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[KAZE] Hakkenshi Ikkaku - Sand Chuunin

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  • [KAZE] Hakkenshi Ikkaku - Sand Chuunin

    NAME : Hakkenshi Ikkaku // 'Ikku' for short
    AGE : 23
    SEX : Male
    HEIGHT : 5'9

    COUNTRY/VILLAGE : Kaze no Kuni / Hidden Sand
    RANK : Chuunin
    DIVISION : KAZE - Scout

    Thin. Gaunt, even. Despite growing up in a harsh environment that encouraged strength of body to outlast the wrath of the wastelands, Ikku much preferred forgoing laborious physical exercises and instead, sitting comfortably on a nearby dune, usually chewing on a desert apple. Light oak hair in long locks is typically tied into a short, paintbrush ponytail to keep out of his muted jade-green eyes.

    It's those eyes that people find the most disconcerting - the way his smiles never truly make it all the way up to them. Ikkaku has attempted a countless number of times to practice that beaming smile, the one he sees every day on the streets of Sunagakure, that portrays the joy of the heart. He's gotten quite good at it, too, but upon closer inspection, it is the forced grin of the joker stretching his lips while the eyes betray nothing from within.

    Only a few slight scars etched across the pale skin - an anomaly, considering the environment he hails from - of his arms, abdomen, and legs mark this otherwise unremarkable body.

    Light, thin clothing is all that is stored within Ikku's dresser, none of it loose, none of it billowing. He enjoys the militaristic style shirts, often a silvery, pale green in colour and adorned with pockets on both sides of the chest. The insignia of the Hakkenshi has been sewn into all of his personal garments, discounting outerwear such as cloaks. Plain, dirt brown shorts appeal to his tastes, with black Shinobi sandals on on his heels. The hitai-ite of Sand is kept pinned to his left sleeve, while on his right sleeve and left thigh are equipment holsters.

    Personally, Ikku dislikes wearing his village's standard issue flak jacket. "It's far too cumbersome," he opines. "You'd roast and die of dehydration before even stepping foot outside the gates." This also tends to lead towards an avoidance towards armour pieces, which one would think quite dangerous for a young man as frail in appearance as him. The prospect of wounds, however, have never frightened him in the past.

    If you asked those who know him, they'll say he's polite and respectful to the brim. He rarely voices an utter word against someone and is quick to settle disputes. This would seem to make sense for any individual who was raised amidst the pacifist philosophies of the Hakkenshi clan. However, if you questioned those same people a bit further, they would all come to realize and admit that none of them actually know Ikkaku very well. He makes enemies with none, and yet is simultaneously friends with nobody; many would say they are friendly to him, and he is friendly in return, but not a single one could say he or she is truly close with him. The art of keeping a measured yet unnoticed distance is what the Hakkenshi has excelled at, letting nobody in yet making people think the door is always wide open. In reality, he hides himself from his countrymen. All of the intended niceties, the calculated kind words, it all goes into masking who he truly is.

    He's a killer. A killer to the core.

    But that would not bode well for a member of the Hakkenshi family, even though he'd been inquisitive about the art and the act of killing since becoming an Academy student. He's had to stow that interest away from the light, to make sure it is never found out...but every so often, he opens the door and lets out what lurks within. It's not that he's driven by a maddened rage and bloodlust - he simply finds it fascinating. The soft resistance of flesh against a kunai, the sound of blood spattering against the sand, it's all just so satisfying. Everything tunnels into an area of his brain that piques his curiosity; he's yet to find out why, why ending someone's life with his bare hands feels so good, but he plans to. One secret kill at a time.

    CLAN : Hakkenshi
    NINDO : "The winners sip wine, and the losers slosh blood."

