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Mercenary's Universal Technique List

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  • Mercenary's Universal Technique List

    Style Name: Mercenary’s Universal Non-shinobi Technique List

    Style Description: The every man has it hard, those without chakra have to make a living sometimes and there can only be so many blacksmiths and bakers in one village. So sometimes they find it necessary to get their hands dirty in the world of mercenary work.

    This list reflects the training and achievements of those that live the hard life without chakra. Working out in the field brings mercenaries against dangerous animals, people, and even some rogue shinobi and so all must be prepared for in different aspects. Much of their training is to achieve physical feats on par with those of the shinobi who hog a vast majority of the mercenary work available.

    Style History: N/A

    Style Type: Non-shinobi Techniques

    Availability: Non-shinobi

    A: Tactics
    B: Intelligence
    C: Willpower
    D: Strength
    E: Stamina
    F: Speed

    Stage One

    Skill Name: Balance
    Skill Requirements: Tactics=2, Stamina=2
    Skill Description: Eating dirt is never fun, and falling from high places is even worse. Extensive training in steadying your body can help prevent falls the first time, and furthermore help to steady high landings. You now have the power to run steady over even small beams or poles, and need not fear a slip or fall on slippery surfaces. But beyond that, you will not be hurt if you fall from a height equal to or lower then your stamina with bonuses in feet.

    Skill Name: Coded language
    Skill Requirements: Intelligence=3, Strength=2
    Skill Description: Two people who have this skill can speak to each other in coded language. This allows them to strategize right in front of an enemy without them understanding a word that is going on. This only works if both people with this skill previously knew each other (were in the same thread or are part of the same organization or clan.)

    Skill Name: Magician’s escape
    Skill Requirements: Tactics=3, Speed=2
    Skill Description: Put under lock and key, bound with rope, a mercenary has to be ready for just about any form of imprisonment. Being bound by rope or simple shackles is no problem, and the mercenary’s knowledge of different locks or knots can easily make these obsolete. This skill takes one whole post, but any non-chakra enhanced rope or shackles can be removed through proper manipulation of joints and bone, or simple untying/unlocking. (For your escape or another’s).

    Skill Name: Play Possum
    Skill Requirements: Strength=3, Willpower=3
    Skill Description: A childish tactic enhanced through controlled breathing and good acting. Sometimes you just want someone to think you've bit the bullet, and that's all there is to it. To the untrained observer, the mercenary will seem pretty dead. Slowed controlled breathing, controlled heartrate, and good body positioning is as far as this technique goes though, as anyone with enough medical knowhow would be able to foil the mercenary's ruse.

    Stage Two

    Skill Name: Eyes of the Mercenary
    Skill Requirements: Tactics=5, Intelligence=4, Willpower=4
    Skill Description: Smoke clouds, steam clouds, explosions, people are always trying to put something between you and your target. But you'd be surprised how little obstructions like these matter to the trained eye of a mercenary. Though details are lost, the general position and shape of an object can still be infered through a cloud of smoke. This skill shows that the mercenary can see general objects through any non-chakra enhanced clouds. While they cannot see in detail, they can still make out objects and movements.

    Skill Name: Acrobatic Leap
    Skill Requirements: Strength=5, Stamina=4, Speed=4
    Skill Description: Ninja’s have it easy, using chakra to bound high into the air without much physical effort. Mercenaries need to learn how to do this safely, and after much practice can effectively double their vertical leap, though it’s rather painful to do so. The increase in vertical leap makes long horizontal leaps possible as well.

    Skill Name: Steady Mind I
    Skill Requirements: Tactics=6, Intelligence=6, Strength=4
    Skill Description: A passive series of anti-genjutsu techniques. A mercenary’s training consists of the knowledge of common illusions that may be used against you. This prior knowledge helps a mercenary find the common fallacies or problems that are prevalent in many illusions and makes it simpler to break free of them. For Genjutsu Stage 2 and Below, the user is considered to have 1 stage of genjutsu training.

    Skill Name: Impeccable Memory
    Skill Requirements: Strength=6, Stamina=5, Intelligence=5
    Skill Description: A trained eye is useful when on the prowl With this skill, you can remember in good detail an object that you saw, heard, tasted, or smelled within the thread, or even across threads if it pertains to a particular object. This allows absolute recall in great detail, enough that you could accurately picture the exact scene and details unless they have been otherwise altered. If your intelligence is above 10, you can make exact sketches or recreations of that object in a medium of your choice.

    Stage Three

    Skill Name: Hunter's Instinct
    Skill Requirements: Tactics=8, Intelligence=8, Willpower=6
    Skill Description: Who knows who or what you will have to track when on the job, so it is best to just be ready for it all. When people are in a rush to get from point A to point B, they leave small clues to their movements. Footsteps, broken branches, nipped clothing, and strong odors. Noticing and following these is slow and methodical, but possible with practice and training. Any target you have fully identified (what they look like, what they are wearing, etc.) you can track their location for up to a mile before their trail goes cold. This can also be used to guess the location of those moving between nearby brush.

    Skill Name: Effortless Ascent
    Skill Requirements: Strength=8, Stamina=6, Speed=8
    Skill Description: Constant training of the body lends to amazing physical feats over the years, some more useful then others. This skill acknowledges the all too popular ‘wall run’ that many hope to achieve. Gaining a running momentum, the mercenary can now run up a solid vertical surface to a height up to four times their own.

