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The Shoda Bloodline Clan of Cloud

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  • The Shoda Bloodline Clan of Cloud

    Shoda - The Fallen Kings of Cloud
    You can take a castle from its king, but you can't take the royalty from his blood.


    The history of the Shoda clan stretches back centuries, to an age before Rai no Kuni ever officially existed, when the skies were still clear of the ominous storm. They were a thriving bunch who hailed from Cloud country. The Shoda were well known and respected for the children they produced, for all who grew up under the Shoda household became a skilled Shinobi for the Cloud army.

    The founder of the clan, Shoda Hiroki, was an extremely powerful individual. It was said he could take on an army and come out the victor - for a man seemingly blessed by the gods, the mere mention of Hiroki drew sighs of admiration from his countrymen. People flocked to stand by his side and gain his favour. Men, women, and children alike all agreed that, without a doubt, Shoda Hiroki was the type of man born once in ten thousand years. Even those who disagreed with his blaring personality and drunkard lifestyle could not ignore his many accomplishments done for the sake of their nation. He was not one to ignore the adulation piled on his way, either, taking every chance to bed willing women who thrust themselves upon him at night. To say the man was a womanizer would be quite the understatement. Even now, there are likely estranged descendants of his who have spread across the globe, never knowing the true identity of their famed ancestor.

    As one of the most prominent individuals in the country, Hiroki fathered twelve main branches that formed the backbone of the Shoda clan. Never participating directly in any of the branch's family members, he left it up to the respective women he'd slept with to be the 'heads' of their wing. As a result, most of the women ended up clawing at each other for supremacy and ranking amongst the twelve. "He loved me first," "Yes, but he loved me best," "He was drunk when he slept with you two whores! I'm the first one he was sober with," is an example of one of the many arguments the women held. Nonetheless, they always kept their disdain for each other in line when it came to following Hiroki on his conquests. Altogether, they raised a generation of fearsome Shinobi for Cloud, and were a key section of the legion when the invasions began.

    Orders were coming down the chain of command that it was time to take up arms; the neighbouring regions were occupied by helpless farmers, making their land ripe for the picking. Hiroki led the Shoda, now two score strong, forward into unfamiliar territory...and they dominated. Overturning tiny villages, razing comfy fishing settlements, the Shoda bred no mercy in their souls as they rampaged across the tall grass fields. It wasn't long until Cloud Country had claimed dominion over the farming province, and as a reward for their exceedingly successful efforts towards the annexation efforts, they were granted a large plot of the new land to call their own. The Shoda flourished there, blossoming over the years and multiplying their numbers. They were the rulers of their kingdom, and Hiroki sat on the throne at the very top of one of the most prestigious and renowned clans of that era.

    Then Shina changed everything.

    The child of lightning - word spread quickly about her arrival and the power she commanded. Shina came to the Shoda's territory, despite being advised by the few who called themselves her supporters (though their number eventually grew tremendously) not to confront them. She was greeted by Hiroki himself, who was curious about the supposed miracle child; for a man with an ascended status such as he, Hiroki could barely take the girl seriously. Poking and prodding at her verbally, he mocked Shina and decided he would kill this girl, this child who dared waste his time. However, all Shina did was merely wave her hand, and the kunai he hurled ended up in between its owner's eyes. Thus marked the fall of the Shoda clan.

    ~ ~ ~

    Even though it had only been the loss of a single man, that man had been what held the family together. The twelve heads already struggled to tolerate each other, but without the person who bound them together, the family quickly crashed into ruin. They carried Hiroki's legacy by continuing to wear his surname, but they divided, each branch calling itself the true successor to the clan's name. There were still formidable warriors amongst them, but one by one they were lost to the grips of death. The Great Cloud War gutted every branch of their tribe over six years, decimating their leaders and leaving them with a scant dozen and a half.

