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    Kanou's Medic Swaps

    Central Nervous System – Sense Damage (Chuusuusei Kansei Gai)
    Stage 5
    One of Kanou’s unique skills cultivated through a precise application of the theory behind CNS Electric Shock. Rather than delivering an attack that disables the muscles, however, this jutsu attempts to override and injure the opponent’s senses. Upon making physical contact with the enemy, Kanou sends a pulse of his own chakra up the nerves of the target and into their brain. From there, one of the major senses is temporarily disabled. For the next three posts one of the following effects can be applied:

    -Vision may be blurred and dulled
    -Hearing is muffled and distorted
    -Smell and taste are both nullified
    -Pain reception is turned off

    The damage can be reversed through the efforts of another medic; any level healing hands will removed Kanou’s chakra from the victim. Further, a second application against the same target will override and remove the previous effect, even if its duration wasn’t over otherwise. The precision and control required force a one post cool down on subsequent use of this technique.

    Neutralize - Chuuwa
    Stage 5
    The second of Kanou’s special jutsu, created as a way to forego the time necessary to craft specific antidotes in the field. By laying hands on a poisoned patient, Kanou uses a wave of healing chakra to break down and thus destroy the enzymes and chemicals responsible for the damage poisons cause. This type of antidote requires a full post to use and afterwards leaves the target’s body slightly numbed and tingly. The side-effects of Neutralize dissipate after another post, leaving the patient at normal combat ability again, as though they had never been poisoned at all. Alternatively, Kanou can use this technique on himself, again requiring a full post of concentration but without the numbness; he is not negatively affected by his own chakra.

    Killing Hands: Major - Satsugaite: Ichidanto
    Stage 6
    Requires: Killing Hands
    A more powerful form of the original Killing Hands technique, this jutsu seeks to break down a victim’s body by forcing it to destroy itself. Applied like a traditional Healing Hands, this instead seeps into the enemy and begins unraveling it, often violently. Blood vessels burst, tendons snap, flesh rots and organs fail. Even a fleeting touch from the user can cause significant internal bleeding and minor fractures as bones pull apart. Prolonged exposure against a helpless foe can easily prove fatal, particularly if the heart or brain ends up as the main targets of the assault.

    Cloudform - Kumokata
    Stage 4
    Using the theory of wind ninjutsu, this technique of Kanou’s extends the effects of certain items over an area. The medical items chloroform and novacain can be pulled out of their containers and turned into fine, drugged mists. These hazes stay over a thirty foot diameter for three posts and affect anyone caught inside. The novacain causes its characteristic numbness ever exposed skin while chloroform causes those who inhale it to become drowsy, even forcing sleep in the fatigued. The drug effects fade after two posts away from the cloud.
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      Jami Swap Ver. Grass

      This jutsu is going to seem a bit weird, but try to read the whole thing, I promise it won't be crazy long.

      EDIT: To be used in conjunction with this implant.

      Moku Genko - Wood Fist
      Stage One
      This technique serves the trigger to grow out the Moku Genko implant. While the implant normally exists as just a literal stump over the user's shoulder, this jutsu forces the implant to take its more useful form. This trigger is activated with one-handed seals, requiring the other arm to be free. When the Moku Genko is activated, it appears in a full, complete state each time and can be maintained indefinitely by concentration and thought. Injuries sustained by the Moku Genko are repaired every time the technique is canceled (causing the extended arm to retract and dissolve) and re-used. This jutsu itself otherwise has no use beyond summoning and dismissing the arm, and the arm may be activated or reactivated up to five times in one thread.
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        Ishuro Paunch

        This is a special technique for Fierce God Fist, I'm not too picky on stage what with access to all of them.

        An imperfect technique that nevertheless accomplishes its original goal: to disarm opponents quickly and effectively. Through a combination of brute strength and the Heaven Points of the Fierce God Fist, Ishuro delivers a single straight punch or kick towards the middle of his enemy. Upon contact, the massive momentum of the attack is redirected into the body of the target and launches them up and away, spinning end over end. While actual damage is minimal, even in landing, the speed and force is enough to rip weapons out of opponent's hands be flung every direction. Though efficient, the technique doesn't cause any harm to an enemy's items, it merely scatters them beneath the arc the target traveled.

        Given the proper, or improper, air conditions, articles of clothing are occasionally lost alongside any weapons the target was holding.
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          Feather Swaps

          Hane no Gaitou (Cloak of Feathers)
          Stage One
          A basic jutsu requiring so little chakra and concentration as to be considered passive. Essentially, simple feathers are merged, shuffled, and disguised via chakra until they can be reworked to resemble any article of clothing the user can imagine. The transformation is convincing to all senses: the innards of a pillow could be disguised as a high-class tuxedo or fishnet leggings without any difficulty and could be cycle between clothing at the user's behest. However, the feathers gain no durability, so leather or steel emulated through the technique is shredded as easily as cloth. When struck, the user's false clothing tends to shed, causing a few of the feathers to revert to their true appearance and flutter away. The Cloak is, thus, a diminished sort of Henge. With some focus and some chakra, the user can regenerate destroyed sections of the cloak and force the feathers to multiply to fill in any gaps.

