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    “All beauty eventually frays. A life well lived, that stays beautiful forever.” - Shichou Koko

    The Shichou are by modern standards a fairly ancient clan, having a history that stretches back over 100 years. The history is well documented in tapestry form, and starts with a prodigal seamstress by the name of Koko.

    Originally posted by The Shichou Manifesto, Matriarch Koko
    Look at what immense evil the gods have wrought: leeches, diarrhea, cancer, famine, earthquakes, the halter top. Give us your poor, your ugly, your deformed. We will do what the combined efforts of the heavens could not- we will make them beautiful.
    The Shichou sprang from a band of nomadic merchants, artisans, and performers. A woman named Koko who worked as a clothier for the group turned out to have both amazing skill with the tools of the trade and a keen eye for design. After catching the eye of a wealthy patron, Koko left the group and was able to fund her own operations henceforth, employing dozens upon dozens of would-be artists and designers to her brand: The Shichou Looms.

    Following the core teachings of Koko, an entire generation of design-minded and eager to profit weavers, sewers, and stitchers flooded the known world. Though today the monopoly is broken and scattered, there’s nary a soul still in the business who can’t trace a tailor or a craftsman back to the Shichou Looms some 50 years ago, before their fall.

    it would not be until one blasphemous Shichou Berzachi claimed control of the family, circa 100 years ago, that it would end up in in shinobi hands. Thus the fates of the self-proclaimed ‘fashionistas’ would be tied to the murderous impulses of Amegakure for the next century- for better and for worse.

    “Fashions come and go like rain, but practicality never goes out of style.” -Shichou Berzachi
    Originally posted by "The Many Truths Foretold, by Shichou Berzachi”
    What good is an arm if it lay dormant and sessile? What good is a sword if it is never unsheathed? Tell me, what value does money have if not spent, does food have if uneaten, if a child grows up unchallenged? Too long the Shichou have seen fit to cater only to tastes which promote idleness and indulgence. I’ve seen this future- it leads to decadence and decay. The path of the Shichou lies not in the sating the whims of the elite, but in testing out skills in the harshest conditions known to life today. My brothers and sisters- we must take our craft to war.
    The philosophy of Shichou Berzachi (“Zachi”) brought about a radical shift in the culture of the company. Zachi, self proclaimed seer and visionary, placed his faith into shifting the output of the clan away from producing high-quality, high-class works for high-profits and instead drove the family into the village of Amergakure to work for shinobi and mercenaries. The rationale was thus: if the Shichou are to truly last in this world, then they must serve those with power, and they must serve in conditions which challenge their very souls. Thus began the modern life of the Shichou- one of battling both foes, and the weather, in search of greater heights.

    “Design is purpose. Who wants to live a life without purpose?” -Shichou Wang
    Originally posted by "Correspondence from Wang to Uryu”
    Clothing is a second, perfect skin. Those who wear our designs ought to feel as though removing them is removing a part of themselves. The Shichou label ought to be synonymous with life itself. I want people to eat in Shichou, to fight in Shichou, to make love in Shichou, to give birth in Shichou, to die in Shichou. There is no facet of life we cannot improve with our needles, our fabrics, and our designs.
    75 years ago, the development of the Shichou shinobi arts was lead by three different competing designers, each with a different idea of how to best maximize the talents of their clan. Shichou Wang lead the family and set harsh, almost impossible standards to motivate the draftsman and textile workers to develop newer, more efficient technologies for mass producing clothes. From his guidance sprang a multitude of shinobi-geared garments, such as improved flak jackets, synthetic cloth for extra stealth, and the eponymous shinobi sandal, a much improved design over the sloppy version worn by the heroes of old.

    The other two designers, Shichou Karan and Shichou Osuka, were notable shinobi in the family who developed the original styles used by the Shichou today. Shichou Karan, a 14 year old prodigy even by shinobi standards, created the basis for the clan ninjutsu through her mastery of seals and chakra augmentations, allowing her to craft garments on the fly that could boost herself or allies in the heat of battle. Shichou Osuka, a tall and frail man without an ounce of fashion sense about him, learned to manipulate thread in the middle of combat to gain decisive taijutsu advantages. Combined these arts formed the core of the Shichou style, which could produce expert shinobi in both subterfuge and espionage as well as soldiers capable of leveling mountains with a well aimed thread.

