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Santsuki no Mai (Dances of the Sun and Moon) - Hidden Leaf Sword Dance

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  • Santsuki no Mai (Dances of the Sun and Moon) - Hidden Leaf Sword Dance

    Santsuki no Mai (Dances of the Sun and Moon) – Hidden Leaf Sword Dance Style

    - The special technique Celestial Clone must be taken to make use of this style's other special techniques and any clone-using regular techniques.
    - A sword is obviously needed for this style, and it must be a sword that can be freely handled without attachment to the body in any way. No hidden blades, and nothing shorter than a wakizashi is allowed.
    - Santsuki no Mai is open to all Leaf shinobi (former or current). Characters from other villages require Leaf GM approval.
    - As an interesting note, those who practice Santsuki no Mai wear their swords slung over their back rather than anywhere else.

    Style History: A little-known rivalry that shook the heavens itself existed in Konoha not 70 or 80 years ago. A lot of people at the time, though his name isn't remembered as well now, were familiar with the name Gekkou Tokoshi, the grandson of the brother of Gekkou Hayate, who took Hayate's theories on how the beautiful Mikazuki no Mai could be extended, and created one of the most beautiful techniques ever seen: the Tsuki no Kenbu (Sword Dances of the Moon). It was an illusory sword dance style of Konoha that used bunshins on a higher level. He was called 'The Moon Dancer' because of it, and his sheer mastery and fluidity of technique was unmatched. His own obsession with innovating his style however, made him a terrible Jounin; he neglected his duties, his village, his Genin that he was supposed to be responsible for, and even his own son, whom he found a disappointment because he did not have the natural talent of Tokoshi and could only achieve a couple of his father's works. But the Moon Dancer's sheer beauty with a blade was so fierce and so gorgeous that his accomplishments could not be ignored...

    ...But that isn't the full story...

    What isn't so well-known is that part of Tokoshi's sheer hatred of anything not related to his sword style was in regards to a Leaf shinobi named Kokoro Shado, who was a genius of the katana and the Mikazuki no Mai as well. Shado always found the technique to be too slow with style and lacking substance, and sought ways to change its fundamentals slightly to strike the opponent harder and faster. And thus, he developed the Irihi no Mai (Dance of the Dawning Sun), based on the positions of the sun in the sky, a sword technique that uses chakra to jet the user, appearing on the right side of his opponent, go towards and past the opponent at increased speed for a very short distance with his bunshin clone appearing on the left side of the opponent and doing the exact same technique, and, at the moment of impact, feeding a little more chakra into the clone so that for a split second, the clone becomes corporeal and slices the opponent with the wielder at the same time. The two struck as one in an X-formation, streaming past the opponent after the attack. In this technique, it was blatantly obvious who the real user was and who the clone was, because the clone was very translucent (the user was using the extra chakra to make the clone corporeal for a split-second at the time of striking and for the slight speed-up), because the focus was to strike fast, not to confuse the opponent.

    Tokoshi and Shado were bitter, bitter rivals. Tokoshi hated Shado for developing this technique and insulting the Mikazuki no Mai's style, and Shado, in turn, was jealous of the beauty of Tokoshi's sword technique, which he could never quite replicate (even though Tokoshi could not replicate Shado's sheer strike power), though his technique was fluid in its own way. And thus they constantly worked to one-up each other. The two had gone through the academy together, trained as Genins under the same Jounin together, fought to a standstill in a round of the Chuunin exam together and both passed, and developed their own styles under their own technique, Tokoshi the Tsuki no Kenbu using Hayate's theories, and Shado the Taiyou no Kenbu based on his sheer hatred of Tokoshi. The Dances of the Sun and the Moon were created, and the two ninjas feuded day and night in their own private war that no one was even aware of, dueling at one shinobi's house or the other and constantly working to undermine the other's technique. Tokoshi, 'The Moon Dancer', and Shado, 'The Sun Dancer', as they mockingly called themselves, worked hard to make the other ashamed.

    But when both men turned around 28 years of age... something happened. Shado contracted a deadly virus from a mission, and fell into a coma, dying less than four months later. Tokoshi was left alone... not with a rival... not with anyone to fight... a man he had dedicated his entire existence to defeating and suddenly finding himself robbed of destiny. Robbed of the very man who had truly driven him to do incredible things with his sword, he realized that without a Kokoro Shado, there was no Gekkou Tokoshi...and realized how much of a real friend Kokoro Shado truly was...

    On that day, Tokoshi vowed to himself that he would never stop practicing or innovating his style, pushing aside or outright ignoring everything else, preparing the day when he would die and his spirit would finally get the chance to eternally lock swords with Shado once again in the afterlife. If you had talent with a blade, he would eagerly pass his knowledge onto you, but if you did not have the talent, he didn't wish to waste his time...

    But history remembers Tokoshi only as the man who put aside his duty, his life, and even his own son to use his time to work and work on his beautiful sword technique and dance the darkness.

