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  • [Villageless Clan/Org] The Keisei Mafia Family

    The Keisei Mafia
    The Family, The Persuaders, The Speakers
    Villageless Non-shinobi Bloodline Clan

    The Story of the Family

    The origins of the Keisei go back to the ancient history of Swamp country. Before the hidden villages settled, the Keisei were known as a family of leaders. Their voices were said to 'ring true', they had the spirits of kings, and their orders resonated with any honest man. When the shinobi clans first developed, the blood of the Keisei was kept strong, but kept local. They controlled their land, central and fruitful.

    But those were trying times. The clans had yet to coalesce into the villages many know. All around, the Keisei watched power structures form. Clans took over whole valleys and mountains, taking it in the name of their family. The Keisei made their claim, declaring themselves a mighty clan and the start of a grand tradition. They hired men and started to raid nearby villages, spread their control, displayed their wealth. Their place as lords went unquestioned by anyone in the region.

    Then men from the West came, wearing elaborate armor, their bodies twisted by powerful abilities. They asked the people of the Keisei villages who their leaders were, and then slaughtered every able bodied man. They told the rest to never return, scattering the enfeebled and young to the wind. The Keisei that remained were chased out of Swamp country, and those Keisei died without ever seeing Swamp again.

    The Keisei roamed the land, moving from country to country. In Coal they felt their enemies on their heels. In Northern Fire the clans of the land made them swear allegiance or be uprooted. In Bear they were captured by warlords, forced to help defend the embattled country. It wasn't until they reached River that they managed to settle and hide. They watched as generations passed, and castles were constructed on the land they once held dear. The Keisei learned their lesson. Their empire would be based on the old ways, the tradition that made the Keisei strong before their foolish attempt at brazen conquering. Over time, the criminal organization known as 'The Speakers' was born.

    The Keisei started small. They organized around the family first, the most important individuals being those with their 'gift', then those in the family, then those sworn to them. They protected their secret, worked hard to turn every member of their family into ruthless leaders. Their history made them distrustful of governments and shinobi alike, so they worked with the common men and women of the world. As long as you were family, you were protected, and could get part of the take.

    With time, their operation expanded out of the riverside villages. The laws of the world defined what was legal and illegal, but to men and women who had been broken by governments before, all they saw was an obstacle in the way of their family growing in power. In this time, the matriarchs were in charge, the grandmothers that protected the clan when Keisei men were lost to the 'West-men' continued to hold power in the clan. But as the clan grew, the loose control of the matriarchs could no longer work. There were shinobi villages now, daimyo that ruled countries with an iron fist, investigative forces, and rival criminal organizations. While the Keisei spread to any country they could, years pushing operations to the corner of the continent, a new power structure formed. Keisei Masohiro was the first Ienaga, he argued with the other leaders within the clan, called for unity. He invited the leaders of all the operations they could contact, brought them all to River to talk. Many of them were full blood Keisei, some just had the gift. Masohiro never showed up to the meeting, the whole building burned to the ground. The few that made it out alive swore allegiance to Masohiro, who brought them to The Table as leaders for the whole family. His lifetime shaped massive change, and made the Keisei what they are now.

    That was then, this is now. The Family is massive, powerful, and go where the money is. The law of River ran against them, now it is said every officer in River is on the take with the Speakers. The government of River tried to crack down on organized crime for years. Now there is a new River lord.

    Their rules are strict, and the law can't touch them. There are corrupt governments, corrupt villages, but there is no greater corruption than the Keisei. They take care of their own, and everyone else better just hope they aren't in the way.

    Village: Villageless (Operates Cross-Continent)

    Sort the Family Tree

    The hierarchy of the Keisei Family is strict. Those above control those below, but superiors have direct responsibility for what those below them do. If a brother in the family screws up, his big brother will feel it, and their uncle has to explain it to the true Keisei. At their core, they are a collection of gang members, the leadership of which are a unique bloodline.

    Ienaga (The Father) - Keisei Kazuo
    A position held by the current patriarch of the Keisei, who must be a full blooded owner of the gift. The father has final say on all matters, but is expected to listen to the advice of the others at The Table. Technically, the position of Father can be voted on, but historically the vote is obvious before it is even taken, and challenging the obvious leader ends in bloodshed. Even if The Father cannot lead, it is tradition to hold their position at The Table until they die or turn their back on the family.