    Skill Name: Lucky Bastard
    Skill Requirements: Tactics=9, Intelligence=9, Strength=7
    Skill Description: One of the most important techniques for a warrior. On top of all your physical fitness and expertise, you just need to be darn lucky. Lucky you tripped on that rock while a kunai was coming at you, or picked up that penny when that fireball nearly hit you. This skill allows you to RP your way out of any one physical hit. Only useable once per thread (Still gotta figure yourself a way out of it though. No effect on genjutsu.)

    Skill Name: Catch
    Skill Requirements: Strength=9, Stamina=9, Intelligence=7
    Skill Description: While many just give up and take the blow when a weapon is launched at them, an agile mercenary can catch some items and throw them back before their effect goes off. This is extremely useful for things like smoke bombs or things that should explode on impact. A gentle hand can catch them and return them to sender without them detonating on you or harming you.
    Base Effect: One projectile is caught
    -Stage Four: Two Projectiles are caught
    --Stage Five: Three Projectiles are caught

    Stage Four

    Skill Name: Eagle Eye
    Skill Requirements: Tactics=12, Intelligence=11, Willpower=10, Strength=12
    Skill Description: Without the ability to enhance vision or accuracy with ranged weaponry, Non-shinobi need practice, practice, practice. This is the final sign of that practice. Accuracy up to 60 yards is 100% on a still target without outside interference.

    Skill Name: Wall Bound
    Skill Requirements: Strength=12, Stamina=11, Speed=10, Tactics=12
    Skill Description: Nearing the peak of normal human physical fitness, those who have come this far know that you always need a new trick to show. Using careful balance and concentration allows a mercenary to jump from any solid surface as if it was a floor. This allows the mercenary to jump as high as they usually could off a vertical surface, or whatever other angle they may find themselves at. This can only be used once a post, but Mercenary’s with 20 strength or higher can Wall Bound off two surfaces.

    Skill Name: Steady Mind II
    Skill Requirements: Steady Mind I, Tactics=14, Intelligence=13, Willpower=11, Stamina=10
    Skill Description: A passive series of anti-genjutsu techniques. At this stage, a mercenary is well versed in more complex illusions that may be brought against it, this includes strenuous psychological training to come to terms with loves lost, dead family, and training on how to stay on task. For genjutsu Stage 4 and below, the user is considered to have two stages of genjutsu training.

    Stage Five

    Skill Name: Total silence
    Skill Requirements: Tactics=17, Intelligence=16, Willpower=16, Strength=15
    Skill Description: Without the assistance of chakra, it takes hard training to learn to be completely silent. Slow and steady movement mixed with a trained breathing pattern makes you completely silent to anyone that doesn’t have some special way of hearing you. Course they can still see and smell you, so be careful. The mercenary can only move at half speed.
    Base Effect: 1 post duration
    - Strength 23: 2 post duration
    -- Strength 30: 3 post duration

    Skill Name: Blade Catch
    Skill Requirements: Catch, Strength=17, Stamina=16, Speed=16, Tactics=15
    Skill Description: An advancement of the basic tenets of catching thrown items. Advanced hand eye coordination is used to accurately catch a blade with two hands, and be perfectly unharmed by the cut of the blade. This is only possible if the Mercenary's Speed or Strength (whichever is higher) is higher then the attackers Strength.

    Skill Name: Nerve Pinch
    Skill Requirements: Tactics=18, Intelligence=17, Willpower=17, Stamina=14
    Skill Description: A move best used in stealthy situations, this is a full gripped pinch to the nerves along the neck. This will send anyone sorry enough to be hit by it into a short rest. This is hard to pull off on anyone that is able to move away from your grasp, as the nerves have to be specifically struck, but against those that are currently bound or that aren't aware of your presence, it can be a powerful tool. Those knocked out will only stay under for 3 post, and are easily woken by a good shaking.

    Stage Six

    Skill Name: Steady Mind III
    Skill Requirements: Steady Mind II, Tactics=21, Intelligence=20, Willpower=19, Strength=17, Stamina=15
    Skill Description: A series of anti-genjutsu techniques. At this level, the most advanced of illusions are trained for. These genjutsu are known for deeply altering a person mentally and previous anti-genjutsu training is of little to no use, so a more drastic measure it taken. By folding the hands across each other, then bending fingers back in a way that causes extreme pain, the mind can be snapped back to attention by thinking it is taking pain greater then what is actually occurring. For stage 6 genjutsu and below, the user is considered to have 3 stages of genjutsu training.

    Skill Name: Murderer's Strike
    Skill Requirements: Strength=21, Stamina=20, Speed=19, Tactics=17, Intelligence=15
    Skill Description: This technique is a tried and true method to take down any target who falls under this blow. The strike takes complete concentration to perform, is fairly slow and obvious, so it must be done from a still stance. An open palmed strike is delivered to the target's chest, just below the heart. The area affected will instantly display a bright red bruise that will grow over the next 3 post. 3 Post after this technique is landed, the blood flow to the heart is stopped, and the target will slowly die. Any time during the 3 post between the technique's landing and death, chuunin level medical jutsu can heal the bruise and stop any future complications. Any hard armor or protection over the area will easily block this. Requires Opponent's Permission

    Skill Name: Perseverance
    Skill Requirements: Tactics=23, Intelligence=23, Willpower=22, Stamina=16, Speed=15
    Skill Description: A strong mind and a strong body both together striving to continue on regardless of circumstance. Using this mild meditative technique, you can keep yourself up and moving as if you have not sustained any injury. You will not feel the broken foot, burning lungs, or searing flesh, and will move like normal (barring completely missing or dysfunctional body parts.) Can only be used once a thread.
    Base Effect: 3 post duration
    - 23 Stamina: 4 post duration
    -- 30 Stamina: 5 post duration