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  • Sound Ninjutsu

    Sound Ninjutsu

    Stage 1

    Issei no Jutsu (Shout Technique)
    Requirements: Control 2, Willpower 2
    By focusing chakra into the vocal chords, the user may amplify his or her voice. This may serve many purposes, such as suddenly giving off a loud cry to startle or distract enemies. It also might be useful to give off your location to allies, although any enemies in the area may overhear as well.

    Hibiki no Jutsu (Noise Technique)
    Requirements: Reserves 3, Intelligence 2
    This jutsu sends a small sound wave off in any direction, for about 20 feet. Upon reaching its destination, it dissipates, giving a small noise similar to crunching leaves or snapping twigs. It can be quite useful to distract the enemy for a decisive moment, or to lure him away from a certain area.

    Myaku (Pulse)
    Requirements: Control 3, Tactics 2
    Using a minor amount of chakra to strengthen their lungs, the user can release a ball of compacted air that travels quickly up to 15 feet. When the ball impacts something, it hits with force equal to the user’s punch. This jutsu is used to teach the basics of air manipulation.
    Base Effect: Force of the technique is half of the user’s strength (scaled appropriate level).
    Stage Two Effect: Force of the technique is ¾ of the user’s strength (scaled appropriate level).
    Stage Three Effect: Force of the technique is equal to the user’s strength (scaled to appropriate level).

    Yobiko (Whistle)
    Requirements: Intelligence 3, Power 3
    Unlike Shout, this jutsu actually imbues sound waves with chakra. At this level of skill, the user is only able to affect a very narrow range of frequencies, the frequency of a whistle just happening to fall in that range. The user manipulates the wave, increasing amplitude and frequency slightly, in order to make the whistle unusually loud and piercing. This jutsu is usually used to teach the basics of sound manipulation.

    Zankyou (Echo)
    Requirements: Control 4, Reserves 4
    With slight chakra manipulation, the user is able to cause his or her voice (or other nearby sounds) to bounce off solid surfaces. This can be effectively mask the user’s exact location, or to just confuse the opponent.

    Shizumaru (Quiet)
    Requirements: Intelligence 4, Willpower 4
    By releasing a small amount of chakra around himself, the user is able to slightly dampen any sounds given off in the area around him (~20 foot radius). This technique is highly effective for sneaking up on an unaware enemy. However, Shizumaru does not block out all sound. If an enemy is alert, he will most likely still hear the user’s movement.

    Stage 2

    Kaze Senbon no Jutsu (Wind Needles Technique)
    Requirements: Myaku, Control 5, Reserves 4, Power 4
    This jutsu uses low frequency (below 20 Hz) sound waves to manipulate air particles. It increases the density of the air around the user’s hand into several small air pockets and then fires these pockets at high velocity toward a certain target. The wind is usually formed on top of the user’s finger and shot at will. It can be shot with dozens at the same time, and do not have to move in a straight line. However it is easier to spot than most needles due to the vacuum of air that it creates and lets the opponent see it.
    Base Effect: Up to a dozen needles can be crafted.
    Stage Three Effect: Up to two dozen needles.
    Stage Four Effect: The needles are now slightly more transparent and harder to detect.

    Kinsei Hakai (Balance Destroy)
    Requirements: Yobiko, Intelligence 5, Willpower 4, Tactics 4
    This jutsu grants the ability to control sound with chakra and direct it into the opponent’s ears. This causes somewhat of a disturbance in the eardrums. This causes the opponent to lose his or her balance over the period of their next post. However, the jutsu must be done at a fairly close range (no more than 10 feet) since the effects of sound dissipate over distance.

    Yubi Kausi No Jutsu (Finger Spike Technique)
    Requirements: Control 6, Reserves 6, Intelligence 4
    The user’s fingernails grow ten inches long and become quite sharp. They can then be used as slashing and cutting weapons in close combat. However, the nails are not yet strong enough to be used to block heavier weapons such as swords.
    Base Effect: Nails may grow up to ten inches and are brittle enough to break with your bare hands.
    Stage Three Effect: Nails may grow up to ten inches and are now of sturdy enough to withstand as much punishment as sheet metal.
    Stage Four Effect: Nails may grow up to fifteen inches.