    Everybody knew of the Shoda by then, and although the remainder were spared and allowed to live under the condition of absolute compliance, they were in utter disgrace. None respected them, and they were so reviled that several abandoned the Shoda legacy and deserted, never to be heard of again. The twelve who endured consisted of one from each original branch, of varying age and of both genders. Keeping what little pride they had left about them, they put up with the insults and the jeering, hiding where they could within the system, for the knew empires came in cycles. With the ebbing of one came the flow of another, and so they lay in wait for the opportunity to rise up once again. Shina passed away and was replaced by the Kawari, and the Kawari reigned supreme for centuries. During this period, the clan began to build themselves up, giving birth to new generations of Shoda - not many would have themselves associated with the vilified household, so inbreeding was their only option at first. Gradually, as the past faded out of the people's minds and into the history books, so too did the contempt surrounding them. Those who could still remember their legacy remained their staunch opposition at every turn, but onwards they rumbled. A storm was brewing upon the horizon, and the Shoda clan was determined to be at its core. The twelve instated themselves as the heads of their new branches, and strove to co-exist in harmony for the survival of their name.

    The revolution re-ignited the spark of the Shoda. They worked vigorously to tear down the Kawari dynasty, forming the centre of the corps that severed the Kawari's supply chain. The conflict came to a head when one band of the Kawari came in a desperate endeavour to reclaim their crop routes, and the Shoda gladly met them. Even though their opponents were in possession of a powerful bloodline limit, the balance in forces worked against them and eventually became their downfall. But there was something that had gone unnoticed. Something that would forever alter the path of the fallen kings.

    Shoda Hideki, one of the family heads, had stolen the eyes from the corpse of a Kawari. The body was never recovered - he'd destroyed it, and thus the secret was never exposed.

    ~ ~ ~

    The Lightning Council took favour to them. Despite not being interested in funding a large military force, the Council found it convenient to have their own dedicated squad. The Shoda were powerful enforcers who were willing to appease the Council in exchange for nothing more than status and authority. The tides of hatred were dredged up from the ink of history as the people, now placed at their mercy, recalled the era of Shoda rule. The rise of the Lightning Council was their rebirth to greatness, as they thrived under the Lightning Council. Their branches grew in leaps and bounds, and while many family historians considered Hiroki's age to be the golden era of their tribe, they unanimously agreed that this was the silver. Hideki assumed the title of leadership, though he never held it above his fellows, deciding to treat them as equals and foster an age of trust amongst kin. However, Hideki committed a fatal flaw - in his desire to promote honesty and good faith amongst the heads, he revealed his prize: the Raikougan. The treasured orbs had been carefully preserved in a jar. Each person present, though seemingly merely content to gaze and coo in admiration, had the very same thought: They must be mine. When asked why he hadn't made use of them for himself, Hideki reasoned not only would it be too difficult to mask their permanently activated appearance, he didn't know anyone he could trust to safely carry out the operation to begin with. He couldn't risk damaging their viability by hastily implanting them himself.

    But those eyes became the symbol of power.

    Hideki didn't last long after that. He was found dead one morning, without any sign of a struggle, and while many of youth found it questionable, those within the upper echelon of the family knew what had happened, and what it meant: the game was afoot.

    Clan leaders rose and fell as the Shoda waged an invisible war amongst themselves; the eyes of the Kawari were passed from hand to hand. No matter how well they were hidden, prying fingers consistently managed to bring them back into the light. Their greed cost them heavily. Over two hundred in number swiftly dwindled down to several dozen as time marched on, and a ceasefire was inevitably called. By that point, everybody in the family knew of the envied Raikougan, but the standing leader, Hitachi, was Hideki's last remaining grandson and attempted to persuade them to sheath their fangs for the time being. It was a rude awakening, to suddenly realize how few were actually still alive, but their pride kept them from pledging their allegiance.

    Unbeknownst to them, the eyes in the jar were fakes. Hideki had deceived those of his era and implanted the eyes soon after understanding the mistake he'd made in revealing them. But they hadn't gone to him, no; he'd placed them in the sockets of his blind son, Hiroshi, whose disability had been congenital due to the rampant inbreeding from prior generations. It was easy for him to hide the bloodline for his were closed anyway, so it was never suspected that Hideki had made a switch. Hiroshi carried the eyes with him to the grave, though he himself fathered a generous amount of children in his time, under Hideki's influence over the clanwomen. After his passing, Hiroshi's body was ceremoniously burned to cover up the crime.