          Kaiken no Gaitou (Cloak of Daggers)
          Stage Three
          A simple offensive jutsu, the Kaiken no Gaitou directly feeds off the Cloak of Feathers. Upon completing hand seals, the user forces a number of feathers to lift up from the Cloak to point forward, revealing their true form in the process. At the user's command, the feathers launch forward like kunai, hence the name of the technique. Each feather is stiffened and coated with chakra, allowing them to strike with the weight and sharpness of daggers despite their normal limitations. The feathers are, in fact, so thin that they are effectively razor blades that lodge themselves into flesh easily. Up to a dozen feathers can be thrown this way at once.

          Hane Tosshin (Feather Rush)
          Stage Five
          This jutsu rapidly shuffles the Cloak at the user's command, quickly and precisely creating temporary copies of its feathers as it does so. The Cloak transforms into a single long arm with four claws, all made of swirling feathers. Each feather is sharp and tough as per Kaiken no Gaitou, but there are significantly more of them involved. The arm isn't dexterous enough to grasp anything; it simply moves through its target and places them within a wind tunnel of razor feathers. Anyone caught in the arm's path is liable to be slashed all over and have a few of the feathers get stuck in the process. The claw can extend in a thirty foot arc and is roughly five feet in diameter, and it howls as it moves from the feathers rustling in the air. After lashing out, the claw swiftly retracts and reforms the Cloak.
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            Jami's Swaps

            Launch Anything
            Stage 3
            Description: A curious jutsu used to create a variety of trick arrows mid-combat. With chakra, the user is able to take any object in hand and temporarily warp its shape into that of an arrow or crossbow bolt. Then, the newly minted arrow may be fired as though it were a normal missile. At any time, the user may reverse the transformation, changing the arrow back into the original object. Curiously, being compressed into an arrow causes no damage to the base object. The user cannot transform items weighing over twenty pounds or costing over ten points and the transformation of an item does not count as an attack.

            Momentous Shot
            Stage 4
            Description: This jutsu harnesses the momentum of the user; it may only be used while moving, whether that be on the run, mid-jump, or in a tumble. The user's chakra pulls their own kinetic energy up and into an arrow or bolt, the process of which immediately brings the user to stop. After the arrow is fired, the transferred energy can be released, allowing the user to remotely alter the angle of trajectory. An arrow's flight can be slanted, bent at right angles, or even completely reversed.

            Cover Fire
            Stage 3
            Description: This jutsu can be activated whenever an arrow or bolt is fired, but must be done so immediately. When used, the jutsu forces the arrow to stay exactly in position, hanging in the air even when the bow is drawn away. Upon command, the user can release the hold, allowing the arrow to travel as it would have at its original launch. Up to three arrows can be held by Cover Fire at once for a maximum of three posts each; an arrow not released by the time limit falls to the ground. Holding an arrow with Cover Fire counts as an attack for the original post.

            Purifying Element
            Stage 6
            Description: A powerful defensive jutsu, this technique's primary function is to halt enemy ranged assaults to maintain control of the battle. The user takes aim at an incoming ninjutsu or projectile and then fires an arrow or bolt. The missile turns into a gleaming silver line as it travels and, upon contact, dissipates enemy offensive ninjutsu below stage five and sends other projectiles clattering harmlessly to the ground undamaged. Destroyed ninjutsu leave behind a shimmering cloud of dust that is too thin to obscure vision, but pretty nonetheless.
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              Mist Seal and Grass Swaps

              Ocean's Shape
              Umi no Keijo

              The Umi no Keijo was originally designed as a means for Mist nin to more effectively fight on the waterways they call home. It harkens back to old techniques and lost secrets, using a knowledge of transmutation to turn a seal bearer's body entirely into water. The seal sees ideal use on shinobi who often deal with pirates on open ocean, but the sealing process proved to be too much for most subjects. Those who could not properly control the seal would try to turn into water and lose all consistency, bursting in showers of blood and dying immediately.

              However, experiments with the seal continue to be run and test batches are sometimes made in small numbers, usually paid volunteers at dead-ends and other extreme low points. Subjects still routinely die, making involvement with the program a danger in and of itself. The seal is not infectious, but can be manipulated through long rituals to allow a bearer to copy the seal onto another willing host. This seal represents one of the most stable and functional versions of Ocean's Shape, but other bearers have manifested its powers differently.

