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  • Shibazaki Genma

    Name: Shibazaki Genma
    Age: 30
    Sex: Male

    Character Type: Shinobi

    Country/Village: Fire Country/Hidden Leaf
    Rank: Jounin
    Division: Retired ANBU - Taka Division

    Physical Description and Clothing:

    The very first thing one would notice about Genma would be his facial features. There isn’t actually anything truly amazing about what his eyes, nose, or mouth look like. What is actually more eye-catching is the fact that he’s missing parts of his skin and his entire right eye, which comes out to be three scars. The two most prominent scars are the one that goes across his nose beneath his eyes (or eye sockets rather) and the one that goes directly down his right eye. This loss of one eye, however, isn’t truly debilitating, since Genma has been without the eye for quite some time now, and can now move as if he had both eyes. One major problem is, however, the fact that he can’t see to the extreme right.

    Next would come his unorthodox, or normal if you look at it from an otaku perspective, hair. Black as the night sky, yet rough and definitely not silky to the touch, Genma’s hair is always tied at the back and messily arranged in the front. This results in a group of bangs that cover his forehead and eyes. His ponytail is also tied in such a fashion that instead of hanging down, it is splayed out like a hand and looks like various large blades of black grass.

    Going down his body, you would come to his torso. Genma’s torso is very normal, with the sole exception of a variety of scars that seem to litter his entire body. The most remarkable part of his torso would most likely be the fact that he has some nice abs, which most shinobi do anyway. His arms are well muscled but lean, typical of someone who uses a sword. On his left arm, the ANBU tattoo is proudly set, but modified with red ink instead of black ink, to symbolize his love for the flames. Genma’s hands are also large, appropriate for punching someone in the gut or choking a genin.

    The rest of his body isn’t very remarkable either. Genma has a decently long pair of legs that lets his body stretch to a 6’0 height. Weighing in at 154 pounds, he is a lean, mean fighting machine, as clichéd as that sounds.

    Genma isn’t one to carry on too much tradition. While he is proud of his origins as a Leaf ninja, it isn’t the most important thing to him when it comes to fashion sense. Instead, he wears the clothes that he thinks are the most comfortable. This is basically a long black and white robe, cut so that he can easily fit his arms in and out of the sleeves, as pictured above. A white sash is wrapped around his waist to hold the robe closed, as well as hold his beloved wakizashi, which is worn samurai style. Genma is also partial to those sexy wooden slippers that look like it’d be impossible to balance on. Even when on missions, he wears this little uniform, to the chagrin of his superiors, who try to get him to change. But he’s been wearing the same set of clothes for a very long time, and asking him to stop wearing the clothes would be like asking him to stop smoking. It just isn’t done.

    The only time Genma felt like getting out of his smelly clothes is when he took part in his ANBU duties, back when he was still in ANBU. Then, he took on the appearance and aura of one who would hunt you down to the ends of the earth and back, then maybe again for good measure. A black tight jumpsuit is coupled with baggy black pants, along with the special white ANBU combat vest. Over his shoulder is an ANBU sword (ie. straight), wakizashi length. Genma also wore various shin guards, arm plates, and gloves. Along with the ANBU mask, which he used to hide his identity at times, Genma will also wore a brown spiky wig, which hid his hair. He would also change his voice while wearing the mask, going into a deeper, more gravely, and more anonymous tone. All this is done to hide his identity; something that he thinks is important, even if others think it’s rather stupid.

    One of the more interesting things about Genma’s ANBU uniform is the fact that there is a hole right beneath the beak of his Taka mask, right where his mouth would be. This is to allow the use of both Katons and cigarette smoking.

    Personality: Rough and tough, Genma is a ninja who's been around the block, not just a few times, but a lot of times. At age 30, Genma is a veteran of all types of battle, from simple skirmishes to full out battlefield war. While he is intelligent, he is definitely not up there at genius level. Instead, he depends on his past experience and knowledge of jutsu to help him prevail in the end. A persistent man, a loyal friend, and a true warrior, Genma is the very paragon of the noble Leaf shinobi.

    At the same time, he is also one of the more foul-mouthed members of Hidden Leaf. The years of fighting have left a sort of bluntness in him, making it difficult for him to be subtle in his speech or careful around the sensitive feelings of others. It’s not that he doesn’t mean well, for he usually does around those he respects and likes, but it’s just that at times, Genma can be brutally honest. So honest at times that it would seem cruel to someone who didn’t know him well. Like a weathered callous, Genma is rough to the touch, but is the protection against an open wound, which would be those that he has vowed to protect.