    The full and true power of the Raikougan, however, never materialized for the Shoda, as Hideki had originally hoped. What he could never have foreseen, however, was an adaption of its genetic code. Hiroshi's body had eagerly accepted the eyes to an extent neither had predicted, and though they were never used publicly, they dug deep into his blood and made root there. All of his children were carefully examined to check if the Raikougan manifested, and to Hiroshi's frustration, it never did. What did arise, however, was not the Raikougan. It was something else.

    The most heavily guarded branch secret in the history of the Shoda: Raikoukikan, the Lightning Body. It was a mutation derived from the diluted Raikougan, and all members of Hideki's branch were under strict orders to never speak of it with other branches. He'd planned for it to be his key to his branch claiming permanent control over the clan; when a sufficient amount of his them had inherited it, they would then assert their wing's dominance forevermore.

    Hitachi, having taken on the mantle of Hideki's aims, was left with no choice but to play his hand. He revealed the truth of their family's bloodline limit and how Hideki had fooled the Shoda. Hitachi was the only one left in his line, but the others, frantic to lay claim to part of that power (lest they shun him and be left behind by those who accepted Hitachi), agreed to his conditions: they would take him as their unquestionable leader, and he would propagate the legacy of his lightning through their wombs.

    ~ ~ ~

    Alas, as the genesis of the Lightning Council signaled the upswell of the clan, the wrath of the Lightning Lord heralded yet another descent. While they'd once been the cherished shock troops for the Council, the Lightning Lord began to view them with derision, seeing them as just more Shinobi who got in his way. So he cast them off, severing all official ties, and left them by the wayside. As for the Shoda, they had intertwined themselves too tightly to the Lightning Council, and subsequently Lightning Lord. The memories of their oppression and arrogance lingered in their minds; all Shoda were turned away for not a man would trust them. That was how greatly they were associated with the government. But their bloodline and Denji Soujuu technique was now publicly known, and neither side could risk the strength of a bloodline limit going unchecked. The Lightning Lord, feared the Shoda, freshly spurned, would turn to the Lost Generation; they, in turn, abhorred the clan too greatly to take them in, but would not allow the possibility of them being re-accepted by the government. So both factions not only declared them persona non grata, but would execute them on sight.

    With nowhere to turn, the Shoda moved into a period of exile. Fleeing from the surrounding persecution, they returned to the decrepit grounds their ancestors once called home. It was all but forgotten now, left to rot and ruin, but it was there that the banished sheltered themselves from the storm. To their credit, they persevered in silence, in isolation. They rebuilt their crumbled domain into an inconspicuous settlement, where unsuspecting wanderers came to stay, unaware of the history of their hosts. All travelers were permitted entry and allowed to make it their home in an effort to develop the settlement's population to avoid resorting to inbreeding. The twelve branches bloomed once more, and when Hitachi passed, one of his sons, Hideyoshi, took his place. During this time, they continued to impart the teachings of the Shinobi to the young ones, instilling rigid training disciplines to make sure that, should their safeplace be discovered, all who called themselves Shoda would be able to defend themselves. And a Cloud nin did come one day, though he bore not the banner of blood red war, but in his hand was the wreath of peace. He was a sharp individual who'd searched high and low for them; he'd heard of their power and figured they must have survived somewhere. So he'd trawled through the annals of the past, looking for any sign of where they could have gone. Had they any havens in neighbouring nations? What he'd found was the general area of Hiroki's domain, and after scouring the landscape, he'd found them. Of course, they didn't reveal themselves to be the Shoda clan at first - only those who were accepted into their fold were privy to that sensitive information. But the man was insistent on his belief that he'd found them, and he gave them a tempting offer: join him and his comrades, return with him and their slate would be wiped clean. "Your power will be needed in the revolution to come. Be a part of the rising storm, and I guarantee you will return to the greatness you once knew."

    Hideyoshi agreed. It was time for their proud family to wake from their dormancy.

    ~ ~ ~

    The war against the G-Men was not kind to the Shoda. All were put through rigorous training to bring them up to speed so they could be deployed against their foes. Those with the bloodline were often placed on the forefront of the battle, but vengeance drove them forward. The government that had turned them aside were rumoured to have admitted their regret in that decision, for the fury of the Shoda shifted the tides of several key confrontations. And, as the man had promised, the hatred once harboured towards them was no more. Their bonds with fellow Cloud nin, ones who had sworn up and down that they would never trust a Shoda, were strengthened in the heat of combat. They were equals, and when one died, no matter his surname nor pedigree, all wept. And if one death was enough to invoke tears, the burning of Hima loosed a flood.

