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  • Otoha Isa

    Name: Otoha Isa
    Age: 26
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5'9

    Character Type: Shinobi

    Country/Village: Lightning Country/Kumogakure
    Rank: Jounin
    Division: Medic

    Physical Description: They say the eyes are the window to one’s soul. Stare into her eyes and receive nothing. No, for this one, look to her hands. Strong, gentle, warm palms and fingers calloused from countless work. See the intricate play of delicate bone and lithe muscle beneath scarred and worn skin. This is her true, simple self; a creature of undeniable strength and steadfast diligence, success and failure, flawed and perfected. For she is a human, nothing more and nothing less.

    Pale, ashen locks brush unrestrained against the dusky brow and soft cheekbones, the pearl gray tresses holding ivory against the sight of her eyes. The carmine depth fall lackluster, lacking the expressive nature of other’s oculus that draws the attention of another. As her eyes, she too lacked much of interest. Born with a sturdy figure, she has long since grown into the skeletal structure for a versatile, yet unassuming body. Cleavage, pelvis, a soft and supple complexion; all forsaken in the place of honed muscle and an enduring frame.

    To call her “pretty” is a misnomer. While others still cling to the innocent beauty of youth, she has long moved past that stage and into maturity. There is no wide, expressive gaze, childish blushing or dimpled, innocent smiles. Time has touched this one, leaving in its wake a visage refined by years of worry and care. But beneath the mark of responsibility rests something else far heavier than the responsibility of adulthood. Neither anger nor spite, the weary acceptance alludes her very existence. And it is this presence that warps her appearance to give an air of one who has lived far more years than her true age.

    Clothing: Her clothing is rarely ever a lavish affair. The humid and unpredictable weather of the country has given rise to sturdy, default shinobi footwear, cargo pants, fish-net undershirt, a shinobi vest and, if weather demands, a water-proof manteau to keep warm. Out of mission and in normal day she prefer to keep a simple appearance. A hooded sweatshirt in case of sudden change in rainfall, halter top beneath, a pair of cargo pants and chunky hiking boots. Either way she always keep her hitai-ate tied round her neck, the steel plate a solid protection against her throat.

    Personality: To the rest of the world, Isa is, and has always been, a simple person in both social and work. She is an industrious creature, always finishing anything required of her with her own ability. Even when a task is too great for her skills, she stubbornly continues forward, loathing the notion of asking for aid. To impose upon another a part of her own job, no matter how small, is to ask the other to abandon a part of their personal time for her sake. And she detests that, the act of burdening another with her own problems and adding even more hassle to that of their own. If they offer help on their own, she’ll happily accept, but to actively ask of another’s aid is, for this one, a sacrilege.

    Just as she asks nothing from others, so too does she remain distant from another’s private life. While the woman is not anti-social, she rarely seeks out gossip and chatter to sate idle curiosity. Everyone, no matter who they be, all have secrets and personal woes. Prying into such matters with no other reason than mere interest is, to this one, a vile act of sin. If one does not wish to reveal certain information about their personal life, there must be a reason. When they are ready they will in good time, divulge the truth to who they see fit. Curiosity is a sin and one this human view with particular distaste.

    The rest of her personality is quite bland. The woman is sociable enough to make conversation with most others. Despite the heavy air that surrounds her, she is both amiable and cheerful in most meetings. She is, however, known to be extremely forgiving. Those who anger the jounin need only give a simple apology for their grievance to be forgotten. A wide smile, a brief shake of the hand and, always, those simple words; “Don’t worry about it. After all, everyone is human, right?” And as she speaks this to others, so too does Isa abide by its code. Rarely grasping for attention, perpetually humble and always striving to better herself, it is almost impossible to fall enemy to this shinobi.

