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Reiatsu Sakai [Konoha Genin]

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  • Reiatsu Sakai [Konoha Genin]

    Name: Reiatsu Sakai
    Age: 12
    Sex: Male
    Height: 158.5 cm [5ft. 2 in.]
    Weight: 58.96 kg [130 lbs.]

    Character Type: Shinobi

    Country/Village: Fire Country; Leaf Village
    Rank: Genin
    Division: --

    Appearance: The more than athletic teen. Sakai's muscles are well toned, as if sculpted by the gods. Every time his little frame flexes, he attracts all sorts of attention. But he's not the kind to flaunt his physique. Probably because although it's pretty well in tact, it's not his focus. His hair is blonde, a light yellow which is very smooth upon touch. His hair styling is more wildly spiky than well-groomed. Two long bangs protrude from his hairline and sit over where his sideburns would be, masking them behind the luscious golden hair. The edging of his hair a bit out of control, but it doesn't seem to take away from his overall appearance. Light skin color as far as skin goes. His skin is not smooth, but more of a soft rugged feeling. His chest hair is nonexistent, although some small chin hair can be seen when examined with some sort of magnifier they're not big enough to even be called rugged.

    Standing at a measly five foot two, he's a somewhat short boy. But his well-toned exterior makes up for his lack in height. It's all of that fist swinging that he does that keeps him in the shape that he's in. His eyes are a deep, soft blue hue that he usually uses on babies to lull them to sleep. A small guy, with big strengths. He weighs in at one-hundred and twelve pounds. Short to the point nails make it easier to punch, and thin eyebrows allow the sweat to travel around rather than find a temporary home in them. His teeth, are so clean that when he smiles a light shines from them with a glare so bright that those not used to it wince instantly. Defined cheekbones raise into his appearance. He definitely gives off the masculine vibe.

    Being a swordsman means that Sakai risks his life and those he's associated with every time he unsheathes his blades, therefore he must have the right amount of clothes. Not to big as so to weigh him down, but not too little so that other weapons can be hid and utilized upon the right time. Two layers for the boy, we start with the under layer. A no-sleeved black cotton shirt sits on his bare skin. The collar rises around his neck and grabs onto it, resembling a turtle neck in it's execution. The arms are cut all the way up to the shoulder, so he really doesn't have any protection here. However when more flexibility is needed he will use this to his advantage. It's a bit bigger in stature compared to others, coming to a halt a few centimeters under his waist, stopping over his butt.

    Underneath his pants are some really flexible teal shorts that come down to his knees. However these are rarely seen, only if he exits his clothes as a method of escape. Under that, of course, is his boxers. He has a multitude of these which seem the same save for the color always alternating. Just plain boxers. Some think he dyes them.. but they're stupid. Going onto the outer layer Sakai wears a long-sleeved teal shirt which is very loose except for it's arms. Gives him some of the flashy shinobi nature while fighting. The sleeves come around his arm and shave off right before his wrists. Black fingerless gloves occupy his hands and give him a better handle on the hilts of his swords.

    Speaking of swords, a black belt that can substitute as suspenders grab around his torso and meet a buckle there, while they hold a dual-holster contraption on the back where his two katana are located. Black with a maroon trim, one has a gold guard and the other is guard-less.The blades are both semi-straight, a mild curve in the steel. Long dark standard issued pants cover his legs save for the ankles, in which are occupied by bare skin and then ended off with the normal blue zori. A beige bag attached to the belt of his pants hangs in the back and serves to hold all other items except for the swords in it. It's somewhat heavy but Sakai manages to keep up his movements with it. Blue hitai-ate usually strapped to his forehead in the common traditional sense matching his zori. Voila!

    Personality: Although his intentions are very veritable and they make him so lovable when he's obviously being an asshole, he has a bit of trouble displaying this to those who he doesn't know, or haven't had the chance to know. Sakai believes that first impressions are very important, and once you get on his bad side, getting off is a challenge. He rarely smiles, and finding the boy with happiness on his face definitely calls for a Kodak moment. Take a picture of it, because it wont last long. His attitude towards everything, isn't really as bad as one might think. But he's realistic, and knows that everything doesn't have a happy ending, and equality is rare if not just a myth.

