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Gouken-fu (Iron Fist Style)

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  • Gouken-fu (Iron Fist Style)

    Originally all made by Kaito.

    Tekken/Gouken-fu (Iron Fist Style)

    Description: Gouken is a timeless art focusing on strong, sturdy strikes. Coupled with speed and dexterity, a user of Gouken has been known to be quite vicious on the battlefield, leaving a path of broken persons and terrain in their wake. The art began quaintly enough, simple punches and kicks made in a linear, straightforward fashion. It was used more so as a conditioning regimen than an actual style. But as more and more people began to take notice to how basic and effective it was, others now known as “Masters” began to refine it; perfecting and honing its lethatlity. Now, with the use of attack patterns and physically-taxing combinations, the style has grown out of the confines of its once fundamental roots, becoming quite a valuable art in any country’s arsenal.

    Users of this style are usually conditioned in every respect, their bodies extremely built and their food regiments healthy. They train hard day in and day out, even when their schedule may not permit it. In this way, Gouken is said to have trained the most diligent and dedicated of shinobi. They are also seen to be the most offensive type of shinobi in any village, usually carrying themselves with great bruises and scars all over their bodies.

    Movement: Users of Gouken move very linearly. Straight lines, direct movement, and powerful hits are the trademarks of the style. However, it isn’t that simple. While it may seem as if users of Gouken use a very basic style, there is subtleness to it. Speed mixed with great strength allows for the user to move in wide and confusing patterns to attack opponents from all angles. A specialty of Gouken users includes mastery of attacking from above and in the air. Aerial leaps and kicks from incredible angles and directions are common amongst Gouken users. A rather famous kick was one made by the legendary Rock Lee, in which he jump-flipped into the air and smashed down to hit an opponent with the heel of his foot.

    Techniques: Konoha, being the village with the most prominent practitioners of Gouken, has developed various techniques in the style. Most are no more than standard, but are coined certain names to reflect the type of movement being used. As a default, only Leaf-nin are able to take these specific techniques. Their movements are again nothing special, but the technique names are exclusive to Konoha.

    Special Techniques: Techniques above and beyond the norm, though, are not included in this list but are allowed.

    Classification: Universal Taijutsu

    Level One
    Requirements: Speed 4, Strength 4
    Stage Bonus: +3 Speed, +3 Strength, +3 Stamina

    This is the initial stage of learning where fundamentals and hard work are key. Any person practicing this style will from here on out begin to physically condition their body through all sorts of exercises. Rows of pushups, sit-ups, and miles of jogging are common amongst even Academy Students wishing to excel in this art. As per the teachings in this stage, Gouken emphasizes the geometric function of the straight line: it is the shortest and quickest path between two destinations. And when your fist is point A and your opponent’s chest is point B, this can be the determining factor in any engagement.

    However, the secondary emphasis here is aggression. Gouken by its very nature is offensive. Sometimes seen as rash or reckless, this is by all means intentional. There is a subtlety in it all, as highlighted in this next and very important lesson: defeating your opponent is as easy as keeping him unfocused. With these two core teachings in place, the students of Gouken begin their training. They are not, however, the hard-hitting martial artists they can grow to become. It is only their speed that is of any consequence here, for their bodies are fresh to the training and the results are easily seen.

    Level Two
    Requirements: Speed 7, Strength 7, Tactic 6
    Stage Bonus: +3 Speed, +3 Strength, +3 Stamina

    This stage of development serves to display the first onsets of might in any Gouken user. Still not especially powerful by most regards, the teachings of the first stage begin to take shape and form in the style. Fast and solid strikes become a staple here, though nothing outside the realm of average. Often, though, passerby’s will find a young student practicing their art against the bark of a tree for hours on end, perfecting the art of striking fast and hard whilst also accustoming their hands or legs to the force.

    Attacks begin to come at tandem in this stage, though they are not very coordinated. Scattered is another way of describing any multiple attack efforts, though the effects are still brutal if underestimated. What begins to show here is that though the user is able to perform row upon row of attack at somewhat heightened speeds, but their stamina sometimes hinder them from prolonging any sort of engagement. Even the once simple acts of dashing and leaping seem to take its toll, unfamiliarity with one’s abilities being the cause. This is why training for a Gouken user never ceases: their bodies must be in perfect condition and ready for any situation.

    Level Three
    Requirements: Speed 10, Strength 10, Tactic 8
    Stage Bonus: +3 Speed, +3 Strength, +3 Stamina

    Here is where things begin to take a larger turn for the better in the art of Gouken. At this point the user is more aware of their strength and speed, able to determine their opponent’s physical endurance simply through observation. After calculating this, they are then able to formulate a standard of battle in which they can either end a fight quickly through their now noteworthy speed, or they can reserve their attacks and simply delay an opponent’s movements.

