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Hikaru no Ryodan (The Brigade of Light)

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  • Hikaru no Ryodan (The Brigade of Light)

    The Brigade of Light

    Hikaru no Ryodan

    Let Us Make Good

    Location: Valley Country

    The Brigade of Light make their home on the Long Lake of Valley Country. The original college now exists as a sprawling campus along the shore of the lake, and a small village grows around its fortress-like walls. To enter the University one must pass through two massive iron doors, both displaying the sigil for the Brigade on the front. Within the Academy lays the library, a warehouse of a room that holds a score of essays on the symbiotic link of Humanity and Kami in addition to numerous other subjects. Within the walls is also the humble Hikaru no Ryodan Shrine, where those sensitive to the Kami can be taught in the ways of the shrine maiden.

    The Academy does not charge tuition for its lessons or fees for work by its agents. However, donations from University alumni or those helped by Brigade agents help to fund the growing campus. Construction can be heard all over Long Lake as the increasing fame of the Brigade of Light brings in money, for better and worse.


    It is the belief of the Brigade of Light that it is the despair and depravity of humanity that twists the Kami. These twisted Kami lead to natural disasters and supernatural creatures that threaten Humanity. By bringing hope and light to humanity the Brigade of Light can safeguard the Kami, and thus protect Humanity.

    All work done by those in the Brigade of Light must be done free of charge. Brigadiers of the Brigade of Light may accept a warm meal or bed as payment for help rendered, or any other manner of gift, but cannot and will not demand any payment be made.


    The Brigade of Light has three mandates that members strive to follow.

    I. Do Good
    When people need help, help. When people need to be defended, defend. The Brigade of Light brings hope to those who despair in their time of need.
    II. Heed the Will of God
    Protect the Kami from defilement. Black Miko exist to twist those humanity’s prayers into curses.There are only two paths to dealing with a Black Miko, redemption or death.
    III. Safeguard Against the Dark
    What is the darkness that both Humanity and the Kami must be safeguarded against? No one is sure, but the resurgence of the Isle of Spirits and the Bijuu are a turning point in this Age. Whatever transpires the Brigade of Light will be there without hesitation to stand against what may come.
    The Brigade of Light draws membership from any who would come knocking at their door, with a few exceptions. Any of good intent (as determined by the Headmaster) are allowed to enter the campus and study. However, gaining entry into the Brigade is a much harder task.

    The two major groups who are not allowed into the Brigade of Light are those who belong to a foreign military and those who would commit evil acts for personal gain. The former is rather easy to prove, while the latter requires a test to be given to the person in order to determine their ‘worthiness’.

    The Brigade of Light prides itself in its neutrality and any person working for a government by definition cannot be neutral, and therefore cannot join. Persons who once belonged to a government, or who once held evil beliefs, may of course recant their loyalties in an attempt to join. These circumstances are rare and require immense oversight by the elders of the Brigade to determine if the prospective member has had a change of heart, or are lying.

    Members each are given a unique white mask when joining, which signifies their allegiance to the Brigade. Often these are shaped like animals but can be any type of mask the member desires.


    Long before man learned to harness chakra there were the Kami and those who studied them. Those who wished to study the link between humanity and the Kami founded an Academy on the shores of Long Lake. Through study these academics found that the extreme reactions of the Kami correlated to negative human emotion. Over decades these ‘curses’ were tracked, their victims counted, and the data meticulously entered into massive logbooks.

    The data was clear: as mental conditions of the afflicted grew worse, disasters seemed to spread. Crops withered and died. Livestock grew sick and frail. Some even projected if the curses spread far enough, civilization and society as known by man would crumbled and fall to the darkness.

    The Academy wrote dissertations, filled scrolls, and published discovery after discovery. Humanity, they said, influenced spirits of the land, rather than the other way around. Despite heavy refutation from governments and priesthoods alike, these documents gained worldwide infamy. But that is all they gained. Nothing else came from the books and encyclopedias put out by the Academy. The accumulated wisdom of centuries fell on deaf ears. And, as the supernatural threat of the corrupted Kami faded in the memories of mankind, the Academy withdrew from the spotlight.

    Twenty years ago, a man strode into their hallowed halls. The scholars could tell from a glance that he was a man of the blade, not of the pen. "What on earth could he want," they asked themselves.

    That dormant, unused knowledge was the answer.

    The warrior claimed he fought a sorcerer with magicks unknown to humanity. This foul conjurer he learned to be a Black Miko, spoken of in texts so ancient their pages almost dissolved into sand as he turned them. The man grew agitated and distraught as he learned how the Academy knew of this darkness, but did nothing about it.

