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    --> Ink Ninjutsu
    Name: Kadouzukku no Jutsu (Mobile Canvas Technique)
    Stage: 1
    Description: A true artist can't be deterred because he lacks a proper canvas. With this passive jutsu, the user goes a little bit beyond the normal sumi specialist. And instead of simply drawing on a special parchment, they have learned to master the art of creating beautiful drawings no matter where they are, eliminating the use of a prepared scroll. Drawbacks occur, however. Due to not using a flat and solid scroll, any 'canvas' in which the user attempts to use must be a concrete surface. If any parts of the drawing are broken up or dismembered the animation techniques will not work on them. As an example, while the user could draw this on some sort of wall or even on their own skin, they couldn't draw it over several leaves or on the surface of grass blades.

    Name: Sumi Kengeki (Ink Weapons)
    Stage: 2
    Description: A simple technique. The user draws a projectile (limited to: shuriken, kunai, senbon, and throwing daggers) of their choice and then animates it. The weapon appears, and although it has the appearance of most sumi creations, it's resemblance and accuracy is uncanny. These weapons only stay in their actual form throughout the user's first post after creation. Despite if they've been used or not, the weapons revert back to the substance they are formed out of. The sizes of the projectiles cannot be manipulated to be irregular.

    Name: Chozou Reiya (Preservation Layer)
    Stage: 1
    Description: Another passive technique which sends an added layer of protection to any drawing the user might come up with. Whatever they draw seems to come with a little bit more protection than usual. This ink dries quickly with the help of a minute amount of chakra, allowing for more stable art. Although it's not unable to be smudged, it would have to be focused on deliberately and almost always with some type of extra material. Whether it's a smudging cloth, or some liquid. But attempting to 'touch-tamper' with one's artwork just when they finish it doesn't seem to work anymore.


    Fuzeizukku (Air Canvas)
    Stage: 1
    Passive technique allows the user to draw still paintings in the air to be animated with the Sumi Sansaku no Jutsu (Ink Walking Technique). Disturbing the currents surrounding the painting destroys the work and renders it unable to be animated.

    Irezumi (Ink Insertion)
    Stage: 1
    After completing a drawing on a person's body (can even be the user's own skin) the user will place their hands over the skin of that person and apply the pressure from their chakra to push the ink into the skin. It cannot be washed off it becomes a tattoo.
    Note: Should the user possess the proper techniques they can still animate said drawing in which it would peel out of the skin and vanish from the body entirely.

    Sekando Gia (Second Gear)
    Stage: 3
    Unique to Arashi, utilizing the ink from the tattoos on his shoulders he can summon large arms around his own to use in combat. The arms may move independently of Arashi's arms should he choose them to. The hands are three meters wide capable of holding onto the average human being and can stretch up to 10 meters (30 feet) away from Arashi. They possess a strength level of 2 and are invulnerable against any level 2 offenses. The arms can last for 3 consecutive posts after which they meld back into Arashi's skin and have a 4 post cooldown. Should they be destroyed the markings on Arashi's arms fade and they must be applied again before this technique can be used.
    Note: Arashi may not use any Sumi ninjutsu while this technique is active unless they are "Gear" ninjutsu.

    Sado Gia (Third Gear)
    Stage: 5
    Unique to Arashi, utilizing the ink from the tattoos on his back [image] he can summon a large dragon head to use in combat. The head engulfs his entire body and stands at an ultimate height of 10 meters long. This head may not stretch any longer, however it can act as a defense against level 4 techniques. The dragon possesses teeth sharp enough to rip through stone. The head can last for 5 consecutive posts after which it melds back into Arashi's skin and has a 6 post cooldown. Should the head be destroyed the markings on Arashi's back fade and they must be applied again before this technique can be used.
    Note: Arashi may not use any Sumi ninjutsu while this technique is active unless they are "Gear" ninjutsu.
    “Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn”

    -- Swaps for Byakutama Suzaku

    Ninjutsu Techniques

    Katon Swaps

    Katon: Tsuuku (Fire Element: Anguish)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Stage: 6
    - A very sadistic technique, after performing the necessary seal, Suzaku’s palm will begin to glow a fiery red. Placing his hand against the skin of an opponent within the next post, he will release a surge of unimaginable heat through their body, causing the uppermost layer of skin (not dead skin) to erupt with flame, burning it away. It isn’t scarring – or all that dangerous, really – but is extremely painful and may be used repetitively without too much injury. A perfect torture/interrogation technique.