    And the vow came in the shape of his ANBU duties. A former member of the elite ANBU forces of Hidden Leaf, Genma wore his proud Falcon mask as he hunted down those who would run from the justice of Hidden Leaf. Though he is not as idealistic or naïve as he had been when he was younger, Genma still has a positive image of his village, and he will fight to make sure that the purity of Leaf isn’t stained by the guilty blood of those who would do harm to it. He is a man of simplicity, and considers the shades of gray to be distinguishable, but in the end, inconsequential.

    There is one thing about Genma that distinguishes him from others. Genma is a pyromaniac. He loves fire and anything to do with it, pure and simple. Fire defines his life, totally and completely. As a child, he liked to set fire to random things. As an adult, he still sometimes partakes of this incredibly entertaining activity.

    Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": "To be the watch fire that protects the leaves.”

    Clan/Bloodline: N/A

    Primary Archetype:

    Secondary Archetype:


    Physical - Tertiary

    Strength: 1-1+15 = 15 (+6 Ryuujin-fu)
    Speed: 1+13+1(AP)+1(Thread) = 16 (+20 Ryuujin-fu)
    Stamina: 1+12 = 13 (+2 Ryuujin-fu)

    Mental - Secondary

    Intelligence: 1+16+1(AP)+3(thread) = 21
    Tactics: 1-2+18+1(thread)+2(GMAP) = 20
    Willpower: 1+16 = 17

    Chakra - Primary

    Power: 1+2+20+1(AP) + 2(Thread)= 26
    Control: 1+20+3(Thread)+1(GMAP)+1(thread) = 26
    Reserves: 1+1+20+1(AP)+1(GMAP)+1(thread) = 25

    Jutsus and Techniques

    Global Ninjutsu
    ANBU Swap List
    Stage One
    Kawarimi No Jutsu (Body Switch Technique) - Academy
    Stage Two
    Kinobori no Jutsu (Tree Walking Technique)/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Wall Walking Stage Three
    Suimen Hokou no Gyou (The Art of Water Walking) - Academy
    Stage Four
    Shunshin no Jutsu (Instantaneous Body Technique) - Academy
    Kanashibari no Jutsu (Body Freeze Technique) – AP
    Replacing: Tessayose no Jutsu (Iron Chain Calling Technique)

    Shielded Cognitive Processes – AP
    Replacing: Saihen no Te (Hand of Debris)

    Stage Five
    Itsushika Ugoki no Jutsu (Unnoticed Movement) – AP
    Replacing: Bakuretsu Ninpou Kawara Shuriken (Exploding Roof Tile Shuriken Technique)

    Chakra Tsuitou (Chakra Tracking) - GMAP
    Replacing: Hiritsuku Kasumi no Jutsu (Stinging Mist Technique)
    Sakujo (Erasure) – AP
    Replacing: Soushuuha (Manipulate Advancing Blades)

    Stage Six
    Kidou: Aohi Taihou (Demon Arts: Blue Flame Capture) - GMAP
    Replacing: Shoushagan no Jutsu (Vanishing Facial Copy Technique)

    Hi no Youran - Cradle of Fire
    Costs 1 more additional list

    Stage Four
    Special Techniques
    Tenka (Ignition)

    Katon Ninjutsu
    Swap Jutsu
    Stage One
    Katon: Ichi (Fire Element: One) – Archetype Special
    Katon Genjo Haihoushoutsu no Jutsu (Original Ash Release Technique)
    Replacing: Katon: Fukumen no Jutsu (Fire Element: Veil Technique)
    Stage Two
    Katon: Ni (Fire Element: Two) - Free
    Katon Meneki no Kitsuensha no Jutsu (Fire Element Smoker’s Immunity Technique)
    Replacing: Katon: Hoteri Ougigata no Jutsu (Fire Element: Flash Fan Technique)
    Katon Hai Kuuchuufuyou no Jutsu (Fire Element Ash Levitation Technique)
    Replacing: Katon Housenka no Jutsu (Fire Element: Mythical Fire Flower Technique)
    Stage Three
    Katon: San (Fire Element: Three) - AP
    Katon Ryuuka no Jutsu (Fire Element: Dragon Fire Technique)
    Stage Four
    Katon: Shi (Katon: Four) - AP
    Katon Goukakyuu no Jutsu (Fire Element: Powerful Fireball Technique)
    Katon Haisekisho no Jutsu (Fire Element Ash Product Burning Technique)
    Replacing: Katon: Nenshou Tosshin (Fire Element: Burning Rush)
    Katon Hai Nagare no Jutsu (Fire Element Ash Current Technique)
    Replacing: Open Slot
    Stage Five
    Katon: Go (Fire Element: Five) - AP
    Katon: Neshou Bunshin (Burning Clone)
    Katon Kaijin Bakuretsu no Jutsu (Fire Element Bursting Ash Embers Technique)
    Replacing: Katon: Daitou no Jutsu (Fire Element: Longsword Technique)
    Katon Hai Shouheki no Jutsu (Fire Element Ash Wall Technique) – AP
    Jutsu Replacing: Katon: Hibashira no Jutsu (Fire Element: Blazing Column Technique)
    Stage Six
    Katon Yurika no Jutsu (Fire Element: Fire Lily Technique)
    Katon Karyuu Endan (Fire Element: Fire Dragon Blast)

