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Hyouton - Ice Release

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  • Hyouton - Ice Release

    A: Reserves
    B: Power
    C: Control
    D: Willpower
    E: Intelligence
    F: Tactics

    Stage One

    Hyouton: Dokuji Seppen (Ice Element: Special Snowflake)
    Requirements: 2 Reserves, 2 Intelligence
    With a seal and an effort of will, the shinobi causes a single snowflake to materialize in their cupped palm. This snowflake has unique properties; it will retain its shape and form regardless of heat unless subjected to an open flame and can hold up to heavy pressure. The maker of this snowflake is always aware of vaguely where their special snowflake is in the same way that a compass always knows which way is north. It is thus most useful as a tracking technique. A shinobi may only have one special snowflake active at a time.
    Base: Snowflake melts one mile from user
    Stage Two: Ten miles
    Stage Three: As long as the shinobi wills it.

    Hyouton: Iteru Tsume (Ice Element: Frozen Claw)
    Requirements: 3 Power, 2 Willpower
    The user can cause ice to condense on one finger, forming a long, sharp instrument. It is, however, not particularly durable, making it not particularly useful in combat. Usually it is instead used to cut through soft objects in the same manner as a knife or a substitute for a lockpick. It can be sustained as long as the user wishes, but given the nature of the technique seals are impossible.
    Stage Two: The claw grows, becoming as long as the fingers themselves, and becomes as durable as kunai.
    Stage Three: Anywhere between one finger and all ten can be covered in icy claws.

    Hyouton: Kioko no Nanda (Ice Element: Tears of Memory)
    Requirements: 3 Reserves, 2 Tactics
    The user pictures an image or thought clearly in mind as they meditate. Molding their chakra just so, they cause a single tear to fall from their eye. This tear then freezes into a sphere of ice no bigger than a pinky tip that will not melt except when held to an open flame or broken by force. When swallowed, this tear will flood the mind of that person with the memories stored within. It is classically used as a clandestine method of sharing information and passing messages without giving any prying eyes a hint to what is being bandied about.
    Base: A few minutes of memory and/or concise communication.
    Stage Two: An hour of memory and/or detailed communication.
    Stage Three: A day of memory and/or exhaustive communication.

    Hyouton: Shogai Ni Hanshite Kanbo (Ice Element: Ward Against Cold)
    Requirements: 3 Willpower, 3 Control
    Unlike other Hyoutons, which seek to create cold and manipulate it to the user’s whim, Ward Against Cold operates on the opposite principle. This is a series of techniques, treatments and daily meditations applied make ones own body resistant to the natural chills of the outside world, allowing them to operate in the dead of a winter storm without worrying about frostbite or freezing to death. This technique does not guard against other Hyoutons.

    Open Slot: 4 Reserves, 4 Power

    Open Slot: 4 Willpower, 4 Intelligence

    Stage Two

    Hyouton: Tsubame Fubuki (Ice Element: Swallow Snow Storm)
    Requirements: 5 Reserves, 4 Power, 4 Control
    After a half-dozen handseals, the user waves their hand in the and directs their hands toward the target. A flock of swallows made of ice crystalize out of the air and veer through the sky toward the target. Their wings are razor sharp and can cut like knives.
    Base: 6 Swallows
    Stage Three: Twelve Swallows
    Stage Four: Eighteen Swallows

    Hyouton: Nozoku (Ice Element: Spyglass)
    Requirements: 5 Willpower, 4 Intelligence, 4 Tactics
    The user makes a square with their thumbs and index finger, framing the landscape in front of them. Ice forms between their fingers, forming a square of ice through which the user can peer. They are able to magnify any part of the 'frame' without losing detail for up to a mile away, as though they were standing right next to it. It is an excellent technique to use if one wishes to scout over long areas or simply get a closer look at something without getting too close.
    Stage 3: Ten Miles
    Stage 4: They may see perfectly at night and through all forms of natural weather
    Stage 5: They may see through one layer of cover.