              Requirements: Power 17, Control 16, Reserves 16, Willpower 15

              Abilities: When activated, Ocean's Shape transforms the bearer's body into water. The bearer becomes a translucent mass of flowing water that retains the shape and features of his normal body. His form is held together by chakra, allowing him to alter his shape with relative ease by changing the flow of his chakra. He could become a wide puddle or a thin tube of water, allowing him to pass through narrow spaces. The user can also alter his density, allowing him to double or halve his volume.

              While in water form, the user must remain a contiguous mass as if bound by a membrane, so he cannot split into multiple masses or soak into fabric, but he can move in a variety of ways. On the ground, he can form full legs and walk like normal, or he can surge across the ground, pushing against the earth and propelling himself forward. In a body of water, the bearer retains his shape, but can swim with ease and does not need to breathe. He may also travel along the surface of any liquid as though under constant Water-Walking Technique. The user cannot fly or hover, but he can jump as though he had his normal body and he may extend parts of him to distant points, then pull the rest of his mass towards the new ground anchor.

              The bearer retains his normal stats and abilities while in water form, including speech and normal senses, and may deliver all manner of hand to hand attacks. He is somewhat resilient to taijutsu, allowing him to easily absorb blunt strikes and recover from blade attacks just by shifting his body around the weapon, and is immune to poisons, suffocation, and other attacks which target systems he doesn't have. Additionally, any ninjutsu requiring sources of water may be fed with some of the water that makes up the bearer's body. A jutsu used this way actually takes only a small amount of the user and then propagates it, minimizing the drain on the user.

              When the user transforms, any clothing and items he is carrying also transform into water, sinking into his form and becoming indistinguishable. The items can be freely shifting back to their regular forms, allowing the user to draw stored kunai out of his body or materialize a sword in his hand and so on.

              Weaknesses: Switching to a body made entirely of water gives the user a number of problematic weaknesses. If any part of the user is separated from the central mass, it is considered lost and cannot be pulled back into the body even if the user tries to collect it. This means that, though resistant to low-energy body blows, the bearer is quite weak to the explosive force on the level of explosive tags and abilities like those of Precision Fist. A loss of body mass will weaken the user in a water state, but translates into minor to major injuries when he shifts back to his normal form; a small amount of water means broken blood vessels and larger amounts may translate to missing limbs.

              Further, the bearer may resist taijutsu, but is still affected by genjutsu and most ninjutsu and, in some cases, is weaker to them. While doton and suiton risk knocking off sections of the user's body, sources of intense heat, like katon, can boil him away. Electrical attacks, such as raiton and chidori, are not only able to boil the user, but are attracted to the user and much more difficult to dodge. Low temperatures can also freeze parts of the user's body, locking their form until they thaw or are removed. As the user has no flesh and blood while in water form, he cannot be healed by Healing Hands and other medical jutsu. If the user was suffering from poison before shifting, any remaining duration is reapplied upon changing back.

              The bearer, even in his regular form, is easily susceptible to dehydration and must drink about twice as much water as a normal person to avoid its effects. When knocked unconscious, the user undergoes a half-shift, becoming largely gelatinous, but can maintain one true form or the other when sleeping normally.

              Note: Water form duration does not have a limit, but shifting from one form to another takes one of the user's actions for the post.


              Grass Swaps - Ex-Shinku Seijun

              Stage: 2
              By focusing chakra into the eye and performing a tiger seal, the user is able to manipulate his vision as though looking a camera. He can zoom, focus, and adjust lighting, then send a quick chakra pulse to the brain to take a mental picture of whatever he is looking at. The user can hold up to two dozen mental pictures at a time and may delete these imprints at will. By placing a hand on a solid surface, he can place a saved photograph, forming an exact image. This is usually done with paper to create permanent, physical copies.

              Stage: 2
              The user runs chakra into his ears and holds a seal, allowing him to memorize conversations and other noises. He can record for up to four posts at once and can hold up to three such recordings in his memory at once. With a second seal and a stream of chakra to his voice box, the user can recite memorized conversations perfectly, altering his own voice to imitate those of others and mimicking noises within human range.

              Bone Binding
              Stage: 5
              After performing hand seals, the user holds chakra in his finger tips. If he manages to touch the enemy, the chakra immediately runs through the target's body and centers on his wrists. Thereafter, the enemy's wrists are attracted to each other as though heavily magnetized. They come together rapidly and stay that way, as though the enemy had been handcuffed. This makes hand seals and using most weapons impossible, but can be resisted with level six strength or higher. Otherwise, the binding ends after two posts.

              Reveal the Secret
              Stage: 5
              The user performs a string of hand seals, then places his palm against the forehead of a target. As long as he maintains contact with the target, he can ask the target a single question. The user's chakra leaks into the targets brain and guarantees an answer - the right answer. However, though the target cannot lie, he may still provide false information if he believes it to be true. This technique puts stress on the user and the target, whose system becomes temporarily resistant after being affected once. Therefore, a target may only be affected by this jutsu once per thread. Reveal the Secret may only be used out of combat.