    Leaf Genjutsu
    ANBU Swap List
    Stage One
    Etainoshirenai no Tacchi (Touch of the Unfamiliar) – AP
    Stage Two
    Dokuji no Gyoushi (Leer of the Peculiar) – AP
    Stage Three
    Hitoku no Jutsu (Concealment Technique) – AP
    Replacing: Boufuu no Jumon (Spell of the Gale)

    Stage Four
    Onkyou Hitoku no Jutsu (Sound Concealment) – AP
    Replacing: Aki no Hibiki (Echo of Autumn)

    Wakizashi – 4
    Kunai – 2
    Strings – 1
    Explosion Tags - 4
    Fire Jelly - 3
    Mechanical Eye Attachment Mk.II - 5

    Weapon Points Remaining: 1
    Additional Weapon Points Gained: 0


    “This paper is made out of a unique tree that’s been fed and nurtured with chakra its entire life. It will react with the slightest bit of chakra. The way the reaction happens will indicate to what type of element your own chakra leans toward.”

    The jounin sensei stared down at his students from his seat, looming over them like a mountain over a tree. They stared back up at him, interest clearly showing on their faces, curiosity over just what kind of element they leaned toward. Smiling at their anticipation, the jounin sensei brought out three pieces of paper and handed one to each genin.

    “Here, add some chakra to it. If the paper crumbles, you’re a Raiton type. If it splits, you’re Fuuton. Dampness indicates Suiton, crumbling means Doton, and burning up means Katon.”

    Eagerly each genin grabbed a piece of paper. Two of the genin shortly made loud noises of exclamation and began to ask their sensei just what it meant now that they had taken this little test.

    “Sensei! So if I’m Raiton type, does that mean you’ll teach me how to do Chidori?”
    “The paper crumbling means I’m Suiton, right?”
    “Is it possible for me to be more then one type?”
    “What type are you, sensei?”

    Laughing at this show of enthusiasm, the sensei answered their questions patiently and kindly. He knew the feeling of anticipation and excitement, clearly remembering the day he had learned himself what it meant to be his element. He suddenly realized, however, that one of his students was still holding his paper. But there was no mark on the paper to indicate that the genin had taken the test, or that he had any intention of taking it. In fact, he was holding the chakra paper out to his sensei, indicating that he didn’t want to take the test.

    “Now, Genma, what’s this? Don’t you want to take the test and find out what you are?”

    Genma looked up into the eyes of his sensei in disbelief.

    “I can only be one chakra type. I don’t even need to take this test to find out.”

    The sensei thought about that for a second, realizing just what it was that Genma was talking about. He laughed again, showing his amusement at the genin’s behavior.

    “It’s entirely possible that you get an element different then Katon, Genma. Just take the test.”

    The teenager pasted a look of utter boredom and contempt at this statement, but took the paper. After concentrating a bit of chakra into the paper, Genma threw the paper on the ground. A split second later, the piece of paper exploded into flames, lighting up the entire room, even though it was a bright day outside the windows. Smirking, Genma indicated the paper.

    “I told you so.”

    A few years later…

    Coughing and hacking, Genma spat out the cigarette he had just tried to smoke. The wall of the back of the restaurant was stained with multiple spit and tobaccor marks, all the handiwork of his own waste product. It was rather disgusting to look upon.

    Genma wanted to smoke it, he desperately knew that he had to, but his body just wasn’t cooperating. Instead, it was making his cough and spit and cry, just because he was trying to suck down some of the tobacco. It really wasn’t fair. Older people, “adults” could take the product of fire and hold it down in their bodies. Why couldn’t Genma do it as well?

    Frustrated, he picked the cigarette back up. He had snuck the one cigarette out of his parent’s bedroom, and so he couldn’t waste it, no matter how many times he spit it out. This was now the fourth try, and the genin could feel how badly his throat and mouth was feeling. But he persevered. The very idea of possessing fire and smoke in his body was an intoxicating one, and Genma just wouldn’t give up on the idea that this could become a reality. It was really strange, in fact. He had never shown this kind of intense interest and concentration in any other activity in his life, but for this kind of thing, it was important to him. So very important.

