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  • [HARI] Hakkenshi Yoshi

    Name: Hakkenshi Yoshi
    Age: 24
    Sex: 5’ 4”
    Height: Male
    Clan: Hakkenshi
    Character Type: Shinobi
    Country/Village: Sunagakure, Wind Country
    Rank: Jounin
    Division: HARI // Medic, moonlights as a Sensei

    When one looks at Yoshi they often cast him aside as a non-shinobi; the twenty four year old stands at a less-than-moderate height of five foot four inches. He has a thin frame that closely resembles a runner. His muscles are well toned, but definitely not made for straight out fist fights. Yoshi sports a golden tan most days, and only fades back into his fair complexion when he has spent more than a week or so in the hospitals and clinics of Kaze no Kuni.

    The nin keeps his dirty blonde hair short and trimmed, often brushed to one side or straight back, keeping a neat and orderly look about him. His eyebrows are one of the most stunning features on his face in a relatively bad way, they are thick –the thickest amongst his clan members and fellow shinobi peers. They fair well against his almost abnormally large green-gold eyes. His eyes are somewhat obscured by the glasses that have a thick brown frame.

    Yoshi keeps his clothing as simple as many of his other nin kin. He has a set of suits that are mainly a pair of pants, a white collared shirt, a three button vest with a tie and blazer to cover them. The suits of his dominate his attire style, and they sport many colors. These suits tend to have shades that correspond to his goddesses; blues, blacks, browns, and tans. To accompany this, Yoshi is generally sporting a fedora to go with each suit.

    The nin takes great care in keeping himself tidy, and in good condition clothing wise. On occasion he has a arm band over his left bicep that states his allegiance to the Kazekage and Sunagakure as a whole – this also acts as his hitae-ate. Also located on his left arm is the rosary that identifies him as a Hakkenshi to the rest of the world. Yoshi generally has it wrapped around his hand and wrist, in direct relation to his symbolic allegiance.

    Different would be a good term to use with Hakkenshi Yoshi. Different in how one would expect a shinobi to act, Different in how one would expect a Hakkenshi clansmen to act; Different in how one would expect an average citizen from Kaze no Kuni to act.

    The differences seen in Yoshi that separate him from his fellow shinobi peers is one of the obvious ways to start. He is a pacifist not just in name, but in philosophy. He has never killed a single being in his life, most of his shinobi counterparts that are in his age group have and more than one. The nin has only ever risen his hand to fight in instances of dire need in which his teammates’ safety was in danger, or a little less considered, his own life is in danger. The monk has dedicated his life into preserving others instead of destroying them. He has become well versed in the healing arts, and is considered a bit of a miracle worker in his field. Yoshi is undyingly compassionate and kind, as a jounin this is a rare site in deed since by this time in the game most have seen unsightly horrors that would harden anyones’ outlook on life and humanity.

    The differences seen between Yoshi that separate him from his fellow clans men are less obvious to spot. Yoshi tends to show more emotion than the average monk from Enkaku. He appears more naïve –often being thought of as the reincarnation of Nobumichi- , and has made an honest attempt to make the clan’s taijutsu into a form of exercise meditation and that of something beautiful. The way he moves, and extracts the sin from his opponent is graceful and elegant whilst most in his clan learn the style is to be efficient as possible. This nin has a bit of a style-savvy nature that still falls predominantly within the clans’ norms. He generally has a set of nicer cloths, has good tastes in foods, arts, and cooking. When his patients are in his care, he is often very personal with them, befriending them easily. He has a way about himself that makes it generally rather hard for anyone not to enjoy the company of the twenty-four year old medic.

    The differences between Yoshi that separate him from his fellow citizens from Kaze no Kuni are almost non-existent. He shares with many of them an incredibly strong sense of duty, loyalty, and honor for serving such a grand nation. He has followed the same path as many of them; having a career path and having a family. What sets him aside though from many of these citizens is his apparent air of dignity. Yoshi holds himself in such a way that one would naturally assume that he is of noble birth, and has parents who are loaded. Though this is quite the opposite once the person gets to know Yoshi, it was simply in the way that he was brought up and he is not arrogant in the way that most rich people are, or necessarily narcissistic in that fashion.

    Yoshi actually has a rather lowly opinion of himself. He believes that he will have never accomplished enough to feel satisfied with the work he has done. He knows he does not stand a bats’ chance in hell when it comes to a flat out duel between him and his SUNA comrades. That is not his fate in life, and it does not bother him. What bothers him is the innocent lives that he has not saved, and the ones that he has touched he feels he has not done enough for them.

    Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": “Aim above morality. Be not simply good, be good for something.”

    Primary Archetype:
    Hakkenshi Clan Member
    Special: When taken as the Primary Archetype, the clan member gains the first stage of Hakkendan for free once they meet the stat requirements.
    Stat Merits: +1 Power, +1 Control, +1 Reserves
    Stat Flaws: -1 Intelligence, -1 Strength, -1 Speed
    Secondary Archetype:
    Stat Merit: +2 to Intelligence, +1 to Reserves
    Stat Flaw: -1 to Strength, -1 to Speed, -1 to Willpower

    # = Pool/Base
    {#} = Arch Merits/Flaws
    [#] = AP/GMAP
    (#) = TP


    Power: 30
    1 + {1} + 21 + [2] + (5)
    Control: 27
    1 + {1} + 20 + [2] + (3)
    Reserves: 26
    1 + {2} + 19 + [2] + (2)


    Strength: 16 (+6 = 22)
    1 - {2} + 17 + [0] + (0)
    Speed: 16 (+6 = 22)
    1 – {2} + 17 + [0] + (0)
    Stamina: 20 (+6 = 26)
    1 + 16 + [0] + (3)


    Intelligence: 20
    1 – {1} + 2 + 15 + [0] + (3)
    Tactics: 15
    1 + 10 + [0] + (4)
    Willpower: 18
    1 – {1} + 15 + [0] + (3)

    Jutsus and Techniques
    Purification // Hakkendan
    [Stage 1]
    [Stage 2] Samurai Code of Chivalry
    [Stage 3] Moral Sense
    [Stage 4] Moral Judgment
    [Stage 5] State of Redemption
    [Stage 6] Enlightenment of the Masses
    Power 27, Control 24, Reserves 24, Stamina 20, Strength 16
    +6 Strength, +6 Stamina, +6 Speed

    Healing Arts // Medical Jutsu
    [Stage 1]
    Medical Training (Control 2, Willpower 2)
    Caretaker (Control 3, Tactics 2)
    [Stage 2]
    Blood Coagulation (Control 5, Power 4, Reserves 4)
    [Stage 3]
    Healing Hands (Control 8, Power 8, Reserves 6)
    Poison Removal (Intelligence 5, Willpower 4, Tactics 4)
    [Stage 4]
    Chakra Scalpel (Control 12, Power 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12)
    [Stage 5]
    Perfect Function (Control 18, Power 17, Reserves 17, Willpower 14)
    [Stage 6]
    Healing Hands Major (Control 21, Power 20, Reserves 19, Intelligence 17, Willpower 15)
    Cell Regeneration (Control 23, Power 23, Reserves 22, Willpower 16, Tactics 15)

    Extended Healing Arts // Grass Apothecary
    [Stage 1]
    Manipulate Mixture (Control 2, Tactics 2)
    [Stage 2]
    Liquid Confidence (Control 7, Reserves 7, Intelligence 6)
    [Stage 3]
    Healing Vapor (Control 9, Reserves 9, Intelligence 7)

    Defensive Measures // Glass Ninjutsu
    Family Secrets // Hakkenshi Swaps
    [Stage 1]
    Glass Works (Power 2, Willpower 2)
    [Stage 2]
    Sympathy Gate (Intelligence 5, Willpower 4, Tactics 4) –replacing Fragile-
    [Stage 3]
    Duty Gate (Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6) –replacing Armor of Glass Minor-
    Knowledge Gate (Intelligence 9, Willpower 9, Control 7) –replacing Crystalline Cast-
    [Stage 4]
    Wisdom Gate (Power 14, Control 13, Reserves 11, Willpower 10) –replacing Armor of Glass Major-
    [Stage 5]
    Loyalty Gate (Power 18, Control 17, Reserves 17, Willpower 14) –replacing Glass Familiar-
    [Stage 6]
    Faith Gate (Power 21, Control 20, Reserves 19, Intelligence 17, Willpower 15) –replacing Fury of the Swarm-
    Piety Gate (Power 23, Control 23, Reserves 22, Willpower 16, Tactics 15) -replacing Eternal Ice Explosion-
    Molten Dragon Blast (Power 26, Control 25, Reserves 24, Intelligence 19, Willpower 17)