    Hyouton: Reinigiri (Ice Element: Zero Grip)
    Requirements: 6 Reserves, 6 Power, 4 Willpower
    A useful technique for dodging or maneuvering around upon the battlefield. They are able to force chakra through their feet and instantly freeze the ground beneath it, using it as a method of propulsion, skating over the terrain at their regular speed. This jutsu can be used to turn corners more tightly or just travel in style.

    Hyouton: Rinrin Usuginu (Ice Element: Frigid Veil)
    Requirements: 6 Willpower, 5 Intelligence, 5 Power
    An invaluable technique for shinobi who do not want to be found. After a short series of handseals the user slams their hands into the ground and ice coalesces around their body, leaving only a breathing hole open to the outside world. This ice is perfectly transparent, however it bends the light as it passed through, making it seem as though the user is not there at all. An observer that wanders close might find a slight disturbance in the air where the user sits, but from afar it is nearly foolproof. However while so hidden they cannot move for any reason save breathing. This technique can last as long as the user can bear it.

    Open Slot: 7 Reserves, 7 Power, 6 Willpower

    Open Slot: 7 Willpower, 7 Intelligence, 6 Power

    Stage Three

    Hyouton: Yuki Bunshin (Ice Element: Snow Clone)
    Requirements: 8 Reserves, 8 Power, 6 Control
    The user molds snow into a convincing mimicry of themselves. While physically identical in most obvious ways it only has the intelligence to follow the most basic orders and retains no knowledge of taijutsu training (no bonuses) or functional chakra usage. The user may only summon one. When they are hit, they will collapse into a pile of writhing snow. But, in the following post, if the snow is not completely removed, two will reform where the first was destroyed. Depending on how skilled the user is, their clones can split one, two or even three times before the clones cannot get up again.
    Base Effect: Splits Once
    Stage Four: Splits Twice
    Stage Five: Splits Thrice

    Hyouton: Tsubetai Ashikase (Ice Element: Freezing Trap)
    Requirements: 8 Willpower, 6 Intelligence, 8 Tactics, Sealing Tags
    The user slaps a sealing tag down on a surface and imbues it with their chakra and the kanji for ‘ICE’ appears on its surface. Should anyone touch this tag ice will immediately crawl up their body and encase them completely in ice. If they are not eventually removed from the ice, the encased person will pass out from lack of air.
    Base: Can only be broken by ninjutsu stage two or physical strength levels two and up.
    Stage Four: Can only be broken by stage/level three and up.
    Stage Five: Can only be broken by stage/level four and up.

    Hyouton: Hitoshirezu Yari (Ice Element: Hidden Spear)
    Requirements: 9 Reserves, 9 Power, 7 Willpower
    Ending a series of seals by clapping their hands together, the shinobi conjures a spear of ice above their head and sends it spiraling toward their opponent. The ice it is made of has no imperfections, making it perfectly transparent and difficult to see in the right light. Many an enemy of Snow has died from this technique and never realized what exactly killed them.
    Stage Four: Two Spears
    Stage Five: Three Spears

    Hyouton: Yuki Tate (Ice Element: Snow Buckler)
    Requirements: 9 Willpower, 9 Intelligence, 7 Power
    A vital defense jutsu, when the user completes their seals snow begins to spiral around their dominant arm, forming a shield over it of ice and snow given form and function by this technique. This shield is large enough for the user to duck behind it entirely, curbing the influence of any jutsu that shield can ward away. The user may continue to keep this shield active, but it is an active drain on their chakra, burning through a jutsu usage every active post.
    Base: Protects Against Stage Two Ninjutsu and Level Two taijutsu
    Stage Four: Stage Three Ninjutsu, Level Three taijutsu
    Stage Five: Stage Four Ninjutsu, Level Four taijutsu

    Hyouton: Tsubetai Murasuzume (Freezing Flock)
    Requirements: 10 Reserves, 10 Power, 8 Tactics
    The user conjures five animated swallows in a manner similar to Tsubame Fubuki, and directs them to a target. Each swallow will immediately freeze when it impacts a target, partially encasing them in ice. Each swallow could individually, encase a limb, and if all of them hit true they could potentially freeze a target completely. They must travel as a group and can only make one turn, predetermined when this technique is used. This ice is specially reinforced, and can only be broken by a base strength level or stage two jutsu.
    Stage Four: Can only be broken by stage/level three and up.
    Stage Five: Can only be broken by stage/level four and up.

