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  • Smoke Ninjutsu List - Sound

    Note: Thanks to Resound for the creation of the list and if there are any problems then I point you to him. Hicks is cool with this list, encase some of you think it is walking on Cloud territory.

    A = Power
    B = Control
    C = Reserves
    D = Tactics
    E = Intelligence
    F = Willpower

    Stage One
    Name: Kemuri Bunshin (Smoke Clones)
    Requirements: Power 2, Intelligence 2
    With this technique, the user makes three handseals and breaths out plumes of rolling smoke which quickly take his exact form and appearance. It only takes a single hit to dispel them and they are incapable of inflicting any damage (even their replicated weapons burst into smoke on contact), but their Speed is superior to those of other basic bunshin techniques, retaining a third (including Taijutsu bonuses) of the user’s Speed.
    Base Effect: 1 clone is made.
    Stage Two Effect: 3 clones are made.
    Stage Three Effect: 5 clones are made.
    Stage Four Effect: 7 clones are made.

    Name: Earokaki (Air Filter)
    Requirements: Control 3, Tactics 2
    After forming a few handseals, the user exhales heavily. Instead of oxygen coming out, though, a steady stream of smoke spills out and forms a bubble around the user’s head. While this effectively masks his identity, it also filters the oxygen around him to breathe clean air no matter the situation, even if he sits within a cloud of gaseous poison. The bubble of dark smoke does not hamper his senses in any way and lasts for three posts at a time.

    Name: Shingouki no Jutsu (Signal Flag Technique)
    Requirements: Power 3, Willpower 2
    Forming one handseal and raising two fingers on the same hand, a thin ribbon of smoke will form and rise into the air. This technique does not offer any combat application, but is used to help guide team movements in the field. The signal is wispy at best, but is easily noticeable by others who have also taken this list; otherwise, the ribbon of smoke becomes easy for the eyes to skip over and miss.

    Name: Yorunotobari no Jutsu (Veil of Darkness Technique)
    Requirements: Tactics 3, Reserves 3
    With this jutsu, a hazy personal cloud of smoke envelops the user and moves with him as he moves. The “fog” has an approximate radius of five feet and serves to mask the fine details on his identity. While others may see a shadowy form flitting about, they will be unable to tell who it is, what he’s wearing, the equipment he carries, and so on.
    Base Effect: The veil lasts for two posts.
    Stage Two Effect: The veil lasts for three posts.
    Stage Three Effect: The veil lasts for four posts.
    Stage Four Effect: The veil lasts for five posts.

    Name: Kemuri Yoatsu (Smoke Pressurization)
    Requirements: Power 4, Control 4
    Through the studies of pressure and air manipulation, Sound Shinobi created an art to condense smoke great enough to give it solid substance. By creating an inordinate amount of smoke, Kemuri Yoatsu packs it all into a tight space and sets it at a certain level of pressure, giving the particles barely any space to move – akin to water molecules shifting states from liquid to solid. While this cannot be used for all techniques in this list, it does grant access to the more offensive jutsu available.
    Note: Techniques marked with an asterisk require this jutsu.

    Stage Two
    Name: Kemuri Hokou no Gyou (Art of Walking on Smoke)
    Requirements: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4
    A basic technique, this jutsu allows the user to literally stand and walk on otherwise insubstantial bodies of smoke. It requires no more Chakra than the basic Kinobori/Kabenobori jutsu but is much more limited in usage for it relies upon a single medium.

    Name: Taiho Hoiru no Jutsu (Capture Wheels Technique)*
    Requirements: Tactics 5, Intelligence 4, Willpower 4
    Forming a single handseal, the user brings one hand to the mouth as if creating a Katon. Instead of blowing fire, though, several rings of smoke burst forth to attempt to bind a target’s arms and legs to his body and robbing him of movement. If caught, it takes a Strength higher than Level Two to physically snap the bonds. The technique itself lasts only for one full post on unwilling targets, but against those who cannot resist (unconscious, willing, etc) it has no duration.

    Name: Kemuri Kawarimi no Jutsu (Smoke Body Replacement Technique)
    Requirements: Power 6, Control 6, Tactics 4
    More or less your standard Kawarimi technique, but instead of switching with an object the user bursts into a cloud of smoke with the force of two explosive pouches. Like any other Kawarimi technique, this can only be used twice per thread by itself or in combination with another Kawarimi.