    Onpa no Tenohira (Wave Palm)
    Requirements: Intelligence 6, Willpower 5, Reserves 5
    The user transmits chakra to his palm, causing the surface of the hand to vibrate. He or she then attempts to strike the enemy with the open palm. Should the attack hit, it would cause little to no physical damage, however the vibrations work their way into the enemy’s nerves, causing a great deal of local pain at the spot struck.

    Onchou: Boutou (Harmony: Boom)
    Requirements: Control 7, Reserves 7, Intelligence 6
    Onchou: Boutou gathers chakra in the vocal cords of the user, and subsequently releases it as a ball of sound. The ball is roughly the size of a baseball, and also as devastating. However, the ball loses cohesion over distance, and loses the ability to do harm to the target after 20 feet of travel.

    Jigoku no Mimi (Hell’s Ears)
    Requirements: Intelligence 7, Willpower 7, Reserves 6
    By concentrating chakra into the ears, the user is able to detect exact details of movement by the means of sound. This requires extreme concentration, and therefore user must close his eyes in order for Jigoku no Mimi to work as intended.

    Stage 3

    Zankuuha (Air Cutter)
    Requirements: Arm Cannons, Kaze Senbon, Control 8, Reserves 8, Power 6
    This technique gives one the basic ability to control his or her Arm Cannons. The user focuses chakra into the barrels implanted in their arms and then releases it with a blast. A high powered gust of wind then explodes from the user’s palms, knocking nearly anything down in its path. Its range at this stage is limited to about 20 feet in any given direction (linear).
    Base Effect: Strength of the blast is equal to the user’s Power stat as scaled appropriately with Strength.
    Stage Four Effect: Strength of the blast is equal to the user’s Power stat +10 as scaled appropriately with Strength.
    Stage Five Effect: Strength of the blast is equal to the user’s Power stat +15 as scaled appropriately with Strength. Range of the Zankuuha increases to 30 feet.

    Koukaon no Jutsu (Sound Effect Technique)
    Requirements: Zankuuha Cannon, Harmonic Glove, Intelligence 8, Willpower 6, Tactics 8
    Description: Using the Cannon and Glove in tangent, the user can create a sound effect of choice. The effect might be the sound of an explosion, an animal roaring, footsteps, etc., but cannot be a human voice speaking in sentences; the sound has to be simple.

    Kaze no Sen (Wind harpoon)
    Requirements: Kaze Senbon no Jutsu, Control 9, Reserves 9, Intelligence 7
    This jutsu is an upgrade of the technique Kaze Senbon. However, instead of shooting out multiple smaller needles, the user fires a large harpoon made of air from his/her palm.
    Base Effect: Only a single harpoon may be made.
    Stage Four Effect: Two harpoons may be made.
    Stage Five Effect: Any harpoons made have the ability to pierce clean through defensive techniques Stage 4 and below.

    Kyoumeisen (Vibrating Sound Drill)
    Requirements: Harmonic Glove, Yobiko, Intelligence 9, Willpower 9, Reserves 7
    A Ninjutsu technique in which the ninja uses sound waves above one hundred and fifty megahertz to disorient an opponent by attacking their inner ear, causing dizziness and sometimes sickness of the stomach. In some cases, damage to the eardrum can occur, creating a long-lasting advantage in battle. The sound is produced by a multi-toned metallic plate worn across the ninja's forearm, which, when tapped, can produce devastating vibrations. The attacking ninja takes a swing at their opponent intending to be dodged. Once the plate is directed towards the opponent, it is tapped, producing sound waves that the ninja then manipulates with chakra, guiding it to the ear drum of their opponent. Because of its devastating potency, the range of the sound waves of this technique have a range of 5 feet.
    Base Effect: The opponent suffers from dizziness during the next two posts.
    Stage Four Effect: On top of the previous effect, the opponent suffers from sickness on the third post (may extend to such things as vomiting or violent stomach aches).
    Stage Five Effect: Occurring before the previous two effects, the opponents orientation is so debilitated that they are paralyzed for a single post. Required Player Approval to use. If this effect is rejected, the sickness effect lasts an additional post (2 posts dizziness, 2 posts sickness).

