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Kadou-Ken (Vortex Fist)

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  • Kadou-Ken (Vortex Fist)

    Style Name: Kadou-ken [Vortex Fist]

    Style Description: A vortex pulls objects into its center, and likewise, a user of Kadou-Ken seeks to pull his enemies into a range too close for effective weapon use, a range where grappling is more effective than normal blows. It has been described by some as an 'anti-weapon' style, and its practitioners are trained in methods suited for fighting those who rely on weapons. This often means getting in close, disarming the foe, and throwing them down into a joint lock that can disable all but the toughest foes. Strikes are also used, to disorient, offer openings, or to finish off a foe, and are often used repeatedly in specific patterns, to take advantage of the natural tendency of the human body to move in certain ways when struck.

    In terms of combat, the general strategy would be to get in close, as fast as possible, and stay there. Because of this, speed is a hugely important factor, allowing the user to close into a range where the opponent may not be capable of effectively countering or defending. Strength, while less important, is none the less necessary to ease the difficult of throwing down and striking, however sending an opponent flying in any direction other than straight up or down is not recommended-- that is, unless you have such a speed advantage that you can keep up with the flight of your target. The goal is to not give the opponent time or space to recover fully, leaving them on the defensive for the remainder of the fight.

    When it comes to the first step of closing in, the user should simply wait for an opening, utilizing a minimum of movement, in order to conserve energy until you burst towards the opponent at top speed, taking advantage of whatever opening possible to close in and make it your fight.

    Style History: Kadou-ken has been around for centuries, and an early form of it was, in fact, practiced by some of the first ninja. It is a less flashy, more technical style that concerned itself with efficiency and the close-quarters fighting that might be encountered during certain stealth operations. It has matured and grown over the years, and while considered by most to be a rather 'traditional' form of fighting, it has fallen out of favor and grown less popular as more turn to the more destructive and flashier arts.

    Unlike the Gouken style of Taijutsu, that can be picked up by Shinobi and non-Shinobi alike, the Kadou-ken is exclusively a ninja art. Also unlike the dedicated training required by the Gouken Masters, users of the Kadou-ken mix physical ability with the ninja-exclusive ability to enhance natural capabilities with chakra, providing a less rigorous path to a similar goal. Perhaps because of this, however, there are few who dedicate themselves to mastering this style, as it's more of an every-man's Taijutsu style, despite it's current lack of popularity. It's the Taijutsu style for those who are merely looking for an effective Taijutsu style, rather than one for those who seek to truly master the art of Taijutsu.

    Style Basis: Chakra-enhanced Taijutsu


    A = Speed | B = Stamina | C = Strength | D = Control | E = Power

    Please note that the regular techniques are not ALL that the user can do at that given stage, but it gives a good idea of some ways to attack.

    Stage One
    Stat Requirements:
    Speed 5, Stamina 3
    Stage Bonuses: +4 Strength, +5 Speed

    Regular Techniques:

    Slap: Slapping someone is hardly accepted as a valid striking maneuver in most schools of fighting, but it is a very effective method of distracting and stunning the opponent. It takes little strength to deliver a stinging slap to the face, chest, arm, or anywhere else, and while not very damaging, it does tend to be painful. It's best used when closing in on the opponent, as a distraction to hide a more potent method of attack.

    Finger Flick: Much like the Slap, but more focused and more humiliating. Used with either one or two fingers, it is a useful way to distract a foe with an irritating stinging sensation. Moreover, because it requires little to no movement of the arm itself, it is also very usable after parrying an attack, and is adept at making some opponents flinch.

    Punch: In the Kadou-Ken style of fighting, punches are meant to be quick and repeated, not as a power attack to cause immense damage in one blow. Often, they are thrown in succession, aimed at head, chest, and gut.

    Kick: Kicks are not very important, but do tend to be useful in certain situations. Generally, it's expected that you don't kick too often or too high, and instead use it from the air, or in situations where range is more important than safety and speed. Other types of kicks are focused on later, especially to sweep and to launch opponents upward.

    Weapon Grab: If the opponent has the audacity to swing a non-bladed weapon at you, this skill would be to catch the weapon. However, care must be taken that the bones in the hands are not crushed upon impact, making sure to move the hands with the momentum of the weapon, minimizing impact. This not only gives you a measure of control over the opponent, but makes it much more difficult for them to attack you.

    Special Techniques: 3 Open

    Stage Two
    Stat Requirements:
    Speed 9, Stamina 5, Control 6
    Stage Bonuses: +4 Strength, +5 Speed

    Regular Techniques:

    Elbow: Elbows are hard, knobby bones that are good for resting on tables, and for slamming into people. The latter use is very effective at close ranges, and tends to hurt the user less, and the opponent more, than a regular bunch would. The range is rather low, however, making it much less useful as a closing attack.