    Taking out a box of matches, he pulled out the fourth one for the day. Starting a fire with a match was simple stuff. Lighting a cigarette was no problem. Holding down the smoke was what was frustrating Genma.

    Holding the match up to his face, he lit the cigarette. Sucking in with his mouth, he drew in a large mouthful of smoke. Holding it in, he swallowed, breathing in the smoke with one huge gulp. Eyes watering, Genma stubbornly kept his mouth closed, though he could feel bile slowly making its way up his throat. Eyes watering, he tried to push the bile down, along with smoke. Then, he realized that he needed to breathe.

    Gasping loudly, Genma released the smoke and drew in a fresh gulp of air. Rubbing at his eyes, Genma took the cigarette out of his mouth and considered the cancer stick. He then stuck it back in and sucked some more.

    A few years later…

    Breathing heavily, the two genin were each on one knee, staring at the other with utter hatred. Around them, the evidence of a lower level shinobi battle could be seen everywhere, from discarded kunai to scorch marks. Around them, the dull roar of an appreciative crowd could be heard, screaming and yelling for young blood.

    Slowly getting to his feet, Genma inwardly reached for the last dregs of his chakra. He could barely feel anything at all, only just a tiny bit that would produce perhaps the smallest flame. Fifteen feet in front of him, his Sand opponent got up as well. The two stared at each other, wondering what the next move would be. Rubbing his head behind his shoulder, Genma called out to his opponent.

    “Oi. You have any chakra left?”

    Sheepishly the Sand genin grinned, though he didn’t take his eyes off of Genma.

    “Nope. How about you?”

    Genma nodded at the other’s honest response. Setting his hands on his waist, he shook his head.

    “I’m out too. Want to keep going?”

    Looking up into the stands, the Sand-nin pondered for a second. He turned his head back towards Genma and then he shrugged.

    “I guess we could, though all we’ll be able to do would be taijutsu.”

    The Leaf genin grinned at this. Pulling out a bit of a strange substance from his pouch, he smeared it all over the wakizashi blade that he was carrying. Carefully wiping off the excess jelly, he gripped the blade tightly. Then, using the very last bit of his chakra, he created a flame with Ryuujin-fu. The sword lighted afire instantly, casting bright flames into the air. Twirling his blade around a few times to get a feel for the newly created weapon, Genma ended up in a fighting crouch, wakizashi held forward.

    “Yeah, I guess we will be going with taijutsu.”

    The Sand genin’s face paled at the sight at the two blazing weapons.

    “I…I thought you didn’t have any chakra!”

    A fierce grin split the pyromaniacs face.

    “You’re right. I don’t.”

    With a dash forward, Genma swung his two flaring sword forward. The roar of the crowd rose exponentially. With a flourish, the pyromaniac sheathed his blades. This had been a good Chuunin Exam.

    A few years later…

    “So, rookie, what’s up with that stupid hole in your mask? Did you come to ANBU to introduce such revolutionary ideas?”

    Flying through the trees, Genma turned his head to the right, staring through his eyeholes to another member of his tracking squad. The guy had been ragging on him all night, and it was starting to really make the new chuunin mad. He had worked hard to earn the right to join the elite squad, something that wasn’t typical of the pyromaniac, and this guy was now belittling him like a little kid? Still, Genma knew he had to keep his cool. There was no point in flaring out at the other, especially with the target so close. They had been tracking him for two hours now, and they could see that they were getting close.

    “I mean, with ideas like that, you could probably become the next Shikamaru Nara or something, man.”

    Genma had joined ANBU because he had found that his life as a chuunin was just boring. There were the typical missions that any chuunin had to take, but they were things that Genma felt any normal genin could probably do. He still wasn’t skilled enough to take on jounin-class missions, but as a chuunin ANBU was an option he could take. And not only that, but it was rumored that ANBU had access to some special Katon jutsu that normal shinobi couldn’t get. Those two thoughts combined made for an extremely enthusiastic Shibazaki Genma, who felt that anything involving fire should be his. There was, of course, the whole loyalty spiel that his father had pounded into his head since he was a kid, but that wasn’t as important as those other two aspects of ANBU life.

    “I’m just honored to be in your presence.”

    “Oi, knock it off. We’re near him.”

