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    Organization Name: The Loyalists
    Organization Type: Shinobi
    Organization Slots: 10 RPCs. Several dozen NPCs.

    Organization Description:

    After the rubble of the war had settled, and the despicable Leaf ninja finished their manslaughter and unjustified looting of our sacred land, we recovered, slowly at first. We took time to let the thawed and charred remains of our advanced society heal, combing through our toppled buildings and caved in subway systems for remnants of our old life. We avoided the dangerous Leaf nin who wanted nothing more than to continue their Konoha Exceptionalism tour through land not rightly theirs. We found our destroyed schoolyards and shattered homes, collecting our injured and homeless and gave them refuge.

    So many were glad to leave, to abandon Mother Snow in her time of need. We did not, for we knew there was a higher calling. If Leaf was going to be the watchmen of the world, picking and choosing who lived and died, we would watch the watchmen. But we knew that we wouldn't survive surrounded by fire-wielding demons hellbent on our very destruction. One zeppelin pad remained in use, forgotten by the foolish Konoha intruders. So we set about to establish it in functioning order again. And now, after so long, the true children of Snow, the loyal shinobi to our way of life, are ready to take back what was ours. And punish those who did this to us.

    We are The Loyalists, a group of highly trained and impassioned people loyal to the cause of Snow, and our aim is simple. Reestablish Snow and punish those who made this happen. We have sympathizers all around the world, and while many gladhand the Leaf men and women who admire their own reflections, we know many others who watch with trepidation, knowing those imperliast bastards could turn on them any moment.

    So we hide in the sky, sending down covert troops to send warnings and hinder Leaf's unjust and ethically wrong station as anything other than the pigs they are. Striking in the shadows, destroying supply lines, defeating trade agreements, ransacking villages. We aim to show the world that Leaf can't take care of their own, and with time, the world will see them for what they are. And when we make ourselves known, we will appear stronger than ever, an underdog fighting the oppression of Konoha. And the world will celebrate and support us.

    For now, we continue our war, knowing we are right.

    Organization History:

    The Loyalists have only been around for a few months, but their cause goes much deeper. They don't want to rebuild Snow and go back to the ways things were. They've moved on from that.

    When Leaf decided that Snow didn't have the right to take land that was rightfully Snow territory, many were afraid of retribution. Those that fought Konoha were proud Snow shinobi, eager to show the might of their land and the exceptionalism of surviving the cold tundra. Once Konoha left the melted wasteland and ran off back home drunk of their self-righteous victory, a woman, Takamura Aimi, began to think, to strategize, to plot. Machinations burned bright in her mind, and so she arose as the glorious leader of seven men and women of Snow. The beginning was tough, as they were skeptical of each other, doubtful of intentions, but Aimi was ruthless in her vocalized dissent.

    One slovenly shack of tattered wooden beams served as a makeshift bar where traveling merchants and various Snow "missing-ninja" could meet. Konoha agents in the area must have overlooked it or considered it a sad example of men and women clinging to their past, so the shack was left alone. Day in and day out Aimi sat in her white fox furs, alone a table, waiting with a drink in one hand and a dagger in the other. Over the course of a few days, two more joined her daily for drinks and talk of rebuilding Snow. Then more.

    And then there were seven. Ryokanuske, a scarred jounin from the Konoha battles, lamented of their former might. What they were and could have been. And that was the spark that started the snowstorm.

    Within a week they had zoned off an old zeppelin pad, blocking and obfuscating it from sight with various Hyoutons. And they worked. Diligent, tireless work from nearby sites brought the sheet metal and scrap they needed to rebuild, and with the help of two of their chuunin members, managed to rebuild an airship larger than before, but not as sturdy. The chuunin, experienced airmen from before made it their mission to make their ship ready as soon as possible. And without any fanfare or celebration, the seven took off to the skies, hovering above the clouds in their safe bubble, away from the prying totalitarian eye of Konoha.

    In these past weeks they've gathered more members. Picking up snow shinobi, and snow shinobi only, and teaching them the truth behind Konoha. The fire nation did this because they were afraid of Snow's might. And Aimi, a former Namonai member, set about to teach them all exactly what they could do to strike Konoha where it hurt.

    Now they attack in the shadows, never revealing who they are or what they want. Their only goal: destabilize Konoha. Expose Konoha's secrets. Ruin Konoha's good time. They had it coming.

    Won't you join?

    Organization Housing:

    The Fearsome VersaSnow Blizzard. A dirigible constructed from salvaged parts, painstakingly assembled by true believers in a world where men and women need not cower in fear of the violent and oppressive Konoha regime.