    Onsei: Tenshi (Voice: Angel)
    Requirements: Control 10, Reserves 10, Tactics 8
    Onsei: Tenshi focuses on using the voice to cause vibrations and sustain them by holding out a long, tremulous note. The voice that comes forth is heavenly, and soothes all that hear it. However, the sound of this technique must be directed towards one person only, for if it is allowed to spread, the power will weaken and it will not have its full effect. The soothing affect of Onsei: Tenshi lowers the reaction time of the person who hears it, sending them into a mentally relaxed state not different to being drunk for the duration of one post.

    Fukyouwaon: Wamekigoe (Dissonance: Yell)
    Requirements: Intelligence 10, Willpower 10, Power8
    Wamekigoe is much higher pitched than Unari, and is also sung in a minor key to give it a sense of discord. All beings within 10 feet of the user are affected by the force of this attack, whether they are friend or foe. The scream that is emitted is just below the human threshold for sound tolerance, and extreme discomfort is felt by all those who fall within the radius of the effect. Those who hear this scream often cringe as they are stunned by the magnitude of the sound, and more often than not seek to find a way to block the noise from their ears.

    Stage 4

    Yubi Kasui Teppoudama No Jutsu (Finger Spike Bullet Technique)
    Requirements: Yubi Kausi No Jutsu, Control 12, Reserves 11, Power 10, Intelligence 12
    The normal finger dagger technique must be learned before you are able to learn this upgraded technique. These nails can be used in close combat but can also be fired off in high speed from the user's fingertips. The user may freely choose how many he/she wants to shoot and can grow new nails if needed.
    Note: The durability of these nails rely on the Stage Effect of Yubi Kausi no Jutsu. If the Stage Five Effect is used, this too counts as using a Stage 5 technique.

    Mirimeetoruha (VHF – Very High Frequency Wave)
    Requirements: Harmonic Glove, Kyoumeisen, Intelligence 12, Willpower 11, Tactics 10, Control 12
    By exercising further chakra control, the user is able to tighten the frequency of the sound waves emanating from his harmonic glove. They are able to do far more damage under these circumstances. Any glass in the immediate area will shatter when this jutsu is used and the target of the jutsu may experience debilitating vertigo, strong nausea, or even hallucinations, although they would be uncontrolled by the user. It would be extremely rare for at least one of these symptoms not to appear. In addition, the target will suffer temporary deafness for at least 3 posts.
    Base Effect: Strong nausea is present after this technique is used.
    Stage Five Effect: Either debilitating vertigo or hallucinations (opponent controlled) are present after this technique used. But not both.
    Stage Six Effect: The opponent’s eardrum may be ruptured. Requires Player and GM approval.

    Kaze no Yari (Wind Spears)
    Requirements: Kaze no Sen, Control 14, Reserves 13, Power 11, Willpower 10
    This jutsu combines the principals of Kaze no Hari and Kaze no Sen. In effect, it creates multiple spears of wind that may be fired together or independently.
    Base Effect: Up to four spears may be created.
    Stage Five Effect: Up to six spears may be created.
    Stage Six Effect: Up to eight spears may be created. Their piercing properties are such that even three inches of reinforced steel may not entirely hinder the progress of its path. Defensive ninjutsu are undisturbed, though.

    Himei no Jutsu (Shriek)
    Requirements: Intelligence 14, Willpower 13, Tactics 11, Reserves 10
    The user lets forth a loud scream, enhanced by chakra, usually loud enough to make people cover their ears and make their bodies numb due to high frequency sound waves. This jutsu should not be used overmuch, since it strains the user’s throat quite a bit.
    Note: May only be used three times per thread.

