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  • Sgt. Yugito Hisagi

    Devilish ambitions pave the road to disaster,
    But me -- I'm the master of the fast and faster,
    I speed past the evil and dash to the glory,
    Punchin' out gods, man, this is my story.

    Name: Yugito Hisagi
    Age: Seventeen
    Rank: Chuunin
    Gender: Male

    Village: Hidden Cloud
    Division: Combat (Sergeant)

    General Appearance:
    From his single, "The Anatomy"
    - - -

    "I spew books of knowledge while my eyes bleed scarlet,
    And then I recite them to all the young starlets and--stars who adore me,
    Adorn me with kisses on my chocolate covered cheeks,
    I'm no man--I'm a beast,
    I'm the heart and its beat--the life of these streets exudes from my speech,
    And the steel keeps me safe as I stand in the heat,

    Six feet too tall but I balance it with weight,
    See, my muscles keep me [round]--like a [crown] on my state,
    And I boast and I brag and I endorse my own *name,
    But my life aint no *game--I walk cautious with the *fame,
    I walk light with my *frame and soar high with an *aim,
    The clouds are the limit I'm just tryna make it *rain."
    Through his diverse set of lyrics he depicts himself as a tall, dark, and handsome man with a naturally balanced physique and a languid beat to his naturally hastened pace that releases a supernatural air around him. Hisagi is not a man--but a boy with dark-skin given to him from his lineage and genetics from the Kumogakure of centuries past. His eyes are stained with the blood from warfare and have dimmed from their once brilliant sparkle. They are now nothing but a pair of jewels sitting in his crown. His nose is naturally round and his eyebrows sharp, leading into his full lips and iron jaw.

    Whether it be through the way of the sword or by some mundane method of combat his body has toned itself out to be that of a gymnast, with strong thighs and thin--yet powerful arms that allow him control of his body in whatever position possible. Moves considered useful to a shinobi like flips and rolls are like exercises for him, while the real stunts he showcases during battle come from the teachings of his late instructor and the will of his budding might. Locks of tawny plastered hair come to a point off of his scalp and garnish his features with an aura of cool--usually accompanied with a hooded sweatshirt of some kind because of his preferences for them.

    But he is not without flaw or physical marking, for his service as a man of fame has required that he be a role model for all of the youth. So instead of wearing a button of some sort which shows the black lightning bolts that devote himself to the destruction of the G-men, he has it tattooed in large and threatening ink on the left side of his neck, extending from the base of his neck to the end of his jawline behind his earlobe. Hisagi thinks of it as a symbol of power--mentally--and has taken it to his grave that it will be of important remembrance when all of this madness is said and done.

    Amongst his usual style of clothing which consists of comfortable and expensive clothes, he keeps an item of invaluable treasure amongst him that he uses and then cleans after every use. It's his katana, Tegome, with a beautifully polished golden guard and a blade crafted to perfection. He makes sure it is sharpened at the end of every day for utmost efficiency, even if he knows he wont be needing it. That's just the kind of guy he is. You will always find this weapon strapped to his person around his waist, hanging off of a little clip that attaches the scabbard to him. Anything not mentioned here varies daily, and will be mentioned as the occasion arises.

    Another one of the more permanent placements on his body since his rebellion from the government's forces is the Cloud forehead protector which goes against its initial intention as it hangs around the boy's neck with its black cloth ever so endearing. And usually stashed within the arms of his jackets are the daggers which allows him to quickly remove them from his forearm and into his hand so he can follow it with a swift attack. As known throughout the globe a ninja's best weapon is subtlety.

    Not above the law, he keeps the light brown vest on his person and at all times, usually over the jacket so as to keep himself from having to show it upon request by his superiors. He likes the sense of flavor it adds to him and additionally doesn't find it as a stylish hindrance at all. But then again, who needs style when you're in the middle of a war? His main concern is following the orders of those above him to ensure that he can do what a shinobi is meant to do--protect and serve. His double chevron proudly on the foot of the garb.

    Taken from his mixtape, "The Red Rose"
    - - -

    "A cool cold calm erects from the eye of the storm,
    Weaving through the shrapnel with a single sword in arm,
    No garnish or tarnish--only the thorns of the flower of death shall lie upon me."
    There is something about Hisagi that brings the image of clouds to reality. It may be his calm yet ever-moving spirit that continues him. Or it may be for the fact that he is able to move on. Even when obstacles prove to be too strong and too fast for one to get through--he moves right through it and continues on for as long as the sun is up. In the night he slows down and becomes quiet, rejoicing in the advantage of having a place to hide. He is one of those successful people who enjoys the life of fame but only because he gets to share his ideas on a more massive level. The public recognition becomes too much and the love he receives from others is usually a fallacy.