    "How can you do nothing, knowing what vile evil walks this earth?" The man asked when his studies concluded.

    "We do something," one scholar answered. "We publish our writings."

    "And what good is that! Ten thousand volumes of dust, forgotten by the world! Why do you not fight what you know to be rotting the world?" The man asked.

    Another scholar looked away. "It is not our place."

    The warrior drew his sword, "Then I shall make it mine."

    And thus was born the Brigade.


    The Brigade of Light declares itself a neutral entity devoted to study and acquisition of knowledge as well as the extermination of evil. So far, this neutrality is respected by most parties.

    -Valley Country: Within Valley Country the feelings for the Brigade are mixed. Their reputation can brand members among the populace as paragons of goodwill, inefficient scholars, or as meddling fools.

    -Shinobi Countries: In general the Brigade does not interfere with the will of the elemental countries. However, the mandate of the Brigade forces members to stand against any acts of depravity to the general populace no matter who instigates the evil. Likewise a member of the Brigade can happily lend what assistance they can if their goals align with those of shinobi operatives.

    -Last Legion of the Immortal Guard:
    Very rarely does the Brigade have any dealings with the Last Legion aside from entering and leaving the City of Kings. The Brigade is host to a number of Ronin who have split off from the Last Legion due to differences of opinion.

    -High Wardens of Calamity Mountain:
    The Brigade will have no dealings with the High Wardens. While they respect the High Warden’s dedication, The Brigade of Light does not agree in how they go about their duties seeing it as a half-hearted measure.

    -Brigade of Light:
    There exist within the Brigade many competing factions that are uncomfortable with the degree of militarization of the Brigade. As of now, the Headmaster permits open discussion of these issues, but is the final word on Brigade of Light policy.

    The Brigade of Light are NOT military, and do not operate as such. There is no chain of command, and each member is expected to act intelligently and within their own beliefs in so much as doing so would not harm the overall goals of the organization. However, a rank system of seniority does exist, with those higher on the ladder receiving more deference compared to those lower. Higher ranks are not 'stronger' or 'more important', rather they simply reflect those with greater duties and responsibilities within the group.

    Brigadiers are the ‘meat and potatoes’ of the Brigade. Most members fall into this division as it represents nothing but a basic membership into the organization. Brigadiers have access to all the Brigade of Light lists.

    Headmaster – The leader of the Brigade of Light, decided each five years by election from all members. Currently held by Dr. Oho no Annei

    First Brigadiers – Those who have earned the distinction to lead teams of Brigade members gain this title.

    Second Brigadiers
    – The base level Brigadier after promotion from Junior Brigadier. Represents full membership in the Brigade of Light.

    Junior Brigadiers
    – Those who first join the Brigade are assigned this rank until they have proven themselves worthy of more responsibility. Has no access to Brigade of Light lists.
    Followers of the Path
    Those who are Kami-sensitive and wish to become or already are mikos typically fall into this division. There is no requirement that shrine maidens or priests join the Hikaru no Ryogan shrine as the Brigade of Light is open to all (good intentioned) faiths. Followers of the Path have access to all Brigade of Light lists.

    Pontiff – The head of the Hikaru no Ryodan Shrine, who manages its members and grounds. Currently held by the priest Kogyoku Tonegawa.

    Eparch – The highest distinction possible for a Hikaru no Ryodan shrine maiden or priest.

    Cenobite – The common rank most miko members of the Brigade of Light fall under.

    Apostle – Introductory rank given to new students of the shrine. Has no access to Brigade of Light lists.
    Technically all students and teachers in the Academy are Brigade of Light members, though they are not expected to go out and slay evil like a Brigadier might. Scholars do not necessarily have access to all Brigade of Light lists and must ask permission to study them. They may still may perform Brigade of Light jobs and missions.

    Dean of Studies – The Brigade of Light was and still is a university, and the Dean is in control of all academy happenings within the campus. Elected every six years by the professors. Currently held by Dr. Eikowasa Irio

    Professor - Those who teach classes at the Academy, considered experts in their respective fields. Professorhood is earned through at least five years of teaching experience and having written at least 1 dissertation on a novel subject. Promotions to this level are frequently host to the bitter inter-personal politics of campus life.

    Adjunct – Professors-in-training, adjuncts are most commonly seen doing the ‘grunt work’ of the academic world. This can mean grading papers, teaching night classes, or being out in the field collecting data for the professors research.

    Neophyte – Not a rank so much as a simple title given to those who attend the University’s classes. Students are not technically Brigade of Light members, but can reside within its dormitories and attends its classes.

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