    Open Slot: 10 Willpower, 10 Intelligence, 8 Control

    Stage Four

    Hyouton: Yuki Shunshin (Ice Element: Snow Instantaneous Body)
    Requirements: 12 Reserves, 11 Power, 10 Control, 12 Willpower
    Clapping their hands together, the shinobi disappears in a swirl of spiraling snow. Almost immediately afterward, up to one mile away in a place that the user has been before, snow accumulates and the same happens in reverse. In combat this technique may only be used as an escape and no other action can be taken in that post.
    Stage Five: They may take up to four willing or restrained persons within arms reach with them.

    Hyouton: Ooi no Hakujou Kanchuu (Ice Element: Cruel Winter’s Mantle)
    Requirements: 12 Willpower, 11 Intelligence, 10 Tactics, 12 Reserves
    After a long series of seals the temperature around the user falls sharply, a thick coat of permafrost spreading five meters in every direction covering everything, freezing natural water solid. Allies and enemies alike are coated in a layer of ever-replenishing ice that lowers their speed level by two for as long as they remain there. If their speed level would fall to zero they instead freeze in place. This territory of cold follows the user for three posts, after which it must either end or be refreshed. Only those who have learned this jutsu are immune.

    Hyouton: Fuusetsu (Ice Element: Snowstorm)
    Requirements: 14 Reserves, 13 Power, 11 Control, 10 Intelligence
    After a long series of seals the user calls snow from even the clearest of skies. It comes down in sheets, obscuring vision and laying a foot-deep cover over the ground in seconds before easing up into being merely hard to see through. Stepping through this snow makes movement terribly awkward, unless the shinobi in question knows Reinigiri. The snowstorm lasts for three posts.
    Stage Five: Four Posts
    Stage Six: Five Posts

    Hyouton: Gimou Chiyu (Ice Element: False Healing)
    Requirements: 14 Willpower, 13 Intelligence, 11 Tactics, 10 Power
    While no replacement for proper medical care, a shinobi can make user of this technique to create a frozen simulacra of real flesh wherever theirs has been damaged, replacing muscle and tendon where the real thing was cut open and preventing hinderance from damage and death from bloodloss. This technique cannot replace vital organs, limbs or even digits, but it can act to mitigate the inconvenience of what could naturally be healed. When the user sleeps, the technique ends, requiring the user to seek medical attention or suffer the wound untreated.

    Hyouton: Ageru Nejiro (Ice Element: Raise Citadel)
    Requirements: 15 Reserves, 15 Power, 13 Control, 14 Willpower, Sealing Tags
    After a series of seals the user holds the image of a structure or fortress in their mind and slams their hand into the ground. Ice spreads and rises around them, building an unmelting structure out of ice and snow with properties mimicking that of everyday materials—whether it’s mortar of slush, curtains of snowflakes or walls of ice, the shinobi can realistically use this technique to build fortresses and mansions out of ice and its derivatives in time. They can fill three cubic meters per post.
    Stage Five: They can fill five cubic meters per post.

    Open Slot: 15 Willpower, 15 Intelligence, 13 Tactics, 14 Power

    Stage Five

    Hyouton: Samu Hagane (Ice Element: Cold Steel)
    Requirements: 17 Reserves, 16 Power, 16 Control, 15 Willpower
    The name of this technique is something of a misnomer, as it can be applied to not only steel but weapons of any material, including the user’s own hand. After they have run through the requisite handseals, they run their hand over the weapon in question, which promptly becomes encased in a frost and steams cold. This weapon will on contact with someone who does not know this technique cause instantaneous frostbite several inches deep with a cold that seeps through most kinds of armor.
    Base: Two Posts, One Weapon
    24 Reserves: Three Posts
    31 Reserves: Four Posts
    23 Power: Two Weapons
    30 Power: A multitude of weapons, such as projectiles