    Katon: Kyoshin Bakuhatsu (Fire Element: Empty Spirit Explosion)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Stage: 5
    - Snapping his fingers, Suzaku will create a small but fiery spark in the direction of the opponent (capable of traveling as far as five meters). Then, snapping his fingers again as it reaches the target, Suzaku causes the spark to burn the oxygen in the air of its immediate vicinity, creating a ‘Goukakyuu-sized’ fireball out of what, at first, appeared to be an impotent spark.

    Katon: Kyodatsugakou (Fire Element: Fire Pit of Empty Deprivation)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Stage: 6
    - Breathing forward a stream of fire, it will split halfway before reaching the opponent and begin arching out, creating a grounded ring of fire with a five foot radius around them. A strangely animate fire, it will, quite literally, begin to eat/consume all of the oxygen within the ring, building its own strength, while, simultaneously, robbing the trapped enemy of all air. Unable to breathe, the opponent will be forced to make a choice: to stay in the ring and endure the asphyxiation, or escape the ring by running through the fire.
    Note: The technique lasts for three posts and, purposefully, that is the same length of time required for the target to pass out from lack of oxygen; while, the fire itself is hot enough to cause second-degree burns to the body. Someone with the air-walking technique or a way of reaching high altitudes may escape the ring by other means.

    - Projectile Techniques

    Totsunyuu (Break In) [2]
    A technique useful only once the user is melded into a surface, they pass on Chakra properties to their projectiles that give them characteristics similar to the user which allows them to toggle and adjust weapons while inside of a certain surface. They can then summon weapons from their appropriate projectile scrolls and throw them out of the surface like they would had they not been inside of it -- making it seem as if the item in subject has seemingly appeared out of an otherwise solid construct. This technique can not be used during the same post they enter/exit a construct. (To be used in conjunction with SS' Heigou (Meld) Ninjutsu)

    Tsunagari (Bonds) [4]
    Once the user unravels the scroll and activates the correct Kanji painted on it, an immediate set of wires -- maximum of four separate wires -- shoot out of the Kanji and are guided by the user's Chakra as a means for binding, simultaneously striking for whatever limb is closer. Each wire can stretch a maximum of ten meters, with the source of it being the open scroll they emerged from. Once captured a target is usually at the mercy of the user unless they have a means of escape or resistance. A strength level of four is required to break out of the metallic wire and any offensive stage four Ninjutsu can destroy them, and each wire on its own has the potential to give deep gashes should the user focus in restraining them.

    Jakuhaisha Ka-ru (Fledgling Curl) [4]
    Once again utilized by activating the correct Kanji on a projectile scroll, a dome of strong metallic wire roots from the scroll and branches out around it in a ten foot radius, capturing everything into a dome (or if in the air, sphere), perfect for guarding against a mass of attacks at once. The dome can withstand offensive Ninjutsu attacks of Stage Three and below while a single Stage Four can destroy it but will leave the user practically unharmed. A strength attack of Level Four is required to pierce the defense as well. The user can cancel the conjuring of the dome at any time, otherwise it has a duration of two posts including the post it was created.

    Kanaria no Kikan (Return of the Canary) [3]
    Once again utilized by activating the correct Kanji on a projectile scroll, the user summons a few steel canaries capable of moving as comfortably as an actual bird could. Along with their ability to fly with a speed level of three, their beaks prove to be just as strong as a projectile and can pierce like the end of a blade. Combined with the velocity this trio of birds produces, each prove to be a useful long-distance weapon and can even burrow themselves as a heavy projectile into the body of the opposition. The only downside to these canaries are the fact that any kind of offensive action will cause them to "poof" like a clone would. They meet the same end as soon as they strike an enemy, no matter how severe.

    Hekiton: Fenikkusu no Hishou (Burst Release: Flight of the Phoenix) [5]
    This technique is activated in a manner different than some of the other techniques, as it requires the user to instead take a single projectile scroll and wrap it around their neck once (with the Kanji visible) while the remaining of the scroll hangs from the user's neck. A set of seals is then produced and from a moment's notice the scroll on the user's neck turns into a set of vibrant scarlet wings that are almost too real for words. The wings have Kanji variously placed on them which were on the scroll attached to them, and may control the wings to hurl a projectiles out of them by flapping the wings. They allow the user to glide and push themselves in a certain direction given they sacrifice their offense to maneuver, but are primarily used so the user can throw more projectiles as well as. But it doesn't come without its draw backs, sacrificing speed for strength. The wings can only be maintained for a maximum of three posts, not counting the initiating post, before they (this means the scroll itself) crumples to the ground in a pile of hot ash. This technique has a cooldown of three posts.


