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  • [HARI] Ienari Tomoko

    Name: Ienari Tomoko
    Age: 14
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5'1

    Character Type: Shinobi

    Country/Village: Wind Country - Sunagakure
    Rank: Genin
    Division: HARI - Apprentice Medic

    Physical Description: Tomoko has been beautiful since childhood. Her lustrous black hair cascades down her back like a curtain, turning a dark blue shade when the light hits it. It layers around her face, but she has never done a drastic cut, wanting to preserve the locks. At some point she wants her hair to be long enough to touch her toes. Her eyes reflect the sunlight; they are a clear, luminous warm gold. They look exotically wolf like yet glisten with sincerity. She has a rich, white complexion with a creamy undertone. Even the desert’s sun has no effect on it. Her eyebrows are thin and reside inches beneath her bangs, naturally slightly arched over her kind eyes. Soft and smiling lips are well below a faintly upturned nose.

    Tomoko is a bit more endowed than most girls her age. Her curves are developing on her youthful frame, making her appear more mature than she truly feels. She is slim and not too tall, with delicate, slender fingers that have been trained to treat the most fatal wounds. She almost resembles a feather, with soft steps and graceful, ballerina gestures, but she stands strong and tall, ready to fight. Her hands are adorned with faint scars from the past, but her face is flawless. The cruelty of puberty has not affected her yet, and it seems unlikely that it will due to her genes.

    Clothing: Tomoko has a knack for making clothing. She is skilled with a needle and thread and although she makes beautiful gowns and wonderful blouses, she never wears them. She doesn’t sell them either. Sometimes the girl is commissioned for a reward, but usually she collects her creations. She often stares at the clothing, envying the girls who would be able to wear it while she stands in her plain clothing.

    Her clothing is not average compared to the rest of Hidden Sand, however when rivaled with her other designs, it is an obvious loss. She creates gowns with velvet ribbons, vibrant color schemes, silk bands, and lace tops, but she keeps it simple for herself. On regular days, Tomoko will wear a couple light-colored dresses. They’re usually an off-white going to a cream, lavender, pale pink, and other colors like those. She wears skirts too, weaved to make them airy and comfortable to move in. Her blouses have minimal decoration, other times she enjoys adding a couple buttons to them or something. She doesn’t want to be too fancy in Sunagakure.

    As a shinobi, Tomoko has two outfits. First she has the nursing gown that was assigned to her when she began working in the hospital. Outside of the hospital but still on shinobi duty, she wears a soft maroon dress that almost reaches her knees. When the sun goes down, the maroon turns darker, almost getting black. She wears an olive, two button jacket however it only buttons at the top and the second button rests at the very end of it as an ornament. It splits down after the first button, revealing the dress. On the collar of the jacket, is a yellowish white frill. The same frill is sewn at the end of her dress. Her shoes are standard shinobi shoes except they are teal.

    Personality: Tomoko looks like the happiest girl in the world. She is festive, finding fun in the smallest of activities and staying optimistic. She is kind, generous, and tries to bring happiness to others. She can be silly and tell the funniest of jokes. She is gentle with people and does her best to understand and analyze them. She is observant and learns quickly, especially when it comes to social interactions. Emotions are very important and she is constantly aware of them. Being an adolescent, she also faces certain feelings that she doesn't know how to deal with. Attraction is very new to her. She has studied people, especially older girls talking with boys and she attempts to copy their mannerisms. Still, it is all very awkward for her so she rarely does so.

    Sometimes she feels hollow. Life has already worn her out so much. When she is alone, she is not as happy as she presents herself. Tomoko is quiet and detached. She hates thinking because many of her thoughts have a truly depressing nature and she can't help but accept the reality of her life. She tries to find other things to occupy her time with so she won't have to bear her thoughts. Even though she smiles, there are things bubbling inside of her that she must keep to herself. She should not burden others with her life when they have their own to worry about. But she is hopeful that one day things will be better.