    Hyouton: Kori Bunshin (Ice Element: Ice Clone)
    Requirements: 17 Willpower, 16 Intelligence, 16 Tactics, 15 Reserves
    With this jutsu at their disposal the user can fashion an automaton of hard ice that seems human only in deep shadow or at a great distance. Like the Snow Clone, it is identical to the user physically and can follow simple orders. But where the Snow Clone multiplies the Ice Clone is incredibly resilient and will retain its animating force even after parts of its body are shattered, though these broken pieces will remain broken. It can only be completely stopped by destroying its head.
    Base: No Tai Bonus, One Clone
    24 Willpower: ½ Tai Bonus
    31 Willpower: Full tai bonus but only one clone
    23 Intelligence: Two Clones
    30 Intelligence: Three Clones

    Hyouton: Houyou Chinsei (Ice Element: Embrace Stillness)
    Requirements: 18 Reserves, 17 Power, 17 Control, 14 Intelligence
    Normally used by shinobi that are on the brink of death or wish for a great deal of time to pass, when the Yuki-nin uses Houyou Chinsei ice forms around them in a rough sphere, encasing them inside. Their heartbeat and bodily processes slow to a halt while the jutsu preserves their mind and the integrity of their body for a time they determine before making use of the jutsu. It is sometimes the only way to make certain that one will be able to survive to get medical attention or until help will arrive. The ice can be fractured by stage four and higher jutsu, ending the technique’s effects early.

    Hyouton: Boufuu (Ice Element: Storm)
    Requirements: 18 Willpower, 17 Intelligence, 17 Tactics, 14 Power
    By focusing a fair amount of chakra into the atmosphere while moving their hands through seals the user may conjure a swirling breeze of snow that quickly intensifies in a five-meter area. In addition to obscuring everything more than a hand from those trapped inside, the storm is full of ice as hard and sharp as steel that swirls and bites into the flesh of anyone who lingers there too long, leaving anyone who elects to remain without protection little more than shredded pieces of a person. This storm lingers for up to three posts after the initial use of the jutsu before it fades away. A user can only have one storm active at any given time.

    Hyouton: Yukitama Renda (Ice Element: Snowball Barrage)
    Requirements: 19 Reserves, 19 Power, 18 Control, 16 Willpower
    After a long series of seals, hyperdense snowballs begin to appear over the user’s shoulders, suspended in midair. With a point of their finger the user propels dozens of snowballs toward the target; on impact they detonate, spreading a hypercool liquid that freezes into ice almost immediately around a yard in radius. If successful, after this technique is used the battlefield is littered with transparent spheres of ice.

    Open Slot: 19 Willpower, 19 Intelligence, 18 Tactics, 16 Reserves

    Stage Six

    Hyouton: Nomu Kyuutai (Ice Element: Engulfing Sphere)
    Requirements: 21 Reserves, 20 Power, 19 Control, 17 Willpower, 15 Intelligence
    The user conjures a ball of raw, cold power hovering over their hand, and may toss it anywhere they will as they might a ball. On contact with any solid surface ice expands out from the point of impact with a crash like a surging glacier, swallowing up everything within a ten meter radius in a jagged prison of ice.

    Hyouton: Wareru (Ice Element: Shatter)
    Requirements: 21 Willpower, 20 Intelligence, 19 Tactics, 17 Reserves, 15 Power
    Description: This technique is designed to crack and detonate ice the user has created. It serves the dual purpose of turning iced-over parts of the battlefield into a minefield and delivering a finishing move to anybody encased in ice. With a seal and an effort of will the shinobi can cause any piece of ice they see to glow blue for a moment, crack and explode, damaging those nearby and tearing those trapped inside apart. They must focus on a small area of ice that they can see not exceeding a cubic meter per use of the jutsu, making its use on large groups of scattered enemies ill-advised.