    The Table -
    Those at the table must all be members of the Keisei blood, or married to a living Keisei who can sit at the table behind them. The Table is the leadership, the inner circle, the most powerful members of the family that are responsible for voting on all of the important decisions that influence the whole organization. The Table is chosen by The Father, hand picked. But similar to The Father, passing up certain powerful members of the family would be more trouble than any Ienaga is willing to create. While everyone at The Table has a special role, they all get an equal vote, besides The Father.

    - The Surrogate -
    The second in command among all the Keisei. The Surrogate is the person The Father can trust most. In the absence of The Father, the Surrogate would make most snap decisions. If The Father dies, the Surrogate is expected to rise to their position. Because of this, they carry immense power and respect in the family and organization. Otherwise they work as an adviser and informant, while helping lead important family operations.

    - The Manager -
    The member at The Table that handles operation of business fronts. The Manager takes care of the false and legit businesses, those who staff them, and makes sure that the records for their operations are correct. Of course a cut of all operations go to The Father, and it takes many members of the organization to make sure that the illegal businesses stay operational.

    - The General - The Butcher
    The member at The Table that controls the movement of brothers on the street. The many gangs across the continent, while they have their own direct leaders in big brothers or uncles, they all pay a cut to The General, and then The General to The Father. Often a position given to experienced fighters and warriors, or just the most brutal Keisei that can be found. The gangs on the street practice extortion, theft, and worse, with whole villages being destroyed when they weren't willing to pay up.

    - The Prince - Keisei Ranko
    The member at The Table that handles working with government and law enforcement to protect the family. The Prince has an army of scholars that work to create loopholes to get brothers free from prison, weaken the ability for governments to even pursue the family, or increase profits by lowering restrictions on goods the family runs. The Prince has the difficult job of toppling governments from within, and keeping powerful politicians loyal without risking abusing the family gift.

    - The Spy -
    The last member at The Table, the spy is an enforcer whose purpose is to make sure no one else in the organization is breaking the rules set down by The Father, or plotting against him. They are known to make surprise visits to gangs of brothers, or spend the whole day watching a member from The Table. They have their own agents within the family, often with dual loyalties, to help them spy on what goes on when The Father's back is turned. Their place is to be hated by everyone else, since they are the eye of The Father's suspicion.

    Oji (Uncles) -
    Local gang leaders are fashioned as Oji, or uncles. They may control up to a hundred men, who they will split under the command of lieutenants called Ani (big brothers). Oji can work without direct orders knowing that they should be performing a certain type of task in a certain area, like stealing valuable goods, or running a business. They then pay a cut up to whichever member of The Table they answer to. Many Oji in an area may meet up occasionally, especially in large cities. Oji are typically still some part blood Keisei, and are sworn members of the family. Some will have the gift, and when they do they tend to carry themselves higher than other Oji.

    Ani (Big Brothers) -
    Sworn to the family, Ani aren't usually blood. They are treated well, but know they have a lot of work to do to rise up in the family. They continue to work hard for the power and protection being part of The Speakers brings. Those who do well leading a group of soldiers, called Ototo (little brothers), may even be married to a Keisei family member who does have some Keisei blood so they can be promoted.

    Ototo (Little Brothers) -
    While sworn in, Ototo are at the lowest rung of the organization. It might be because they are just new, or because they are incompetent, but an Ototo has no responsibility except what is given to him by his Ani. They might just be there to crack heads, work numbers, or run errands, but they better get the work done if they want to benefit from being with the family. Often Ototo are the trouble makers, the hoodlums seen on the street, and tossed aside. Because they are liable to crack under pressure, Ototo know the least about how the whole operation functions, and might never learn exactly what it is that makes The Speakers special, outside of them being so persuasive. But if they are sworn, they are part of the greater family, and protected as such.

    There are others that work with the Keisei, many who have no idea exactly who or what organization they are working for. Armies of employees, lawyers, mercenaries, merchants, all doing the bidding of the Keisei Family without having a name to put to their crimes. But non-sworn workers aren't trusted with anything that might reflect back on the Keisei themselves.

