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    Stage One

    Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Switch Technique)
    Requirements: Power 2, Tactics 2
    Description: A common jutsu - used to quickly replace a body with a close by object. Creates confusing among the opponent(s) - creating a chance to escape, or return with a larger strike. Useful for avoiding attacks and hiding from potential enemies. This is a super-speed jutsu, not a teleportation one. Kawarimi may be used twice per thread.

    Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique)
    Requirements: Control 3, Intelligence 2
    Description: Using this technique, a shinobi is able to alter their appearance to look like another person. This jutsu creates a kind of chakra shell around the user, which warps light to create a semi-solid illusion. Henge allows a shinobi solely to appear like other people and mimic their voice, but nothing else. The chakra shell holding the illusion together is fragile and immediately dissipates if the user enters combat.
    Stage Two: The user can appear as objects, but only of similar size (ex: a crouching character appearing as a barrel).
    Stage Three: The chakra shell is more durable and does not break from taijutsu attacks. Ninjutsu still dissipates the henge.

    Kakuremino no Jutsu (Magic Cloak Of Invisibility Technique)
    Requirements: Power 3, Willpower 2
    Description: The user can use their chakra to change the color and texture of any fabric they’re wearing or touching. If caught in the forest, they might shift to hues of green to brown to blend in to the foliage around them, and in a city they might alter their clothes to better fit in among the populace. It’s not foolproof, as only the user’s clothing changes, but it gives the shinobi another edge to work with.

    Anrokku no Jutsu (Unlocking Technique)
    Requirements: Intelligence 3, Reserves 3
    Description: The user directs chakra toward a target no further than one meter away that they can see or feel and infuses the object with their will, allowing them to manipulate it in subtle ways. A lock could be made to open, a knot be made to untie, a candle could be snuffed. The object is only gently influenced; a rope for example could be made to form a noose, but not to strangle and while a lock could be made to unlatch it could not be broken.
    Special: This jutsu may be used without handseals, but only escape from rope, handcuffs, or similar non-ninjutsu binds.

    Yoso no Te (Element Hand)
    Requirements: Power 4, Control 4
    Description: The user performs seals, then concentrates chakra near his shoulder, pooling it together before having it swirl out from his body. The chakra flows into an arm-like shape, complete with a fully functional hand at the far end. This chakra arm can instead be composed of any element the user knows how to control – fire if he knows katon, water if he knows suiton, and so on. But, if the user knows no true elemental techniques, the hand is simply hardened chakra, looking akin to colored flame. The arm only has 1/4th the Strength of the user and cannot perform handseals, but is capable of holding items and weapons.
    Stage Two: The user can create a pair of arms.
    Stage Three: The user can create three arms: one pair and an additional limb.
    Stage Four: The user can create two pairs of arms.

    [Open Slot]
    Requirements: Intelligence 4, Tactics 4

    Stage Two

    Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Tree Walking / Wall Walking Technique)
    Requirements: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4
    Description: By focusing chakra into the feet and keeping it balanced, the user can walk up against vertical objects and cling to its surface. This technique is passive and does not require any jutsu usages.
    Stage Three: The user may walk across water or other liquids as though they were solid surfaces.

    Chakra Kami Nawa (Chakra Hair Rope)
    Requirements: Intelligence 5, Tactics 4, Willpower 4
    Description: Charging chakra through a lock of hair or a piece of string or wire, the user uses it as a medium through with to activate Kami Nawa. Should the wire come into contact with the skin of anyone apart from the user, the charged strand will wrap around the limb and the chakra will suffuse it through it, rendering the limb immobile until it runs out of juice. This effect lasts for one post, plus an additional post per rank the user has over the target.
    Stage Three: Base duration of two posts, plus an additional post per rank over.

    Chakra Hikari no Jutsu (Chakra Light Technique)
    Requirements: Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4
    Description: This jutsu allows the user to make a ball of chakra that produces light enough to guide the shinobi's path. It’s useful for when going in dark areas and good for letting your comrades know where you are if you get lost in a foggy place. The user can also cause the ball of chakra to flare brightly like a flash bomb to temporarily blind enemies.

    Kyou Masukingu no Jutsu (Sound Masking Technique)
    Requirements: Intelligence 6, Tactics 5, Control 5
    Description: This ninjutsu helps to cover up any sounds the user makes if they are on a mission that requires stealth. Focusing chakra in a way much like walking on water, the ninja can move using this chakra as a sort of cushion, allowing them to move without rustling over leaves or stepping on twigs. Sound Masking can be applied to any and all parts of the body as necessary.