    Fukyouwaon: Kujiku (Dissonance: Crush)
    Requirements: Control 15, Reserves 15, Power 13, Intelligence 14
    With this technique the user creates a sound that is low pitched, and is controlled with chakra by the user. The sound waves target the abdomen of the opponent in an effort to bring about a sudden compression on the stomach of the foe. While the damage of this attack is only external, even the strongest of men will be brought to their knees by the sudden impact of this technique.

    Stage 5

    Zankuukyokuha (Ultimate Air Cutter)
    Requirement: Arm Cannons, Zankuuha, Control 17, Reserves 16, Power 16, Intelligence 15
    This jutsu is simply large-scale version of Zankuuha, as the name suggests, which also requires hand seals as well as the implants. The blast can wreak havoc upon anything it touches, although it is also risky to use, as it opens up the user to attack, since it requires both hands to focus all the air pressure. Capable of destroying small boulders and clearing strips of land, its speed is constant with the user's abilities, making it difficult for those of equal rank to dodge it.
    16 Power: The power of this technique is such that it may destroy small boulders (the size of your average child).
    -23 Power: The power of this technique is such that it may destroy medium-sized boulders (the size of your average man).
    --30 power The power of this technique is such that it may destroy large boulders (the size of an adult grizzly bear)
    17 Control: The range of this technique is 20 feet.
    -25 Control: The range of this technique is 30 feet.
    --33 Control: The range of this technique is 35 feet.

    Kyokuchoutanpa (UHF – Ultra High Frequency Waves)
    Requirements: Harmonic Glove, Mirimeetoruha, Intelligence 17, Willpower 16, Tactics 16, Control 15
    With an incredible amount of chakra precision, the user refines his harmonic glove sound waves even further. This type of sound has the ability to be potentially very destructive to structures, able to weaken, or even collapse, nearly any solid structure that has some type of cavity in which the sound waves may resonate. If a person is targeted, it can be equally devastating, but in a different way. The victim becomes unable to stand with vertigo and vomits the entire contents of his or her stomach. The eardrums shatter, deafening the victim for the rest of the thread, unless treated by a medical nin. Permanent deafness has been known to occur, as well. Hallucinations are still a possibility, but again, are uncontrolled by the user.
    15 Control: The user may induce any one of the three temporary effects (vertigo, extreme nausea, hallucinations) mentioned upon a single opponent.
    -22 Control: The user may induce any one of the three temporary effects upon up to two opponents.
    --29 Control: The user may induce up to two of the three temporary effects upon all within a 10 foot radius (including allies).
    17 Intelligence: Effects last for up to two posts.
    -25 Intelligence: Effects last for up to three posts.
    16 Tactics: Shattering eardrums and temporary deafness (within the thread) requires player approval.
    -25 Tactics: Shattering eardrums and creating permanent damage requires admin approval.

    Kaze no Ransu (Wind Lance)
    Requirements: Kaze no Yari, Control 18, Reserves 17, Power 17, Willpower 14
    In this new incarnation of the Kaze no Sen, the user creates a single, long air bolt of extreme density and power. It then is launched at high velocity toward a target. As it approaches the target, the user may choose to have the lance separate into several hundred needles much like those described in Kaze no Hari.
    17 Power: As a lance, this jutsu may pierce Stage 4 defensive jutsu. In needle form, they may pierce standard armor plates.
    -24 Power: As a lance, this jutsu may pierce Stage 5 defensive jutsu. In needle form, they may still only pierce standard armor plates.
    18 Control: A single lance may be created three times a thread. In needle form, up to 75 needles may created.
    -26 Control: In needle form, up to 100 needles may be created.
    --34 Control: In needle form, up to 150 needles may be created.

    Jigoku Himei no Jutsu (Hell Shriek)
    Requirements: Himei no Jutsu, Intelligence 18, Willpower 17, Tactics 17, Reserves 14
    An improved version of the himei no jutsu. The voice of the shriek is twice as high, enough to make enemies go deaf and destroy glass. It sounds so horrible as if it comes from hell itself, making enemies cower with fear and terror.
    Note: May only be used twice a thread.