    Name: Enmu Chouyaku (Fog Bound)
    Requirements: Tactics 6, Intelligence 5, Control 5
    Designed as a technique to help in escaping, this technique causes twin jets of smoke to shoot out from the user’s pant legs with surprising force. It propels him away in the opposite direction while leaving the equivalent of a smoke grenade in smoke behind. As a means to boost jumping, it isn’t too powerful by itself; if someone were to stand still and use only this technique to move, it would only propel him roughly five feet upwards.

    Stage Three
    Name: Kemuri Kuiki no Jutsu (Smoke Zone Technique)*
    Requirements: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6
    Special Requirements: Yorunotobari no Jutsu (Veil of Darkness Technique)
    Kemuri Kuiki creates a personal bubble of smoke around the user, similar to Yorunotobari no Jutsu. While it operates the same way, studies in pressurization enhance the previous technique even further. Anything besides the user that enters the radius of the field is immediately slowed by the jammed particles of smoke, effectively lowering its Speed. This technique can be held for three posts before requiring a four post cooldown.
    Base Effect: The field has a five foot radius and lowers Speed by 1 Level.
    Stage Four Effect: The field has a radius of seven feet and lowers Speed by 1 Level.
    Stage Five Effect: The field has a radius of ten feet and lowers Speed by 2 levels.

    Name: Jasutogan no Jutsu (Perfect Eye Technique)
    Requirements: Tactics 8, Intelligence 6, Willpower 8
    Smoke is an element best used as a screen, to hamper an enemy’s field of vision and keep movements undetected. Understanding that principle, Sound nin developed this jutsu in preparation of their own tactics being used against them. Jasutogan, once activated, allows the user to see through anything that would otherwise block his vision unless it is a solid object. In other words, this eye technique lets the user see through a smokescreen but not through a rock wall. Jasutogan is not passive and requires a one post cooldown after its effects end.
    Base Effect: Lasts for two posts.
    Stage Four Effect: Lasts for three posts
    Stage Five Effect: Lasts for four posts.

    Name: Makihige no Jutsu (Tendril Technique)*
    Requirements: Power 9, Control 9, Tactics 7
    Taking a split second to make a single handseal, the user concentrates his Chakra around the index and middle fingers on one hand. A length of smoke then snakes out from the fingertips and can be employed for various means, though primarily it is used as a whip. The smoke is prehensile and can be fully controlled by the user to pick up loose items and bring it back, or perhaps to wrap around an overhanging tree branch and pull away from an attack. Makihige can be destroyed by a Ninjutsu technique higher than Stage Two or a Strength Level greater than Level Three. It has no inherent duration but often isn’t used for too long since no other techniques can be used while this one is active.
    Base Effect: The tendril is fifteen feet long.
    Stage Four Effect: The tendril is twenty feet long.
    Stage Five Effect: The tendril is twenty-five feet long.

    Name: Kumorenda no Jutsu (Cloud Barrage Technique)*
    Requirements: Tactics 9, Willpower 9, Control 7
    A bastardization of an existing Katon technique, Kumorenda takes four handseals and a hand cupped to the mouth. Exhaling sharply, the user shoots out several volleyball-sized globs of smoke to inflict blunt physical damage against a target at the user’s Strength Level. Upon impact, the globs each explode into the equivalent of half a smoke bomb.
    Base Effect: Can fire up to seven shots.
    Stage Four Effect: Can fire up to thirteen shots.
    Stage Five Effect: Can fire up to eighteen shots.

    Stage Four
    Name: Kemuri Shunshin no Jutsu (Smoke Instantaneous Body Technique)
    Requirements: Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Tactics 12
    This is a simple variation of another standard technique; after completing the handseals, the user bursts into wisps of smoke and disappears from his current location, reappearing in another place he knows up to one mile away. This cannot be used in combat unless it is to escape.

    Name: Kurai Kabe no Jutsu (Dark Wall Technique)*
    Requirements: Tactics 12, Intelligence 11, Willpower 10, Power 12
    The first truly defensive technique in this list, Kurai Kabe forms a foot-thick wall of thick, black smoke anywhere within ten feet of himself. The wall is seven feet by seven feet is extremely effective against Taijutsu, for those without it cannot even hope to break its surface. The stationary wall lasts for two posts before dissipating.
    Base Effect: The wall can protect up to Stage Three Taijutsu and Stage One Ninjutsu.
    Stage Five Effect: The wall can protect up to Stage Four Taijutsu and Stage Two Ninjutsu.
    Stage Six Effect: The wall can protect up to Stage Five Taijutsu and Stage Three Ninjutsu.

