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    Hotaru no Fuuga // Grace of the Firefly
    -- Hyuuga Kaito

    Elegant in approach and severe in technique, Jyuuken has been a much feared style of taijutsu for ages. Though the style itself may be replicated over and over, it is the true borne right of the Hyuuga to wield it with such devastation. But throughout the years, usurps have time and again thought they could compete and even surpass Jyuuken. In such instances, the Hyuuga have found that they have had to adapt and personalize their style to agree with the changing day and age.

    If there was anything that could compliment Jyuuken and its service to Konoha, it would be the power and force of fire. But to the Hyuuga, the element is much too destructive to wield with the sort of precision their style appropriates. So, instead, they have taken the process in stride and developed a method of introducing the power of flame into their style using the fleeting fireflies of Konoha as their influence.

    These are but a handful of techniques upon which one such Hyuuga has attempted. They are, if you may, a chronicle of his ever-changing respect for the power of which he claims by birth.

    Note: This is a mixed list, it contains techniques of varying types. Those which are physical are meant to swap into Jyuuken. All others will be designated into global lists or whatever suits them most appropriately.


    Hotaru no Fuuga (Grace of the Firefly)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Stage: 2
    Description:Note: As a side effect, Kaito has developed a resistance to these and other bright flashes of light (i.e., flashbangs). High concentrations of light, of all sources besides the sun, do not bother him any longer.


    Hotaru no Yosooi (Guise of the Firefly)
    Type: Genjutsu; Visual
    Stage: 2
    Description:[ 1, 3, 5 ]

    Hotaru no Mai (Dance of the Firefly)
    Type: Genjutsu; Visual
    Stage: 5
    Description:Note: Up to five images may be created in this manner, and they are only allowed within the inner circle of his field of Hakke (approximately 5m in all directions).
    [ 1, 1, 4 ]


    Hakkeshou Kantsu (Hand of the Eight Divinations: Pierce)
    Type: Taijutsu
    Stage: 5
    Description: As the name suggests, this technique allows Kaito to pierce through a given object. In this case, though, the object is anything crafted from an element or medium. However, since it is unable to harm the flesh (or internal organs) the effect is therefore somewhat moot. The act of performing this technique is simple: using the Grace of the Firefly Kaito covers his hands with chakra and emits a soft blue glow from them. Thereafter he is able to, for example, hew stone with some ease, or even slice through a stream of fire without harming his hands.
    Note: Only affects those jutsu in stages below Kaito's highest taijutsu.

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