    Here the emphasis is placed on lower body attacks ranging from short, blunt knee attacks, to wide, arcing leg sweeps. The infamous stance wherein the user places one hand behind their back to provoke or taunt an opponent takes precedence here, leaving more room for the aforementioned use of the lower body. Speed and power are beginning to take greater form as well, the ability to render a person’s body broken and mangled within a few moments entirely possible.

    But still we do not see the devastation truly capable of Gouken users, only the prelude.

    Level Four
    Requirements: Speed 15, Strength 15, Tactic 14, Stamina 13
    Stage Bonus: +3 Speed, +3 Strength, +3 Stamina

    The halfway point, this is where we separate the novices from the adept. The differences are distinct in this stage. Dash and leap attacks are a constant factor, mixed with punches and sweeps to create a fast-paced, hostile environment for any opponent. Strikes are now more than solid, easily capable of breaking bones in multiple points with ease and precision. This is owed mostly to the form and speed of such attacks, each now becoming more linear and direct. Nothing is more chilling than the bone-crunching thud accompanied by the attacks of a Gouken-user at this stage.

    Making note of form as well, the Gouken-user begins to take on a finesse that is frightening to behold. Series of well-placed strikes are often more than enough to send an opponent to the ground, but the Gouken user makes it look like an eerie sort of dance. A dance where pain is the determining rhythm and not but the user is capable of driving its melody. Also worth mention is the ability to easily vandalize more than one opponent at a time.

    Speed and strength is the main point here, though observation is equally measured. The skill of gauging an opponent’s physical skill has not diminished, but grown with experience. A user is able to judge the ability of various enemies all at once, factoring in his own strengths and weaknesses in order to put enemies down efficiently. It is not uncommon to find a Gouken-user face off against more than one opponent and still hold his own.

    Level Five
    Requirements: Speed 20, Strength 20, Tactic 16, Stamina 16
    Stage Bonus: +3 Speed, +3 Strength, +3 Stamina

    Fluidity of attacks is seamless at this stage, the user tying in an ample of amount of kicks to punches in a variety of manners. What might start as a straight punch to the chest might switch to a low sweep to the legs followed by a straight heel to the chin while crouched from the ground. Fantastically aerobatic at this point, the user is able to move in ways that would otherwise cause too much strain on the body. Previously these movements might have been sparse, but here the user is most fit and comfortable with their body and makes routine out of them.

    The confidence that wells from this does not just show in technique but also in performance. Physical power is marked as deadly within even a single a hit. Swiftness is measured by the ability to see the user as they sprint from place to the place, visible only as a blur. Even the ability to withstand damage is somewhat increased as well, though this isn’t exactly a premier feature of Gouken to begin with. In all, the user excels in all areas of taijutsu. The ability to move quickly, strike hard, and fight at this level for a prolonged period of time makes for a lethal combination.

    Most Gouken-users only ever make it to this stage for the ones after take years of hardened dedication or some overall sort of talent.

    Level Six
    Requirements: Speed 28, Strength 27, Tactic 20, Stamina 20, Intelligence 16
    Stage Bonus: +3 Speed, +3 Strength, +3 Stamina

    Stage growth takes a certain leap at this point. Constant training and toning have developed most users of this style into superb fighting specimens. Their muscles are hard and lean, completely devoid of any imperfections. It is hard to imagine that any practitioner of Gouken is able to progress any farther in either style or body. But that is not the case at all.

    Bodily limits are ever present. From the First Stage to the Fifth we find that there has always been certain hesitance in the ability to push the body further. The relation between muscle function and strain on one’s bones has been one that all users of Gouken have been aware of. It would even be safe to say that every practitioner has, mentally, limited themselves in such a way so as to hinder their body from being the absolute weapon it can be.

    However, this is not the case here. A person skilled thus far in the art of Gouken has learned to naturally tap into the utter potential of their body. In short and infrequent bursts they can push the limit of their body further. Through this process, their natural physical thresholds are maximized to the utmost. Their physiques begin mimic those of granite sculptures, even.

    Level 7
    Requirements: Speed 36, Strength 35, Tactic 24, Stamina 28, Intelligence 20
    Stage Bonus: +3 Speed, +3 Strength, +3 Stamina

    What else can be said except that this is the absolute zenith of Gouken-fu? True to the point, a practitioner at this level is completely self-aware of themselves and the immense destruction they are capable of sowing. Movement here is not stressed as much as previously, but only because from here on it normally only takes one precise blow to render an engagement ended.

    Yet even then, the body is honed into a finely-tuned machine which reacts almost instinctively on its own. Every arch is vital, yet spontaneous. Every shift in movement is strategic, yet graceful. In all, there is really nothing to say here that the style has not already highlighted. Understanding of basic human movement, even in other taijutsu styles, becomes predominant only in those who have faced such styles on many occasions.
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