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Hyuuga Clan History

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  • Hyuuga Clan History

    The Hyuuga Clan

    the boughs of the great tree
    held loftily and in sway
    are nothing but a silhouette
    in the light of the magnificent flame

    Clan History:Clan Village: Konohagakure

    Clan Structure:Important Clan Members:

    Hyuuga Hisae:Hyuuga Hatsumi:Hyuuga Shayou:Clan Abilities: These are found here

    Clan Archetype:

    Hyuuga Bloodline Specialist
    Special: Add an extra point to speed.
    Primary: Physical
    Secondary: Own Choice
    Tertiary: Own Choice
    Stat Merit: + 1 Speed, + 1 Stamina, + 1 Control
    Stat Flaw: - 1 Power, - 1 Reserves, - 1 Strength

    The trademarks of the Hyuuga clan are their specialized taijutsu, the Jyuuken, and their doujutsu, the Byakugan. Although most Hyuuga children are not capable of controlling either aspect of their bloodline until approximately age five, the motions and stances for the Jyuuken are taught to them starting at age three. At the end of each days training in the Jyuuken a child is asked to attempt to use their Byakugan. While the training for the Jyuuken is strict and forced the Byakugan is grown in to slowly. Upon the day that a Hyuuga child can successfully count the fingers held up by a person standing behind them, they are considered to be able to use the Byakugan adequately for more advanced training in the Jyuuken.

    After the emergence of the Byakugan, Hyuuga children begin to learn the real techniques of the Jyuuken style. They are taught to focus their chakra through their body and how to use it in conjunction with their attacks. The Jyuuken is deadly, allowing its user to strike at the chakra system and internal organs of opponents thus making it possible to harm even the sturdiest opponents. For this alone, they are one of the premeire clans of Konoha.

    RPC Clan Roster:
    Hyuuga Kiyoko (Jounin, Will of Fire)
    Hyuuga Kannon (Chuunin, Junge)
    Hyuuga Yuu (Genin, VD)

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