    Hyouton: Oni Sakusei (Ice Element: Ogre Make)
    Requirements: 23 Reserves, 23 Power, 22 Control, 16 Intelligence, 15 Tactics, Sealing Tag
    The shinobi accumulates their chakra in a sealing tag and uses it as a catalyst to begin the technique. When they slap the tag on a surface, snow and ice begins to gather quickly forming the body of an artificial devil with a sealing tag frozen to its face. It is several meters tall; possess two feet, long arms with razor claws that scratch against the ground and mouth of needle-like teeth. If the sealing tag is torn from its face it loses all animating force, but until then it will regenerate all damage done and follow the orders of its creator like the mindless brute it is. Due to strain the animation of such a creature puts on the user’s body it may only be created once a day.

    Hyouton: Yobidasu Suisei (Ice Element: Call Comet)
    Requirements: 23 Willpower, 23 Intelligence, 22 Tactics, 16 Power, 15 Control
    By creating a large amount of snow high up in the sky and compacting it to a fine point they create terribly dense balls of ice the size of a boulder eight feet across. The chakra that is used to compact the comet itself circles around inside of ball and explodes outward, scattering deadly icy shrapnel around the immediate area. These comets can be aimed at any place that the user can see and detonate on impact.
    Base: One Comet
    30 Willpower: Two Comets

    Open Slot: 26 Reserves, 25 Power, 24 Control, 19 Willpower, 17 Intelligence

    Open Slot: 26 Willpower, 25 Intelligence, 24 Tactics, 19 Reserves, 17 Power

    Stage Seven

    Hyouton: Henbou (Ice Element: Transfiguration)
    Requirements: 30 Reserves, 27 Power, 26 Control, 22 Willpower, 20 Intelligence
    To initiate this jutsu, the shinobi must touch the target after flashing a number of seals. The target begins to, over the course of the next post, turn from flesh and blood into a pristine and transparent unmelting ice sculpture. This was dead Yukigakure’s favorite method of dealing with prisoners and traitors alike, as when necessary another shinobi with this technique could reapply it to reverse the effect.

    Hyouton: Nigiru Daichi (Ice Element: Seize The Land)
    Requirements: 30 Willpower, 27 Intelligence, 26 Tactics, 22 Reserves, 20 Power, Sealing Tags
    The user creates a shrine centered on a stone with four tags attached, each one pointing in a different cardinal direction. After a day of meditation careful application of their chakra they cast a spell over the surrounding ten miles, locking it in an eternal winter in the likeness of Snow country regardless of where the shrine is erected. They can elect to give or withhold resistance to the cold to visitors, allowing allies easy transit while enemies must deal with the cold. The ice and snow blocks out all supernatural attempts to find those locked inside, with no exceptions. The spell can be broken by destroying the shrine at the center, returning the land to its natural climate and removing the masking influence of the jutsu.

    Hyouton: Kokyu no Hiryu (Ice Element: Frost Dragon’s Breath)
    Requirements: 32 Reserves, 30 Power, 28 Control, 24 Willpower, 22 Intelligence
    The user flies through a series of handseals ending in ‘dragon,’ and breathe out a rush of deadly cold air flecked with snow. The chill of this air is enough to make trees crack open and water freeze instantly; if it comes in contact with living creatures they freeze in all places touched from bone to marrow near instantaneously. The breath emerges from the user’s mouth and continues outward in a wide cone large enough to cover a house completely before dissipating.

    Hyouton: Kyusoku Reito (Ice Element: Flash Frozen)
    Requirements: 32 Willpower, 30 Intelligence, 28 Tactics, 24 Reserves, 22 Power
    Performed with just a single, one-handed seal, this emergency technique instantly freezes the air around the user. This shell of black ice forms a protective barrier, shielding the user from virtually every attack. The ice withstands ninjutsu stage six or lower and is impervious to any level of physical attack. The shield lasts for a single post before shattering and melting, freeing the user in the process.

    Open Slot: 35 Reserves, 33 Power, 31 Control, 26 Willpower, 18 Tactics

    Open Slot: 35 Willpower, 33 Intelligence, 31 Tactics, 26 Reserves, 18 Control
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