    There is, however, one character she hates with an intense and eternal loathing; hypocrites. Humans make mistakes, have flaws and vices and she accepts that. It is because of these imperfections that makes one human. A perfect being is, in essence, an empty shell, without personality, quality or life. To live is to be ever-changing, to learn and adapt and eventually, come to accept oneself for who they are, not despite their flaws, but because of their virtues. But for any man to judge another on the same act he himself has not realized is unforgivable. One can only lecture another when oneself has gained full knowledge of the situation and either come to accept or overcome the problem. To do otherwise is an insult to the nature of human; proclaiming self-perfection while in reality flawed beyond knowledge. These select few will be met with a grim, even menacing glare, but the rest of the world she will gladly acquaint.

    Nindo: "Everyone is human; I'll have you realize you are one too."

    Primary Archetype: Myrmidon
    Special: When taken as Primary Archetype, the character can double his/her Strength stat for one post. This does not include taijutsu bonuses.
    Primary: Physical
    Secondary: Chakra
    Tertiary: Mental
    Stat Merit: +2 Stamina, +1 Reserves
    Stat Flaw: -1 Tactics, -1 Intelligence, -1 Control

    Secondary Archetype: Healer
    Stat Merit: +2 to Intelligence, +1 to Reserves
    Stat Flaw: -1 to Strength, -1 to Speed, -1 to Willpower


    Physical – Primary

    Strength: 1 - 1 + 17 = 17 + 12 (Seidou) = 29
    Speed: 1 - 1 + 26 = 26 + 25 (Yomi no Buyou) = 51
    Stamina: 1 + 2 + 17 = 20 + 20 (Yomi no Buyou) = 40

    Mental - Tertiary

    Intelligence: 1 + 2 - 1 + 13 = 15
    Tactics: 1 - 1 + 11 = 11
    Willpower: 1 - 1 + 16 = 16

    Chakra - Secondary

    Power: 1 + 17 = 18
    Control: 1 - 1 + 18 + 1 [GMAP] = 19
    Reserves: 1 + 1 + 1 + 15 = 18

    Jutsu and Technique:

    Yomi no Buyou

    Stage 5: - Freebie 1 to 5
    Stage Requirements: Speed 26, Stamina 18, Strength 12, Willpower 16
    Stage Bonus: +5 Speed, +4 Stamina
    Accumulated Bonus: + 25 Speed, + 20 Stamina

    Seidou Kobushi

    Stage 4: - Freebie 6 to 9
    Stat Requirements: Control 17, Power 14, Reserves 12, Strength 14
    Stage Bonus: +3 Strength
    Accumulated Bonus: + 12 Strength

    Special Technique:
    Transfer - Freebie 10

    Medical List

    Stage 1:
    Shindan (Diagnosis) - Freebie 11
    Requirements: Control 2, Willpower 2

    Stage 2:
    Jokyo Dokubutsu (Poison Removal) - Freebie 12
    Requirements: Intelligence 6, Willpower 5, Power 5

    Stage 3:
    Chiyute No Jutsu: Karui (Healing Hands Technique: Minor) - Freebie 13
    Requirements: Control 8, Power 8, Reserves 6

    Stage 4:
    Chiyute no Jutsu (Healing Hands Technique) - Freebie 14
    Requirements: Intelligence 12, Willpower 11, Tactics 10, Control 12

    Stage 5:
    Hone Chiyu no jutsu (Bone Healer Skill) - Freebie 15
    Requirements: Control 17, Power 16, Reserves 16, Intelligence 15; Chiyute no jutsu

    Dagger List

    Stage 1:
    Name: Kage no Kaiken (Shadow Dagger) - Freebie 16
    Requirements: Power 2, Willpower 2

    Stage 2:
    Name: Yobikake no Kaiken (Dagger Call) - Freebie 17
    Requirements: Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4

    Stage 3:
    Name: Ame no Kaiken (Dagger Rain) - Freebie 18
    Requirements: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6

    Stage 4:
    Name: Namaru no Kaiken (Hidden Daggers) - AP
    Requirements: Power 14, Control 13, Reserves 11, Willpower 10


    Kunai - 2
    SOC Ball - 3
    Shugoshin - 12

    Weapon Points Remaining: 3
    Additional Weapon Points Gained: 0


    A single day in Heaven, a thousand years on Earth. In the end it all comes to tragedy.

