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  • Keisei Shohei - Oji of the Keisei

    Oji Sho

    The Family Shield

    Name: Keisei Shohei
    Age: 30
    Sex: Male
    Height: 6'4"

    Character Type: Non-Shinobi

    Country/Village: River Country/River of Purity and also Wheat Country/Koishi Kin Beach
    Rank: Kounomono
    Division: Oji

    Physical Description:
    Originally posted by Keisei Shohei
    "We're soldiers. Soldiers don't go to hell. It's war. Soldiers kill other soldiers. We're in a situation where everyone involved knows the stakes and if you are going to accept those stakes, you've got to do certain things. It's business."
    Tall, dark and handsome Shohei has a look of almost universal appeal. He stands above six feet and his body has obviously been tempered by physical training and labor. Long limbs stretch out in each direction and his hands are punctuated by thin and bony fingers--he attributes those to every fight he's won claiming that his hands cut more easily than others. This is complete hearsay but it does have some anecdotal evidence behind it. Cat-like in his posture and cheshire in his grin Sho looks like he is constantly up to something, his amber eyes holding secret the machinations of an ambitious mind. This is someone who's entire image has been crafted to perfection from his perfectly coiled and tied dreadlocks, to his manicured nails and immaculate white teeth. He is a man without a scar or a tattoo--a flawless testament to Keisei breeding and upbringing.

    Shohei thinks that's only half true, he got his singing voice from his Keisei father--his looks he got from his Kaze no Kuni native mother.

    Originally posted by Keisei Shohei
    “They say every day’s a gift, but why does it have to be a pair of socks?
    Low-key, high-functioning elegance is the main thought process behind Shohei's outfits. He prefers to wear suits, black jackets with dark blood-red button down shirts and tailored pants--gator skin shoes, an ode to swamp country and 1/2" black wooden gauges on his ears. He is almost always seen wearing a suit but can be seen wearing a dark red traditional male kimono if the situation calls for it. He has no tattoos, finding them to be too easy identifying of marks (a trick picked up by his father) and he doesn't wear jewelry finding it to be too loud a declaration of wealth. The only thing resembling jewelry aside from his gauges being the plain jane titanium looking watch on his right wrist--hidden from the world The Family Shield.

    Old school and classy, almost from an era forgotten and from a world not yet realized, Sho portrays himself as above the average rabble--his clothing being the first display and testament to that.

    Originally posted by Keisei Shohei
    “My father was in it. My uncle was in it. Maybe I was too lazy to think for myself.
    On the surface Shohei seems to be a much more complex man than his appearance would indicate. In public situations Sho prefers a measured and calm approach. Shohei appears to be a fountain of charisma and friendliness, cool-headed and worldly, cultured and educated. He appears to be both responsible, conservative and a true family man and he does bare a lot of love for his wife Keiko of fifteen years and his two sons Jojo (10) and Toji (7). Image is very important to Shohei and he was made aware from a very young age the need for maintaining two personas at nearly all times...and the best way for that to be is for both personas to be rooted in the truth. In this Shohei is someone to be admired: naturally charming, poised, thoughtful and kind.

    It's just unfortunate that is not the entire truth.

    Underneath his public persona Shohei is very much a conflicted individual who has mixed feelings about his current situation in life. He married very young and his work created a gulf between him and his wife. His father had dreams for him outside of the family business and Shohei's youthful pursuits had forced him to pick up where his father left off as an adult...which creates a lot of discontent within the mind of the man. He loves his wife and his family but he maintains a mistress in Fire Country, a Black Miko named only Sakura who has borne him two daughters Hana (6) and Yukiko (2). He treats them essentially with the same level of attention as he does his actual family--enough to be present but not enough to be always there. Or to give them his sole attention. He also several other women he see's regularly in both River and Wheat Country though he has no children he knows or considers legitimate outside the ones he has had with Sakura and Keiko. Another example of the innate hypocrisy that is Keisei Shohei.

    And that sums him up in a nut shell doesn't it? A thief with a code of honor, a liar who is determined to be honest, an adulterer who blathers on about being faithful. Shohei is a violent killer, a selfish and self centered liar and when provoked someone completely lacking empathy or concern for others. He is also someone possessing a perverted understanding of honor that means little in terms of depth but everything in terms of what value it holds for Sho. He's a man who views himself above the general rabble he gets involves himself in. However he succumbs often to the vices he vilifies others for: he gambles, he drinks, he smokes, he womanizes and he fights and kills with little regard to any consequence that can't be handled by The Prince. He abuses his status and yet also is bound by it and it's duty.

    A man of conflict who is conflicted with himself. Armed with a hair trigger, a powerful family and too much resources and time. For a long time Sho's two children were the only explanation he needed for not getting involved deeper in family tasks...but his lifestyle of degenerate gambling and his double life have forced him to be more ambitious out of self interest. He wants to equal parts be the top dog and equal parts retire to Wave Country and live on a nudist beach and never fight again. He wants to be a good husband and father but also to screw everything in his path. The only thing constant is the hustle, the only thing guaranteed is the dollars and as long as Sho can provide...

    Sho can feel like a man. So he provides often, to all three of his families...with gusto.

    Shikakudo; "Way of the Thug": If you speak it you don't know it--if you know it you don't speak it.