    And as a musician who has often released tracks with an angry edge to it you would think his aim on the battlefield was explicit and merciless, but again you would be wrong. It's nothing more than releasing the anger pent up from the ever imposing G-Men and their malicious effects on the village. He would only hurt a comrade if left no other choice, but for those selfless bastards who have become reoccurring thieves in his life a new side of him rises. One of little to no care for mercy, emotions, and gore. A swift eradication is the only means in which he can console himself, and it is a swift eradication that he grants unto them.

    But a Seventeen year old is usually just like everyone else. Although his fame has given him money and power, it means nothing when his prowess as a Shinobi of Kumogakure is mentioned. He proudly pumps himself into his work to inspire others to be just as motivated, as well as show his Nee-chan how it's done.

    Hisagi fashions a usually stoic expression on his face whenever he is troubled by emotion, trying to act as cold and hard towards it as he is able to. Tears aren't below him, they are just incredibly hard for him to pump out at the right times which--once again--make him look as though he doesn't care. His heart is there just as anyone else, but to show it to anyone would only make him feel weak and dependent. Something he believes a shinobi should never advertise, even to their flesh and blood. And it is in that belief that he works in stressful situations--it is in that belief that he is efficient.

    However, there is more to him than that. As long as it is appropriate he usually remains a mellow guy. Quick to smile and first to make you laugh along with being able to meticulously transmute his thoughts into rhyme whenever needed, he is a precious aid on the field for his quick thinking and even faster movements. And he's a professional at speed writing. Some would even go as far to say his writing skills compare with someone who dedicates themselves to the teachings of Sumi-e. A valuable resource when information needs to be shipped, as well as a helpful tool when writing down new song lyrics.

    Way of the Ninja: "Sometimes I forget why I got into this. But I want to become something more than what the rest of my family has set in front of me. I want to restart the mechanics of this village so that it'll last centuries down the line. For myself, my present family, and the generations to come."

    Quicksilver [X]
    Special: When taken as Primary Archetype, the character can double his/her Speed stat for one post. This does not include taijutsu bonuses. This cannot be used to insta-hit opponents.

    Primary: Physical
    Secondary: Mental
    Tertiary: Chakra
    Stat Merit: +2 to Speed, +1 to Stamina
    Stat Flaw: -1 to Control, -1 to Power, -1 to Strength
    Note: Cannot be combined with Human Tank
    Description: An archetype that bases solely on speed, it's used by many assassins who prefer quick kills instead of drawn-out fights. Those who have this Archetype's movements are usually faster than those of another Archetype.

    Strength: 1-[1]+10 = 10 (+7)
    Speed: 1+[2]+12 = 15 (+10)
    Stamina: 1+[1]+8 + 1 (Thread) = 11 (+8)

    Intelligence: 1+9 = 10
    Tactics: 1+9 = 10
    Willpower: 1+9 = 10

    Power: 1-[1]+8 = 8
    Control: 1-[1]+9 = 9
    Reserves: 1+7 = 8

    Broadsword's Pride
    (1) Stage I [Strength: 4, Speed: 4]
    (2) Special: Gibbous Kaika
    (3) Stage II [Strength: 8, Speed: 6, Willpower: 6]
    (4) Stage III [Strength: 10, Speed: 10, Willpower: 8]

    Kumo Genjutsu
    (5) Hibanahouden no Jutsu [Control 3, Intelligence 3]
    (6) Kumo Bunshin no Jutsu [Tactics 5, Willpower 4, Intelligence 4]
    (7) Hitoshirenu Shikaku no Jutsu [Control 8, Power 6, Reserves 8]

    Dagger Ninjutsu
    (8) Kage no Kaiken [Power 2, Willpower 2]
    (9) Yobikake no Kaiken [Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4]
    (10) Ame no Kaiken [Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6]

    Right Season Worker's Glove
    (11) Stage I [Stamina: 5, Strength: 3]
    (12) Stage II [Stamina: 8, Strength: 6, Reserves: 6]

    (9) Cleaver Sword (Hangyaku)
    (2) Throwing Daggers

    "Speeding Dagger Funk"

    - - -

    Bruthas wanna know how I'm livin' the mack life
    Making money smoking mics like crack pipes
    It's kinda simple and plain to maintain
    I add a little funk to the brain
    The funk baby

    Ya see, it started off like most things start off. Got mom and dad going into cardiac arrest while they beastin' out underneath the sheets, nahmean? Then almost a year later you got me: Yugito Hisagi–OG. Origin of Greatness.

    Must be aware of the fact that people aren't perfect, though. Right? People that fall in love don't always stay that way. My parents aren't that much different. I don't know what happened. I just never remember my dad being there. It was always me and my moms, and he would come over every month to either pay the damn child support or ask for some money. Fuck that brutha, though. I don't need him. Never have, never will. I'm making it good on my own.