    Usually calm and collected, he's definitely not perfect, and has the tendency to get upset or bothered by a small list of things. Those that mock him or his heritage, mess with anyone that he has an evolving relationship with, or thieves. Anything else, comes and goes, depending on the subject and the situation. He's not one to play the hero role, and not one to play the villain. Simply one of those characters in the background helping out others when not following their own personal agenda. As well, Sakai can take time away from his own needs, and help others doing things that he wouldn't do alone. And though he might seem like he doesn't want involvement in certain things, he can be persuaded using the strength of numbers.

    Isolation. He has problems when alone, and can get often very querulous. Doesn't last too long, after reunited with company. But one of his fears, deep down, is to be an outcast. No matter how hard he tries to act like he doesn't care about what's done to him and by who, you'll never see him reject an offer that would keep him in good company rather than throwing him in timeout all by himself. And if he does, then there's obviously something deeper than what's showing externally. When in battle, Sakai doesn't like to do a lot of talking, because of it's tiring nature. Although he does tend to speak to add to his attacks, unless it's training, he wont be holding a conversation while he's having some conflict during combat.

    All in all, he's very complicated. Saying things are alright when they're not, and claiming to be fine when he's mentally tearing up. He doesn't want to make a scene, and bring all of the attention towards himself. Very unselfish, he'll think about others before himself, and has never killed anyone before. Malicious thoughts come and go, but murder isn't in his past. Although given the opportunity, and the reasoning, he's not unable to kill anyone. Being a male as well, he comes across the occasional female that he will find an attraction towards, but wont act on it at all. He also fears rejection, even if it's not present. And because of that he's seen with girls from time to time, but not many. At a positive end, his non-shinobi occupation runs into the lines of Sakai being a salesman. They give him stuff to sell, and he attempts to sell it. Not happily, but he has to help pay the bills.

    Later On: Sakai will change in personality, growing a little more sadistic. However this will only be temporary if someone bothers to chew him out for it. If he is provoked in such a manner, however, then some bad things will happen.

    Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": "To make my own path. Swing my blades and carve a future for myself. I'm the master of my fate, the captain of my soul."

    Combo Archetype
    Blade Dancer – Tactician
    BD [+1 to Strength, +1 to Speed, +1 to Tactics; -1 to Willpower, -1 to Reserves, -1 to Power]
    T [+2 to Tactics, +1 to Intelligence; -2 to Strength, -1 to Power]
    Special: One post per thread with an extra for every 10 Reserves, the Anlace can imbue his weapon with a "cut-all" property for one post, meaning it has the ability to easily cleave through solid, physical objects. It can also cut through Ninjutsu equal to the user's highest Stage in a Taijutsu he knows minus one.

    Physical --10/10--

    Strength: 1 [base] +1 [BD] -2 [T] +3 [P] = 3 (+3 Harou no Mai)
    Speed: 1 [base] +1 [BD] +4 [P] +2 [TP] = 8 (+4 Harou no Mai)
    Stamina: 1 [base] +3 [P] = 4 (+2 Harou no Mai)

    Mental --6/6--

    Intelligence: 1 [base] +1 [T] +2 [P] = 4
    Tactics: 1 [base] +1 [BD] +2 [T] +2 [AP] = 6
    Willpower: 1 [base] -1 [BD] +4 [P] = 4

    Chakra --8/8--

    Power: 1 [base] -1 [BD] -1 [T] +3 [P] = 2
    Control: 1 [base] +2 [P] = 3
    Reserves: 1 [base] -1 [BD] +3 [P] = 3

    Jutsu and Techniques
    [Jutsu] --[7/7]-- [List] --[4/4]--

    List Links
    Harou no Mai
    Futoumesisei Gai Nai No
    Katon Ninjutsu
    Universal Ninjutsu
    Harou no Mai
    (Stage One - Free) [+4 Speed, +2 Stamina, +3 Strength]

    Futoumesisei Gai Nai No
    (Stage One - Free) Utsusemi no Jutsu [Tactics 3, Power 2]
    (Free) Enran no Jutsu [Control 3, Willpower 3]

    Katon Ninjutsu
    (Stage One - Free) Katon: Shuriken no Jutsu [Power 2, Tactics 2]
    (Free) Katon: Shoumeidan no Jutsu [Control 3, Intelligence 2]
    (Free) Katon: Tanebi no Jutsu [Intelligence 3, Reserves 3]

    Universal Ninjutsu
    (Stage One - Free) Kawarimi No Jutsu [Intelligence 3, Reserves 3]

    Kunai - 2
    Katana - 12
    Smoke Bombs - 2
    Exploding Tags - 4
    Weapon Points Remaining: 0
    Additional Weapon Points Gained: 0

    Late up night when all the world -- is sleeping.