    She believes teamwork will overcome anything. If an alliance is strong enough, it can defeat anything. Because of this belief, she is not hesitant to make friends. That does not necessarily mean she will share every bit of her life with them, but she enjoys friendship. Because of her circumstances at home, she does not receive much affection and she will look for it anywhere. That is where she is vulnerable. She will do anything to protect the ones she loves, no matter the cost to herself. It is rare that she puts herself first. She is a hard worker and will not whine or complain. She wants to become better and will go to great lengths to reach that goal. She is not afraid of many things and will hurl herself in to a line of fire if needed.

    Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": Eventually, it'll make sense.

    Primary Archetype: [H]ealer
    Stat Merit: +2 to Intelligence, +1 to Reserves
    Stat Flaw: -1 to Strength, -1 to Speed, -1 to Willpower
    Secondary Archetype: [P]olymath
    Stat Merit: +2 to Intelligence, +1 to Tactics
    Stat Flaw: -1 to Strength, -1 to Stamina, -1 Power


    Physical [Tertiary]

    Strength: 1-1[H]-1[P]+3[F] = 2
    Speed: 1-1[H]+1[F] = 1
    Stamina: 1-1[P]+2[F] = 2

    Mental [Secondary]

    Intelligence: 1+2[H]+2[P]+1[F] = 6
    Tactics: 1+1[T]+3[F] = 5
    Willpower: 1-1[H]+4[F]+1[TP] = 5

    Chakra [Primary]

    Power: 1-1[P]+5[F]+2[TH] = 7
    Control: 1+3[F]+4[TH] = 8
    Reserves: 1+1[H]+2[F]+1[TH] = 5

    Jutsus and Techniques:

    Medical List
    Stage One
    [Special] Igaku Kunren: Control 2, Willpower 2
    [F1] Kanrinin: Control 3, Tactics 2
    [F2] Byouki no Fujikome: Intelligence 3, Reserves 3
    Stage Two
    [F3] Keksuki Gyouko: Control 5, Power 4, Reserves 4
    [GMAP] Jokyo Dokubutsu: Intelligence 5, Willpower 4, Tactics 4
    [TP] Zesshi Nensan: Control 6, Power 6, Intelligence 4
    Stage Three
    [AP] Chiyute no Jutsu: Control 8, Power 8, Reserves 6

    Glass Ninjutsu
    Stage One
    [F4] Hari Seisakusho (Glass Works)
    Requirements: Power 2, Willpower 2
    [F5] Katsu Kagamiita (Shatter Panel)
    Requirements: Control 3, Intelligence 2
    [F6] Hari Kuuchuukassou (Glass Gliding)
    Requirements: Reserves 3, Intelligence 3
    Stage Two
    [F7] Hari Kawarimi (Glass Replacement)
    Requirements: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4
    [TP] Giragira Tekidan (Glare Grenade)
    Requirements: Intelligence 6, Willpower 5, Control 5

    Sand Genjutsu
    Stage One
    [AP] Kimen: 3 Intelligence, 2 Reserves
    [AP] Kazeoto: 3 Willpower, 2 Control

    Inventory: Kunai [2]
    Bandages [1]
    Communication Unit [1]
    Explosive Tags [4]
    Smoke Bombs [2]
    Ointments [3]
    Suture Kit [1]
    Aspirin Pills [2]
    Sensitive Contacts [2]

    Weapon Points Remaining: 2

    Biography: “Boy, boy, boy,” he would chant to her stomach, leaving kisses at every inch. “You’ll be a wonderful boy.”

    The pregnant woman stared at him and waved her finger, an amused smile on her face. “Not unless I want a girl. I’m the carrier, I make all the decisions.”

    He smirked at her and planted a sloppy kiss on her belly. Then he began to talk to her stomach again. “Prove her wrong. Be a boy, be a boy for me.”

    No one could blame him, he already had two daughters, ten and seven respectively. Although girls, he treated them as little warriors. Even when his wife countered, he refused to follow her requests. He took them out to hunting sessions in the dry Sunagakure and often went on long hikes with them. He registered them both for the Academy too, and neither complained. They actually liked it. One was skilled with daggers and kunai, the other with ninjutsu. The two girls were an odd pair, but they made him as proud as a set of daughters could please their son wanting father.

    One early morning, she awoke with a soft grunt. He shot out of bed and caressed her stomach. “What is it?” he asked, obviously worried.