    Shoulder: Much like elbows, yet with less range, making them suitable for encounters of the very, very close kind. Combined with parries or grabs, it can be an effective method of attack in charges, particularly if your hands are otherwise occupied.

    Palm: Striking with the heel of the hand(as opposed to the foot) is both damaging and safe. In addition to this method, the palm of the hand is great for grabbing things, whether it be clothing, earlobes, or the opponent's entire face. One can either push or pull with this weapon, allowing more manipulation of the opponent's balance.

    Knee: Much like elbows, knees are hard objects that are also good for both kneeling, and hitting people. Excellent targets are the gut, crotch, and rarely the head. Also perfect for close ranges, when an actual kick is impossible to preform.

    Blade Grab: Effective against, you guessed it, bladed weapons, this skill is a difficult maneuver designed to stop a weapon with your bare hands. Dangerous, rarely does the user get out without a scratch, but if it's that or having a limb or (heaven forbid) your head lopped off, I'd rather take a minor slice on the hand. Those who have mastered the 5th or 6th level of this style often have the skill to do this uninjured, at which time it becomes a effective tool against blademasters.

    Basic Throw: A basic, over-the-shoulder throw, the general direction desired is not horizontal, but vertical, which is to say, straight down. Of course, if there is a nearby wall or some such, more force is applied, often resulting in a collision with a hard vertical surface. The basic method is to grab the arm of the opponent with one hand, following which the user places the other under the armpit, and turns their back towards the opponent. Using the hip, they lift and throw the opponent over their shoulder in one smooth motion. All of this must be done quickly, of course, and is best followed up with a powerful strike of some kind. There are many other types of throws that are learned as well, but due to laziness, I'll leave the execution of these attack to your discretion.

    Special Techniques: 2 Open

    Kuuhaku Douryou Atemi [Null Momentum Strike]
    Focusing chakra in the attacking area, the user will force the, uh, force of the blow through the opponent. The desired result is to damage to opponent, but disperse the momentum of the attack, resulting in a net zero movement of the opponent. In this way, the user can keep the opponent from flying away, even with the most powerful attacks, allowing quicker, easier follow-ups. At stage three, this attack can also damage anything directly behind the target, and at stage four, it is possible to completely negate any damage done by your own attack to the original target, passing it through to the object directly behind.

    Stage Three
    Stat Requirements:
    Speed 12, Stamina 8, Control 8
    Stage Bonuses: +4 Strength, +5 Speed

    Regular Techniques:

    Hand Chop: Yet another way to attack with the heel of the hand, this one is less like a punch, and more like a club. Its greatest applications are attempting to render a foe unconscious, or strikes at the elbows/knees and neck.

    Backhand Blow: Much like the slap, yet backwards! Generally, it's power and not distraction that are the goal here, plus is generally looks badass to slap someone backwards.

    Foot Displacement: A difficult and often painful technique, the goal is to place your foot under the opponent's, usually in mid-step, and thus unbalance them. It can be quite effective, if you can put up with a little pain, or the opponent is rather lightweight. Another, similar, yet less painful, way is to slide the foot directly into the offending foot, also knocking the foe off-balance. The main difference is the situation it can be used in.

    Basic Foot Sweep: The point of this altered kick is to attack the feet, with the end goal of which is to knock them over. There are various ways to go about this, from hooking the foot behind the leg to upset balance, or a spinning sweep to completely knock a person off their feet.

    Basic Arm Lock: The arm lock is a hold that forces the arm into a straight position by exerting force in the opposite direction of the natural joint movement. By accomplishing this, one can cause enough pain to often force the opponent into physical compliance. When doing this, it is often used for throws, and enough pressure on the arm can cause bone to break and ligaments to tear.

    Special Techniques: 2 Open

    Shunkoku Kyoten Teiryuu [Instant Point Stop]
    Often, as the user rushes at the opponent, momentum may become a hindrance, rather than a help. This technique first and foremost allows the user to 'stop on a dime', so to speak. This instant stop is accomplished by using chakra both to latch on to the ground, but more importantly, shed the momentum of movement near-instantly. The more experienced the user, the faster and easier it is to stop. While a Genin might take half a foot to stop from a full sprint, a Jounin could do so with-in millimeters, and with little discomfort.

    However, that is only the beginning of the technique. Using chakra, all the momentum of movement is gathered and focused into one area, usually a hand or foot, which is then transferred in a strike. This greatly increases the force of the blow, though how much it increases is directly related to how fast the user was moving before the stop, and how experienced the user is.

    Stage Four
    Stat Requirements:
    Speed 17, Strength 12, Stamina 14, Control 14
    Stage Bonuses: +4 Strength, +5 Speed

    Regular Techniques:

    Basic Launching: The act of causing the foe to rise vertically against their will. In this school of fighting, this is most often accomplished with powerful throws, or powerful kicks. Punches are much less likely in this style, though an enterprising shinobi might find it more unpredictable or effective to use this method. After sent airborne, generally you don't let them escape. One nice point about airborne enemies, is that most of them have extremely limited movement options until they encounter another hard surface.