    When it came time to choose their side, the choice was easy for Hideyoshi. He staked his clan to the family name of the man who had brought them out of the darkness, who had given them another chance at life, who had promised them glory anew. He was dead now, but his brother ruled in his stead. The Shoda stood with Denryuu Konishi.

    They marched on Jishaku, following resolutely behind Konishi's banner. Under that man's leadership, they marched again on Sakoshi, obliterating the scraps of G-Men that were still alive.

    The demise of the G-Men was celebrated day for the clan. Many who carried their blood had died at the hands of the criminals, so they reveled when the band of felons came to their end. And when it became apparent Nagai Jyushin could not successfully breach Sakoshi, the Shoda gloated. None could penetrate the defenses Konishi's forces had mounted, and so the clan believed they had chosen the winner's side after all. That is, until Konishi died. The blackened skull was the death knell for the fallen kings.

    ...At least, it was supposed to be. But Nagai Jyushin granted them amnesty, so long as they submitted to him and the Lightning Military Government. Most did. Several did not.

    Including Hideyoshi.

    ~ ~ ~

    Hiroki's descendants continue to exist disgraced in the public eye. While they were initially welcomed back as brothers during the revolution, their decision to stand with Konishi had been another schism that alienated them from their countrymen. They still keep their sense of pride, versed in the legends of their predecessors and forefathers; armed with the Raikoukikan, their family name continues to possess some clout. But the distaste for their legacy is not something that is hidden.

    Still, the Shoda press on, the legacy of the fallen kings always just one touch away.


    The most important thing to note about the Shoda is their family structure: there are twelve branches to it, and while they all generally get along, there is a fair amount of politics between them. Each branch is topped by a 'clan head', and the twelve heads make all major decisions for the Shoda, with the final word going to the clan leader. There are approximately ten people per branch, and each branch sports different physical features, as they have had to dilute their gene pool with outsiders. The exceptions would be the groups with physical features listed - those would be the groups that kept themselves as "pure" as possible from what they inherited. Most branches have at least two bearers of the Lightning Body, though some possess even more than that.

    Hisashi : Current clan leader, male. His branch is the most moderate in stance. They have no particular affection for Nagai and the LMG, nor do they hold any particular resentment. While Hideyoshi was one of their own, they believe Hideyoshi's death was his own choice and thus the blame lay upon his shoulders. This line carries the most family members with the bloodline limit, and are usually green-eyed, dark-haired, and have strong, dominant physiques.
    >> tolerates all branches

    Gekko : Head of the second largest branch, male. Gekko's line is most similar to Hisashi's, and as such, their families are seen to be the closest in their ties. Their physical appearance is also close to Hisashi's, though their frames are typically a bit larger.
    >> tolerates all branches, annoyed by Botan's, annoyed by Rikiya's, friendly with Hisashi's

    Botan : Head of the least respected, third largest branch, male. Botan's wing are a lazy bunch, often seen lounging about the clan compound; those under Botan don't engage themselves actively as Shinobi. To them, it's not worth being spat on, so they do the bare minimum of what is required from the LMG.
    >> resents all branches, except friendly with Tadao's, jealous of Hisashi's

    Omitsu : Head of the female, fourth largest branch, female. For whatever reason, this house has always been dominated by women. Nine deliveries out of ten result in daughters, and they are proud of this unique facet. The rare boy born into this line is treated like a second class citizen, made to serve the whims of the women.
    >> tolerates all branches except contempt for Botan's, annoyed by Rikiya's

    Rikiya : Head of the fifth largest branch, male. While you would think Hisashi's branch would be the one who holds on to their legacy the tightest, Rikiya's extension is the one that claims that right. They are an extremely proud group of individuals who begrudge the LMG and its leader. Typically characterized by white or gray hair and blue eyes, and are relatively short compared to their peers.
    >> neutral to all branches except contempt for Botan's, contempt for Asami's, resents Hisashi's