    The Basics // Global Ninjutsu
    [Stage 1]
    Body Switch (Power 2, Tactics 2)
    [Stage 2]
    Wall Walking (Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4)
    [Stage 3]
    Water Walking (Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6)
    [Stage 4]
    Instantaneous Body (Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12)
    [Stage 5]
    Walking On Air (Power 19, Control 19, Reserves 18, Intelligence 16)

    Offensive Measures // Ekitai-Kenfu
    [Stage 1]
    Speed 5, Strength 3
    Speed +5, Strength +4

    107 Bead Rosary (1)
    Communication Unit (1)
    Bandages (1)
    Breathing Apparatus (2)
    Glass Sealing Tags (6)
    Field Ration Pills (3)
    Insulation Clothing (2)
    Rubber-soled Sandals (1)
    Sensitive Contacts (2)
    Brewmaster's Projectile Belt (4)

    Weapon Points Remaining:
    Additional Weapon Points Gained: 4

    The Good Doctor

    Key: R = reporter, Y = yoshi

    Hakkenshi Yoshi was good enough to spare a few hours to conduct this interview with me. I caught the good doctor in his lunch break, and we quickly found ourselves in a little deli near the clinic that he works at. He is calm and relax, almost a little too relaxed for someone who works with injuries and dying people on a daily basis. Yoshi wears a wary smile that shows he has seen horrors in his short time as a doctor and shinobi. No one gets to his rank without going through a river of blood, though the jounin has never actually killed anyone in his life; a rare gem among his comrades.

    We quickly situate ourselves in the cafe and get our orders in before I pull out the recorder and get ready to grill him about his story. He idly chit chats with me, as I playfully jab at him about the disadvantages of being a vegetarian. He is a good sport about it, an all-around nice guy.

    R: You are not the shinobi type, how did you get this gig?

    Y: You go for the hard ball right away. –Chuckle- I took the gig so I could get out of Enkaku. I was a tad different from my fellow brothers and sisters. [He refers to his generation of the Hakkenshi as brothers and sisters, and the elders as fathers and mothers like one large family] I wanted to see the world, and I wanted to be a doctor. I had spoken with my father and he told me I would make a wonderful shinobi medic, I certainly had the chakra manipulation down.

    R: When did you decide you wanted to be a doctor?

    Y: I was seven when I knew this was my career, my path in life.

    R: That’s pretty young, how did you come to find this out?

    Y: Well, I was playing around in the clan grounds, near the border of our grounds and the city of Enkaku. I had encountered a stray dog, he was limping. My heart went out to him, and I knew I needed to help the creature. It took me an hour to get the injured dog back to the compound, didn’t force him at all or anything. I earned his trust and showed him that I was not going to harm him.

    My father found me when I was trying to get the dog to follow me to the compound. He was a retired medic for Sunagakure shinobi, and with those skills he was able to patch the hound up. I selfishly had asked if he could remain on the grounds, but my father denied me this privilege - reinforcing the idea that every creature has the right to make their own way and live their life.

    Little did he know that the dog would hang around the compound from there on out, grateful of the service. I began referring to him as Paku.

    R: He inspired you. It was not long after that that you took that fateful journey to the Shinobi Academy in Sunagakure… How did Academy life treat you?

    Y: It was alright. At first I was picked on, because as you can see I’m not the strongest or most powerful guy out there. The brutes in the SUNA department could chew me up and spit me out without a breaking into a sweat. I’m just not much of a fighter.

    I survived the Academy by thrusting all my power into gaining knowledge on the medical realm of shinobi life, and the art of chakra manipulation which is key to my field.

    R: When you graduated at 12, You were given a month long break of which you spent in Enkaku. What did you do during that time?

    Y: I trained with my brothers and sisters. We were given access to the family secrets as it were, and thrown head first into the true teachings of the Hakkenshi. I learned a great deal during that time, and gained a foundation that provided me with a way to defend myself should I require to.

    R: Who was on your genin team and how did that go for you?

    Y: I had well-rounded genin named Kato Go on my team, with a spunky glass specialist – Nikawa Temari. I got along well with them, we hit it off right away, and even our sensei - Deguchi Natsu, commented on our inherent teamwork.

    R: You made it to the chuunin level shortly after…How’d it happen?