    The snowship floats above the fog and clouds, so high up that even on a cloudless day they would be mistaken for a bird, never setting foot on ground. Supplies and munitions are ported on board by shinobi during foggy days or through the use of specialized environmental ice techniques, so the ship can return to the skies quickly. Strike teams are sent out at night via rappelling cables from the main lift chamber.

    The Main Lift:
    The bulk of the ship. The large and hallow shell served to provide the bulk of Lift through careful temperature control. By utilizing ice and chakra, the shinobi airmen onboard are able to keep the ship at an exceedingly high altitude, where the only worry is keeping the ship pressurized. It is plated against attack, but not all that strong, as it relies on hiding to remain a threat.

    The Bulkhead:
    A single chambered lightweight chamber serves as a pilot's area and meeting station. The Blizzard relies entirely on its team to so having a meeting room and the pilot in the same area garners truth. It is sterile, dark, and a bit moist. Not entirely appetizing.

    The Chamber:
    A secondary, larger module connect via ropes and a single hallway to the bulkhead. This secondary construct holds dozens of small apartment style rooms once reserved for high class patrons on the Snow travel systems. Now it serves as a resting base for any on site crew. Rooms are furnished with portholes for views, a single large bed, ample storage space, and a lock for privacy. Aimi also included one potted plant or tree in each room for a bit of joy. It is up t the crew manning those rooms to care for the plant.

    At the rear of the chamber is a large open area with exposed rivets and steel banding. Makeshift chairs from scrap metal form a seating area where there are several cases of books and wine, simple decorations to keep it festive, and a huge poster depicting the future they're fighting for. Next to the kitchen is a welded flap of metal with a metal that openes to reveal a ladder going under the rooms and rest area. The kitchen and three bathrooms are located here, so travelers and crew can refuel and handle any business they need to take care of. The showers have horrible water pressure but the water is always warm, so that's a plus.

    Beyond the kitchen is a small tunnel that leads to the forward, closest to the front. In it is a supply closet full of their arms and mission supplies. To the side is a curtain that pulls aside to reveal a large cage, just in case.

    Life on the Blizzard is not wonderful, but the crew enjoys it all the same. It beats being stuck in a tattered field of permafrost wondering when they will be killed by Leaf villains.

    Other Information:

    --The ship does not have a maximum capacity, as it is built using the schematics of a passenger grade ship, but the majority of the members of the Loyalists are ground forces, who return to the ship to rest up before striking again.
    --This organization is highly reliant on upsetting Konoha, but will settle for aggravating Leaf's allies, if it means harming international Konoha relations.
    --They plan to upset and aggravate Leaf. As the members are missing-nin, this most likely means not only will the Loyalists have internal missions, but they will often and enthusiastically crash threads.
    --Due to the severity of the game-changing impact crashing can have, all threads must have both Loyalist and Country GM acknowledgment.

    Organization Heirarchy:
    Current Leader: unknown level former Namonai Aimi.
    Current Memebers:
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    Enari Clan GM, The Loyalists GM

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    Me gusta mucho.

    Re establish Snow and punish those who made this happen.
    The Loyalists have only been around for a few months but there cause goes much deeper.
    months, but their*
    with the help of two of their chuunin memebers

    Fix those and take my half.
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      Fixed. Thanks for the catch.

      But these guys are memebers, too. They like memes. Snow doge and Star Wars kid for days.
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        They should just wear Konoha colors and blow up other villages until the world has to stomp them out, since apparently that's how false flag ops work in Engi land. ))

        Half approval.
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          Reestablish Snow and punish those who made this happen.
          Gonna be kind of hard to punish the Yukisen, you know, on account of him being dead and all. I'll go ahead and Half-approve this and even give it my 'You can't prove I'm not' Snow GM approval as well~

          mizu edit: I don't need snow GM approval since I'm snow GM. :3
          Last edited by Mizu; 07-29-2017, 10:09 PM.

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            This is a bump because it's been a week.
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              Please crash threads respectfully.


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                Good point, Kiba. As we had sort of discussed earlier, crashing is fairly rare, and I understand the severity of it. While I think it's a great tool for writers to have to adjust, because of its potential to completely derail a story, I added a dual-GM permission note just so anyone who joins is on the same page.
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                  the world with see them for what they are
                  Day in and day out Aimi sat in her white fox furs, sitting alone a table, waiting with a drink in one hand and a dagger in the other.
                  At the rear of the chamber is a large open area with exposed rivers and steel banding
                  Fix that stuff and you have my Actual Authentic One-of-a-kind Snow GM approval.