    Asami : Head of the sixth largest branch, female. The most accepting of the LMG's philosophies, it's unfortunate that this line possesses only a single member with the bloodline limit. Asami's branch is also the most diluted with foreign blood, so their appearances tend to vary widely.
    >> tolerates all branches except contempt for Rikiya's, annoyed by Botan's

    Kumiko : Head of the sixth smallest branch, female. Kumiko pushes her tribe towards the art of espionage, as she herself is a skilled spy. Graceful and lithe in figures, this line abhors those of Tadao.
    >> tolerates all branches except annoyed by Botan's, contempt for Tadao's

    Matabei : Head of the fifth smallest branch, male. The giants of the family, Matabei and his kin often tower above the rest of the Shoda, even Gekko's branch. This makes for extremely capable combatants. They are fairly soft spoken, allowing their actions to speak for them.
    >> tolerates all branches

    Tadao : Head of the fourth smallest branch, male. Tadao does not believe in times of famine. He makes certain he and his always have more than enough to eat - and they do eat more than enough. But don't let their rotund shape fool you: they are still very sharp and competent Shinobi.
    >> tolerates all branches except annoyed by Kumiko's, friendly with Botan's

    Naoya : Head of the third smallest branch, male. The medical squad for the clan, largely in part due to Naoya's prowess in the healing arts. They were the only line where every member submitted to the LMG.
    >> tolerates all branches

    Junko : Head of the second smallest branch, female. Said to be the most beautiful of them all, Junko's branch sport lustrous blonde hair with dazzling green eyes. They were always the most selective about which outsiders they allowed into their fold.
    >> tolerates all branches, annoyed by Botan's

    Shigeru : Head of the smallest branch, male. Pretty much ignored in the grand scale of the Shoda. Comprised of only a single family unit, Shigeru was blessed enough to have both his children inherit their clan's kekkei genkai.
    >> tolerates all branches
    Since Hitachi revealed the bloodline to his clanmates, leadership has always been passed down within his line.

    Endeavouring to maintain their own sense of nobility, each branch typically keeps with a simple naming convention: all of those born into the clan are given first names where the first letter is in line with their branch head's.

    The clan presides in two major locales: the first is their home ground. This is maintained by non-Shinobi in the clan (of which there are not many; the ratio is roughly 80-20 between Shinobi and non-Shinobi), and the older generation of Shoda, and is largely populated by travellers and vagabonds. They keep it as a sort of roadside inn for the weary. The rest of the clan, otherwise, takes up residence in Kumogakure wherever they find comfortable.


    The Shoda have no formal rituals they perform as a whole. Each individual branch might have their own small traditions, but they do little in particular as a combined entity, save for the following:

    >> Kakan no Gishiki (Rite of Crowning)
    When a clan member awakens their Lightning Body, all clan heads except their own come in order of their branch size and pay them a small monetary tribute, along with other gifts of incense, flowers, and so on. It is their means of saying, "Please, treat us well. Use your gift to bring glory to the family name." At the end of the procession, the individual is given a bronze medallion in the form of their clan crest by their own branch's head.

    >> Sokui (Enthronement)
    When a bearer of the bloodline masters Denji Soujuu, their mettle is pitted in a match against the current clan leader, along with all other clan heads. It is not a test, but a rite of passage, for once the clan member comes out of the battle, he has stood amongst the leaders of the clan and been proven their equal. It is expected that he take on a larger position of leadership within the family - a role model to all younger Shoda.

    >> Jousoubun (Report to the Throne)
    When a clan Shinobi learns how to create the Shinpuku, they demonstrate it in front of all twelve clan heads. The clan leaders each note down the mark the Shinpuku forms on the Shinobi's body for record keeping.

    Fallen King/Queen
    This archetype must be taken to possess the Raikoukikan and learn Denji Soujuu.
    Special: When taken as a primary archetype, the Shoda can Overload for free once per thread.
    Primary: Physical
    Secondary: Mental/Chakra
    Tertiary: Mental/Chakra
    Stat Merit: +2 to Strength, +1 Reserves
    Stat Flaw: -2 Willpower, -1 Speed

    The Raikoukikan - The stolen power of the Kawari. While they had originally intended to inherit the Raikougan, this bloodline limit became their power instead. It can be inherited by any clanmate who molds their Chakra, and can develop at any age. Translated, the Lightning Body is their body's inherent ability to produce an absurd amount of electricity and store safely within itself. They can then combine it with their body's natural electromagnetic field and manipulate that combination to potent effect.