              Monkey Grip
              Multiple Sword Style Regular Technique
              Stage: 4
              Learning how to wield multiple swords is hard and learning how to hold them all is key to the process. This technique allows a user to, when barefoot, catch and hold his swords with his feet, typically be placing the hilt between the big toe and the other toes. By keeping a sword held by a foot, the user can become a wildly unpredictable attacker, able to pivot on his other leg and attack with his other limbs. If the user knows Wall-Walking, he may use this technique to stick a sword to the sole of his shoe and fight with it.three of their other limbs.
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                Blood Feast - Beast Seal

                Blood Feast
                Chi no Kyoen
                somewhere else.

                Thankfully, applying the seal to a human host is easy enough, but with a catch. Like with most Tailed Beasts, Kyofuu's presence permanently and drastically alters the very nature of his host's chakra. The first four test hosts died within a matter of hours as chakra poured out of their coils until Kyofuu escaped, leaving a desiccated husk behind. The truth is that Kyofuu's power overwhelms shinobi chakra coils, which are used to being open, and the beast is allowed to escape. Only those without ninja, samurai, or monk training can be considered viable hosts.

                Thus, when Kyofuu reconstituted on the Isle, its watchers prepared for the inevitable. Of all the beasts, it was Kyofuu who was most likely to circumvent the barriers keeping their essence away from the world of humans and, in a matter of weeks after reforming, Kyofuu made landfall on the mainland. With his would be keepers already in hot pursuit, he created havoc for a few days before Blood Feast was slipped around his neck once more. Now bound to a new human host, Kyofuu's power remains, restrained by Blood Feast but still quite real.

                -The seal bearer may not take (other) shinobi lists including: ninjutsu, genjutsu, summons, or any list with a chakra primary or secondary stat block. They may still use Celestial Gates and taijutsu special techniques.
                -The bearer may not have any bloodline or implants using chakra systems.
                -However, the pressure of Kyofuu's chakra causes the bearer to be susceptible to chakra exhaustion. Anytime the bearer would take stat penalties (from Gates, other buff/debuff jutsu, or any other source), they instead take double the normal penalty.
                -The bearer's chakra coils are sensitive. Any damage directly to the coils, such as with the Hyuuga Jyuuken or chakra poisoning, is amplified.

                -The bearer has access to this seal's techniques.
                -Unless specified, this seal's abilities work only on objects. While they may target objects held in someone else's hands, anything worn close to the body (ie clothes) cannot be targeted.
                -Each stage lists a Limit rating. The seal's powers may only affect targets within a radius equal to the Limit, though they may cause an object to leave that radius.

                Stage One
                Requirements: Power 4, Control 4
                Requirements: Willpower 2, Tactics 2
                The bearer concentrates and wills an object not to stop or move but to, instead, delay. A falling rock, a flying dagger, a swinging log, they can all be ordered to Hold, causing them to wait, seemingly frozen in the air. On the next post, however, they immediately resume travel as if never interrupted in the first place.

                Stage Two
                Requirements: Power 7, Control 7, Willpower 6
                Limit: Fifteen feet

                Requirements: Willpower 4, Tactics 4
                Kyofuu's power is not limited to merely controlling kinetic energy. Focusing, the bearer can fix his abilities on a single object they can see and will it to come HereStage Three
                Requirements: Power 10, Control 10, Willpower 8
                Limit: Twenty feet

                Forward IIStop IIAside
                Requirements:Inertia. Once the bearer has begun moving, he is exceptionally difficult to stop. Activating this technique allows him to move through snares, rough terrain, or anything else that would hinder his movement as if it wasn't there. Thus, he can easily run through a bog, across ice, or into a thicket as easily as down a sidewalk. This technique gives the bearer no power against obstacles that would normally stop him completely, such as a wall or rope trap.

                Stage Four
                Requirements: Power 15, Control 15, Reserves 13, Willpower 14
                Limit: Twenty-five feet

                Left/Right IIUp IISlide
                Requirements: Here, Willpower 10, Tactics 10, Intelligence 8
                A counterpart to Here, this allows the seal bearer to instead move an object over ThereStage Five
                Requirements: Power 20, Control 20, Reserves 16, Willpower 16
                Limit: Thirty feet

                Forward IIIReverseGlide
                Requirements:There, Willpower 15, Tactics 15, Intelligence 13
                Having essentially mastered Kyofuu's ability to send objects Here or There, the seal bearer takes the idea further. The bearer can move himself now, capable of appearing at any point within his Limit as though taking a single Step. He must be able to see his new location and, like with There, cannot reappear overlapping other matter. While this can be used to avoid attacks, doing so is stressful and dangerous, and thus can only be used to emulate Kawarimi twice per thread.