    A child was born. Dim bronze hair that followed from both of his parents and bright pupils which endlessly contrasted with the emotion given off from the previously mentioned golden asset. Where did the description of this young man originate? None other than the very depths of his aunt's house when he was none other than six days old. His aunt had the same hairstyle, but her hair was a much happier yellow, unlike his own. Aunt Kyo, commonly known as Kyo-san or Ky-senpai is his only known inspiration. The sister to his mother and a single parent, she adopted the young Sakai after hearing that his mother had been arrested for possession of drugs. Although the tests on the child for drugs came back negative, she still had been witnessed using a medley of different drugs in combination a couple of days after his birth--a deadly combination. She filed for adoption soon and within two days received a child. Usually a single mother wouldn't be granted custody over a child, but due to Reiatsu Kyo's pure record she was deemed fit. The only mother he has ever known.

    Always wanting a child of her own, she saw this the perfect opportunity. She was a fairly attractive woman. However a combination of her being in her late-thirties and her reputation as a butcher (slang for shinobi) made it so not many men who weren't in the service or sick bastards didn't feel the need to chase after her. But who cares? This is about Sakai. He grew up with the gentle yet dangerous figure as his only role-model. Although he never has referred to her as his mother despite the television and society leaning towards having a mother and a father. She would always say "Please, call me Aunt Kyo." due to the fact that she still thought of him as her sister's child even when she had legal custody over him. With that incentive, he grew up to know and love many of the same things that she liked. Therefore he believed in a greater justice, revenge, justified mutilation, gods of death, and that swords were weapons of grace. Kyo herself was an expert with any type of blade that was either a katana or smaller in stature. Her speed and grace was only surpassed by her talents in the kitchen. She was an ideal mother, and even young Sakai knew this.

    I stay up and think of you.

    It was only natural for the boy to want to copy the achievements that his only known mentor had been able to obtain. As soon as he could he picked up a sword, albeit was only a wooden model of a tanto, it was still just what the doctor ordered. He ran around most of his free time hitting random things while adding his own homemade sound effects to the attacks. Each wall he would hit, it would lose a bit of paint. Each stuffed animal he would hit, it would lose a bit of it's stuffing. And every time he attempted to hit Kyo with it, he would be forced to get another, as she would personally dismantle it with her own weapon. He looked at it as a lost, while she was of it as a win-win situation. Sooner or later he would learn what would be to come and he would have to avoid it if he wanted to keep the artificial sword. However every time she cut through it, she felt nothing but joy. At least they had more fire wood! A spoiled child true from the beginning, there was nothing that he loved more than his aunt and his swords. Until..
    -- "Give me that back! That's mine!"
    -- "Oh. I'm sorry! It was just sitting there so I figured it didn't belong to anyone."
    -- "Th---thank you."
    -- "Who are you?"
    -- "I'm Sakai.. you?"
    -- "Hana. Nice to meet you!"

    And I wish on a star -- that somewhere you are -- thinking of me too.

    For the next years in which he'd grow to learn a lot more than just how to go fetch another stick and claim it as a weapon. Sundesu Hana was a firey little one. Honestly, she was the first and only girl he had known and had been close with other than Kyo. The bread to his butter. Inseparable ever since that day. Despite their age difference he thought of her as a heaven-sent. Learning so much from the girl who would always come over to visit him when she was at her father's house. Whatever it was he seemed to be a little ignorant on, she helped him with it. Whether it was the fact that no matter what happened, he could not jump off of the Hokage mountain and survive by pushing off of a desk at the last moment. Or if it had to be with the opposite gender and their infestation with the deadly virus known as the cooties. With some shouting, crying, unnecessary hugging, and a game of tag they got through all of their problems. They even pretended to have little marriage ceremonies together and would move from the marriage straight into playing house.