    “Just some cramps,” she replied, but it felt different. It hurt more than regular cramps. She placed a hand over her stomach and rubbed the bulge. “Don’t worry, we have two more months to wait.”

    As she shifted over to lie back down, she fixed her blanket. That was when they noticed the blood staining the white as snow covers. She was speechless but he was already moving, waking his daughters and arranging a trip to the hospital.

    After hours in the waiting room, a doctor stepped out. He threw off the latex gloves and removed his mask. The husband ran to him and the daughters pursued him. The two of them poked their heads out from either side of him, patiently waiting for an answer but their father was the complete opposite. He tapped his foot against the hard floor, arms crossed over his chest and eyes narrowed at the man in white.

    “Well?” he asked.

    “A premature birth,” the doctor said firmly.

    “How is my wife?”

    This was when the doctor was quiet. The daughters glanced at each other and then took a couple steps away. This wasn’t a conversation for them. Not yet.

    “I’m sorry.”

    A sob escaped the man's lips, as if he had known this was going to happen and he began crying before. There was no lingering hope, he knew she was gone the moment he saw blood seeping out of her. He was a shinobi before and retired when he married her, but he knew that when so much blood is lost from the body, there can be no return. His daughters began walking up to him, but he quickly turned and the hospital doors swung behind him.

    That’s how I was born. My mother gave up her life for mine. My father resents me and my sisters pity me. Or rather, should I say sister. The middle one, Hachi, ended up killing herself. It was rather recent, too.

    She was seized by the Priests of Assate. Prior to the mission, she was told if she was captured, Sunagakure could not risk them torturing her to pry information out of her about the village and whatever else they pleased, so she would need to swallow a death pill. I would imagine my sister convulsing while tied to a chair, foam dripping down her lips, and vomit spewing out of her mouth, but I was told the effects were immediate and she felt no pain. It’s still no comfort.

    The oldest one, Maya, is a Jounin and she lives on her own, away from my alcoholic father. She always offers me to stay with her, but I politely decline. My duty rests with my father for now.

    He didn’t work with me like with my sisters. He let me be while he sat on our patio and drank his spirits. He was never a drinker, Maya stated but Hachi told me he started when I was born. I feel immense guilt when I see him with that bottle in his hand, eyes full of hate aimed at me, but I wave to him and try to hold back my tears. I choke on my words and usually end up saying nothing to him. He doesn’t mind because he hates talking to me. I remind him too much of my mother, I’m told I’m an exact replica of her. I imagine that to him it’s like having a ghost haunting his life.

    I was enrolled in the Academy by persuasion of my sisters. All he did was sign the papers, he didn’t come with me for orientation or anything like that. I mostly trained by myself, he didn’t even want to watch. My sisters would try to teach me certain things, but then they disappeared for missions and I couldn’t ask my questions. I didn’t learn much from them except the basics a couple weeks before I was taught them in the Academy.

    It was a steady and stable ride for me. I wasn’t at the top of my class nor was I at the bottom and it didn’t matter much. No one held any expectations of me yet I did not want to be the worst, but there was an unexpected turn.

    “Tomoko,” he called to me for the first time in weeks.

    I hurried to him, dropping whatever I was doing. I stood at the doorway of his messy room that he wouldn’t dare let me clean. He didn’t want me finding anything of my mother’s. I assumed he was trying to keep her as distant from me as possible. He was trying to keep me away from the family.

    “Come in,” he said and for the first time in my life, I walked in to his room.

    “Yes?” I said softly.

    “How old are you now?”

    I felt a punch to my stomach but I stood straight, attempting to show him I was strong. “Nine,” I responded.

    “Nine… You’ve lived nine years now…” his eyes were pointed at me, but he wasn’t looking at me. He was looking past me. “Be a medic.”

    “What?” I asked out of confusion and surprise.

    “A medic, you goddamn idiot. You’re in the Academy right? Sign up for medical classes, starting learning about healing and crap like that. Be a medic,” he commanded.


    But he didn’t answer. He didn’t even acknowledge me anymore. Once again, I was an insect on the wall, the shadow roaming his home. As soon as I left the room, I felt a pinch of happiness. He was thinking about me, I realized. And he has hope for me, even if he won’t admit it.

