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(Sound) Rosutai Clan

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  • (Sound) Rosutai Clan

    Clan Name: Rosutai

    Clan Village: Rice Country/Sound Village

    Clan History: Unlike many clans in this world, the Rosutai had neither some mythical legend of their creation nor supernatural encounter. There was no grand retelling of their lineage passed down from the generations, no religious teaching, clan rituals or festivals. Its formation was merely, as was most discoveries in the world, a coincidental encounter between idea and luck.

    It began ninety odd years ago with a medic by the name of Rosutai Kanbei. The chuunin had only just begun his training in the medical arts and was, for the lack of a better word, clumsy. Combined with his tendency to experiment with existing techniques, Kanbei wasn’t exactly the best student to tutor. It all began on one particular day when he was trying his hand at Zesshi Nensan. The target was a large statue of copper specifically chosen to show immediate signs of the technique’s acidic effects. After watching his teacher successfully perform the jutsu on the statue’s head, Kanbei followed suit.

    One hour passed, then two, then three and so on. Eventually the chuunin succeeded in expelling a mouthful of liquid from his mouth and onto the statue. Much to the sensei’s chagrin the liquid failed to discolor the statue’s surface. Kanbei tried again. Once again he spat at the target, once again all it did was drip over the copper surface without harm. Now at the end of his patience, the teacher decided to exhibit once again how the technique should be performed. The man performed the handseals and spat out the acid.

    …And nothing happened. While the acid landed on the statue there was no hint of the corrosive effect that it should have had. Instead the jutsu slid off the surface and onto the ground, instantly dissolving the grass and rock beneath. Both student and teacher stared at the statue then at each other. The older man tried again. Same effect. No matter how hard he tried the man was unable to damage the statue. Bewildered and curious, the pair retrieved the statue and conducted various tests on the metal’s surface. What they found beside remnants of Zesshin Nensan was protective substance that coated the metal from oxidation. That substance was what Kanbei had spat; the a preservation coat.

    And so began the clan. By the time his children were genin, the now jounin had furthered his research into both medical ninjutsu and his own variance from them. The man discovered that, with the aid of chakra, one could alter the speed at which materials deteriorate. Wood, metal, fabric, flesh; so long as it was organic the speed could be manipulated. Depending on the chakra, a piece of paper could fray and crumble in matter of seconds or last crisp and white for a lifetime. With practice and refinement the man was able to perfect the chakra control required for such effect. Eventually he no longer needed to spit anything, instead molding his chakra to the effects desired and applying it directly to objects.

    He had also stumbled across a second discovery. Just as medical shinobi could inject chakra into another’s body, so too could he do the same through the aid of items. The trick was to maintain said chakra in another’s body for a prolonged period of time. At first it with the aid of a scalpel and requiring direct contact with the object. Slowly he deviated from medical equipment to various other weapons before settling for a simple sewing needle and normal string. By embedding the needle in an object, the man was able to channel his chakra through the string and affect the area surrounding the needle. This was taken up by his children and by their adulthood, perfected. By the third generation, those adept in the clan manipulation no longer required a physical medium to direct their technique. The chakra could now be altered thread-like webbing and extended from the user’s body akin to that of a puppet-master.

    The years passed peacefully. As the third generation became jounin they had added another layer to the clan’s ability; variants of the original preservation ability had been altered to poison-esque effects that could be channeled through chakra. As many of the family’s members remained true to the original calling of medical arts, this latest development only took a decade to perfect. What began as an accident now evolved to a clan. All was good, but for the one little matter; Otogakure was being attacked.

    They could have run like the rest of the people, but the clan leader rejected such a despicable act. Now approaching the final days of his life, Kanbei refused to budge from his beloved village. He was born here and if the worst came to worst, he’d die here. For this one, stubbornness was a virtue. So the clan did the only thing they could. With their techniques they dug downwards into the earth. There they met the Naga and after days of negotiation a compromise was reached. If the scientists allowed them to live and use their tunnels, the clan would use their ability to maintain and preserve the Naga’s numerous technologies from the effects of Time. It was a peaceful existence. Both sides were scientists, though one more eccentric than the other. The Naga’s tunnels and underground world proved ample space for the Rosutai to live in and they in turn preserved the housing. When the occasional intruder ventures too far into the tunnels, they would find themselves victims of “accidental cave-in” and “loose footing”. Now and again they leave the man-made caverns and forage above ground for food. Aside from that there was little interaction with the rest of the world.

    Until one day when all the Rosutai surveillance techniques flared in alarm. Shinobi, a hoard of them were entering these caves. After two decades of separation and isolation, it would be interesting to see just how the clan would greet their long lost kinsmen.