    Onchou: Oshi (Harmony: Push)
    Requirements: Control 19, Reserves 19, Power 18, Intelligence 16
    This technique expels a large blast of sound to push back everyone within the maximum range of the blast. It flows forth from the mouth of the user, and hits all within 10 feet of the user. The force sung out is enough to break boulders into pebbles. However, this is all external damage, and a living being struck by this attack would simply feel as if he had been hit by a heavy blunt object over the entirety of his body.

    Onsei: Yure (Voice: Vibration)
    Requirements: Intelligence 19, Willpower 19, Tactics 18, Control 16
    Onsei: Yure sends forth a force of sound from of the mouth of the user, and then directs it to the abdomen of the target. Upon impact, it causes all of the internal organs to vibrate, causing great pain, often brining the afflicted to their knees as agony overcomes their body. The sound travels in a straight line, and its path cannot be altered.

    Stage 6

    Nihyakuwari Zankuuha (200% Air Cutter)
    Requirements: Control 21, Reserves 20, Power 19, Intelligence 17, Willpower 15
    Concentrating an incredible amount of chakra into the arm cannons, the user expels an extreme blast of wind with power equal to a category five hurricane (155+ mph). This incredible destructive force is more than capable of
    leveling nearly any obstacle. A person that is directly hit by this technique will be so seriously injured that he or she will be unable to participate further in the battle unless they are treated by a medical-nin of basic jounin level or higher. In order to build up enough power, the user must charge chakra into his arms for two posts prior to releasing the attack, during which, he or she may move, but cannot use chakra for any other purpose. Even bloodlines are incapable of being used within this charge period.

    Kyoushin no Onpa (Resonance Wave)
    Requirements: Harmonic Glove, Kyokuchoutanpa, Intelligence 21, Willpower 20, Tactics 19, Control 17, Reserves 15
    In this jutsu, the user works to achieve resonance behind the eardrum, severely damaging the inner ear. This causes such imbalance in the victim that he or she will be unable to stand until treated by a medical nin of basic jounin level or higher (or until the thread ends). This jutsu does not cause any other side effects, save for the considerable amount of pain caused by the rupturing of the inner ear.

    Jishinha (Seismic Wave)
    Requirements: Control 23, Reserves 23, Power 22, Willpower 16, Tactics 15
    This jutsu sends sound into the ground and causes a seismic wave that is similar to a earthquake in the surrounding area (about a 30 foot radius). Usually done to off-balance the opponent for an easy kill. Very deadly when combined with Kinsei Hakai, as it gives double the imbalance. However, the user must put at least one hand onto the ground. The jutsu will end, should the hand(s) be removed from the ground.

    Kyuuon no Jutsu (Sound Absorption Technique)
    Requirements: Zankuuha Cannon, Harmonic Glove, Intelligence 23, Willpower 23, Tactics 22, Reserves 16, Power 15
    Description: Using the air cannon to draw environmental sound into the glove, the user can make his entire area lacking of any sound at all. Voices will not be heard. The sounds of explosions will vanish. There will be complete silence for a short amount of time, usually just enough to kill in silence...
    16 Reserves: Produces an effective radius of non-sound for two posts.
    -23 Reserves: Produces an effective radius of non-sound for three posts.
    --30 Reserves: Produces an effective radius of non-sound for four posts.
    15 Power: The radius of this technique is 15 feet.
    -23 Power: The radius of this technique is 25 feet.
    --31 Power: The radius of this technique is 35 feet.

    Onchou: Chikara (Harmony: Force)
    Requirements: Control 26, Reserves 25, Power 24, Intelligence 19, Willpower 17
    Onchou: Chikara sends a ball of sound energy roughly three feet in diameter at the foe. The effects of getting hit with this attack are two fold; the first, and the most obvious, effect is the external damage caused by the attack, which is quite devastating to say the least. The impact of this attack is tremendous, and is the equivalent of a powerful blunt force striking the entirety of the body of the target. The second effect is allows the technique to resonate throughout the body of the target, causing jolting in the body’s muscles. As a result, the victim struck by this technique is incapacitated for one post.