    She was living out her fantasy of experiencing what love felt like, and he was getting to know what friendship was like. They both had mild interests in becoming shinobi. Hana's was sparked by--something. He never knew. But of course his was sparked by the great Kyo. Hana's step-mother and Sakai's aunt were extremely close, almost best friends. Fun. His eighth birthday he was given what he always wanted. A birthday kiss from Hana and a real sword following his acceptance into the ninja academy. All was going well. He joined Hana in what seemed to be a fun couple of months until she was moved out of his class and thrown into one for more.. talented ninja. Needless to say he was a little drained. Little did he know, he wouldn't see the kunoichi ever again after that. With the ninja life stripping them apart, he soon forgot about all of the childhood fun they had together and soon stopped asking about her. It seemed that there was never a time when one of them wasn't busy with something involving the life of a shinobi and/or their own lives. Simply nameless faces in each other's memory.

    I wonder if you've ever seen me -- and I..

    So, neglected Sakai found comfort in the form of isolation. Subconsciously hurting from the loss of his only friend he figured the best way to not feel such pain was to just not let relationships come his way. Friends or not, the only one who he actually continued to count on was himself. Not even Kyo would find the same attention as she was once given by the boy. His guardless katana and the multiple voices which he'd purposely create in his head would be the closest bonds he held onto. And all of this before the age of ten. Still, it didn't mean he didn't love his aunt. He truly did. He couldn't stop loving her, or Hana no matter how hard he tried. However he was a master, perfected the art of hiding the feelings from himself so he believed that he didn't. Kyo didn't take kindly to this display from her adopted son. Not at all. So in response to this she did what she felt was right. One evening after Sakai returned from his lessons at the academy, she met him before he reached the house, holding up her own katana with her dominate left hand and braced her stance with her right. She would have to tie the bond they shared--force was the only option left.

    ..wonder if you know I'm there.
    -- "Kyo-san.. what are you doing?"
    -- "It's Ky-senpai, remember? Now grab your blade!"
    -- "But I'm tired.."
    -- A swift dash resulted in the cut on his young shoulders, scraping across his left shoulder-blade.
    -- "Grab your sword, now!"
    -- The bout began.

    Strike after strike, blow after blow. She swung with intent to damage while still having to hold back for obvious reasons. Each attack slammed into his unprepared blade which pushed his feet into the limestone tiles that made up the walkway. She attacked until she couldn't attack any longer with questions being aimed at the boy as if in a casual conversation. Each answer that made her angry meant one cut was to be placed on him. Each answer that made her smile meant one attack she'd purposely let him counter. In the end there were no victors, and no losers. As the blades were sheathed, Kyo grabbed ahold of Sakai and shed tears into his dirty hair. A large grin displayed on her maw. Now that she had forced him to speak with her, she understood how he felt about everything. How his pain was graduating into something far too big for him to be able to handle. The young genin followed suit. Not because he wanted to, but because he couldn't control himself. Tears streamed down his dirt-tainted cheeks.

    Somehow, through the course of this battle for conversation the two had become closer. She had effectively tied the bond they both shared. And no matter what he did, not even he could undo it. A little ray of sunlight shined upon his shrouded interior. It would all be okay.

    If you looked in my eyes.

    Despite the effort taken by Kyo to repair the ties that had been broken due to Sakai's inability to move on, he was still in a tight bind. Not so much as a social outcast as he used to be, the genin grew up for the next couple of years learning more and more about how to take relationships one day at a time instead of rushing into them and trying to create best friends each time he figured it appropriate. With the help of his own ability to learn something fairly quickly using logic as his base, and of course Kyo's help that came from her experience as an honorable kunoichi. Not that far away from his birthday, the genin graduated with grades somewhat near the top of his class. By now he had forgotten about Hana and their childhood friendship. Only remnants of them playing together would ever flash across his mind. But they sure wouldn't last long. With this event reaching Kyo's ears she decided to do something special for her son. When he arrived home he ran inside his room and on his bed sat the katana complete with a gold guard to compliment his other weapon. The exact same katana that Kyo had used during a vast majority of her kenjutsu years.

    Would you see what's inside?

    -- "Hehe. Don't break it, Sa-kun!"
    -- "..."
    -- "Hm?"
    -- "Thank you.. mom."

    Would you -- even care?

    Other Info
    - Two Katana Purchased
    - For reference, this is Hana.

    Thread Log
    - Shattered Silence: +2 Speed
    - Character Sheet Revision: +2 speed

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