    Clan Information: Since the fall of Otogakure, the Rosutai clan had taken on the unofficial title of "Caretake" for the destroyed village and its few remaining residents. For the Naga they oversee the maintenance of the underground laboratories, restoration and repair of tunnel system and eradication or capture of anyone who was so foolish to wander down into the depth of the ruins.

    To the other clans who had also chosen to remain within their homeland instead of fleeing, the Weavers were the providers of resources. Food, clothing, stationary, furniture; almost all basic commodities required for basic living that's unattainable amid the village remains, they obtain and distribute to the other residents. Over the past two decades, the Rosutai have devised an enduring and simple system of gaining products from the "outside" world without notice. Scattered throughout the land surrounding the village's ruins were tea-houses for rest-stops, simple farming family or camps of hunter or woodcutters. Beneath these facades were clan members sent out on scavenging hunts; they take notice of all who passes within the vicinity, pick their target and with the aid of their shinobi skills, carry out acts of theft and robbery under the guise of Henge or other appearance altering cover. With merchants being the primary target, what spoils gained from their target were spent in the closest town or city in exchange for what goods was requested by Otogakure's residents.

    Note: Since the Fall also meant an end to shinobi ranking, the clan has no true classing system when it comes to skill level. Instead the oldest clan members who has experience prior to the Fall assess a member's skills against everyone else of his generation or age. Thus it is not uncommon for a mid-aged Rosutai to be considered average (Chuunin equivalent) while someone ten years his junior as skilled (Jounin equivalent); it all depends on how fast everyone else in their level progresses.

    Clan Appearance: With only one generation of in-breeding for an otherwise ordinary clan, appearance differs midst the members. But look closer and one can see a few shared traits. There is a tendency for various forms of heterchromia in the clan, resulting in many Rosutai to have two or more distinct eye colors. Hair colored is varied but always almost of the lighter shade of whatever hue it is. With slim, graceful brows, small, even teeth and smooth jawline, the face typically displays a “clean” appearance, something at odds with an often lanky body structure.

    Clan Personality: Underground dwellers they might, but recluse a Rosutai is often than not. One can't be a solitary creature when one's life after the Fall revolved solely round maintaining general wellbeing of one's fellow residents as well as regular interaction with the "above-ground" people. One needs to learn discretion, negotiation and ability to improvise to unexpected changes. One should be creative, innovative, astute and with a perfected sense of timing in any situation. One must never lose grasp of their wits, their control over the surroundings, their own tempo or their sense of self.

    But to the typical Rosutai. Quirky is the word that often come to mind. If there is one thing that can be said of any clan member, it is that they are never dull. Eccentric, extrovert, unpredictable, bizarre, illogical or even borderline psychotic; one can safely assure being in this clan's presence is anything but restrictive and boring. This might have stemmed from two sole beliefs that has been passed down since it's creation. The first; curiosity is a blessing, not a curse. And the second; there is no such thing as a failure, only talent undiscovered. After all, did the clan not arise from a failure at a simple medical ninjutsu? And had it not been for Kanbei's inquisitiveness towards his "unique" technique that branched out into the techniques they have today?

    A general quirk among the clan members is the tendency to speak out one's thoughts. A habit that originated among the older members who remembered the days before the Fall and sought to quell their loneliness with one-sided chatter, the behavior was picked up by the younger generation to ward of boredom during tunnel maintenance or scavenging outings.

    Clan Housing: There isn’t much of one. The clan savaged whatever furniture spared from the village’s razing and dragged them underground. Spread across the labyrinth of the tunnels, a typical Rosutai abode would be a discarded Naga storage room or laboratory with mismatched bits of furnishing. Each member can choose whether to stay with their own family or move out in search of their own niche within the ruins.

    Clan Archetype: Rosutai Clan Member
    Special: When taken as primary archetype, gain Stage 1 of clan ninjutsu for free.
    Primary: Any
    Secondary: Any
    Tertiary: Any
    Stat Merit: + 2 Control, + 1 Stamina
    Stat Flaw: - 2 Willpower, - 1 Strength
    Description: Derived from medical ninjutsu, the clan’s techniques are made to support and aid the user while hampering the opponent. Often used in conjunction with Sound’s techniques, practitioners are also well versed in both the village’s genjutsu or medical ninjutsu. Faced against an adept Rosutai and the opponent would soon find themselves stripped of protection and quite literally faced with a manipulator of Time.

    Clan Ability:


    Clan Item:

    Oriko no Te

    Clan Owners:


    AP: 47