    [Open Slot]
    Requirements: Power 7, Control 7, Intelligence 6

    [Open Slot]
    Requirements: Intelligence 7, Tactics 7, Control 6

    Stage Three

    Chakra Tsuitou no Jutsu (Chakra Hunting Technique)
    Requirements: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6
    Description: During chase procedures and otherwise, when the user has been closer to the target than thirty feet, and having had the ability to see the target clearly under those circumstances, the user can remember the target's chakra currents and distinguish these for a number of posts equal to the user's power divided by two. If the enemy uses a genjutsu, or gains a difference of more than a mile, the user will lose track of the target.

    Shukuchi (Reduced Earth)
    Requirements: Intelligence 8, Tactics 8, Willpower 6
    Description: Originally implemented by samurai, shinobi have learned to use chakra to perform this technique as well. By forcing chakra into the legs, the user is able to go from standstill to his highest speed instantaneously and crush the distance separating him from his opponent, seizing the element of surprise through incredible speed. The user’s speed increases by two levels for two posts, and is reduced by two from base for two more in the fallout.

    Hitoshizeru Bakuhatsu no Jutsu (Hidden Explosion Technique)
    Requirements: Power 9, Control 9, Intelligence 7
    Description: The user claps their hands together, smoke and force immediately exploding out from them, shrouding the entire battlefield. The smoke is totally opaque to all sight, whether enhanced by shinobi arts or through technology meant to peer through it. An excellent way to either escape dogged pursuers or reposition for a counterattack, the smoke gives the user and their allies’ two posts following its creation to prepare or get away before it dissipates.

    Fukuwajutsu (Ventriloquism)
    Requirements: Intelligence 9, Tactics 9, Control 7
    Description: Fukuwajutsu is a simple, sound-based ninjutsu technique. Forming the needed handseals, the shinobi will project his voice to any place within unaugmented sight to hide his location and the number of allies at their side.

    [Open Slot]
    Requirements: Power 10, Control 10, Willpower 8

    [Open Slot]
    Requirements: Intelligence 10, Tactics 10, Control 8

    Stage Four

    Shunshin no Jutsu (Instantaneous Body Technique)
    Requirements: Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12
    Description: An ability which allows the user to teleport from one area to another by stepping through a burst of chakra-made smoke. The user has to have been to the area before, distance is limited to about one mile, and it cannot be used in battle except to completely escape.

    Saihen no Te (Hand of Debris)
    Requirements: Intelligence 12, Tactics 11, Willpower 10, Power 12
    Description: By charging objects with chakra, the user can bind them together to make a hand, no larger than their own, to do their bidding. After it is created, the user gives it a command that may not exceed three words, such as Bring The Key or Strangle The Guard. It is remarkably dexterous, able to 'walk' on walls and seems capable of perceiving its surroundings. The hand has strength equal to the user’s power and cannot be destroyed; the materials scatter but they simply reform. Four posts after its creation the hand falls apart. Particularly insidious shinobi have been known to make sure that some of the hand’s fingers are kunai or needles, and sent it scampering after someone nearby that they want dead.

    Tessayose no Jutsu (Iron Chain Calling Technique)
    Requirements: Power 14, Control 13, Reserves 11, Tactics 10
    Description: With a range of the user’s sight in a general given area, the user slams their hand against a surface. Anywhere on the surface in plain sight for the user calls five separate chains to tie down a target. The chains are made of simple iron but are extremely thick and heavy, but dispel once the target is completely free. This jutsu was designed mainly to fight Taijutsu Human Tank users. The chains are helpless against Ninjutsu techniques. These chains are completely normal save that the user can control their movement. Regardless of whether the victim has moved at all, these chains will disappear after three turns.

    Kisousei Ninpou Kawara Shuriken (Homing Roof Tile Shuriken Technique)
    Requirements: Intelligence 14, Tactics 13, Willpower 11, Control 10
    Description: The user is able to use chakra to seize and lift any object within their grasp. The object must be something that the user could normally lift and throw with one hand. The user then launches the item toward a target, preferably an enemy, whom it follows for up to three posts. The object cannot make 90 degree turns, and can only veer left or right. This makes turning around possible, but not sudden. If the object hits something like a tree or rock, it will stop. The user can lift and throw ten such objects at a time.
    Stage Five: As above, but the projectiles explode with the force of an explosive tag.

    Tenkuu Hokou no Gyou (The Art of Walking on Air)
    Requirements: Power 15, Control 15, Reserves 13, Intelligence 14
    Description: While airborne, the user can focus his chakra into his feet in order to make a sort of invisible stepping stone to push off of again. This can be used as a sort of double-jump commonly seen from, say, Mario, or be used to push off and change directions in midair. This technique can only be used once per jump, and the strength of the second jump is no greater than the strength of a normal jump. For instance, if your character has a five foot vertical leap, using this technique he could conceivably jump ten feet into the air.