    Satomi Branch Member (HAK)
    Special: When taken as the Primary Archetype, the clan member gains the first stage of Hakkendan for free once they meet the stat requirements.
    Primary: Chakra
    Secondary: Physical
    Tertiary: Mental
    Merits: +1 Power, +1 Control, +1 Reserves
    Flaws: -1 Intelligence, -1 Strength, -1 Speed

    POWER: 1 + 1(HAK) + 12 = 14
    CONTROL: 1 + 1(HAK) + 11 = 13
    RESERVES: 1 + 1(HAK) + 7 [+2 Thread] = 11

    STRENGTH: 1 - 1(HAK) + 8 = 8 (+3 Hakkendan)
    SPEED: 1 - 1(HAK) + 8 = 8 (+3 Hakkendan)
    STAMINA: 1 + 11 = 12 (+3 Hakkendan)

    INTELLIGENCE: 1 - 1(HAK) + 9 = 9
    WILLPOWER: 1 + 8 = 9
    TACTICS: 1 + 7 = 8

    Stage One (HAK)
    Stage Two
    Stage Three / Requirements: Power 11, Control 9, Stamina 8

    >> Bushido
    >> Zenshin

    Stage One
    >> Tsuchi no Kaishin (Conversion of Earth)
    Stage Two
    >> Suna Same (Sand Shark)
    Stage Three
    >> Suna Kyuutai (Sand Sphere) / Requirements: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6
    >> Suna Shigure (Sand Shower) / Requirements: Intelligence 8, Willpower 6, Tactics 8
    >> Panku Suna no Yoroi (Bursting Sand Armour) / Requirements: Power 9, Control 9, Intelligence 7

    Stage One
    >> Kawarimi no Jutsu
    Stage Two
    >> Kinobori/Kabenobori
    >> Jinmon (Sympathy Gate) / Requirements: Power 7, Control 7, Intelligence 6
    Replacing: Open Slot

    >> 107 Bead Rosary (0)
    >> Shinobi Kit (0)
    >> Zoom Goggles (1)
    >> Night Vision Goggles (2)
    >> Hallucinogenic Poison (2)
    >> Restraints (2)
    Item Points Remaining: 1

    Two figures traveled through the desert dawn, one of them with a calm stride, the other a weary stumble.

    "You can stop now, Nobu-kun - this should be far enough." Ikku said softly, the hint of a sing-song tone to his razor tone. They had made it to the center of the eastern wasteland, far from the prying eyes of Sunagakure and the Hakkenshi. Tossing aside the handle of the chain he had used to restrain his captive, the Chuunin bent down and held a canteen to the other's lips. The man drank hungrily, water sloshing off his lips and dotting the sand below. "Tsk tsk, you're wasting so much..."

    The man stopped, his cheeks puffed out as he held the fluid in his mouth. Despite the lines of fatigue drawn across his face, his eyes still held their strength as they glared at Ikkaku. A quick jerk of his head and water glittered through the air.

    "Why are you doing this? I know you're part of the Hakkenshi clan! You're supposed to be a pacifist! Bring me in, come on!"

    Ikkaku wiped his face dry with a sleeve. "That's not very nice, Nobu-kun...but yes, I am a Hakkenshi." He smiled and glanced over his shoulder, where the telltale crystalline beads hovered, silent spectators to the event. "And you are correct! The Hakkenshi are a peacenik bunch." Three beads blurred forward, slamming into the man's face and torso; he collapsed heavily to the sand, garbled cries echoing flatly. "It's too bad you met the one Hakkenshi who isn't."

    Watching the prisoner slowly recover and steady his breath, the Chuunin seated himself and rummaged through his satchel. Producing a weathered apple, Ikku flicked away an ant and took a generous bite. The crisp tearing of the fruit's flesh caused the other to glance upwards, unable to mask the desperate desire in his eyes.

    "Please...please...I promise I'll never steal again! Just...take me back to your village...I'll serve my time, I'll change! There's probably a nice bounty in it for you too, eh?"

    Ikku considered this for a moment before swallowing.


    "Bounty? What bounty?"

    His grizzled chin dropped open in confusion. "But if there's no reward, if you haven't been assigned...then why? Why did you hunt me down?!"

    Inspecting the rest of his apple to make sure he hadn't missed anything, Ikku placed it on the ground and began a sequence of handseals. Touching one finger to the fruit core, he dusted his hands off as he watched it erode into sand.

    "Hmmmm, that's a bit of a story, Iga-san. But we do have time, so why not?"