    Regular Technique
    A counter-attack designed for those who fight with handle-based weapons. Anticipating a strike from their foe the user will draw back the heel of their foot and wait for the opportune moment to attack in which they thrust the heel very violently at the fingers of the opponent forcing them to drop their weapon. A fundamental rudiment that can give the user the advantage in a fight when performed correctly.
    Note: The weapon dropping effect becomes void if the target's stamina level is higher than the strength level of the user (bonuses included).

    Special Technique
    As the name suggests this move requires a concentrated source of chakra in the limbs which act as the source of the technique. Once an attack has been initiated by the opponent the user will react by striking the offense with a powerful force that softens the impact of the blow completely, deadening the attack and leaving the user unharmed. This technique essentially cancels out damage from a strike whether the force was blunt or cutting. Read: This does not repel the attack at all. This move negates physical damage from all taijutsu techniques and special techniques of (Strength Level / Stage - 2) or lower. Any technique above Stage 2 is reduced in strength by two levels/stages. This technique counts as both an offensive and defensive action in regards to its effects.

    Jouki Mizu

    Shuuhakujo (Expulsion Wave)
    Replacing: Eda Soubaku
    Stage: 3
    The user conjures up a six-foot in diameter orb of hot water in front of them which takes form in the Expulsion Wave. Its intended use is to create a defense against attacks by shielding the user with a large orb of hot water. The water rotates and in its spin it is able to withstand vicious ninjutsu attacks. All offensive techniques (Strength Level or Ninjutsu Stage = 2) and lower are stopped by the revolving orb of water (physical attacks get swept around by the current and tossed aside) and the lucky ones that can overpower this defense pierce through the waters dispelling the technique. During the post(s) this technique was used the user must hold their hands out in front of them to maintain the defense. If the concentration on the technique falters then the jutsu falls apart.
    Note: Technique has the ability to shield the user from one attack only. When the offense dispels so does the shield. Should this technique be used for offensive purposes instead of defensive purposes (creating the shield simply to burn the target) it lasts for one post.

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    (Narf) Katon Swaps

    --> Katon Ninjutsu
    Name: Houka no Shippuu (Fire Hurricane)
    Stage: 6
    Description: Devastating in only a certain number of ways, this technique concentrates on the user's ability to strike an opponent. First the user will charge their katon chakra into a single kunai or hand blade that they are currently wielding, for one post. It takes nothing more than a stream of chakra into the inanimate object and a firm grip to store the amount necessary to utilize the technique. Once done, the weapon will give off a hot intensity, and anyone extremely close to it (a foot or less away) will feel the dormant fire lying in wait. The user will find an opportune moment - although it has to be during the following post after charging - to thrust their arm out in a punch. The punch can be any variation of a punch, but has to be a punch utilizing the hand gripping the weapon.

    Not a moment after the punch is extended to it's full reach, or alternatively lands against the opponent, a 3x5 foot explosion of flames erupt from the front of the weapon and blasts through whichever direction the user punched. The potency of the flames make it so that it can potentially pierce and revert stones to piles of magma. But because of such strength its size and reach isn't incredibly useful taking away some of it's combative power. If by chance the user drops the weapon any time during build-up before it is actually released, the chakra will dispel out of the weapon and the attack will be deemed useless until another charge has been prepared. This technique also has a cooldown of four posts.

    Name: Inshigun (Recluse Army)
    Stage: 4
    Description: Focusing chakra in one of their hands, this takes on the same preparation as the Houka no Shippuu. One post of building up chakra into a single fist is required before the actual technique can be used. This time an aura of flame surrounds the user's fist, alerting the opponent of the dangers awaiting them. Then in the same manner they punch forward, not releasing the chakra until the attack either comes to a halt or meets with a solid surface. From the front of the user's fist comes a barrage of miniature fireballs equivalent in size to the Housenka no Jutsu. Unless measures are taken care of to reduce the strength of the attack, the user suffers a chance of receiving mild burns on his fists after exposure to the attacks. They each have the capability to strike down their opponent while giving them first degree burns wherever they were struck. This attack has a limit of two uses per thread because of the damage that it could cause to the user should they continuously build up Katon chakra in their arms. And after each use it suffers from a four post cooldown.
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      (Narf) Kuro Suiton Swaps

      --> Kuro Suiton Ninjutsu
      Hokusai/Joururi Inspired Swaps

      Name: Abura Baindo (Oil Bind)
      Stage: 2
      Description: "You see that big glob of oil on the floor that I created a while ago? Go ahead, you should step in it and watch it how anything you touch it with gets frozen in place like an omega adhesive. You can try getting out all you'd like, but as long as you don't have a strength level of two you're stuck in this thing for two entire posts. I can only target one body of oil at time, however, so in order to catch multiple targets at once you would have to be standing in the same pool of oil. I have to wait one post after I activate it before I use it again." -- Despite popular belief, anyone with Oil Walking is unaffected by this technique.