                Stage Six
                Requirements: Power 26, Control 26, Reserves 24, Willpower 18, Tactics 18
                Limit: Thirty-five feet

                Requirements: Willpower 19, Tactics 19, Intelligence 18
                At this point, Kyofuu's power broadens in scope. The seal bearer learns the true depths of the power of Movement: he can use it to Twist and distort the path of other people's chakra. Though Blood Feast techniques are normally unable to affect ninjutsu, using this special technique allows the bearer to apply any other normal technique to another person's in-flight ninjutsu. Thus, a fireball could be affected with Down, causing it to slam into the ground, or a stream of chakra-assisted daggers could be made to Stop. Twist may only affect ninjutsu of stage five or lower and has a two post cooldown.

                Stage Seven
                Requirements: Power 34, Control 34, Reserves 31, Willpower 22, Tactics 20
                Limit: Forty feet

                Requirements: Willpower 26, Tactics 25, Intelligence 24
                Though paling in scope to Kyofuu's unrestrained power, the seal bearer is able to tap into the final, most destructive possibility. With a full post of concentration and preparation, the user causes everything around him to Disappear. A shockwave ripples out from him to the edge of his limit before a second wave billows out. This wave of Movement banishes all matter it comes across, creating an utter vacuum in a sphere defined by the user's limit. Matter destroyed by Disappear is annihilated and this technique is more than capable of affecting people as well as objects.
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                  Glory of Money

                  Here's some quick swap jootsoo.

                  Okane no Ikou
                  Glory of Money

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                    Pi Qua Quan and an Antidote

                    The first three of these are for Ueno Daichi. The last is for Meinaka Ishuro.

                    Leopard's PawSubtle Blow
                    Stage 3 Special Technique
                    A passive ability, this reflects a particular style of fighting than any single technique. Though the user continues to strike with all the power and speed normal to Pi Qua Quan, the initial damage of each strike seems reduced. The force of the attacks sinks into the target's body; whenever the user hits an opponent, they create no injury and transfer near zero momentum. However, on the post afterward, the damage reveals itself, causing bruises to surface, cuts to open, and other injuries to appear retroactively.

                    Turn Aside
                    Stage 4 Special Technique
                    An unarmed combatant, no matter his skill, must always be mindful of the advantages of weapons. Through a low level manipulation of cold, Daichi creates a thin coating of ice over his fingertips. This ice is smooth and blunt, adding nothing to his attacks, but it's solid enough to meet the edge of a katana without breaking. Thus, though still risky, Daichi can parry blades with his hands, as long as he keeps them in the traditional three-fingered Pi Qua Quan form. The chakra usage on this is minimal and may be considered passive.

                    Forest Cure
                    Stage 4 Ninjutsu Swap
                    A jutsu forged out of desperation and necessity, after a series of handseals, Ishuro must make physical contact with up to three willing targets. For the duration of the thread, those targets are resistant to the effects of Ishuro's Desert Poison. Essentially, they are immune to his toxins no matter the stage and without needing any other kind of treatment. This is ineffective on targets who have already been poisoned and may be revoked by another activation.
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                      True Bijuu - Mohosha the Five

                      Mohosha, The Five-Tailed
                      True Bijuu - "Mimicry"

                      History: Some time after the destruction of the Bijuu at the end of the last Great War, when their bodies of chakra were still scattered to the winds but before their energy had been drawn to the great trap laid for them at Spirit Island, a few motes of the Five-Tailed settled at a simple shrine. There, only a handful of seasons after being destroyed, the Five-Tailed began to regenerate. It rest in the dark, dim places of the shrine and siphoned off the prayers of the believers. Shapeless and weak, the Five-Tailed encouraged their worship and drew sustenance from their spirits, little by little. The priestesses took notice and called the presence a god, their own kami, blind to the truth, but moved nonetheless.

                      They provided it with a home, an ancient relic of the shrine once said to house a different sort of spirit. A fist-sized lump of dark green jade, carved into a magatama formed the perfect host for the bijuu while it continued to recover. The jade kept its chakra from continuing to bleed off, and instead the Five-Tailed only grew stronger. It reached out and caused miracles, it drew flocks of pilgrims, it stood at the center of festivals, and a decade after the Five-Tailed came to rest at this little mountain shrine, it urged one miko to pick up her parring knife and cut down her sisters in their sleep.

                      From there, the history of the Graveyard Jade becomes unclear. It passed from hand to hand, from one desperate maniac to another, with the Five-Tailed whispering promises of power to whichever ear was closest. At least twice more, the Graveyard Jade stood at the center of massacres, soaked in blood. By the time the Jade found its way to already unstable Arashi Ryogo, its reputation proceeded it. He believed it could work miracles, that it had power over life and death.