    Name: Kurai Kekkai no Jutsu (Dark Barrier Technique)*
    Requirements: Power 14, Control 13, Reserves 11, Intelligence 10
    While exactly alike in appearance as Kurai Kabe (Dark Wall), Kurai Kekkai works in the polar opposite direction in terms of what it defends against. The barrier can be formed anywhere within ten feet of the user and is seven feet by seven feet and one foot thick; Ninjutsu attacks are often unable to pierce it, but strangely enough people can walk through it (though movements are a tad bit more sluggish in passing).
    Base Effect: The wall can protect up to Stage Three Ninjutsu and Stage One Taijutsu.
    Stage Five Effect: The wall can protect up to Stage Four Ninjutsu and Stage Two Taijutsu.
    Stage Six Effect: The wall can protect up to Stage Five Ninjtusu and Stage Three Taijutsu.

    Name: Ekipai no Jutsu (Exhaust Pipe Technique)
    Requirements: Tactics 14, Intelligence 13, Willpower 11, Control 10
    Having performed the handseals, the user will throw out both arms extended. From his sleeves a dark, ominous smoke bursts forth violently at great speed – almost like a passing wind. The blast of smoke is primarily used as a distraction to escape, but can also be used in offensive tactics as well. When used against lower ranked opponents, the targets are usually blown back several steps. Against equals, it merely holds them at bay, but does nothing to hamper adversaries higher in rank beyond creating a smokescreen for cover.

    Stage Five
    Name: Ansatsu Enmu (Assassination Fog)
    Requirements: Power 17, Control 16, Reserves 16, Tactics 15
    This is, perhaps, one of the most staple Smoke techniques akin to Kirigakure no Jutsu for Mist Shinobi. From his mouth, sleeves, and pant legs will erupt plumes of smoke to cover a fifty foot diameter and reduce visibility to nil. Trying to operate through sound is useless as well, since the smoke dampers noises so even footsteps become nigh inaudible. This affects everyone who isn't trained to see through the cloud. This jutsu lasts for 3 posts with a 3 post cooldown

    Name: Futago Kemuri Hebi no Jutsu (Twin Smoke Serpent Technique)*
    Requirements: Tactics 17, Intelligence 16, Willpower 16, Power 15
    After making six handseals, the user extends an arm and from his sleeve a malicious pair of tendrils constructed from pure smoke will shoot out. The tendrils intertwine in a helix and can actually pierce through solid objects – wood, for instance, stands no chance – making this a very dangerous jutsu in the right hands. Normally it can only be done with one arm, but if the user sacrifices his defensive/evasive maneuvers for the post, he can use both arms to fire off two at a time.
    15 Power: The technique’s range is thirty feet.
    22 Power: The technique’s range is forty feet.
    29 Power: The technique’s range is fifty feet.
    17 Tactics: The technique can punch through wood.
    25 Tactics: The technique can punch through stone.
    33 Tactics: The technique can punch through metal.

    Name: Kuro Hai (Black Lung)
    Requirements: Power 18, Control 17, Tactics 17, Intelligence 14
    “I think I’ve got the black lung, pop…”
    Kuro Hai, while not exactly true to its actual medical counterpart, charges the user’s fists with Chakra for three posts, requiring a two post cooldown afterwards. If anytime during those three posts the user’s fists hit a person, the Chakra is converted into pure smoke that enters the victim’s lungs, often reducing them into wheezes and coughs. This effectively lowers their Stamina by one full Level for two posts and stacks (if hit three times, Stamina would be lowered by three Levels) in power, but not in duration, so hitting three times would not mean Stamina is lowered by three Levels for six posts.

    Stage Six
    Name: Haihai Sagiri no Jutsu (Creeping Mist Technique)
    Requirements: Power 21, Control 20, Tactics 19, Tactics 17, and Intelligence 15
    With the handseals performed, the user plants both hands on the ground and immediately a thin, dark smoke seeps up and lingers around ankle-level. It clings to all those who are in contact with the smoke, winding up their bodies in a most subtle manner and weighing down their movements. Even allies are susceptible to this technique; the only person who is unaffected is the user. The smoke hangs around the area for three posts, reducing Speed by one full Level for every post a person remains in contact with it.
    21 Power: The smoke covers a diameter of twenty feet.
    28 Power: The smoke covers a diameter of thirty feet.
    35 Power: The smoke covers a diameter of forty feet.