      Name: Ikimono Soushi (Animal Creation)
      Stage: 3
      Description: Out from an available source of oil jets a small animal. It's as black as the oil itself but retains the anatomy of the animal it's impersonating. Nothing larger than a small dog can be made at this time, and a single offensive attack can destroy them. Their means of attack depends on what animal is made, but the variety in what is made is the real kicker.

      Name: Kuroi Kougake (Black Gauntlet)
      Stage: 2
      Description: Akino places his hand in a puddle of oil and coats in a Boxing Glove. However the manner in which it works is a bit different than expected. Whenever the gloved hand comes into contact with his opponent's body it seems to add an extra force onto the attack which can easily feel as if (on top of him hitting them) a large rubber ball imploded on their skin, which can make for some pretty rough bruises along with slight burning of the skin at the point of impact. The glove disperses after each attack, and a new one must be formed if the effect was desired again.

      Name: Bakuhatsu (Detonation)
      Stage: 3
      Description: This can only be used as a follow up, so long as one of the user's clones is still on the field. A surge of chakra will cause the clone to burst, imploding in an array of pellets that have the same force as a paintball. The effect is scattered and cannot be controlled as far as who it hits and when, but the timing of the detonation is so on point that so long as the actual chakra from the clone hasn't been dispersed, this technique can be utilized.

      Name: Abura Teichi (Oil Spying)
      Stage: 2
      Description: "So I splash some oil all up on you and I drench some of your clothes. Well, by closing one of my eyes and focusing my chakra in that oil I can see through the substance I put it on. Or, in this example, your clothes. It's a spying technique though. I'll put the oil on the wall and concentrate, and then see with the oil as a catalyst my vision will be changed to see through it. It can only see through whatever it's immediately touching, and I can only have one instance of it activated at a time."

      Swap thread in sig. Move this as a separate post when approved, please.
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        (Narf) Raidou's Swaps

        - Sound Genjutsu
        - Each Technique May Affect A Maximum Of 3 Targets Per Instance

        Hitode Shichou (Crowd Attention) [2]
        Hear the user say “1, 2, 3, Go!”
        This genjutsu somewhat amplifies the user’s voice to the target(s) but on a rather small scale. It only makes the words that the user says much clearer and easier to distinguish than they normally would be. This effectively minimizes all sounds around them so that the most noticeable feature would be whatever the user would be saying. It seems that even when the target(s) put their hands over their ears to muffle the sound it won’t make the words inaudible or distort them to the point where they couldn’t be realistically heard, but that’s not to say it doesn’t affect anything. Maximum number of targets is however many are caught by the trigger.

        My Friends [6]
        Hear the user say the technique name.
        Suddenly the target will see a monstrous horde of corpses arise from the ground around them, taking on the appearance of people they have seen in their lifetime. As to avoid confusion, however, they only see those which they haven’t seen in at least an hour’s time. They are animated and very decrepit, usually pale and slightly deformed. As well, their numbers are dependent on the user and their preferences. If the target(s) should find themselves coming into contact with said figures they will be grasped by their cold grips and bitten while being restrained.

        With each corpse “destroyed” (they have a relatively low stamina, falling apart after a single hit) more will arrive out of the ground until the end of the duration. For all intents and purposes they are nothing less than realistic to the target(s) and prove to be a great distraction. They usually seem to show signs of slowing down after being caught by the corpses and it can make for a useful ability should the user need to drain a bit of their opponent’s stamina. Maximum number of targets are two per instance.

        We All Deserve To Die [5]
        Hear the user say the technique name.
        Being close to death isn’t that bad. As soon as the phrase is uttered the target(s) begin to feel really sick, growing weak and finding it a real struggle to even move with their full strength without them falling over or at the worst passing out (seemingly). The longer the genjutsu lasts the more strain is placed on the user’s body to stay active. Everything around them slowly decays, rotting and inducing a smell that can provoke vomit on weak/full stomachs. Maximum number of targets are three per instance.