    The Shoda are split fairly evenly in relation to the Hakushouku. Half are indifferent towards them, while the other half have taken a liking. Onimaru's crimes are well known around Cloud, and because some choose to treat the Hakushouku with derision, the Shoda can sympathize in some respects. It doesn't go as far as to reach out to them with camaraderie, but they understand, and sometimes that understanding can go a long way to a man under persecution.

    All around the country know the Harimusha are a respectable bunch - the Shoda know and acknowledge this fact as well. However, their opinions on the clan stretches away from admiration and towards jealousy, for the Harimusha have garnered the reputation the Shoda feel they also deserve. But if there's any clan in Cloud that the bloodline of fallen royalty can tolerate and, daresay, cooperate with, it would be those of the Harimusha.

    "A motley collection of brutes," would summarily describe the clan's view on the Ingakankei. Only the most moderate in the clan tend to tolerate them, as the rest pay no mind nor respect. While the two families have never interacted for extended periods of time, the Shoda took note of the other house's eagerness to serve and please the Lightning Military Government. "A shame," one could be heard saying, "to be so strong in body, yet so weak in mind and spirit."


    All dates in this clan timeline are approximate, to be used as an aid for character creation and reference. Note that Cloud history spans farther back than this timeline covers; this merely starts from the concrete point of the Hyuuga incident between Cloud and Leaf.

    100+ years ago : The silver era of the Shoda clan; Hideki is in power
    100 years ago : Hideki reveals the stolen Raikougan, secretly implants them into Hiroshi shortly afterwards; Hideki is in power
    99 years ago : Hideki dies; leader's position is in flux
    95 years ago : Hitachi is born; leader's position is in flux
    70 years ago : Hitachi reveals the Raikoukikan; Hitachi takes the throne
    60 years ago : Shoda is sent into exile, Hideyoshi is born; Hitachi is in power
    30 years ago : Hisashi is born; Hitach is in power
    20 years ago : Hitachi dies; Hideyoshi assumes leadership
    12 years ago : Denryuu Kazuhiro approaches the Shoda and successfully recruits them
    7 years ago : Hideyoshi sides with Denryuu Konishi; Hideyoshi is in power
    4 years ago: Hideyoshi chooses an honourable death over submission to Nagai Jyushin; Hisashi inherits the crown
    Today : Hisashi is in power


    Shoda Kagero - Calibur
    Shoda Hoshihana - Kyzuko

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    Originally posted by History
    They marched on Jishaku, ironically alongside the Kawari - the history behind the Hakeigan had never been publicly disclosed for obvious reasons. Under Konishi's leadership, they marched again on Sakoshi, obliterating the scraps of G-Men that were still alive.
    The Kawari were long dead by the time the G-Men came around. Cloud Canon has them dead more than two centuries ago.

    Originally posted by The Royal Blood
    Since Hitachi revealed the Hakeigan to his clanmtes, leadership has always been passed down within his line.
    Do you mean Hisashi or Hitachi? Because there isn't a family line for Hitachi. Also, are the names of the family lines the name of the Shoda who lead them?

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      In the full Cloud info that Hicks wrote (the spoilered section), it says Denryuu's faction in the 3 Faction War consisted mostly of people loyal to him, the SnR, and the Kawari when they took Jishaku. It's in the paragraph right before "The Fall of the G-Men". According to the Cloud timeline, that would have happened in the last 12 years, but if that was an old version of info that was meant to be changed and simply missed revision, let me know and I'll edit.

      Hitachi was Hideki's grandson. It's mentioned in the third section, in the 4th (or 3rd, if you don't count the one liner) paragraph. He convinced the clan to stop killing each other for leadership and then showed them the eyes to get them to submit.