    However, throughout his life and till his death, Tokoshi had kept a journal on his own various theories of the continuations of the Tsuki no Kenbu and Shado's Taiyou no Kenbu (what isn't well-known is that he had also made himself learn Shado's style after Shado died), and even the possibility of an Eclipse, a combination technique that uses a mastery of both styles to create a lethal, beautiful, deadly combined style.

    Tokoshi's last words in his journal were "It is my deepest regret that the Sun and Moon did not become one. In the moon there is mystery, in the sun there is power. If only my hatred for Shado could have been eclipsed by the sheer magnitude and beauty of our styles... together, we would have danced the stars."

    ...Perhaps in the last decade or so, a small group of Konoha's talented blade-using shinobi discovered Tokoshi's journal (kindly donated by Gekkou Mitsuki), and using the path set forth by Tokoshi and Shado, whom they now consider legends, used their predecessor's guidelines and their own cunning to update and create advanced sword dance styles (called cumulatively Santsuki No Mai - Sun and Moon Dances) out of both the Tsuki no Kenbu and the Taiyou no Kenbu, and most recently, used Tokoshi's theory on combining the Sun Dance and the Moon Dance to create the ultimate blend sword-style, the Shoku Rekuiemu (Eclipse Requiem). The shinobi have kept the traditional names of all the techniques while also using a little bit of more recent innovations in dance to spice things up a bit.

    Thus, a new age of Moon Dancers, Sun Dancers, and Eclipse Dancers in Konoha has arisen, and the innovations of both the past shinobi and the present shinobi may yet see in the future a rise in the number of sword-wielding ninja in the village and possibly even one day rival the thought to be unstoppable sword-users of Mist Village…

    Stage One
    Requirements: Speed 5, Strength 3
    Special Technique requirements: Intelligence 2, Tactics 2
    Stage Bonus: +5 Speed, +4 Strength

    Regular Techniques:
    - Mikazuki No Mai (Dance of the Crescent Moon)
    Description: A sword technique that creates one clone of the user. The two replicas attack in a dance of swords that confuses the opponent.

    Special Techniques:
    -Ten Bunshin (Celestial Clone)
    These bunshin mirror the actions of their creator, allowing the confusing dance of the Santsuki no Mai. By itself, this creates one clone, though other techniques may create more as noted. These bunshin usually die with one hit, and act just like their creator but with 1/3rd the strength. Other techniques in this taijutsu may modify the Ten no Bunshin. This technique is required to continue in this list.
    - Irihi no Mai (Dance of the Dawning Sun)
    Description: Like in the Mikazuki no Mai, a bunshin is created. However, one clone is translucent because of the chakra being used elsewhere, and it is obvious which the real attacker is. The chakra from the clone is used to boost the speed of the user as he runs past the enemy in unison with his clone, and at the moment of contact with the target, the clone becomes corporeal for a split second as its sword hits the target with the wielder's sword, doing fast, quick, hard damage together in one strike.

    Stage Two
    Requirements: Speed 8, Strength 6, Intelligence 6
    Special Technique requirements: Intelligence 4, Tactics 4
    Stage Bonus: +5 Speed, +4 Strength

    Regular Techniques:
    - Hantsuki No Mai (Dance of the Half Moon)
    Requirements: Mikazuki No Mai
    Description: This particular sword dance technique improves the Mikazuki no Mai by adding a second replica behind the opponent that attacks with the other two, creating a three-pronged attack around the opponent in a triangular formation, further confusing the possibility of which angle the attack is coming from.

    Special Techniques: None

    Stage Three
    Requirements: Speed 12, Strength 8, Intelligence 8
    Special Technique requirements: Intelligence 7, Tactics 7, Willpower 6
    Stage Bonus: +5 Speed, + 4 Strength

    Regular Techniques:
    - Meigetsu No Mai (Dance of the Full Moon)
    Requirements: Hantsuki No Mai
    Description: The sword-dance of the Leaf is taken on a new level as the user and his three clones attack the opponent from a target's four corners, two in the front and two in the back, equalizing a change of getting attacked from in front or behind and making it harder for the enemy to determine where to fight.

    Special Techniques:

    - Kyokujitsu no Mai (Dance of Rising Sun)
    Requirements: Irihi no Mai
    Description: Due to the addition of a second clone (similar to the one in Irihi no Mai), the potential strength of the attack is tripled. Once he has mastered this technique, the user can choose the placement of his clones anywhere around the target as long as the clone is the same short distance away from the target as the user is.

    Stage Four
    Requirements: Speed 17, Strength 13, Stramina 13, Intelligence 14
    Special Technique requirements: Intelligence 10, Tactics 10, Willpower 8
    Stage Bonus: +5 Speed, +4 Strength

    Regular Techniques:

    - Garou Tsuki no Mai (Dance of the Wolf Moon)
    Requirements: Meigetsu no Mai
    Description: The Tsuki no Kenbu’s beautiful style is taken to a whole other dimension with this technique. There are two circles of bunshins surrounding the target, four in the outer and three in the inner. The real user may be in any one of these positions. Also, the two rings are spinning in opposite directions, making it very difficult to predict from where the shinobi will strike.