        Demons Are Prowling [5]
        Hear the user say the technique name.
        Heart racing, sweating profusely, and an abundance of fidgeting about hits the target(s) as they start to get paranoid over every little thing around them. Threats seem to be lurking in the shadows all around them, hidden behind every tree and somehow walking around them undetected. Slight movements from branches seem like they are being attacked and will usually resort in them attacking it in some fashion or manner. It’s especially hard to focus in combat, seeing as how you’d have to have some sort of way of protecting your every angle from being attacked. Maximum number of targets are three per instance.


        - Kinjutsu: Shibito Ayutsuri

        Bakuyaku Itai (Explosive Corpse) [5]
        What the fuck do you think happens? A corpse explodes with the strength of two explosion tags. It might be a waste, right? Who cares? It works great when you’re going for the easier kills. Detonates any corpse under the user's control within the range that their level of Shikon no Jutsu allows.

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          2boys2girls [Swaps]

          Itaku Chizuru [[ Phoenix ]]

          Stage 2 - Human Weapon Seal – Dagger
          Mastered the arts of sealing weapons, Chizuru takes it to a new level by storing permanent seals amongst her body which allow for her to summon a desired weapon of choice by simply channeling them through the tenketsu that correspond with the seal of choice. This particular seal can be found on the woman's right bicep with the kanji for 'blade' in the center of it. The activation of this seal summons kunai, in any number from one to seven which can be thrown manually or ejected from the seal itself. (Projectile Tree / Global Ninjutsu)

          Stage 2 - Human Weapon Seal – Windmill
          Mastered the arts of sealing weapons, Chizuru takes it to a new level by storing permanent seals amongst her body which allow for her to summon a desired weapon of choice by simply channeling them through the tenketsu that correspond with the seal of choice. This particular seal can be found on the front of Chizuru's left thigh. The activation of this seal summons shuriken, in any number from one to seven which can be thrown manually or ejected from the seal itself. (Projectile Tree / Global Ninjutsu)

          Stage 2 - Human Weapon Seal – Needle
          Mastered the arts of sealing weapons, Chizuru takes it to a new level by storing permanent seals amongst her body which allow for her to summon a desired weapon of choice by simply channeling them through the tenketsu that correspond with the seal of choice. This particular seal can be found in the woman's palm of her right hand. The activation of this seal summons senbon, in any number from one to ten which can be thrown manually or ejected from the seal itself. (Projectile Tree / Global Ninjutsu)

          Shashin (Photograph)
          Stage 3
          A perfect jutsu for espionage, the user will perform a quick “tiger” seal. Their vision will then change to that of a camera lens, making it so the user can zoom, focus, alter lighting, and do anything else that an advanced camera would allow. With a quick jolt of chakra to the brain, they will take a snapshot of everything within their range of vision. The user can take as many of these photographs as they have reserves. At any given time thereafter, they can then place their hand on a solid surface, forming the exact picture on said surface. It is typically used on paper so as to preserve them. They may also erase any saved picture from their mind at any given moment.

          Rokuon (Recording)
          Stage 2
          Yet another incredibly useful jutsu for those manipulative Shinku Seijun members. With only a single one-handed seal, the user may begin to record a conversation. It has very few restrictions, allowing for the user to keep recording for the entirety of a thread, given they so wish to. At any given time thereafter, the user may then send a surge of chakra to their voice box. They will recite every word that they heard, their voice mimicking those of the speakers involved. The recording can also be saved onto a tape or CD at a later time. Only one recording may be saved on the user’s person at any given time, requiring the user to erase said taping or save it to an external source before they can capture another.

          Heigou (Meld)
          Stage 5
          Getting straight to the point, this jutsu allows the user to meld their body with any surface of greater size than his or her self. Whether it is a wall, a body of water, or a gigantic axe, it will make it so the user simply combines with the item in question. They will completely disappear from sight, even their weight not being recognizable as added to that which they meld with. They can not use it and un-meld in the same post, but they can exit from the item any post afterwards, slowly or quickly. As exiting is a supplementary action, they can attack at the same time or immediately following. They can remain in the melded state for one post per two of their control.