    Y: We were on a mission with another team of chuunin. A building in Garasu had exploded, but there were people still caught in the rubble. So between 3 genin, 1 jounin and 3 chuunin, we searched the debris thoroughly. After a days’ work we found 10 dead bodies, and no survivors, they were still deeper in the trashed site. As the time ticked on our hope for finding any of these people alive was dwindling. It was in the middle of the night when we found a survivor but he was badly injured and I was the only one that knew any medical jutsu at the time.

    So after a long rather defeating day, I had the added stress of keeping this man alive until more experienced doctors arrived in the morning, and to add to my already full load the others continued to search, only to find two more in similar states. I needed to order the elder shinobi around a tad as I split my attentions between the three patients that had been slowly moved to an abandoned building that had a few tables. One of my patients did die before back up arrived, but I was able to save two of them and at a genin rank it was impressive even though I was talented to begin with at the level. I was fifteen at the time, and when I returned and after resting some, I was informed that they had promoted me to the chuunin rank and was assigned to a clinic.

    R: Did you feel you deserved that promotion?

    Y: No, I wanted to save all of them, we ended up losing 11 lives that day, and one of them was directly because I did not have the reserves to keep going. They kept telling me that I did extremely well for a fifteen year old. You know, to experience death like that is life altering, and for me it furthered my passion. I never wanted to experience death like that again, I can prevent that.

    R: You returned to Enkaku after that for a sabbatical, what did you do during that year off?

    Y: I got closer to my then girlfriend, Temari. I took her with me and introduced her to my family, and the Hakkenshi compound and way of life. Though we were young, both of us knew we were meant for each other. There we rested and I got back in touch with my roots through meditation and zen gardening. I had never really lost the roots, but with the results of facing death, I needed it for my own psyche. Temari even fell in love with my family’s way of life, it was calming and spiritual, a nice change from the speedy life of our genin hood and shinobi lives in general which are filled with violence and generally combative natures.

    R: You two got married three years later. Tell me about your timing and why then?

    Y: I wanted us both to be at the same rank, and after my promotion it took another year before Temari got her promotion, and while she worked towards that I was working in the Sunagakure Hospital. So I popped the question the night we were celebrating her promotion, she said yes, and we were married the very next month. It was a quiet ceremony with just my family and hers.

    R: You two did not waste any time in the procreating either, was your daughter not born exactly 9 months after that?

    Y: -nearly chokes on his salad laughing- Yeah, Aimi was quite a blessing in disguise. I was thrilled when I found out I was about to be a father. Temari retired from the shinobi world at that time too, she found that she wanted to be a full time mother. Those first couple years she raised my daughter for the most part, I accompanied them back to my clan’s ground in Enkaku, and they were welcomed in as a part of the family.

    R: Was it not two years ago that you were nearly put out of commission?

    Y: -squirms uncomfortably for the first time in the interview- I was acting as a field doctor for a team that included another chuunin and two jounin. We were working on an A level mission, and I still cannot divulge in all the details, but it was trap for all of us. I will say that it did involve the Suna no Soushuku. We were pinned and injured they had targeted me because I was the weakest link. I was hit in the face, and unconscious.

    When I eventually came too, our leader was waving the smelling salts in front of me. I was blind and in pain at that time, and from what I was told of the survey that the leader had pulled us back, the other chuunin that accompanied us was dead, and the other jounin had a broken arm.

    Even in my state of mind – though foolish at the time-, I talked the jounin into leading me to the other, and I managed to heal my comrades’ arm through a healing jutsu I had just learned at the hospital.

    R: You obviously regained your sight, or have you been fooling me this whole time?

    Y: -laughs quietly- Of course, when we returned the senior medical officers at the hospital I worked at tended to my own wounds, and after two weeks I was in fine condition again, the sight fully returned. Though during that time, I learned a great deal about sensory deficiencies.

    R: What were you doing when the Juudaime Kazekage was killed?

    Y: The normal daily works of the hospital. I had been taking missions on a rare occasion, but mainly working with the patients that were in my work on a more permanent basis. I was so caught up in my patients that I was fairly shocked when I heard the news, and when my clansmen showed up in Sunagakure for the funeral arrangement planning.

    On a small level I was happy, because Temari and Aimi came along for the plan, and I had not seen them in a year. It’s hard being a father to a family who lives in a different city.

    R: I bet, a lot of changes came in with the new Kazekage, how did you react to that?

    Y: There were not many changes for me, I gained the division HARI, but my job description did not really change. Though, I was warned that within the coming months I may have to play a part in the other smaller sections of HARI, primarily the Sensei to the incoming genin. It did not make that much difference to me, I was doing good for Sunagakure, that’s all that really mattered to me.