      By that point, everybody in the family knew of the envied Raikougan, but the standing leader, Hitachi, was Hideki's last remaining grandson and attempted to persuade them to sheath their fangs for the time being. It was a rude awakening, to suddenly realize how few were actually still alive, but their pride kept them from pledging their allegiance.
      Also, I will fix that typo in the section you quoted

      And I'm not sure if I understand your last question but from what I think you're asking: the family lines all carry the surname of Shoda. THey don't have any other real name besides like "Oh that guy is from Hisashi's line, and she's from Gekko's." People born into a branch simply have the first letter of their first name the same as their leader's. So the kids born into Asami's would have their first name start with A. The kids in Gekko's would have G, etc etc etc. It's not 100%, but it's a commonly followed practice.

      Hope that clears things up, if not, let me know. I wrote this all in one evening and was trying to keep things straight, so while something might make sense to me, I would totally understand if something is confusing to a reader.


      EDIT: The part with the Kawari in it:
      Meanwhile Raikage Denryuu and his forces consisting of loyal nin, most of SnR, and the Kawari Clan headed south to Jishaku City. There they would fortify the village slowly turning it into the next Hidden Cloud. After finishing a treacherous and somewhat force march north to the "Holy Ground" Nagai established and rebuilt his own Hidden Cloud using his own force of rebel Cloud-nin. This became known as the era of the "Three Factions War".
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        After a talk with res and getting the above removed, I have no further issue with this clan, however the banzoku have not been approved yet, so I am unsure why they are in clan neighbors.
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          I had them in to be bros with Jake (((

          But yeah, that's understandable. I'm just going to save that small bit in a spoiler here so later on, if Jake's Banzoku are approved, I can get a mod to edit it in painlessly. And if they're not approved, then the spoiler will never have to be clicked.

          They've been removed from the post otherwise.

          EDIT: Added a small blurb about the Ingakankei. Will come up with one for the Harimusha after I speak to Kaen.
          EDIT2: Added a second blurb about the Harimusha.


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            Seems cool. Cloud GM Approved.
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              Okiedoke. After a few days of some thought, I spoke to Kaen and streamlined the bloodline. The clan info and lore stays the same, just the bloodline jutsu have changed. The concept was a bit too theoretical and hard to imagine easily, so I boiled it down to its essence. I removed the doujutsu, making this a body-based bloodline clan with super lightning bodies, and have adjusted the info to match as well as the jutsu.

              Just waiting on Kaen to rename the jutsu thread and replace "Hakeigan" with "Raikoukikan" in its title <3 Everything non-jutsu should still be the same <3


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                Res. Resbro, I like this. I want one. Just so you know. I love their history! So rich for material to be mined, not to mention the current roleplay position! Expect me to come calling, brother. Half-Approved for the fallen kings and would be rulers.

                A question regarding the family branches, however: is there anything particular to characters to denote which branch they belong to besides those which do list physical traits? I am assuming they all carry the name Shoda, but was curious if they set themselves apart from each other i any other particular way such as iconography or something of that matter since I assume their pride would also extend to their particular branch.

                EDIT: Somehow I had missed the naming tradition at the time I wrote this. I learned to read better shortly thereafter.
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                "The more I see of what you call civilization,
                the more highly I think of what you call savagery!"

                Robert E. Howard, King Kull
                ||GM, Arechihana Bloodline Clan of Sand||
                ||Co-GM, Shoda Bloodline Clan of Cloud||
                \\Shoda Hoshihana, Cloud Jounin//
                //Arechihana Sasori, Spartoi\\
                ||Yotarou Ouji, SUNA chuunin||Koike Kano, ANBU||
                ||Hasami Kuma, the Iron Devil of Sound||Tsubasa Kinoshita, Rain Jounin||



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                  Eyyyyy so the techs are approved. I altered the archetype special with merdle's blessing, so this just needsnto get stamped a few more times and it is good to go.

                  (In other words, bump)


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                    It all lines up nicely. Approved
                    Rain GM

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                      And another Half from me. Not sure if Kaen's approval needs to be given again or what since all of the edits, but if not... I think this is good to go.


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                        I think this should be able to be moved <3 I did edit the archetype special, but merdle gave it the OK in the jutsu thread.

                        EDIT: Made one last edit, just to add King/Queen to the archetype name instead of just King. Gotta look out for dem womenz!
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