    For a while the Shichou continued to flourish, building a massive and world renown facility known as the Shichou Housing Structure which trained both soldiers and artists alike under its hallowed alabaster halls. It seemed like the tight grip the company kept on the world of fashion would never fade.

    The assassination and subsequent fall of Amegakure brought an end to Shichou dominance. Overnight the massive industrial-military complex of the Shichou was buried under the swamps of Ame no Kuni, their grand housing structure burned to the ground, and their vast stores of wealth plundered for military gain. The family retreated with the shinobi they swore their livelihoods too and the Shichou Looms brand would not be seen again for over 50 years.

    “Buy one get one free!” -Shichou Liru

    The current state of the clan is like that of a towel tossed in the corner and forgotten after having been used to clean the bathroom. True, the designs and patterns and attitude of superiority are all there, but they are coated in the filth and grime of their relatively unfamiliar Amegakure lifestyle. What was once a mighty and powerful clothing conglomerate is now reduced to peddling wares on street corners to make ends meet, though the wares themselves are still of top notch quality. The shinobi branch of the family by far brings in the most money, and almost all their cash flow nowadays comes from military purchases of uniforms from their large industrial looms.

    Though they aspire to be great again, for the philosophy of the Shichou, challenge breeds superiority. This is their greatest challenge yet, one that risks extinction if it fails. Who is to say where the future will lead for this fallen family?

    Current Clan Leader: Shichou Liru

    A kunoichi in her thirties, Shichou Liru was not the best designer or brightest mind of the many, many ambitious clothiers in the clan. She was, however, the best salesmen- her income alone dwarfed the second place Shichou and made up a third of the entire clan’s operating budget when she was just 16 years old. Thus while many in the clan turn their nose up at her gaudy, or plain, or exploitative designs, they cannot deny that the woman knows how to make a deal and close out a sale. Most in the clan find her wily negotiations and salesman style detestable, and her fashion designs devoid of any lasting ideas or higher purpose (beyond profit, of course). However, she has dirt on almost everyone in the clan, tight control of the purse strings, and a no-nonsense approach to business that has kept the clan solvent for the last decade. While many would argue her methods, few can contest Liru's results.

    Clan Abilities:

    As a trade house in their own right, the Shichou are trained in two competing schools within their own grounds; there are the drafters and the craftsmen. The drafters are responsible for creating the designs of every type of clothing imaginable, which are then put together by the skilled craftsmen. Some Shichou dabble in both schools, while some specialize in either conjuring up intricate garments or training in the precise, dexterous arts of sewing. The former tend to use the clan ninjutsu known as Joukyuu Nuime, whereas the latter tend towards taking taijutsu styles that compliment their physical prowess.

    Joukyuu Nuime (Ninjutsu: Augmentation Apparel)

    Clan Traditions:
    Haru Jomaku and Aki Jomaku - The Jomaku, "Unveiling," are events within the year where the members of Shichou present their works. Twice a year, once in spring (Haru) and the other in autumn (Aki), the Jomaku is a way of upholding that clan personality of gaining recognition.

    Although most works are "ready-to-wear" or works meant for day-to-day use, others use this time to show couture works, or creations that are slightly more avant garde. The clan gathers in the clan housing and tents are set up everywhere. Clan members as well as others in Amegakure are hired to model the works (but more often than not it is a clan exclusive thing).

    Originated from the Shichou Looms company, as a way to advertise during the height of their power, but has since become a beloved tradition even children participate in.

    Play Festivals -
    From time to time, members of the clan will put on a play or perform, usually rehashing old stories and songs which are still told in tapestry form on the Shichou’s clan grounds.

    Clan Housing:

    Though nowhere near the splendor of their former above ground domicile, the Amegakure Shichou grounds still hold onto that old-world sense of excess and extravagance. The main building (known as Berzachi Hall) sits on an expansive plot of property in Sector One and sits tall and proud, even with the low ceilings. All visitors (and potential customers) are permitted to enter. The largest room showcases numerous Shichou outfits and designs (some even for sale). This includes some legendary garments created by the best Shichou to have ever worked in the family. The other floors of the Shichou mansion are devoted to holding vast, intricate tapestries, which tell the history both big and small of the clan. Above that are classrooms and study halls, for both shinobi and non-shinobi in the clan. The topmost floors are where the ‘business’ of the clan takes place, with accountants and invoices and all manner of paperwork being thrown around to try and keep the clan from bankruptcy. The top floor is home to the current matriarch, and also where prospective Shichou recruits are interviewed- the selection process of which is a closely guarded secret.