    Even before birth the fate of this child had already been decided. A creation of sin whose veins pulsed with the blood of two born of same parents. They knew of their actions, of their silent crime committed under the veil of darkness. The world would judge their actions and punish them for their transgression. And yet, was it really, truthfully, that wrong to be with the one you love?

    They were young then and as such naive to the fragile nature of humanity. When she discovered she was pregnant with their child, she was foolish enough to believe their love would transcend all. She was wrong; upon the news of their child, he grew distant, confused, afraid. Then finally, a bare week after the news he disappeared, departing from Seikatsu without a hint of his destination. Still she clung to the desperate hope that he would return. The months passed and soon it became impossible to hide her state. Out of fear she lied to her family of the father. By then she was too late into the pregnancy to have an abortion, and so they ushered her off to a suitor who did not mind the bastard child. The wedding took only days to occur.

    By the time she finally gave birth, the new mother had lost all romantic notion of her brother returning to her side. The newborn girl, once a ray of hope was now a physical embodiment of her foolishness and pain. While her husband had no objections towards raising the child, she did not wish to be remindered of her past. The girl was placed in an orphanage where she was eventually adopted by a loving family. With three boys in the household, the parents dearly wished for a girl.

    And that was how Isa came to be. Unaware of her lineage but for the fact that she was adopted, the girl spent her childhood years in the joys and adventures of the bustling household. When she turned nine of age the child didn't hesitate to follow the footsteps of her older brothers and stepped boldly into the life of a shinobi.

    Midst the ever-shifting sea of people, I shall sleep in your embrace till the end of eternity.

    Her genin years were, as genin years ought to be, dull and uneventful. Despite the increasing pressure exerted by the country's government over the village, trouble had yet to reach this shinobi's world. Her team was neither rowdy nor adventurous, spontaneous or talented. They stumbled and toiled their way through those days of learning and practicing. Eventually each attained the rank of chuunin and with that separated to their own ways.

    Unknown to Isa, the curtains lifted up from the stage known as Fate.

    It was a chance meeting. An ordinary mission, an ordinary team. The only thing that changed following the mission was the newfound emotion called love. She didn't know what it was that had her normally steadfast self infatuated beyond all reason. Oh but she loved him and he adored her with the same intensity. They were perfect for each other. Life was bliss, not even the ever-apparent signs of impending warfare could hamper their affection.

    Having chosen a career as a medic, Isa found herself deployed into missions and positions that varied drastically from that of her lover's. As Kumogakure rose up in defiance against its country, so too did its shinobi against the fearsome G-men. Weeks, months, it soon became near impossible for the two to meet midst the village's rebellion. Thus the news of pregnancy shocked both of them.

    Worried and nervous, yet overflowing with elation, they decided that a marriage was in order. Her own family happily agreed upon meeting her lover. All that was left was for Isa to visit his parents and ask for their approval. With eager anticipation the chuunin stepped through the door and turned to greet her further in-laws.

    The hand of Fate pushes me relentlessly forward. I dance as you wish, fly as you wish.

    There was no mistaking her. Even as two decades had passed by, she still identified the medic. The tresses of soft white tinted gray by invisible shadows. The dusky skin hinting gold beneath the setting sun. And those eyes, the still pools of cardinal brilliance, the same hue as the sinful blood that resided in her body. She needn't ask to know that the young woman was adopted or the date of her birthday. She knew, for blood was thicker than water. And she couldn't allow her children to repeat the same mistake as she had.

    When she forbid their proposal, the young couple could not understand. They persisted for a reason and finally a reason she did give. Shock was too light a word for their reaction to the revelation. Isa was dumbfounded. Her lover, however, was even more distraught than she. With stuttering voice and shaking hands he embraced her, reassuring her that he would handle the situation and asked her to trust him. There was a wild look in his eyes as he watched her depart.

    The border of love and hate is impossible to define. If so, then why must you continue to reminiscence?