    Special Techniques:

    - Chuushuunomeigetsu no Mai (Dance of the Harvest Moon)
    Requirements: Garou Tsuki no Mai
    Description: Adds a third, larger ring of five clones around the Garou Tsuki’s original two, going in the opposite direction. There are now three rings circling around the opponent, the inner and outer going one direction, with the one in the middle, going in the opposite direction.

    -Hinoiri no Mai (Dance of the Sunset)
    Requirements: Kyokujitsu no Mai
    Description: Adds a third clone that becomes corporeal at the moment of strike. In addition of this, unlike in the weaker versions, one of the 3 clones does not appear translucent, thus making it harder for the target to distinguish the real user from the clones.

    Stage Five
    Requirements: Speed 20, Strength 18, Stamina 18, Intelligence 16
    Special Technique requirements: Intelligence 15, Tactics 15, Willpower 13
    Stage Bonus: +5 Speed, +4 Strength

    Regular Techniques: None

    Special Techniques: None

    Stage Six
    Requirements: Speed 26, Strength 25, Stamina 24, Intelligence 19, Tactics 17
    Special Technique requirements: Intelligence 19, Tactics 19, Willpower 18
    Stage Bonus: +5 Speed, +4 Strength

    Regular Techniques: None

    Special Techniques:
    - Aoi Tsuki (Blue Moon)
    Requirements: Chuushuunomeigetsu no Mai
    Description: Introduces a fourth ring with six clones. There are now four rings of clones flowing around the target that move in complete unison with each other; like a large-scale ballet with the possibility of the user being in any of them and being any distance up to the fourth ring, attacking from any direction. Nearly the culmination of the Moon Dancer style, the innermost and the third ring go in one direction, and the second and the outermost ring go in the other direction.

    - Go Ten Kyohaku Mai (Five-Point Star Dance)
    Requirements: Hinoiri no Mai
    Description: Considered to be the greatest legacy of Shado's technique by itself. There is now a fourth clone with the other three clones and the user surrounding the target in a star formation. The four clones are not translucent anymore, so determining the real one becomes particularly hard. All four clones, naturally, become solid while attacking for that split second. If the opponent guesses the wrong clone to be the user, and has not put up a defense before this, this technique will almost guarantee some sort of heavy injury.

    Stage Seven
    Requirements: Speed 35, Strength 33, Stamina 31, Intelligence 23, Tactics 21
    Special Technique requirements: Intelligence 26, Tactics 25, Willpower 24
    Stage Bonus:+5 Speed, +4 Strength

    Regular Techniques: None

    Special Techniques:
    - Gesshoku no Mai (Dance of the Lunar Eclipse)
    Requirements: Aoi Tsuki
    Description: Considered to be the greatest legacy of Tokoshi's technique by itself. Five circles surround the target. The user is impossible to identify. The clones now move so fast and so well that they don't even appear as clones anymore, just five solid streams circling the user at remarkable speeds. If the target has not attempted some sort of defense before this jutsu is activated, a sword attack is almost guaranteed to connect some part of the body and, in some cases, do fatal damage. On the downside, an exact body part cannot be targeted, but the chest and stomach regions are the most likely areas to hit.

    - Nisshoku no Mai (Dance of the Solar Eclipse)
    Requirements: Aoi Tsuki, Go Ten Kyohaku Mai
    Description: The introduction of an actual element, fire, into the Santsuki no Mai is finally realized with this technique. The user ignites his sword with a light flame as he circles around the opponent. The circle around the opponent (same as the Gesshoku no Mai) is now slightly aglow with the flame, as all the bunshins appear to have a slightly flaming sword as well, making the technique all the more beautiful. Then, like the Gesshoku no Mai, the user moves at unseen speeds across the circle, slashing through the target, leaving only a trail of flame behind them. While the base damage for the attack is still only the same as any technique from Tsuki no Kenbu because of the lack of a bunshin clone, the opponent also takes fire damage from the wound as well, possibly to a vital spot.

    - Kaikishoku (Total Eclipse)
    Requirements: Gosshoku no Mai, Nisshoku no Mai
    Description: Considered by some to be the greatest legacy of Tokoshi and Shado, and certainly the greatest peak of the Eclipse Dancers. It is so beautiful and flows so well, it looks like a flaming X inside a circle when seen from above. The sword, completely filled with chakra, is completely aflame, and the user is now able to attack with the addition of a clone who, also with a flaming sword, slashes with him (the clone is always slightly to the left of wherever the user comes out in the circle). The clone becomes corporeal for a millisecond as it slashes the target with the user. They move so fast, all that is seen is a flaming red X streaming in between the circle. The circle itself appears to be a swirling fire and only adds to the confusion, giving the attacker an almost guaranteed hit. Contains the complete power of the Five-Point Star Dance plus incredible flame damage. If the right spot is struck, this technique is fatal because the target's innards may be struck ablaze from the strike.
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