                      The Five-Tailed had outgrown its shell - it needed to molt. The time had come for it to burst forth and take its place in the world. It promised to revive the Arashi's blood by offering to remove the weak-blooded. Purity, it said, was what it could offer. Ryogo grabbed a worker's hammer and shattered the Jade into pieces and within minutes, the Arashi were wiped out, no matter how stubbornly they refused to die. All but one, a young boy whose bloodline sank its hooks into the Five-Tailed and devoured it, bit by bit, as the last scion of the Arashi revolted against the bijuu and against Death itself.

                      Now, the Five-Tailed is in a new prison, one of skin and bone, the body of a boy with bad blood. The boy calls it Mohosha - "Imitator".

                      Appearance: The Five-Tailed, in its current incarnation, resembles an octopus, its even tails forming its Five sucker-covered arms. where the remaining three arms should be, there are instead short stubs as if they had been cut off. The Five-Tailed has sharp eyes with a golden luster, like gemstones. Its body looks to be made of liquid glass full of multi-hued smoke. Hidden on its underside, where the beast should have its beak, the Five-Tailed instead has a black void lined with row upon row of teeth, stretching into nothingness.

                      Abilities: This aspect of the Five-Tailed, Mohosha, has the power of Mimicry, which it bestows upon its host. This provides a number of distinct powers to the host.

                      The Imitation Game

                      Mundane Mimicry

                      The host can imitate the speech, writing, and movement of other people, provided he has interacted with them or watched them do what he wants to copy. He can perfectly parrot speech he has actually heard, or can generate new speech based using pattern recognition. While he can use this ability to emulate the movements of taijutsu, this does not copy statistics, and cannot be used to imitate Special Techniques. Mimicry does not mean understanding, so while the host can copy someone else's code, they do not gain any insight into its meaning.


                      With concentration, the user can utilize the Five-Tailed's talent for Mimicry to learn about other people's chakra-based techniques. By spending one defensive action, the user can determine the 'type' of someone else's active technique (ninjutsu, taijutsu, genjutsu, miko, bijuu, bloodline, etc). This does not fully reveal how the technique works, it only provides insight into its origins. Once a technique has been analyzed this way, it is tagged as [Observed] until the end of the thread.

                      The host may use [Observed] techniques as though they were on his character sheet. He ignores list, archetype, or previous technique requirements, but must meet other prerequisites, including stats. For taijutsu specials with no statistic requirements, he must instead meet the requirements of the taijutsu stage the technique belongs to. If the [Observed] technique is a swap jutsu, he must use the stats of whatever slot his mimicked target has placed the swap in. If the technique requires a particular item, he must have that item. If the technique requires a bloodline, seal, or another True Bijuu, he cannot mimic it. [Observed] techniques are always used at minimum scaling.

                      If an [Observed] technique is used, it instead becomes [Memorized] until the end of the thread.

                      The host may only have one technique [Memorized] at a time. Should another technique become [Memorized], the previous technique loses the [Memorized] tag and is completely forgotten.

                      Example: The host watches a Leaf nin fighting and sees them launch a Powerful Fireball, which he spends an action to tag as [Observed]. Later, he sees the same character attack with Jyuken, which he also marks as [Observed], and discovers is a bloodline ability, and thus cannot be mimicked. The host uses Powerful Fireball himself, changing it to [Memorized], even though he does not know Dragon Fire. If the host were to later use a different [Observed] technique, that new technique would be [Memorized] and Powerful Fireball would be lost.


                      At the end of any thread where the host has a technique tagged as [Memorized], he may choose to add that technique to his Memory List as if he were learning a jutsu normally (limit one jutsu per thread rating).

                      Techniques in the Memory List may be overwritten. Placing a newly [Memorized] technique into an occupied slot deletes the previous technique; if the host would like to relearn it, he will need to start the process over again. Forgotten techniques do not refund jutsu points.

                      Example: The host decides he likes Powerful Fireball, which he has already marked [Memorized]. Provided that he receives at least one rating point for that thread, he can exchange it to add Power Fireball to his Memory List in any Stage Four slot. Because all of his slots are filled, he decides to remove Shunshin from one of the slots and place Powerful Fireball there instead. Shunshin is lost until it is learned again.

                      The Memory List

                      As long as the host has the Five-Tailed sealed within them, they must fill two list slots with a single Memory List. The Memory List is a special type of jutsu list structured like a ninjutsu list, however the six techniques per stage may hold any mixture of ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu special techniques. The Memory List does not require techniques to be filled in stage sequential order - the host does not need to fill a Stage One slot before learning a Stage Two.

                      The Memory List is treated like a ninjutsu list, but can contain techniques originally from ninjutsu, genjutsu, taijutsu, miko techniques, or any other list-like structure that the user can copy. Unlike other lists, the Memory List can never accept the user's own personal swap jutsu and may only have techniques added to it via the process of Observation and Memorization.