    When news came of the murder Isa could not fathom its reason. Why would he kill his family and turn to a renegade for the government? But strange as it may be, the truth remained the same for the chuunin; she was left alone to face the sins they had committed. A weaker person would have averted from reality, content to drown themselves in their own idealistic fantasies. She was not such person. Instead she would atone for her sins.

    A week after the abortion, Isa returned to her duty with greater vigor than ever. She took it to herself to use her skills to fight for the will of Kumogakure. No matter how it may end she would not waver. It was not loyalty that had her remain true to the ailing village but the path of redemption. Even if they may fall, so long as she did all in her power and stayed true till the bitter end, it was all she needed.

    Slowly they began to buckle under the government's relentless power. What was once the promise of glorious triumph now remained nothing more than a futile struggle against an inevitable end. With each passing day the number of the dead grows and the living fall. What was once bustling shops and crowded streets now laid bare and broken, falling into disarray as its occupants and owners left the withering village. Of the few who chose to remain only a handful still held onto the fading notion of hope. Of her family only Isa and her father remained. Soon, very soon only the man would remain, for she was a shinobi, after all…

    She was eventually promoted to jounin. The rank meant nothing in the current village. The only thing it ensured was a swifter road towards death. Yet she still remained alive long enough for them to meet again.

    By waiting for you I broke our promise. If you want to pursue then why regret?

    He was the same as she had remembered, only a few years older and touched with the sign of battle. Despite each one’s respective mission neither raised their weapon against the other. An unspoken truce settled over the two. He smiled and without any hesitation asked her to join him. He had already disposed of those who knew the truth of their blood. Kumogakure was losing; the G-men would soon win and eradicate the village and its occupants. He had already attained a solid rank within the government’s army. It would be easy for her to come with him. There, they could be wedded and be a family and no one would be the wiser.

    No, someone would know; them. Even if the world does not judge them, she would. Humans are such flawed creatures, forever destined to succumb to folly and error. But it doesn’t matter. So long as one was willing to face one’s true nature, one’s faults and try to correct them it would be enough. As the living form of humanity’s weakness she needed to strive harder than the rest. If she was to waver now, the memory and guilt would only grow stronger.

    And so she turned away from him to her unconscious team-mate and nearing reinforcement. When his bloodied form, pierced by the attack of a shinobi, crumpled onto the ground, Isa didn’t have the time or energy to spare him a glance, focused instead on healing her fellow shinobi…

    I take a step forward and you are the only one by my side. I take a glance back and realize we can never return to the way we were.

    Rishou; reincarnation of Cloud Village. A revival, a second chance, a new beginning born from the ashes of its namesake. And what a foundation. Centuries of memory and lives, of dreams and achievements, gone, all lost within the rubbles of defeat. The force known to the world as Kumogakure was destroyed. Even if they remained and rebuild it was no longer the same; nothing could regain the solidarity torn. Two villages, two leaders but eventually only one survivor.

    Did she regret appealing for Nagai during his trial? No. How could she retain spite against a man who remained loyal to his ideals even when faced with Death? True, one could blame him for the disparity and the renegade of shinobi troops, but not her. He chose his path and followed his heart. To have the strength to take the first step; how she envy his courage. If only she too could discard the shrouds of past grievances and step boldly into the future. If only…

    But in the end, she was still a Cloud shinobi. She swore allegiance to the Raikage so many years ago. And there was only one Raikage; Konishi Denryuu. One does not give one’s loyalty with thought of gaining something in return. One remain faithful to their liege regardless of whatever hardship may befall. When she heard Nagai’s idea her own heart fell mesmerized to the vision he declared. But to follow her desire was to succumb to temptation. Yes, perhaps her choice would lead to nothing more than premature death, but at when Death arrives, she would face it with pride of her strength. A pride that she remained, till the end, resolute.

    The pride of a human and a Cloud shinobi.

    17/04/10: + 1 Control [GMAP]

    AP: 47

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                Goooood, what a gorgeous biography. I fully enjoyed reading this biography. The italic bits in the middle, the very accurate description of current war-time Kumogakure... Even the naughty-family-love was very well done.

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