    R: How did the month of rejoicing go for you?

    Y: I was honored for my encounters with the Suna no Soushaku, primarily the mission that was a couple years ago now, plus with my ongoing workload and medical skill the honored me with the jounin rank. I apparently received the unofficial title of ‘The Miracle Worker’, for my medical heroics –if you could call them heroics-. This is also the reason you’re doing this article, working your way through the heroes of the guerrilla war with the priests, right? Trying to inspire the younger generations with stories of the war heroes, though why they consider me one is beyond my knowledge. I only did my job, and I did it to the best of my ability.

    R: Stop being so modest, you earned this. Did you play any roles when it came to the search and rescue recent kidnappings?

    Y: No, The only part that I’d be involved with in that arena would be when they found the people who went missing and they needed medical attention. I have not seen anyone from the recent kidnappings.

    R: What about the Jailbreak?

    Y: I provided back up to the shinobi in action, giving them the much needed medical attention and protection while they were injured until things cooled down.

    R: What are your plans now?

    Y: Keep doing what I’m doing… I’ve been hearing lately that I may be in the line for a genin team, so that will be a new experience for me; until then though I’ll just work out of Sunagakure as a resident doctor at the hospital and part-time field doctor available for missions.

    R: Thanks for sitting down with me; I think I have everything I need.

    With that, I offered to pay for the jounins’ meal. He declined, but I ham stringed him into it. He thanked me then, and excused himself. He needed to get back to his patients.

    Other Info:
    -Ever since his little run in that rendered him blind for awhile, His permanent sight has been degrading slowly, and in coming years he will likely lose his vision completely. (As it stands now he wears a pair of glasses)

    The Follow-Up Story (Thread Ratings):
    *Character Creation: 1 AP – Faith Gate
    *Depravity - Moral Sense, +2 Tactics
    *A Study in Perspective - +3 Stamina
    *Monk in a Hurry - Moral Judgment, +2 Tactics
    *We Shall Rise Again - State of Redemption. 6 AP(+ 2 Control, + 2 Power, + 2 Reserves)
    *Pumped Up Kicks - +2 Power, Stage 6 Hakkendan
    *Finding Your Footing - Enlightenment of the Masses, +2 Willpower
    *Letters From The Dead - Body Switch, +1 Intelligence
    *A Fatal Lie Cell Regeneration, Piety Gate, +2 Intelligence
    *The Body Business Wall Walking, +2 Control
    *Medical Ninjutsu Revamp Medical jutsu revised, some coding made less dumb and so unique.
    *The Body Business: Muddy Waters - +2 Reserves, Water Walking, Instantaneous Body, Molten Glass Dragon
    *Sand Arc GMAP - Walking on Air, Poison Removal
    *Group Therapy - +2 Power
    *Engiversary Gift - Grass Apothecary, Brewmaster's Belt
    *[Team 13] Disaster Area: +1 Power, +1 Control, Liquid Confidence, 1GMAP: Healing Vapor
    *Necessary Evils: Stage 1 Ekitai-Kenfu, +1 Willpower

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      R: Did you feel you deserved that promotion?

      Y: No, I wanted to save all of them, we ended up losing 11 lives that day, and one of them was directly because I did not have the reserves to keep going.
      I think this was the part of the bio that sold me. It made me believe in the strength of his character and his reason to be.

      I think you've spent one too many pool points in your Mental block. Should be able to take one out of Tactics and you'll be fine.


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                    ... if you fix two things

                    Y: You go for the hard ball right away. –Chuckle- I took the gig so I could get out of Enkaku. I was a tad different from my fellow brothers and sisters. [He refers to his generation of the Hakkenshi as brothers and sisters, and the elders as fathers and mothers like one large family] I wanted to see the world, and I wanted to be a doctor. I had spoken with my father and He told me I would make a wonderful shinobi medic, I certainly had the chakra manipulation down.

                    Capitalized pronoun, weird

                    So when I got him back, I took him to my father who I knew was a doctor for the Sunagakure shinobi. He allowed me to watch as he bandaged up the pooch, and ease his pain. I asked if I could keep the dog on the grounds, but father denied me; the dog was free and was to remain free.

                    Was awkwardly phrased
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                    He would make no escape attempted, he could not. Iamarato's technique temporary stolen his echo from him


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