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  • Sleepy's Swap

    Archetypes: Ninjutsu Specialist – Human Battery
    Combo Special: Twice per thread, with a two post cooldown, the Overclocker can boost a Ninjutsu to the next scale's benefits. This special does not boost to stage seven effects or the stat scale equivalent.
    Description: The Overclocker is a rare breed of mad Shinobi born with too much chakra and too little common sense. They use their massive amounts of chakra to boost their Jutsu far beyond acceptable limits.

    Shadow Magic Priest
    Archetypes: Lord of Sound - Beast Master
    Combo Special: For all intents and purpose the demon granted by the Seijuu's pact with Donshoku is treated as a beast per the Beast Master ruleset with the Dedicated Summon key trait being given as a free trait along side the key traits associated with the character's rank.
    Description: The Shadow Magic Priest is one who stole the dark and made it their own. Their dealings with the darkness have not left them unchanged however, for now their shadow is pitch black no matter the time of day and points in the direction of the sun rather than away from it.

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    [Fuuton] Swap

    For Ogiwara Etsuya

    Hyoutenka - Below Freezing
    Stage 2:
    Hyoutenka is a passive technique that allows Ogiwara to use his understanding of Hyouton to attach the [cold] modifier to his Fuuton. At the base stage the technique simply drops the temperature of any Fuuton to feel as if the wind is as cold as an arctic breeze. Prolonged exposure to his [cold] Fuuton can leave cracked skin and a danger of frostbite.
    Stage 3: The drop in temperature of the [cold] Fuuton now leaves behind a light layer of ice which drops the target’s speed by one level. Cannot go below speed level 1.
    Stage 4: The drop in temperature of the [cold] Fuuton drops a target's speed by two levels. Cannot go below speed level 1.
    The drop in speed only lasts for two posts before the ice melts off the target and requires a jutsu usage to activate. Stage seven can not be modified by the Stage + effect.
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      Common Genjutsu

      Universal Genjutsu

      False Shunshin
      Stage: 2
      Trigger: Performing a Shunshin
      The user vanishes as if using the Shunshin technique. The version of Shunshin they use is not limited to one that they know. It can be used to throw one off the trail o be it through the default or an elemental version of the technique the user seemingly vanishes from the battle. They haven’t left of course, they’ve just become invisible to those who saw the handseals. The user will stay invisible so long as they stand still, and don’t make any major actions, however they may prepare an attack. Use of this Genjutsu does not actually require the use of a Shunshin.

      Snow Genjutsu

      Frozen to the Touch
      Stage: 1
      Trigger: Handseal Trigger
      Once the target sees the final handseal completed they will find that any item they are holding in their hand suddenly become frost over and frozen. The experience can be quite surprising to those not expecting it. The item will be extremely cold to the touch, and should one hold on to the item for too long they will feel a sensation akin to holding extremely frozen metal.

      Stage: 2
      Trigger: Held Item
      A basic Snow Genjutsu taught in the Academy. The user lays their hands on the object of choice and coats the object in their chakra. The item will become clear as ice, and nearly invisible to the naked eye. This illusion can not be used on a living creature. This was a favorite method of pranking for young Yukigakure Academy students. A good way for hiding important items, setting traps, or just getting a leg up with a thrown Kunai.

      Stage: 4
      Trigger: Physical Hit
      A delayed illusion the user may set this up anytime prior to the use in the thread. Activated or not it still takes up one of the user’s chakra usages. After the illusion has been layered on the user the next time they suffer a physical hit they seemingly shatter into a thousand shards of ice. The user is invisible until either the Genjutsu ends or the user launches an attack of their own. They may move about freely.

      To Break
      Stage: 4
      Trigger: Being Hit with a Hyouton Technique.
      A debilitating illusion if used correctly, any limb hit by the Hyouton Technique will appear to rapidly ice over within the span of a post making it unusable. The next post after that the Ice shatters and the limb is considered to be lost by the Shinobi until the Genjutsu is broken or it ends naturally.

      Lazy Snow
      Stage: 5
      Trigger: Physical Touch
      A derivative of the well-known Nemuri Genjutsu, a simple touch, such as a pat on the shoulder or even a slight nudge will enact the illusion. Rather than falling into a slumber the target will begin to feel a slight dusting of snow fall upon them, and a feeling of sluggishness will overcome them. The user’s speed will drop by 1 level for every post this genjutsu is active to a minimum of 1. Once the illusion either naturally ends or is broken the user will find their speed back at their full levels.
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