    Weapon Disarming: The act of relieving an opponent of their weapon is not an easy one, by any means. To most foes, the weapon is the only thing they are truly capable of fighting with, and the loss of it is almost an assured victory for you. Ways to accomplish this include, but are not limited to, striking the hands, striking the weapon, or wrestling it out of their grasp. Most skilled shinobi can even turn this disarming procedure into a simultaneous attack.

    Special Techniques: 2 Open.

    Douryou Shousan [Momentum Dispersion]
    A purely defensive technique, the user will concentrate chakra into one or both hands(or occasionally a foot), and use that energy to 'disperse' an object's momentum. The difficulty of this is directly related to the mass and power behind the object, and how many hands are used to stop it, and the user's proficiency at this is measured by the control stat. At 10, you might be able to negate enough momentum to stop a hundred pound weight thrown by another ninja with your own strength, but at 40, you'd be able to stop almost anything. This applies only to physical objects such as people, rocks, etc. Nor is this some kind of absolute defense, because the object must be stopped with the hands(or feet). Also, if this object is being constantly propelled by some kind of force, it is not only harder to stop, but stopping it lasts for mere seconds.

    Stage Five
    Stat Requirements:
    Speed 20, Strength 17, Stamina 19, Control 16
    Stage Bonuses: +4 Strength, +5 Speed

    Regular Techniques:

    Kage Buyou [Shadow Dance]: Oft encountered in various countries under various names, this is the 'simple' movement of following an opponent as if you were their shadow. This is best used after a heavy 'knock-back' blow of some kind, in order to continue a combo of attacks.

    Special Techniques: 2 Open

    Gekizou Heikouidou [Sudden Increase Shift]
    This technique is used to give the illusion of a massive speed increase. What this technique does is utilize chakra to induce an instant acceleration to top speed. While surprising, the main use of this technique is to trick the opponent's eyes. While not useful against most Doujutsu bloodlines, normal human eyes will tend to relax if the object they are viewing does not move quickly. Thus, a very sudden acceleration can make the user seem to disappear from vision for several vital seconds, a type of optical illusion. This does not work if the opponent is faster than you, at least not as intended. It can still be surprising, however.

    If the opponent's speed is equal to the user's, they can 'catch up' with the movement in about one meter of movement. Surprising, certainly. If five points slower, the effective range is increased to three meters, and if it is greater than ten, the effective range is however far the user can cover in a single post.

    Stage Six
    Stat Requirements:
    Speed 27, Strength 23, Stamina 25, Control 18, Power 18
    Stage Bonuses: +4 Strength, +5 Speed

    Regular Techniques:

    Weapon Destruction: As an 'anti-weapon' shinobi, this is the peak of ability. It is the skill to apply the right amount of force in the right area of the weapon, to crack, snap, or shatter all but the most well made weapons. Naturally, this requires OOC permission for the weapon to actually break, and is probably much less useful when used on 'unbreakable' weapons.

    Special Techniques: 2 Open

    Ninpou: Saidai Kadou Naihatsu [Ninja Art: Maximum Vortex Energy Burst]
    A powerful striking technique, it is used in two variations. The goal of the technique is to use chakra and a bit of momentum to greatly increase the force of the blow. The first method of preforming it follows a precise method of movements. The user must make at least a 270 degree rotation of the body as they gather chakra into the hands, followed by a 180 degree rotation of the arms as the hands are brought up and forward in a double-palm thrust. At this point, all the chakra is released, greatly enhancing the strength of the blow. It can be used a number of times equal to the user's reserves divided by 5, but after the first use, it is generally rather easy to spot coming. Which is only made easier when you take into account that the amount of gathered chakra is usually distinguishable to an experienced ninja as a type of glow around the limbs in question, although it's not enough to truly be seen by the naked eye. This version has speed on its side, though not versatility.

    Alternately, a simpler, but longer, way is to take a few seconds(one post) to gather a large amount amount of chakra into a limb or limbs, and unleash it on the next post. It should be noted that this strength is not a muscular strength increase, merely a damage output increase.

    Either way, the force of this blow is incredible, and few can withstand its awesome power.

    Stage Seven
    Stat Requirements:
    Speed 35, Strength 31, Stamina 33, Control 22, Power 22
    Stage Bonuses: +4 Strength, +5 Speed

    Regular Techniques: By this point, anything I could spell out would be far too rigid for a true master of this style, one who is capable of coming up with or combining multiple elements of this style into fluid moves and lethal strikes. Indeed, true mastery of this style is seen with the creation of a single special technique that has the user's own personal flavor.

    Special Techniques: 3 Open


    Author of the Kadou-Ken and Kyuusaku-Ken Taijutsu styles.

    Hideki Shoji - Kusa no Satsujinsha

    Murakami Kazuki - A "True Man" of the Leaf

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