    For years I’ve tried to figure out why he wanted me to become a medic, but it’s still a mystery. I don’t question him about it because I don’t want to stir any unnecessary conflict between us. He already tells me how selfish I am for letting my mother die for me, how it should have been me and not her. It hurts, but eventually the wound becomes so numb that nothing can harm it. I used to think about his words a lot, but as I grew up, I realized it didn’t matter much. I had to focus on my patients, not my father’s insults.

    The importance of my village soon surpassed the importance of my life. The death of the Kazekage affected my father more than me and I swear for that month he was drinking two liters a day while I read medical books to try and learn something I didn’t already know. I graduated and had to pick a division. I could have chosen undecided, but I followed my father’s commands and became a medic. The test included a written exam and a part where I had to strategize how I would tend to a group of six wounded shinobi. I had to act it all out even though they were dummies, and press my chakra against the rough wood. To their surprise, I didn’t drop out after the fourth like many others my age did. I continued to the sixth and still had enough energy left for one more. I passed.

    There was a year where I had no team, only tagging along to tend to other shinobi on their missions. I was constantly being passed around, but it was alright with me. My duty was to protect and heal. These people needed me more than my father, and being away from him for a couple months was good for me. I didn’t tell him about my promotion to Genin, my sister did, but he cared for me as much as he did about the oceans of Sunagakure. They were nonexistent and so was I. Still, she told me she caught a smile tugging at his lips.

    When the Jailbreak occurred, my job was to keep the injured shinobi alive. We opened a camp in the corner of the village and it was guarded by a couple shinobi. Somehow a criminal made his way in to our base and ambushed us. He killed two of my colleagues and was about to get me when someone sedated him. I only suffered minor injuries, but his bloodshot eyes are forever imbedded in my mind. After it was over, I returned home hoping to see my father and my sister. Both were there, but burns snaked over my sister’s skin and patches of hair were missing from her head. My father seemed fine, though, a bottle of whiskey in his hand and a hostile glare at me. I bet he wished I died.

    I think he was the one that let me give up my life so easily for others. Because of him, I’m not scared to die. I’m not sure if I have something to die for, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s my people. Maybe he did finally make me feel responsible about my mother’s death, but I don’t realize it yet. Whatever it is, I think he made me stronger and I silently thank him for it every day as he calls me a stupid, rotten shit.

    Thread Log:
    Creation: 2 AP; Suna Arashi no Shinto, Hada no Kamereon
    Caring is Creepy: 1 TP; +1 Control
    Medical Ninjutsu Revamp: Medical jutsu revised
    [Team 13?] Disaster Area: +1 Power, 1GMAP: Jokyo Dokubutsu
    Dead and Lovely: +1 Control
    Desideratum: Zesshi Nensan, +1 Reserves
    The Hurricane's Eye +1 Power
    Ten Thousand Sorrows +2 Control
    Protocol +1 Power, +1 Reserves, +1AP Chiyute no Jutsu
    Spilling Milk +1 Willpower, +Giragira Tekidan (Glare Grenade)

    [Katsumi] - [Maho] - [Tomoko] - [Tsukio] - [Ritsuke] - [Shiori] - [Miyuki]

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    Tactics stat should be 5, willpower stat should be 4. Don't believe this effects any jutsu.


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      Fixed it. Yay!

      [Katsumi] - [Maho] - [Tomoko] - [Tsukio] - [Ritsuke] - [Shiori] - [Miyuki]

      Grass Secondary GM
      [9:07:30 PM] M.Cain: She's been super important her whole life,
      and super important to Grass for like a few years.



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        half approved


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          You, uh, know you've got 7 chars already right? Not that I mind another Sand genin one bit. Did you have this chickie sitting in Unfinished or something? Swear I've seen that pic before for a Sandie too.

          Anyways, Half'd
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            I'll give this a Sand GM Approval.
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              Half-Approving this.


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                A little medic? Alright then.

                Approved. Tell me which character you want to bite the dust and I'll take that out.
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                  Good work, DB. Approved.
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