    He took a swig from his canteen.

    "Frankly speaking, I don't know when it started. My mother and father were typical Hakkenshi, and they taught me all the proper etiquette and philosophies of our clan. I suppose the first sign was when I was six, when I thought to myself, 'How stupid. How very, very stupid.'" Ikku paused, taking a moment to check the harnesses on his jailbird's restraints. "I kept that to myself, of course. But my suspicions were confirmed when I entered the Academy. It took me two tries to get in, but once I did, I understood: pacifism won't ever solve anything. There will always be people in this world who must be beaten into submission. Words will never have an effect on them, so force becomes necessary. Look at you: if I had approached you and said, very kindly, 'Would you stop molesting women, please?' would that have altered your behaviour in any bit? Of course not. Your lust could only be quelled by the sight of your blood, Iga-san. And that's how it is all over the world, isn't it?"

    "But that doesn't mean you have to kill! You can defeat someone without killing them!"

    "Oh, I thought about that. That's how many of the clan Shinobi justify their actions, I think. They're okay with violence, as long as it's a controlled blaze."

    "Then why did you bring me here if that's what your clan Shinobi believe?"

    Ikkaku's eyes gleamed.

    "My, my. You're not very good at listening, are you? Didn't you hear what I said earlier? I'm not like most Hakkenshi."


    "The very first time was during my Chuunin exams. I was the top rookie in my first year as a Genin, you know. 'Such promise, such potential, surely he will bring greatness to the family name!'...I never cared for those sorts of things," Ikku spat. The sun was perched high in the sky now, radiating the torturous heat of high noon that was only bearable due to the passing breeze. "My first Chuunin Selection Exams took place in Iwa no Kuni. Our countries weren't on very good terms at the time, as you must be able to recall, so when it came to the field exam, they tried to hunt me down - impudent delinquents from Iwagakure who thought themselves heroes if only they could assassinate the promising rookie from Sand. They split my team up and sought to take us on individually."

    Undoing the clasp on his cloak, Ikku slid the fabric from his shoulders and fanned his face. "It's hot out today, isn't it, Saeko-nee?"

    The woman, hog-tied and lying on her side, was whimpering to herself. But it didn't matter to Ikkaku; he was no longer recounting his story for her sake. It was just nice to speak freely every now and then without having to fear being overheard.

    "My teammates died. I don't think they really understood the seriousness of the examinations and thought that if they surrendered, they'd be left alone. Beaten to a pulp, of course, but alive at the end of the day. Funny thing, you know I can't even remember their names? For the life of me, no matter how hard I try, even their faces are lost within the haze of my memory. They mustn't have been very good." Sozen? Saizou? One of their names began with an S. "Anyhow, when he found me, we fought. It wasn't a pretty affair...he managed to break my arm before I finally managed to gouge his eyes out. He screamed, oh, he screamed, when I slid my kunai into his stomach."

    Ikku closed his eyes, the warm glow of the setting sun bathing him in orange.

    "I didn't kill him right away. Something about the way he squirmed and bawled kept me from finishing it right there and then. No, I decided to use him as bait; that round of the exam took place in a mountain range, you see, so eventually his teammates tracked the location of his echoing cries." He took another deep draught of water. "It was... shocking. You never really know how it feels to kill someone until you get your first. You would understand that, wouldn't you, Saeko-nee? You can sympathize, can't you, because you've felt the thrill, the exhilaration that raises every hair on your body...You hold the life of someone else in your hands one minute, and the next, you're holding a corpse."

    The woman shuddered and continued to babble nonsensically to herself, louder this time.

    "After I killed the three of them, I decided to fail the test. The examination's ojbectives was to collect a set of totems scattered across the mountains, and each team possessed a map that had differing coordinates indicating where various totems could be found. But I didn't care about that anymore." Ikku flexed his fingers. "I just wanted to kill. I wanted to feel that rush of blood again - everything before that moment was so insignificant, so dull in comparison!"


    "Please, please, please, please, please..."

    The girl was rocking back and forth, arms wrapped around and clutching her legs.

    "Please, please, please please, please..."