    How Family Works

    The Keisei survive on a code of behavior that puts the family first. Those who are sworn into the organization expect to be protected if they behave, and the Keisei make good on that. Because for every Ototo that The Prince gets out of prison, there are two more loyal men willing to sign up for that same protection.

    So every Keisei, from the lowly Ototo to The Father himself, swears the same oath.

    - Never speak to outsiders about the Keisei Family. They can't be trusted.
    - Never attack other members of the Family. They are your brothers.
    - Never harm or threaten the family members of sworn Keisei. They are your own family.
    - Never vouch for an abuser or slacker. Their failures become your failures.
    - Never go to the authorities about the Keisei. They are all liars.
    - Never steal from other Keisei. Earn your own.
    - Never put any other group above your family. Family comes first.
    - Never question your superiors. They look out for you.
    - Never speak of the gift. It is our secret.

    Being sworn in isn't the end of joining the family. Whenever a member of the organization goes up in rank, it is through someone above them promoted them. An Oji can invite an Ototo to dinner and promote them to Ani, but it takes a member of The Table to promote someone to Oji. In turn, The Father promotes members to The Table with a one on one meeting that many would consider tense. The rule to 'Never vouch for slackers' means that failures of a subordinate reflect on those who promoted them up. Their leader pays the price, and that can be anything from financial costs, new responsibilities, or bloodshed. Punishments may be decided by peers, but in absence of that the leaders above will dole out punishments to keep others in line.

    The Keisei are an oddity. Among shinobi their ability would be called a Kekki Genkai, a bloodline limit. But the Keisei aren't shinobi, and have spent most of their existence turning away from the shinobi world for what they did to their family so long ago. So the bloodline of the Keisei, which they call their gift, is Kunshu Onsei, the Monarch's Voice. This power is practiced and honed, but not in the same way that a shinobi bloodline is. Instead of mixing it with ninjutsu techniques, or genjutsu, the Kunshu Onsei is used to manipulate others in the underground world the Keisei call home.

    It is an insidious power. With the power of their words, they force their energy into the minds of anyone that can hear them. Similar to genjutsu, it implants thoughts and impressions. But unlike the focused illusions of genjutsu, The Monarch's Voice creates a forceful change with the hope of a lasting effect. They can change people's minds, and with time command them with a word. Once they are more powerful, they can shift people's moods with mere words. Those at The Table have the greatest gift of all, many of them believed to have divergent forms of the bloodline that gives them unique new powers.

    What Kind of Characters Join the Keisei?

    The hope with the Keisei is to make something a little different (though we have seen similar). They are at once a Clan and an Organization. The slots for this group isn't always going to be PCs that were born a Keisei, raised in the family, and will die serving the Ienaga. No, they can be someone that works with the Keisei temporarily, or be one of the most important members of all.

    Missing-nin and Ronin can work for the Keisei, serving the criminal organization part without being a sworn member. Like many, they wouldn't be sworn in, but could still get paid working jobs for a part of the gang. They might meet, work with, or work for members of The Table, or just work with a local Oji. This is one of the central purposes of this group, as I intend the Keisei to be a direct rival to the Mamotou corporation and other criminal empires, so having another choice for mercenaries is good.

    Non-shinobi characters can be sworn to the family. They could be a former member of the family, or just work for the gang in whatever capacity they think works. This gives an option for non-shinobi to be connected to something large, but not have to be directly tied to the politics of what will happen with the Keisei.

    Keisei bloodline holders can even be leaders. They could just be an ex-member who is in hiding, they could be an Oji, or members of The Table can be registered. NPCs could also be registered here, for those who are interested in shaping the dynamics of the group, but don't intend to always be there for the details. But if someone ever makes a PC character for a position currently held by an NPC, the NPC will be worked out of the role. It doesn't always have to be violently, the family is large, after all.

    The important part is that the Keisei will work as both a clan that can be filled with members, and an organization that will have people working for it for pure profit. Most important of all, is for people to have fun.

    Current PCs
    The Prince - Keisei Ranko - VD

    Keisei Shohei - Bukowski
    Keisei Ken - Merdle

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