    All my life everything came to me naturally. I was just a guy with a lot of potential. Never perfected shit. But they say I had the potential to. I didn't mind not being the best at what I did. Not being the worst was all I cared about. Nah, fuck that. Even as I say it I can't help but want to correct myself. I'm not okay with not being the best. I was born with a need to be the best in everything I did–everything I do. It started off as wanting to win every game I played. If I lost, damn right I cried. A victory wasn't the only thing I cared about.

    Then as I grew–it grew. Progressing until I wouldn't let myself stop until I had at least grown comfortable with my own mediocrity. But giving up? I wouldn't quit doing anything unless you made me. It was that serious, fam. You should know me better than that. But promise me you'll be like I was. Even if you're in the wrong. If you're going to do something bad I don't want to here you doing it half-assed. Go all the way, alright? For me?


    But listen up, kid, cause I know you're wondering about how I came to be me. Well, Kumogakure... wasn't always like this. There was still war and trouble for as long as I've known, but that shit goes with every village. I joined the forces at a young age because it was the normal thing to do for a kid my age... and I wanted to try it out. Most of my friends came from military backgrounds and so it was like a custom thing for them?

    But us? But you? It's all up to you. When I got into it I thought it would all be fun and games. It wasn't until they fuckin' broke me down, dude–literally, and then built me back up, that I realized what I was getting into. But it was exciting so I didn't mind. I got into some trouble with some of my superiors as far as my mouth went, and I got my ass handed to me because of it. Remember to respect your elders 'cause they got enough experience to knock the shit out of you.

    So I used my brain and decided to write down all of the things I thought about the shinobi academy of Kumogakure and some other things in general as far as life and dad, into a journal I kept with me at all times. Wrote in that so much that I had too many thoughts in that thing. It was as if my brain and its products had been laid out on paper. And after a while everything started turning into rhymes.

    And with those rhymes I laid my story out in raps. Where I grew up is a neighborhood you will never get to know. All of the kids going outside and being kids, doing what they wanted and imitating everyone around them ended with the burning of Hima. I guess you were born twenty days too late. But it's okay. You'll get to make your own memories. Wait, where was I going with this shit?

    All I know is rapping was a pasttime for us. Some kids played hide and seek and others played House, but only the best of the best of us could turn our words into rhymes and song. It was a new form of art that not even the masters of sumi ninjutsu can surpass. It was a powerful thing to say words so that they held a certain ambiance. But we all did it like a game. Pretty soon I just progressed. And now I'm one of the few talented musical figures to come from this country. But even all of this recognition couldn't surpass the way I felt when I earned enough merits and approval to actually become a full-fledged ninja.

    Throughout the troubles and the torment they let me make it. Now look at me, a Chuunin. Of course I didn't start here. I started out as a Genin with a lot of lack and little luster. Just some guy with a quick mouth and a quick hand, but nothing else behind it. I became "Tenkuu no Hisagi", a lyrical mastermind, two years ago. But the moment I picked up a sword is when things truly changed.

    I had teammates–several of them, actually, as I was often switched through teams to better suit our dynamics. But it was always that I was either too advanced for them, or not advanced enough. I always thought you could never be too advanced. Whatever. Anyway, after finding a collection of people who seemed to be just as independent as I was, we found out that we were more of a fit than anyone else in the entire group. You could say the three of us rookies were one-of-a-kind. Each of us had our own swag that was just dominating.

    And after some good teaching from Mitawo Hakushi, it was only a matter of time before we were front-lined and center before the Raikage with our skills. I was well-balanced with my skills–I needed to be to even suit myself. But my primary talent will always be Taijutsu. So afted displaying what we got, guess what happened?

    Not a damn thing. A council gave us promotion almost two years later... which, if you think about the timeline of me becoming a Genin at 12, was right around the time where my mixtape hit circulation among the large entertainment gurus which hit me like a back-to-back orgasm. It was amazing, dude. Can't say that everyone was happy for me... but my moms was. I could always use some extra cash in my pocket. People I thought I was cool with got ghost on me and disappeared, too. But I mean it's whatever. Not like it matters. Everyone who I need either haven't met me yet, or they're still in my life. So I'm cool.

    Everything's cool. Well, it should be. But I didn't come here to tell you all about myself. See, you're young, and you probably don't even know what I'm saying. Surprised you haven't started crying and pissing on me yet. But if you ever remember anything when you grow up, it's that the world isn't all rays of sunshine. So you should be.

    The government's in shambles. The infrastructure of the shinobi population has broken into two groups. One on the Raikage's side while the others rested within Nagai Jenryuu's fold. Any others not associating with them were already victim of the G-Men. A group of terrorist scoundrels paid by the government to stop us from taking back Kaminari no Kuni. When you think G-Men, I want you to hate. Because odds are they'll eventually take my life and the life of everyone you know unless we can overcome. And it's only in that possibility that I side with Nagai. I respect the Raikage. But I have to think about others than myself and how I look to the public.