          Satoshi Akino [[ Pervert ]]

          Stage 4 - Black Gauntlet II (Kuroi Kougake)
          The execution of this technique is similar to its predecessor. After somehow allowing a mass of oil to move over his hand the substance solidifies into a tar-like boxing glove. Once contact with the target is made on an offensive level with that same hand, the glove gives off a powerful exploding sensation and scorches the area of contact with a strength equivalent to an exploding tag. Once utilized the glove disperses. (Kuro Suiton)

          Stage 2 - Force Transformation: Clone (Seiryoku Henge: Bunshin)
          Simply put, Akino can further enhance his clones by forcing them into a Henge, throwing off his opponents and further utilizing his minions' strengths. This technique can be applied to however many clones Akino has under his control at once, or can select them individually for a more impressive show. The clones under the Henge follow the technique's rules. (Global Ninjutsu)

          Shukei Hisana [[ Stupid Genius ]]

          Stage 3 - Water Style: Arrow Burst (Suiton: Yaheki)
          Once Hisana has utilized her condensation bow's special ability to create an arrow out of water, she fires the arrow and then manipulates it using this technique to enhance its potency. From what used to be a small arrow becomes a large spinning drill which can pierce through [Stage Two - Level Two] defenses. (Suiton)

          Stage 5 - Water Style: Arrow Multiplication (Suiton: Yasoujou)
          Once again utilizing her special condensation bow, Hisana duplicates the number of arrows fired into a dozen from what used to be only a single arrow. She can do this so long as the arrow is intact, meaning any time between after she has launched it and before it hits the target. (Suiton)

          Inuzuka Hamaki [[ Badass ]]

          Stage 2 - Roar of the Wolves
          Dogs and their malicious intent. You can hear them growling and roaring loud enough to mask out small sounds and take your guard off. You can hear them all around you. Footsteps don't even seem audible anymore but that doesn't matter. You should be worried about not getting eaten, especially if you're in an enclosed space. The trigger: hearing the combined roar of the Inuzuka duo. (Konoha Genjutsu / Global Genjutsu)

          Stage 3 - Canine Celerity
          They're both moving so fast, it's unreal. The air around them shifts and the opponent can't seem to focus on where they are. For the duration of this Genjutsu, both Inuzuka seem to be faster than normal. In fact, the image they create is approximately a foot ahead their true location, making it hard to distinguish and taxing to fight against. The trigger: watching one of the two get into the Shikyaku stance. (Konoha Genjutsu / Global Genjutsu
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            Narfy's Swap

            Konohagakure List - Katon Ninjutsu

            Sankontessou ( Soul-Scattering Iron Claw )
            Type: Ninjutsu
            Requirements: Katon: San
            Description: A horizontal or vertical swipe from a hand held like a claw prompts a duo of fiery 'slashes' each about the vertical height of the average human being to race forward towards a general direction, attempting to cut into the opponent. Anyone successfully attacked with this will receive gashes--similar to being whipped with razor wire--along the area of contact and mild burns which are so minuscule that the most they could do is burn clothes and engender second degree burns given that direct contact with the projectiles was made.
            Note: In close-range situations, opponent permission is required.

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              Kari's Swaps

              Kusagakure List - Grass Ninjutsu

              Kei no Koujou ( Vine Whip )
              Type: Stage 2; Ninjutsu
              Requirements: Seeds, Kaika
              Description: Charging chakra into a seed, the user augments its growth dramatically, forcing the seed to grow into a combat-durable three foot long whip. The user can then use this weapon as their own to swat away attacks, as well as foe. The weapon will crumble and break apart after three posts.

              Shushitama ( Bullet Seed )
              Type: Stage 2; Ninjutsu
              Requirements: Seeds, Kaika
              Description: Taking a handful of seeds and throwing them in their mouth, the user spits them out in a celeric display of ability. The seeds move with such speed that they can cut and pierce skin, though nowhere deep enough to cause a fatal or debilitating injury. This offensive technique is primarily used for a means of distraction and/or a viable option during close-combat. The seeds are spit out with a speed level of two, and no more than a dozen may be spit per technique usage.

              Hirumi ( Leech Seed )
              Type: Stage 3; Ninjutsu
              Requirements: Seeds, Kaika
              Description: The user prepares the seeds beforehand, and then gives them to their patient to swallow. Inside the stomach of the target the seed will be guided by chakra to actively leech any foreign toxins and/or bacteria that are plaguing the system, absorbing the energy into itself before being torn apart by the stomach acids. A solvent for someone who seems to be ill and/or poisoned, effectively relieving the body of the poison therefore causing its effects to end in the next two posts. This can only leech out registered poisons in the basic-weapons list that aren't lethal, and no more.
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