                      A: Power
                      B: Control
                      C: Reserves
                      D: Intelligence
                      E: Tactics
                      F: Willpower

                      Stage One
                      First Jutsu: Power 2, Tactics 2
                      Second Jutsu: Control 3, Intelligence 2
                      Third Jutsu: Power 3, Willpower 2
                      Fourth Jutsu: Intelligence 3, Reserves 3
                      Fifth Jutsu: Power 4, Control 4
                      Sixth Jutsu: Intelligence 4, Tactics 4

                      Stage Two
                      First Jutsu: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4
                      Second Jutsu: Intelligence 5, Tactics 4, Willpower 4
                      Third Jutsu: Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4
                      Fourth Jutsu: Intelligence 6, Tactics 5, Control 5
                      Fifth Jutsu: Power 7, Control 7, Intelligence 6
                      Sixth Jutsu: Intelligence 7, Tactics 7, Control 6

                      Stage Three
                      First Jutsu: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6
                      Second Jutsu: Intelligence 8, Tactics 6, Willpower 8
                      Third Jutsu: Power 9, Control 9, Intelligence 7
                      Fourth Jutsu: Intelligence 9, Tactics 9, Control 7
                      Fifth Jutsu: Power 10, Control 10, Willpower 8
                      Sixth Jutsu: Intelligence 10, Tactics 10, Reserves 8

                      Stage Four
                      First Jutsu: Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12
                      Second Jutsu: Intelligence 12, Tactics 11, Willpower 10, Power 12
                      Third Jutsu: Power 14, Control 13, Reserves 11, Tactics 10
                      Fourth Jutsu: Intelligence 14, Tactics 13, Willpower 11, Control 10
                      Fifth Jutsu: Power 15, Control 15, Reserves 13, Intelligence 14
                      Sixth Jutsu: Intelligence 15, Tactics 15, Willpower 13, Power 14

                      Stage Five
                      First Jutsu: Power 17, Control 16, Reserves 16, Intelligence 15
                      Second Jutsu: Intelligence 17, Tactics 16, Willpower 16, Power 15
                      Third Jutsu: Power 18, Control 17, Reserves 17, Tactics 14
                      Fourth Jutsu: Intelligence 18, Tactics 17, Willpower 17, Control 14
                      Fifth Jutsu: Power 19, Control 19, Reserves 18, Intelligence 16
                      Sixth Jutsu: Intelligence 19, Tactics 19, Willpower 18, Power 16

                      Stage Six
                      First Jutsu: Power 21, Control 20, Reserves 19, Intelligence 17, Tactics 15
                      Second Jutsu: Intelligence 21, Tactics 20, Willpower 19, Power 17, Control 15
                      Third Jutsu: Power 23, Control 23, Reserves 22, Tactics 16, Willpower 15
                      Fourth Jutsu: Intelligence 23, Tactics 23, Willpower 22, Control 16, Reserves 15
                      Fifth Jutsu: Power 26, Control 25, Reserves 24, Intelligence 19, Tactics 17
                      Sixth Jutsu: Intelligence 26, Tactics 25, Willpower 24, Power 19, Control 17

                      Stage Seven
                      First Jutsu: Power 30, Control 27, Reserves 26, Intelligence 22, Tactics 20
                      Second Jutsu: Intelligence 30, Tactics 27, Willpower 26, Power 22, Control 20
                      Third Jutsu: Power 32, Control 30, Reserves 28, Intelligence 24, Tactics 22
                      Fourth Jutsu: Intelligence 32, Tactics 30, Willpower 28, Power 24, Control 22
                      Fifth Jutsu: Power 35, Control 33, Reserves 31, Intelligence 26, Willpower 18
                      Sixth Jutsu: Intelligence 35, Tactics 33, Willpower 31, Power 26, Reserves 18
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                        Return of the Black

                        Combo Archetype, Black Jewel swaps, and a Precision Fist special.

                        Angra Mainyu
                        Archetypes: Myrmidon + Offensive Healer
                        Combo Special: The user may take Medical Ninjutsu, but may only take Disease Containment, its Greater counterpart, and Medical Kinjutsu. He treats these jutsu as if they were swaps and may place them in Global Ninjutsu or Force Jewels as though they were non-elemental. These jutsu originate from the user's Force Jewel rather than from true medical training.
                        Description: A destructive spirit, the Angra Mainyu is named for the classical source of all evil. To be an Angra Mainyu is to be a false prophet, deceiving both others and the self, and to sow the seeds of jealousy, fear, and hatred. At best, Angra Mainyu leave trails of fire and blood through carelessness and incompetence. At worst, they are malignant and malicious, creating trouble to bask in the chaos.

