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Hakushouku Clan of the Cloud [Mugenkugan Bloodline Limit]

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  • Hakushouku Clan of the Cloud [Mugenkugan Bloodline Limit]

    Hakushouku Clan

    Village: Hidden Cloud Village

    Clan Description: The Hakushouku Clan is very small and secluded. The clan temple itself is located on one of the Lightning Countries mountains, above the clouds. Its a rough one day travel to the Hidden Cloud Village. Many residents of the Lightning Country do not know of the Hakushouku's existence, especially those who reside in the towns near the outer realm of the Lightning Country. Usually only the traditional shinobi of the Hidden Cloud Village have even heard of the Hakushouku Clan. But this was the way the clan wanted it to be, free from the world.

    The Hakushouku always had strict rules when it came to their beloved Bloodline Limit, the Mugenkugan. It seemed, genetically, only a male that possessed the Mugenkugan could pass down this ability to his offsprings. Therefore the Hakushouku Clan emphasized that each family must bare at least one male child. The first born male was always held as the pride of that Family.

    The principles and teachings of the Hakushouku were always based around protecting family and your loved ones. Elders of the Hakushouku always bring this topic up with the younglings, especially those to become shinobi. The Hakushouku rules are strict, in the fact that the first three born and the first born male [If the first born male was not one of the three born] in a family must be enrolled into the ninja Academy at early ages.

    Shinobi of the Hakushouku Clan don't specialize in one aspect of jutsus, but are known more to be well balanced in the ninja arts. Younglings of the Hakushouku are taught from very early ages to fight in "stand-alone" situations, and leave the team aspects to the Hidden Cloud Village ways. Though it is not required, the trend among Hakushoukus Clan Members who specialize in Taijutsu usually learn to wield a Bo, Spear or any kind of polearm.

    Nindo; "Way of the Ninja":
    "Protect those you love with your life; for those you love make life worth living."

    Clan History: The Hakushouku's true origins are unknown. But according to History, the Hakushouku Clan is one of the newest clan's founded. The Clan's History dates back to the one who founded the Hakushouku Temple, Hakushouku Tsuya. It is rumored that before Tsuya came along to uplift his clan, the Hakushouku and its Mugenkugan were scattered throughout the countries. Hakushouku Tsuya, a shinobi of the Hidden Cloud, was encouraged by the Raikage at the time to gathers and uplift his lost clan and bring forth its foundation in the Lightning Country. The Raikage knew the abilities of the Mugenkugan would help out the Hidden Cloud Village greatly. Tsuya ended up in the Hidden Cloud Village as an orphan child, dumped on the doormat of the Raikage's house.

    Hakushouku Tsuya, traveled the five Great Countries and then some, searching for his lost Family. Within this 40 year conquest, Tsuya found two men and two woman who bore the Mugenkugan and the Hakushouku name. These five became the Elders of the Hakushouku. But this was not the only find Tsuya came across. Tsuya fell in love with a Konoha shinobi through his conquest, and bore three girls and one boy. These girls were the only girls that were able to pass on the Mugenkugan to their children, giving the Hakushouku its three branch Families; Hanagami, Kurosaki and Ichina.

    As Tsuya grew older, he and what was now the Hakushouku Clan, began to build deep in the mountains, the Hakushouku Temple beginning with its foundation. The completion of the Hakushouku Temple was the day of Tsuya's death, and in honor of his memory, the Elder's decided to construct his image on the foundation, looking up into the Heavens. The Elder's established the clan's traditions very quickly, mostly based on what Hakushouku Tsuya would have wanted. In order to keep balance and order with the Hakushouku Clan, there would always be the council of 5 Elders to give final word to anything.

    Today the 10th Generation [from Tsuya] of the Hakushouku Clan lead the council as the 5 Elders, and some Masters, around ages 50-70. The majority of the 11th Generation are Jounin Masters aging from 30-50, while the 12th Generation are compiled of the Hakushouku's future, aging from newborns to mid 20s. All together, the Hakushouku Clan currently holds nearly 50 members, including all Families.

    Clan Archetype:

    Hakushouku Clan Specialist
    Special: One point to either Willpower or Intelligence
    Primary: Chakra
    Secondary: Choice
    Tertiary: Choice
    Stat Merit: +1 Power, +1 Reserves, +1 Control
    Stat Flaw: -1 Stamina, -1 Willpower, -1 Intelligence

    Clan Abilities:

    Clan Jutsu

    [Infinite Spectrum Eye]

    Type: Dojutsu

    Desciption: One of the rarest dojutsus found throughout the world, the Mugenkugan’s primary ability is to see traveling waves of electromagnetism or electromagnetic radiation within a person. Electromagnetic radiation is a propagating wave with magnetic and electric components; every person has an electromagnetic current that runs though them. In total the Mugenkugan can view all electromagnetic wavelengths of various frequencies such as electrical, radio, microwave, infrared, visible light, ultra-violet and gamma energies. But the Mugenkugan needs to blends all of these energy frequencies into one [Gurou] to be viewed, which is known as the infinite spectrum.

    Every person gives off a unique glow, or "Gurou," through the infinite spectrum, making the Mugenkugan user able to identify exactly where a person is and who a person is, allowing the user to visually distinguish between what is real and what is illusion. A person's Gurou can bee seen through anything, even solid object. The Mugenkugan can intensify a specific person’s Gurou, making it a perfect tracking ability. Even if that specific person is miles away and in another country, the Mugenkugan user can locate the direction in which their target is [by that person's Gurou] relative to the user.

    The Mugenkugan's natural enemy is another Mugenkugan. The Mugenkugan's final ability is to be able to "blackout" a specific person's Gurou, including himself. Although if another Mugenkugan user locates a "blackout" subject, he/she can reactivate that person's Gurou.

    The Mugenkugan’s set back is that it drains chakra at constant rate. It can only last as many posts as the users Power.

    Clan Housing:

    The Hakushouku Clan reside in the peaks of the Lightning Countries mountains above the clouds. The exact location of the Hakushouku Temple is unknown to public, but most Shinobi of the Cloud have been there for one reason or another. The Temple itself rests on the very top of its stone foundation which is built from peak top down the mountain's slope. Though the clan itself is small in numbers, its basis of operation is very large. The Hakushouku Temple is a giant complex that serves as the Hakushouku Clan's training facility. The Temple rests on an even larger foundation which inside is used for housing the Hakushouku Clan. On the forefront of the Foundation is the image of the Temple's founder, Hakushouku Tsuya, looking up into in the heavens.

    Most of the Hakushouku Clan are shinobi and spend most of their time living in the Hidden Cloud Village. Even so, its tradition for Hakushouku shinobi to visit the the Temple to receive training from their Masters or Elders every once in a while. But there is no specific time limit given.

    Clan Clothing
    : The Hakushouku Clan don't have a strict dress code, which is unusual since everything else in the clan is very strict. As long as the clan member hold its symbol somewhere on their attire, it is permissible. Although members of the Hakushouku Clan seem to dress rather modern and classy in white. White has seemed to be a common theme amongst the Hakushouku Clan. A majority of the masters and elders are cloaked in large coats, with the Hakushouku symbol on the back's dead center, almost business like. Though many believe that this attire is because of the chilly temperature up in the mountains.

    Hakushouku Families:
    Hakushouku Family
    Hanagami Family
    Kurosaki Family
    Ichina Family

    Clan Ranking System:
    5 Elders [Elected]
    Masters [Jounin]
    Templars [Chuunin]
    Younglings [Academy, Genin]

    Contact Information:
    Acting GM- Bass