and all tests that stood in his way. He graduated in the top 10 percentile of his class, which made Gao and everyone else at home extremely proud of him.

    Originally posted by A Longer Time Ago
    "We found him rummaging through the garbage Elder. Punish him!!" The ten year old, named Sano, smacked the six year old Senzo in the mouth, who had been sobbing in hushed whimpers. But after Sano smacked him, he pulled his gaze back to the older boy. His eyes burned with defiance, his brown orbs rife with strength. This did not go unnoticed by the Elder.
    "SANO!!! How dare you?? Go wipe the kitchen and dining rooms. On your hands and knees!!!" The boy sucked his teeth in anger and walked off to do his chores, not before shooting Senzo an evil look. Which was returned in spades. "Come child. What's your name?" "Senzo sir. I'm sorry for going through your garbage....I was hungry." "Oh it's fine Senzo. No child should go hungry. You should've come inside for food. Where are your parents child?" "I....don't know. I always been by myself. They...didn't want me I guess." He turned away from the old bald man, embarrassed to cry in front of him.

    The Elder smiled brightly. "This is a home for boys Senzo, if you want you can stay here. It's not the best living space, but it has a roof."

    Senzo lived there for a year, before being adopted by one of the boy's home's former residents, Gao. He was a legend at the home and happened to be a retired shinobi who still lived in the ninja village. He saw the same thing in Senzo that the Elder did, the soul of a lion.

    It was through his encouragement, and side training, that Senzo pursued the way of the ninja.


    After graduation, the first thing he did was go for his division test. His "brother" Gao thought he should enter the SUNA division, but for Senzo it was a no brainer, he wanted to be HARI. The first symptom he faced was dehydration, cotton-mouth, as well as a fever. One of the others in the testing area said heat exhaustion, but was wrong. "It's a poison. Possibly intravenous, so we're looking for some sort of bite or puncture wound on the victim's skin." It went like that for the next four cases and when he left the testing room, Senzo was officially an Apprentice.

    He would see immediate action, as he served at the hospital, first tending to some of the wounded who came back from the strike on the Assate Priests. The teen celebrated with the rest of the village with their defeat, but was right back in action after the Prison Break.

    This time it wasn't just tending to shinobi, there were women, children, and elderly there too, caught in the crossfire, seeing as this time the battlefield wasn't far away, it was right here, in their own backyard. Following the aftermath, he assisted in the relief effort and felt a great sense of achievement in helping those affected regain some normalcy.

    There was barely any respite for the weary though, cause he had an Overnight coming up. It was a difficult time out of the village, as there was various instances of him having to kill all forms of desert predators, all while completing a grueling series of competitions.

    To say the boy needed some down time was an understatement, but he was afforded none, as he was informed that he might have an actual team assignment. Finally, he'd be part of a three man team, and continue his training.


    Other Info
    -Theme Song:Iron Lion Zion
    -Voice Actor: John Boyega
    -Senzo employs a "freestyle" form of combat. Based off Jeet Kune Do. Here's an example.
    -He also uses a less conventional sword in the Dao or Chinese broadsword. Here's an example of techniques used by it's practitioners.

    Thread Log
    Giving the Lion His Roar-[12 Advanced Points & 2 AP used]
    (+5 Tactics,+3 Intelligence, +1 Stamina, +1 Willpower, Blind the Devil, Tag the Devil)- Advanced Points
    (Projectile Control, Wind Explosion)- Account Points
    1. Sand and Sawdust +2 Strength
    2. Benediction +2 Speed

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    sand orphan

    You need to specify where the AP are are used in the thread log, so it's easier to tell when (if) your character hits the limits for jutsu and stats. Also I personally don't like the bold/italicized way of doing stats because it sometimes it's easy to miss things like
    According to my math, you are missing a +1 archetype bonus here. All the other stats seem to check out.

    I'd be a bit wary about mentioning a 'three-man team' unless you already have one lined up.

    Nothing appears super off about the bio, though these Overnight/division tests sometimes cause issues depending on what age the character was when they happen. You don't mention ages so I think you're okay there.

    I'll Half Approve once the stat issue is fixed.
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      The kid's first BUMP

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        Not another orphan...but I can't disapprove for that. It's a good bio and has a lot of potential. The numbers all line up and things look to be in order. I'm glad to see even Genin touch on current affairs in the village.

        Sand GM Approval
        Rain GM

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          Definitely some straight forward and crisp work. Laying down a Half Approval here.


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            I liked the bio quite a bit.

            There's actually a Jeet Kune Do style sitting on Engi, by the way---AND it has heavy ties to Sunagakure! That's just flavor, though, really.

            Half approval.
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              And an approval here means it can be moved. Happy hunting and such!

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              Currently [OPEN] to item/jutsu registry checks.
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