    "Shush now, Mina-chan, you're interrupting me and it's quite rude."

    "Please! Please! Please! Please! PLEASE!"

    The beads flashed in the moonlight. A trio of thuds, and Mina fell unconscious.

    "I failed the next six Chuunin Selection Exams. I just couldn't bring myself to pass, you see? How could I pass and give up this opportunity to kill, without having the judging eyes of my clan members upon me? They couldn't know, they can never know..." Ikkaku frowned. "But it started to get tedious. The skill level of the incoming Genin never improved, and after a while, the act lost its shine. It's only entertaining when the danger is real, isn't it?" Ikku licked his lips. "Can you imagine what it must have been like for the man who assassinated the old Kazekage? Fighting one of the most powerful Shinobi on the planet, knowing that every step could be your last...But when you can tell within thirty seconds that your opponent isn't much of an opponent at all, it becomes a process you only complete for the sake of completion. But I didn't want to pass either, because if I passed and became a Chuunin..." The scrutiny would be unbearable. Everything would have to be on the books, or else they would begin to question what he was doing during long periods of absence. "And then I saw him: Renchishin Hitoko. He was a man who's become the face of Sunagakure, possibly an even bigger symbol to it than the Kazekage himself. He wasn't as big of a deal then, but I could see the greatness on his coattails...Hitoko was destined for glory. But I could never get so close to a man of that stature, not as a Genin. He was involved with much higher ranked missions than I was allowed to participate in, and the only way I could ascend to his level would be to play by their rules, in their sandbox."

    The Chuunin tapped his left temple, trying to raise the memories from the past.

    "It must have been when I was eighteen when I became a Chuunin. To be honest, I didn't do much with the rank; I used the greater level of access to learn more about the man known as Renchishin Hitoko. What makes him the way he is? What drives the tick in his body? I ended up landing a mundane post in the assignment office, which I enjoyed because it helped me keep tabs on Hitoko-ni. I watched him from the shadows as he took on greater responsibilities for the village, and finally reached the pinnacle of honour when he led the troops in the attack against the Suna no Soushoku. I wanted to go on that raid, I wanted to see him in action...but I was one of the few tasked to stay behind and stand guard alongside the daimyo's samurai." A golden opportunity gone to waste.

    "I put in for a division transfer after that. I moved from the HARI corps over to KAZE; I'd been mistaken in thinking that working in the mission office would let me watch over Hitoko, when in reality, I was chained to a desk. Within KAZE, I could become a scout, providing me with an abundance of personal freedoms with which to do whatever I desired. That includes finding you, Mina-chan!" Ikku nudged the girl's still form with his foot. "I still have to put up with pointless assignments now and then - I was one of the agents who infiltrated Bouryoraku - but as a scout, I'm given sufficient leniency to roam. Oh, I make my reports and file the proper, designated logs like a good Chuunin, but I use my position as a chance to...let loose. I find bandits, rogues, criminals, and even vandals like you, Mina-chan - people that everyone wishes were gone, and people that no one will ever miss. And you know what I do?"

    Ikkaku rose to his feet and brushed himself off. Slinking over to the young girl's body, he loomed over it, the glint of steel in his hand.

    "I recall the days of my youth. I play pretend! I am me, Hakkenshi Ikkaku! And you..." he laughed and knelt down. "You're that kid from Iwa."

    Nobody heard the screams. They never did.


    Ikku hummed as he washed his hands, face, and kunai with the remaining water. He'd already turned the body into sand, as he always did once the deed was done. Digging through the contents of his bag, he pulled out a leather folder and leafed through its pages, making sure his scouting report was there in its entirety. Check.

    Dawn was fast approaching once again, so he struck a pace back towards Sunagakure. Shimmers of heat were already rising from the dunes, and within minutes, he was gone. The desert had swallowed him up, leaving only a trailing voice on the wisps of the wind.

    "I wonder what it'd be like, Hitoko-ni?"

    >> Ikkaku is part of the Satomi branch of the clan, but uses the Hakkenshi title.
    >> Old Chuunin is old.

    [08/14/14] Warning Sirens: +2 Reserves

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