    The team leader made the sharp retort at Genma’s antagonist, who thankfully stopped talking. The silence of the night filled their conversation, as the ANBU became one with the shadows. With a sudden movement of his fist, the ANBU captain signaled that they stop. Landing silently among the leaves, they looked upon the target. It was a single man, who was running from Konohagakure with important information within his possession. It was their job to track him down, keep him down, and make sure the information didn’t get into the wrong hands. In the case of this information, which was about various supply routes and vulnerable spots in them, wrong hands meant any hands except ANBU.

    The only problem was that this man was a former ANBU as well. A former Taka no less.

    With another flick of his wrist, the three ANBU shot forward. A clash of steel rang out, as two ANBU blades were met with a single cane sword. Coming up from behind, the captain held up a handseal, preparing a Kanashibari, but before he could get it off, another form emerged from behind the captain. There was a blue flicker as a cane sword whipped through the air. The Kage Bunshin pressing swords with Genma and his teammate suddenly exploded. Genma flew backward, hitting a tree trunk, his wind knocked out of him. Next to him, his teammate disappeared into some bushes.

    Meanwhile, the captain was engaging in a fierce battle with the target. Continuously appearing, then disappearing, then appearing again in a new location, the two shinobi looked like flickering stars in the darkness of the forest. Groggy, Genma tried to get to his feet, attempting to no avail to focus his eyes on his captain. Up, down, in that tree, behind that bush, to his right, up in the air, bouncing off the tree trunk. It was just too much for the rookie. And making things worse, his mask was broken. The top right of the mask was entirely blown off, and a wound marked his face, right across his forehead. Using his hand to wipe blood away from his eyes, Genma got to his feet slowly. Looking around, he tried to find the fighting shinobi.

    Then, with an impossibly fast blur of motion, the shinobi appeared right in front of Genma. Slashing downward, he aimed for the chuunin’s vulnerable spot, the right side of his face. A crimson arc briefly flashed in the moonlight, then splattered onto a tree. Collapsing onto the ground, Genma blanked out. His only thought before he lost consciousness was that his right eye hurt.

    A few years later…

    A few years and many, many scars later, Genma stood proudly in front of his leader. The elder shinobi smiled at the enthusiastic Genma. Reaching into a folder, he pulled out a few papers and handed them to the younger shinobi.

    “Congratulations, boy. You made jounin.”

    Genma stared down at the picture of himself, wearing a special new vest, customized to his specifications. It had been a long time since his disastrous first mission as a chuunin, and he had come a long way. Sure, his skills weren’t up to par with many of the other shinobi of Leaf (as shown by his multiple scars on his face and torso) and he was now pretty old (or at least he felt old), but he had finally taken jounin and had retired from the ANBU business. It was a great feeling.

    His thoughts drifted back, to a time when he began to truly learn what it meant to be a shinobi of Leaf, a time when he learned that he couldn’t be so selfish and that he had to learn to be truly part of a team. A time when his life was on the line. A time when he was the only gateway that stood between death and life for a dozen Leaf genin. A time when the first glimmers of true love appeared in his heart that was something beside pyromania. A time when he finally realized just how important his country was to him.

    “You know why it took you so long, boy?”

    Genma looked into the old eyes, eyes that had seen so many things in its lifetime. Genma couldn’t possible match those eyes right now. Humbled, he turned his gaze to the floor.

    “Yes sir, I do.”

    Crinkling his eyes in amusement and pleasure, the older shinobi smiled. He rested a rough hand on Genma’s shoulder.

    “That’s good then. Carry on the good work.”

    Smiling, Genma left the office. Looking out after him, the Hokage sighed and turned back to his work.

    Other Info:
    - His wakizashi is straight, not curved, but are still single bladed.
    - Genma is almost always smoking something, whether it’s a cigarette or a pipe.
    - The Mark II is set for X-Ray and Zoom.

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    The biography was nice. I like how you wrote it with individual scenes instead of one giant summarization. Plus, I enjoyed reading it more this way.

    Stats check out, but unless I'm mistaken, you took 15 jutsu. >_<;; Then you took two more with your AP. So yeah...get rid of one or put another AP out.

    EDIT: My mistake. Archetype Special. Okay. Heh...


    Enjoy Meno!
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      Everything's accounted for here, but I have to ask what's the point of having two bunshin techs?

      Good thing that isn't grounds to disapprove.

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        Because I like the idea of having two types of bunshin. They're both different enough that they would have different applications.
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          For the Mechanical Eye Attachment Mk. II, you're supposed to state which two available modes you're selecting...

          ...but that's not really a big deal to fuss over, I suppose. 1/2 approved once you put that info in.


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            0.5 Approved... pending the whole eye thing.

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              Didn't notice that little detail. Edited.
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