    You don't care though, do you? I didn't think so. Whatever. When you grow up maybe I'll tell you this story again but add some flare to it so you wont be bored. But for now, sweet dreams, lil' Yusuke.

    Other Info:
    - His sister, as mentioned in the profile, isn't his biological sister. Just a girl he befriended during his youth and defended, treating her as he would if she would have been born under his care. She is a Genin who will go unnamed and unmentioned, so I can pester someone to make her an RPC.
    - All of the lyrics except for the modified Notorious BIG lyrics at the start of the biography are mine, just for clarification.
    - Biography perspective was in that of almost a month old cousin, Chibana Yusuke, as he talks to him while he watches him sleep.
    - He calls almost everyone "brutha" or "bruh" despite whether or not they truly deserve the title, as a way to integrate popular vernacular without using an infamous and harmful racial slur we all know and love.

    Surname, First Initial: Yugito, H
    Alias: OG, Poet, Broadway
    Serial: 173789102762
    Military Rank: Sergeant.
    Company/Squad: None Listed
    Technical Occupation: NCO
    Specialization: Danbira No Kyo
    Birthplace: Hidden Cloud Village, Lightning Country
    Medals Earned: None
    Chevrons: Sergeant-in-training (Basic), Exceptional Service (Basic)
    Associations: None
    Children: None
    Marital Status: Single
    Declared Next of Kin: Chibana Yusuke

    Track Log:
    1) Speeding Dagger Funk - Origin
    2) Cloud's return - +1 Stamina, Basic Chevron

    been driving ms. daisy
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    Strength: 1-[1]+10 = 10 (+7)
    Speed: 1+[2]+11 = 15 (+10)
    Stamina: 1+[1]+9 = 10 (+8)
    Speed is 14, Stamina is 11.

    AP: 47


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      Not anymore it isn't. :]

      been driving ms. daisy
      Let's RP & stuff. But be patient I'm still a n00b.

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        Half Approval.

        AP: 47


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          His mixtapes are pretty dope. And when I say dope, I mean I would burn them.



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            Half Approved

            I don't get why half the words are in blue...unless that means they which case storm and arm don't rhyme imo....but oh well, not holding it against you at all. :]

            Thank you Relu for the buttons!


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              I want to panch this pretentious ninja-rap-star square in the teeth.

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                Masked - Since, it is rap, it depends on the vernacular and accent the person saying the lyrics announces that makes the words rhyme. If you say them without a certain tongue then no, some words will not rhyme.

                Mizu - Not pretentious. In fact quite the opposite, even with some sort of media recognition.

                been driving ms. daisy
                Let's RP & stuff. But be patient I'm still a n00b.

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                  Cloud GM Bump.

                  been driving ms. daisy
                  Let's RP & stuff. But be patient I'm still a n00b.

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                    I admittedly knew something like this would eventually come around when Cloud was depicted in the series as it was. Just be aware that Cloud (and Lightning Country in general) is meant to be a diverse lot, a majority of color is not really meant to exist. As far as the rapping and him being a popular media figure, I guess it's alright, maybe one of the reason some people eventually accept Hidden Cloud perhaps?

                    In general I don't believe I have problems with anything involving how the character originates or how he represented. But I do have a problem, and I hate to sound like I'm 9 years old pointing a finger at you.

                    I know what you're getting at and what you're meaning to say when you use the term "ninja", and as a person I was just raised to fear the word I know you're replacing. Yes I will flat out admit if you weren't to say anything and just threw the word "ninja" around in dialogue I wouldn't of been none the wiser. But the fact that I know now and the very fact that you're replacing a word to mean another that seriously make my eyelids twitch. I seriously don't know what to do.

                    It's a fair character, but just that makes me very nervous. So you're going to need to drop me a line or get a hold of me about this, because right now I don't think this is going to fly for me.

                    Edit: Something else is you forgot to mention the chevron, my suggestion would be making mention of it on your jacket.
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                      This is a bump, btw.

                      I took care of the edits requested of me so that it's not as obvious as what I am intending to replace. Though you know I only resort to it because of lyrics and their use of the word sometimes gets a little out of hand and I don't want to be throwing it around when I myself find it offensive to be called that. Mention of the double chevron was added onto the vest in the appearance description, so I think I'm all good.

                      been driving ms. daisy
                      Let's RP & stuff. But be patient I'm still a n00b.

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                        Indeed, you are good to go. Just be careful of the "bruhs" please.

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                        I want you to take a good look at me and my work and accept that I am not a person with a plan.

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