    [Open Slot]
    Requirements: Intelligence 15, Tactics 15, Willpower 13, Power 14

    Stage Five

    Hiritsuku Kasumi no Jutsu (Stinging Mist Technique)
    Requirements: Power 17, Control 16, Reserves 16, Intelligence 15
    Description: The ninja inhales and sends out a spray of stinging substance from his mouth. The technique itself looks like the fine spray from a hose, with the droplets being a slightly yellowish color. It causes intense itching sensation on the skin of the afflicted, causes temporary blindness in the eyes and swelling in the throat cavity of anyone who inhales the gas, fading only after three posts. Once the substance leaves their mouth the user and his allies would be well advised to stay clear.

    Togeyomi (Underworld Spines)
    Requirements: Intelligence 17, Tactics 16, Willpower 16, Power 15
    Description: When activated, this technique instantly lengthens and hardens the hair, changing it into a protective coat of spines that covers the body. The spines are sharp enough to easily pierce anybody making contact with the user, such as during taijutsu attacks, but the coat doesn't protect the user from ninjutsu at all. The spines last for two posts before the hair softens and returns to its previous length.

    Takai Yoso no Te (Higher Element Hand)
    Requirements: Power 18, Control 17, Reserves 17, Tactics 14, Yoso no Te
    Description: An improvement on the original Yoso no Te, this technique begins the same way. Rather than create a single chakra arm, however, the user is able to create six at once, three pairs of arms that all seem to be attached around the user's shoulders. As before, these arms can be composed of any element the user can control or can just be solidified chakra. These arms are much stronger than before and function with half the Strength of the user.
    Power 25: The user can create seven total arms.
    Power 32: The user can create eight total arms.
    Control 24: The elemental arms have ¾ the Strength of the user.
    Control 31: The elemental arms have the full Strength of the user.

    Chidori (Thousand Birds)
    Requirements: Intelligence 18, Tactics 17, Willpower 17, Control 14
    Description: The only original technique of Konohagakure’s legendary Hatake Kakashi, the user focuses an enormous amount of chakra into one hand, so much that it becomes visible and emits a chirping noise like the sound of a thousand birds. The shinobi runs towards his enemy and thrusts quickly to cut through him, and the jutsu is indeed so powerful that it is rumored to be able to halve even a lightning bolt. However, because the user is moving so fast to attack, he is unable to detect any counterattacks executed by the enemy, so it is ideal to use Chidori in tandem with another technique that can alert the user to counters, such as a doujutsu.

    Rasengan (Spiral Sphere)
    Requirements: Power 19, Control 19, Reserves 18, Intelligence 16
    Description: Developed by Yondaime Hokage and later adopted by Uzumaki Naruto as one of his signature techniques, Rasengan forms a spiral sphere of compact chakra in the palm of the user’s hand. It does not look like much, but it packs a tremendously uber punch, capable of blowing out holes in metal and blasting enemies through most surfaces, whether they be walls, ceilings, or rocks. In addition to the severe knockback power this possesses, the Rasengan is capable of dealing internal damage, making it a very valuable jutsu.

    [Open Slot]
    Requirements: Intelligence 19, Tactics 19, Willpower 18, Power 16

    Stage Six

    Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique)
    Requirements: Power 21, Control 20, Reserves 19, Intelligence 17, Tactics 15
    Description:A forbidden jutsu that creates perfect clones of the user, not just plain illusions. Each clone is a spitting image of the user, capable of attacking and using jutsu the user knows, except Kage Bunshin, and spending the original's jutsu usages to do so. A direct hit causes the clones to vanish and each clone may only use a single jutsu before vanishing as well. The user can have five clones at once.
    Power 28: The user can have ten clones at once.
    Power 35: The user can have fifteen clones at once.

    Fuuja Houin (Evil Sealing Method)
    Requirements: Intelligence 21, Tactics 20, Willpower 19, Power 17, Control 15,
    Description: This method of sealing can be preformed both voluntarily and involuntarily. When done involuntarily, the user has no time for preparation, and therefore the job is a sloppy one. The user must make physical contact with the target. If the target does not have a curse seal, nothing happens. If they do, the technique shuts it down, cutting off all benefits their seal may have provided them and leaving the penalties for the remainder of the thread. When done voluntarily the user has more time to prepare, creating an elaborate sealing ritual that differs from person to person, but always has the same effect; the seal is contained. Exactly what this entails varies from seal to seal, the effects varying from shutting down some benefits and mollifying some disadvantages to making the seal safe to use at all. Its duration is indefinite.

    Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique)
    Requirements: Power 23, Control 23, Reserves 22, Tactics 16, Willpower 15
    Description: Similar to Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, this technique allows the user to create many identical copies of a thrown projectile. Usually, this jutsu is performed after the item is already in flight, at which point a massive number of copies split from the original. This can create a veritable wall of kunai all streaking towards an enemy. Once they strike a solid surface, the copies quickly dissipate, but deal normal damage before vanishing.

    Shogiyomi (Underworld Spears)
    Requirements: Intelligence 23, Tactics 23, Willpower 22, Control 16, Reserves 15, Togeyomi
    Description: An upgraded version of the Togeyomi, this version instead creates long sharp spears of hair that extend to about double the arm’s length of the user. Not as fragile as the Togeyomi, the spears can absorb a Stage Six ninjutsu without breaking. However, after blocking an attack, the spears break down and return to normal. The spears themselves are as sharp as true spears and extend with great force and speed to catch close targets off guard.

    [Open Slot]
    Requirements: Power 26, Control 25, Reserves 24, Intelligence 19, Tactics 17

    [Open Slot]
    Requirements: Intelligence 26, Tactics 25, Willpower 24, Power 19, Control 17

    Stage Seven

    Bakuretsu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Exploding Shadow Clone Technique)
    Requirements: Power 30, Control 27, Reserves 26, Intelligence 22, Tactics 20, Kage Bunshin no Jutsu
    Description: A Ninjutsu technique where the ninja creates a suicidal Kage Bunshin. After creating it, the ninja can cause the clone to remotely detonate and explode in combat, taking out anyone immediately surrounding it. When used in close combat, without the enemy noticing, this technique can be quite deadly. This technique requires the user not just to evenly distribute his chakra, but to give a chakra edge to the exploding clone. For almost everybody, this costs so much it puts the user in a dangerous situation, so that one hit to them can be lethal if chakra isn't molded to perfection...

    Ikidzumari (Deadlock)
    Requirements: Intelligence 30, Tactics 27, Willpower 26, Power 22, Control 20
    Description: The user sets six boundaries with his tags in the shape of a rectangle, one tag to set each corner, one tag to set the bottom, and one tag at the top. Altogether they could use the technique to completely swallow a small home, though no larger. Once the boundaries have been set the user holds both their hands into a seal and focuses, turning the inside of their rectangle into a chakra dead zone. A technique from outside the boundaries could rip the user to splinters, but any within finds themselves pitted against the user’s power in a spiritual tug-of-war. It does not distinguish between friend and foe; all chakra is cut off. The Deadlock has enough juice to fizzle four techniques before collapsing on itself, rebounding on the user and knocking them unconscious. While the jutsu is in progress they may move, but can use no jutsu of their own.

    [Open Slot]
    Requirements: Power 32, Control 30, Reserves 28, Intelligence 24, Tactics 22,

    [Open Slot]
    Requirements: Intelligence 32, Tactics 30, Willpower 28, Power 24, Control 22

    Rasenbakudan (Spiral Bomb)
    Requirements: Power 35, Control 33, Reserves 31, Intelligence 26, Willpower 18, Rasengan
    Description: The technique begins with the user creating a spiraling sphere of pure chakra in their palm, much as with Rasengan, but with far more density, turning the orb dark. The user then holds out their hand and expels the sphere forward at intense speeds with a burst of chakra. It continues on a straight path until it comes into contact with any object, after which it explodes outward with enough concussive force to turn a small neighborhood into a ruin, and anyone close to the blast into a sizable bloodstain. If it is fired and misses it continues moving, and if it does not hit anything dissipates to nothing over the course of an hour.

    Chidori no Koutetsu (Armor Of The Thousand Birds)
    Requirements: Intelligence 35, Tactics 33, Willpower 31, Power 26, Reserves 18, Chidori
    Description: The user takes the same coating that they used to turn their hand into a deadly weapon and applies it to the whole of their body, shielding them inside energy capable of deflecting lightning, (stage six and lower) and making all parts of their body into a weapon, capable of running through stone and leaving a man-shaped hole behind, and augmenting their hand-to-hand attacks so that every one could tear through flesh and bone as easy as the open air. Upon initiation, white light flares from their whole body, and the signature sound of Chidori's chirping turns far louder. It would take a blind and deaf man to not see that a shinobi was in this state. The technique lasts for three posts, after which the user is rendered incapable of using any jutsu above stage three for the remainder of the thread due to the intense strain this technique has on the Inner Coils.
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