                        Stage One
                        The result of a weak mind and body succumbing to a Force Jewel, something has gone extraordinarily wrong. The implanted jewel has sunk deep into the user's skin and partially dissolved into their blood stream, becoming far more a part of them than it should be. In essence, the jewel is always considered to be active, with the jewel veins appearing over the user's actual veins, running with black blood. Passively, the user is immune to low grade toxins, poisons, disease and so on. Effects that cost Item Points or jutsu cannot be absorbed by this ability.
                        Stage Two: By spending a jutsu usage, the user immediately cures themselves of all 2 Item Point or Stage One poisons.
                        Stage Three: By spending a jutsu usage, the user immediately cures themselves of all 3 Item Point or Stage Two poisons.
                        Stage Four: By spending a jutsu usage, the user immediately cures themselves of all 4 Item Point or Stage Three poisons.
                        Special: Poison immunity can be 'turned off', but is naturally working. Because the user has lost control of their jewel, they may no longer use Activate Jewel or generic 'Jewel' techniques, and they cannot extend jewel veins beyond their own person. The user may still use Medical Kinjutsu swapped into the Force Jewel List.

                        Stage Three
                        The trick of the corrupted jewel is that, while the user may be immune to poisons, his body is not actually fighting them off; the jewel itself keeps the toxins inert, but circulating through the user's blood. When needed, the jewel weaponizes these stored poisons and makes them potent once more. The user's blood is treated as though it were Hallucinogenic Poison when applied to weapons, making skin contact, or ingested. This ability is passive.
                        Stage Four: The user may instead treat their blood as Debilitating Poison, but only as one poison at a time.
                        Stage Five: The user may instead treat their blood as Lethal Poison, but only as one poison at a time. Lethal Poison consumes a jutsu usage per post (and requires opponent permission per Lethal Poison rules).
                        Special: The user's blood is potent for just one post after it leaves the body, after which it can be safely handled.

                        Stage Five
                        An insidious technique that requires the user to make direct contact with their target, usually by laying hands on them. A spike of blood erupts from the user's skin up to three inches and sharp enough to pierce leather. By itself, the spike does as much damage as a kunai, but the black jewel rapidly corrupts and deteriorates anything organic it comes in contact with. Flesh and muscle dissolve as if eaten by acid, bone softens and melts, and blood boils away. Damage is highly localized and ends as soon as contact is broken, but this ability can be maintained to destroy more and more of a target per post. The damage done by Rot can be healed by Chiyute and similar regenerative ninjutsu/bloodlines, but does not heal naturally.

                        Precision Fist Special Tech
                        Stage Two
                        Utilizing elements of neijia, internal martial arts, the user is capable of manipulating the explosive chakra of Precision Fist. This allows them to strike a target and have the energy move safely through them as little more than a dim vibration. However, once the energy travels through a surface, it emerges full force from the opposite side as though the user had thrown the punch themselves. This manifests as a three-foot 'arm' of visible chakra that detonates upon hitting another target.
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                          Black Jewel Swap Part 2

                          For Masato. This is intended for Stage Six, trading Healing Hands Major's ability to target others for the toxic saliva/gourmand ability.

                          Stage SixSpecial: Passively, the user has the jaw strength to snap bone, and their saliva can be made toxic as though it were their blood. The user can consume raw and rotten foods, including carrion, without illness or issue.
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                            Hungry Vessel - Archetype

                            Hungry Vessel
                            [Gourmand] x [Unleashed]
                            Special: When a Hungry Vessel kills a target with Borrowed time, they absorb some of the target's memories, and blend them with their own. This does not allow them to learn jutsu.

                            Hungry Vessels may lose 10 Drive each post they are Walking in Death.
                            Hungry Vessels may lose 10 Drive each time they use an [Observed], [Memorized], or Memory List technique instead of the normal gain.
                            Hungry Vessels who enter Death's Door also gain 100 Drive.

                            While Overwhelmed or Lost, Hungry Vessels may still use [Observed], [Memorized], or Memory List techniques.
                            Hungry Vessels gain one fewer taijutsu level from Blended, Overwhelmed, and Lost.
                            Hungry Vessels do not lose Drive from being Soothed or Holding Back, and instead may gain 10 Drive.

                            Primary: Physical
                            Merit: +3 Chakra
                            Flaw: -3 Mental

                            Description: The Hungry Vessel consumes everything in his path. He struggles against the Beast inside him, but he possesses an uncontrollable appetite for destruction. Hungry Vessels are the perfects hosts for Bijuu, acting as nursemaids and incubators instead of jailors, despite their best efforts.
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                              Shipori Swaps

                              A couple weird, meta-jutsu swaps for Shipori.

                              Dance of the BunshinBunshin no Mai
                              Stage Six:
                              Requirements: Kage Bunshin
                              Description:Little OgreChisana Oni
                              Stage Six
                              Requirements: Ancestral Memory
                              Description:kawarimi or Stage Seven jutsu. Techniques that require making or holding seals as part of their effect still require them.
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