    Off limits to civilians is the Shichou warehouses, and the Shichou studios, which lay just beyond the magnificent marbled Berzachi Hall. In comparison the warehouses are spartan and undecorated- they simply store Shichou inventories and the mechanical looms used to mass produce clothing. The closely-packed studios are owned by individual or families of Shichou and can look from anywhere between gaudy to derelict, well-kept or torn-down, all based on the tastes of the artists living within. Drafter Shichou tend to spend their time in their or other artists studios, while weavers tend to spend their time in the warehouses.

    Clan Appearance:
    The clan itself is more of a trade school than a family, and as such it is entirely possible for two Shichou to not share a single drop of blood between them. While it is true that the Shichou in the past attracted many of the obscenely attractive and vain types, there is no distinct genetic traits shared between those in the family and indeed, some Shichou are first generation, having been recruited from the ranks of the underground village itself.

    Clan Relationships:
    The Shichou have been around long enough to makes friends and enemies of just about every group that exists within Ame no Kuni. Though not set in stone for individuals, on average these are the sentiments the Shichou as a whole feel towards those different groups

    Amegakure: The Shichou are sworn defenders of the village, having cast away their wealth and power decades ago to follow shinobi underground. Shichou feel, and usually are seen as, loyal foot soldiers of the will of the village.

    Rain Militia: Understandably the above-ground military has been ravaged by many a Shichou operative, to the point where Shichou branded clothing marks you for instant arrest (or worse). Shichou would do well to hide their ego when on the surface unless they want to draw attention.

    Enari: Those of the Enari are viewed with respect and awe, as the Shichou philosophy usually mixes well with the bloodline’s singular purpose. Fashion-wise there might still be disagreements, however, as the Enari’s special vision doesn’t always show flattering things about Shichou craftsmanship.

    Maeda: Those of the Maeda are seen as impure wretches, who do not master their power so much as their power masters them. The Shichou view the Maeda as being the antithesis to the Shichou code; while Shichou live with purpose, they believe the Maeda’s only purpose is to live.

    Clan Archetype: Fashionista
    Special: At the beginning of a thread the Fashionista and any partners may 'purchase' a single Shichou garment from the Shichou ninjutsu list. The garments costs item points equal to its stage and cannot be any higher in stage than the highest the Shichou knows in the list. The garment can only be activated a single time in the thread, afterwards becoming just another piece of clothing.
    Description: From tip to toe, the Fashionista breathes and lives the Shichou philosophy of ‘purpose’. They live their lives with ambition tempered with resolve, seeking to use their finite mortal existence to improve what they see as an infinitely ugly and abhorrent world. What, exactly, that means or takes the form of can vary as wildly as Shichou fashions themselves. For over 150 years, Fashionistas have been the clan’s spiritual soul- the individuals who drive the family towards success, or bury it in ruin.
    Primary: Any
    Tertiary: Any
    Archetype Merit: +1 Control, +1 Power, +1 Stamina
    Archetype Flaw: -2 Strength, -1 Reserves

    Active Shichou:
    (Rain Chuunin) Oichi Josuke | (Sand Chuunin) Sawamatsu no Motonubu | (Leaf Chuunin) Hyuuga Kannon
    (Retired Grass Chuunin) Shinshi Gemmei | (Snow Genin) Gonnohyoe | (Mist Genin) Kurusu Ringo
    (Brigade of Light) Chosokabe Muneshige | (Leaf Chuunin) Hong Feiyan
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    Looks good. Rain GM Approval
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      Really dig the clan flavor and I'm pleasantly surprised with how well put together it is from the scraps of fabric that the dormant shichou were before. Hottie cooterottie, er, Half-Approved lol


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        One of my favorite clans, back and at it again with the unparalleled Junge flair. Half approval.
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          Half-approved with great prejudice. Fuck me up.
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