    Name: Sanjuu Kemuri Kyoshu (Triple Smoke Defense)*
    Requirements: Tactics 21, Intelligence 20, Willpower 19, Power 17, and Control 15
    Taking up one post where the user cannot attack to form handseals, three large wisps of smoke begin to circle freely around the user. They will then automatically move to counter an attack, and though they are not able to defend against high level techniques, their strength lies in the fact they do not require the user to direct them (they respond automatically to attacks) and their duration is indefinite until they are dispelled after blocking an attack. Since there are three bodies of smoke, that means three hits can be blocked.
    20 Intelligence: Up to Stage Three Ninjutsu can be blocked.
    27 Intelligence: Up to Stage Four Ninjutsu can be blocked.
    19 Willpower: Up to Stage Three Taijutsu can be blocked.
    27 Willpower: Up to Stage Four Taijutsu can be blocked.

    Name: Sagiri Yari no Jutsu (Fog Spears Technique)*
    Requirements: Power 23, Control 23, Reserves 22, Intelligence 16, and Willpower 15
    A most formidable technique, Sagiri Yari requires twelve handseals to be made before it can be activated. Pointing at a specific spot, the user viciously slashes with his fingers, drawing a line across whatever he desires to destroy. From that initial spot a small blob of smoke will form, and a thin spear of smoke will follow the path the user drew, drilling through whatever is in its path – which must be linear. Depth is inherently calculated through the technique; all that’s needed is the user to set the route. Afterwards, the spears billow out into the equivalent of smoke grenades.
    23 Control: One spear can be drawn.
    30 Control: Two spears can be drawn.
    34 Control: Four spears can be drawn.
    22 Reserves: The spears can be drawn anywhere within a thirty foot diameter.
    30 Reserves: The spears can be drawn anywhere within a fifty foot diameter.
    38 Reserves: The spears can be drawn anywhere within a seventy foot diameter.
    23 Power: The spears can drill through wood without any problem.
    32 Power: The spears can drill through metal in one post.
    41 Power: The spears can drill through metal without any problem.

    Name: Kemuri Kyuutai (Smoke Sphere)*
    Requirements: Tactics 23, Intelligence 23, Willpower 22, Control 16, and Reserves 15
    This technique creates a thick bubble of smoke around the user and his allies roughly twenty feet in diameter to protect and shield them from attacks and enemy sight. People within are able to see out, but they cannot launch any offensive tactics while under the protection of the smoke. Noise from the inside is trapped, meaning people outside cannot hear conversations on the inside, and vice versa with those inside trying to listen outside. The sphere can block up to Stage Five Ninjutsu and Taijutsu, poisons, and weapons and lasts as long as three posts.

    Stage Seven
    Name: Mokusatsu no Jutsu (Smother Technique)
    Requirements: Power 30, Control 27, Reserves 26, Tactics 22, and Intelligence 20
    With this technique, the user exhales a malicious cloud of smoke to sit in an area for an extended period of time. Inhaling the smoke is like trying to breathe while caught in a fire – inhale too much smoke and you could die. Breathing apparatus and other such filters protect one from this jutsu’s effects until it expires, which is usually takes about a day. The smoke is actually more hazy in appearance, so while vision is slightly impaired, people can still make out shapes and figures in the gloom. The range of this jutsu is 40 feet around the user.

    Name: Ooi no Jutsu (Shroud Technique)
    Requirements: Tactics 30, Intelligence 27, Willpower 26, Power 22, and Control 20
    Thought to be designed roughly a hundred years ago, Ooi no Jutsu creates a thin fog big enough to cover an entire army. All those that reside within the fog are effectively undetectable through any means. When looking at where the haze occupies, outsiders will see nothing but the weak haze itself. Sounds are kept inside the domain of the technique. Trying to use special means of vision (thermal, etc) will yield no results, nor will techniques that track Chakra signatures. Doujutsu that can see Chakra will not see through the technique, but rather will see a mass of pure Chakra.

    Name: Sangai no Jutsu (Havoc Technique)
    Requirements: Power 32, Control 30, Reserves 28, Tactics 24, and Intelligence 22
    Taking one post to form handseals where no attacks can be made, the user then extends both arms and shoots out a wicked cloud of black, roiling smoking from his sleeves. The smoke has an extremely high temperature, and those within it feel as if they are caught in the midst of a raging fire. The blasting smoke can burn through paper and leaves, set trees on fire, and inflict nasty second to third degree burns on a person. The smoke can extend up to seventy feet away and spreads fifty feet across.
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