    Seion Kado (Vocal Immoderation)
    Requirements: Intelligence 26, Willpower 25, Tactics 24, Control 19, Reserves 17
    Seion Kado works in a similar way to Onchou: Chikara, that it also sends a ball of sound energy towards the target. However, instead of causing physical damage at contact, the ball dissipates and the effects of the technique take effect.

    This diabolical technique targets the victim's ability to control the volume of his own voice, and in turn forces them to loudly shout all things they say. Also, as the victim speaks, his voice will continue to grow louder and louder, eventually placing great strain on the vocal cords of the afflicted. Due to this, the victim usually chooses to silence himself rather than continue speaking, as the pain from the stretching of the cords can be quite excruciating. This is likely a wise choice, as continual speech while under the power of this technique can cause the victim's vocal cords to snap. This technique lasts for 6 posts.

    Stage 7

    Kaze no Hitoame (Rain of Wind)
    Requirements: Kaze no Ransu, Control 30, Reserves 27, Power 26, Intelligence 22, Willpower 20
    The user once again compresses air using sound waves, only in this case, several Kaze no Ransu are created. The usual form of this jutsu involves the creation of these Ransu above the target's head and bringing them down on top of him. This form of attack is incredibly destructive to whatever it hits, and also gave the jutsu its name. In spite of this, the user may create and aim the Ransu anywhere, however they must all travel in the same direction.

    Kuuatsu Bunshin (Air Pressure Clone)
    Requirements: Arm Cannons, Intelligence 30, Willpower 27, Tactics 26, Control 22, Reserves 20
    A powerful bunshin formed from Zankuuha Arm Cannons. Its strength though is directly proportional to the highest powered Zankuuha they are able to create. Having no Zankuuha techniques means the clone is at 10% the physical stats of the user. Zankuuha gives 25%, Zankuukyokuha gives 50%, Nihyakuwari Zankuuha gives 75%, and Boufuu Kyuutai gives 100%. They are like ordinary fighting clones, (no chakra) but when defeated they explode with the force of that Zankuuha. Only one clone may be created at a time.

    Kekkai (Rupture)
    Requirements: Jishinha, Control 32, Reserves 30, Power 28, Intelligence 24, Willpower 22
    The user pours chakra into their vocal cords and screams, using more chakra to manipulate the sound to only travel in a cone forward. The intense fluctuations in pressure caused by the hyper-amplified sound will cause microscopic weaknesses in the skin of any enemy caught in the blast to shear apart, creating thousands of tiny surface wounds. Internal tissues are affected as well at ranges less than 20 feet, creating numerous internal wounds that can take weeks to heal without a shinobi medic's intervention.

    Boufuu Kyuutai (Storm Sphere)
    Requirements: Arm Cannons, Chakra primary, Intelligence 32, Willpower 30, Tactics 28, Control 24, Reserves 22
    An ultimate defense. Instead of shooting air pressure out from palms like the Zankuhaa technique, the user instead sends out air pressure from all over their bodies into all directions. Requires very good chakra control. Any nearby enemies and incoming projectiles gets blown away. Can also neutralize stage 6 offensive ninjutsu techniques within the vicinity. Since it requires so much chakra, it can only be used twice in battle.

    Stage 8

    Sakuhen (Splinter)
    Requirements: Kekkai, Sonou Rank, Control 42, Reserves 39, Power 37, Intelligence 32, Willpower 30, Tactics 27
    Focusing their chakra in much the same manner as Kekkai, the user takes great care to produce nothing but a single frequency of sound that resonates perfectly within the calcium formations that make up a human skeleton. At this precise frequency of vibration, the marrow within the skeleton begins to expand and contract, putting extreme pressure on the bones. If exposed to this sound for a fraction of a second, a target will simply have their skeleton weakened such that it can barely support their own weight. Further exposure (on the order of 1 second total) will cause the target's skeleton to splinter apart within their body. In most circumstances, this will cripple a target, but in extreme cases, bone fragments have been known to enter the heart or brain, killing a target outright.


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