    Clan/Bloodline: Keisei Mafia Family

    Primary Archetype:
    Five Minute Hero
    Special: May Take Celestial Gates. May Open Gates Four Consecutive Posts Per Thread With No Penalty. Gates Then Automatically Shut Down Without Crippling User (Excepting The Death Gate).
    Stats: +2 Stamina, +1 Willpower, -2 Intelligence, -1 Reserves




    Strength: 1 + 20= 21[+10 Reflect All Force]
    Speed: 1 + 20 = 21 [+10 Reflect All Force]
    Stamina: 1 + 2 [FH] + 20 = 23 [+25 Reflect All Force]


    Intelligence: 1 - 2 [FH] + 18 = 17
    Tactics: 1 + 17 = 18
    Willpower: 1 + 1 [FH] + 15= 17


    Power: 1 + 12 = 13
    Control: 1 + 15 = 16
    Reserves: 1 - 1 [FH] + 13 = 13


    Jutsu and Techniques:

    Kunshu Onsei: The Monarch's Voice
    [F1] Stage One: Willpower 8, Tactics 8, Intelligence 6, Any percentage of Keisei blood

    The Celestial Gates
    [F2] + [F3] Kai-Mon (Initial Gate): Stamina 4, Strength 4
    [F4] + [F5] Kyu-Mon (Healing Gate): Stamina 8, Strength 6, Willpower 6
    [F6] + [F7] Sei-Mon (Life Gate): Stamina 12, Strength 8, Willpower 8
    [F8] + [F9] Sho-Mon (Pain Gate): Stamina 18, Strength 14, Speed 11, Willpower 14

    Isshiki Ikioi Hanpatsu (Reflect All Force)
    [F10] Stage One: 3 Stamina, 5 Strength
    [F11] Stage Two: 6 Stamina, 8 Strength, 6 Tactics
    [F12] Stage Three: 10 Stamina, 10 Strength, 8 Tactics
    [F13] Stage Four: 16 Stamina, 15 Strength, 12 Speed, 14 Tactics
    [F14] Stage Five: 22 Stamina, 20 Strength, 14 Speed, 14 Tactics, 2 Intelligence

    Keisei Kobun- The Keisei Gang Captain List
    [F15] Stage One: Tactics 2, Stamina 2
    [F16] Member - Lookout: Tactics 3, Speed 2
    [F17]Stage Two: Tactics 5, Intelligence 4, Willpower 4
    [F18] Stage Three: Tactics 8, Intelligence 8, Willpower 6

    Family Shield-[Heirloom]
    Large Shield [4] + Repair [1] + Recall [2] + Extending [2] + Trick Lock [2] + Morph (Brass Knuckles) [1] + Hidden (Watch) [1] + Glow/Extrasensory (Shinobi) [3] / Heirloom [2] = 8
    Appearing as his platinum watch normally when the side is clicked the watch is capable of being revealed as a round metal shield with a diameter of about 4 feet normally. When the handle is clicked the shield is capable of expanding in a circular motion to double in size. This is a weapon that has been in the Keisei for generations and has been blessed by a Reibai to both recover from any damage and swear itself to a user of it's choosing within The Family--this time having chosen Keisei Shohei an Oji of pure Keisei blood. The shield also is capable of shining with a blue light when another click is provided to it thus giving it a measure of utility. This glow also is done when shinobi or those trained like them are present, a sign of the weapon's supernatural nature and the era of which the Shield comes from. Another click of the shield's handle can morph the massive metal into very thick and very large brass knuckles liken to a large gauntlet. It is very clear then that The Family shield has dual purposes: to both punish and protect.
    Item Points Remaining: 0



    The Beginning
    Originally posted by Keisei Shohei
    “It’s good to be in something from the ground floor. I came too late for that and I know. But lately, I’m getting the feeling that I came in at the end. The best is over."
    Keisei Kazuma was probably the best cat burglar in River Country for twenty-years. He was known among The Family as Big Pussy--a nickname he took great pride in and it was common knowledge among those in Metsubishi that if you wanted to accomplish anything than Uncle Puss would be the man to solve it. He built himself a reputation as someone who could create ten coins by rubbing two together and it wasn't long before he had himself everything that someone could want: a penthouse in Metsubishi, a beautiful wife from Wind Country and three children of equal parts talent and skill: Hehei, Mai and Shohei. Kazuma would reach great heights within The Family, making it to the table during an era of great prosperity and serving as The Manager.

    It is the criminal's fantasy to eventually go straight and perhaps that's what Big Pussy sought to do. He invested in very expensive schooling for his eldest son Hehei and expensive tutors for his two younger children Mai and Shohei. Shohei was a very dedicated student and by ten years old was already reading well above his grade average and capable of doing complex math equations--it was unfortunate that the attention of his father was often elsewhere, either to his business or to his eldest son Hehei. Hehei had developed resentments towards his father and by the time he was seventeen years old he had found himself with a pregnant girlfriend out of wedlock and a very strong dependency on Sake. He dropped out of school and begged his father for work shortly after...Kazuma was not pleased. Hehei was a full fledged slacker and he shamed Big Puss. Fearing his youngest son would replicate the same result as the oldest he decided that something else would be needed for Shohei...

    He was sent to Iron Country to work with a Blacksmith. It was an honest trade and he hoped that he would create an honest man out of his youngest son. Shohei's brother began work as an Ototo--he was dead within a year found in an alleyway beaten halfway to death supposedly over a gambling debt. Hehei had been a failure as a part of the family and that had been the ultimate in disappointment. Kazuma retired from the Table going back to working as a local Oji, too much pressure or just too much perspective being the main results.

    Shohei was not told about Hehei's death until nearly six months after the funeral and by that time he had already established a lifestyle in Iron that would guide him for the next six years of his life.

    The Samurai's Daughter
    Originally posted by Keisei Shohei
    "“There’s an old Keisei saying: you fuck up once, you lose two teeth.”
    Perhaps it was Kazuma's knowledge of where he had sent Shohei that had prevented him from reaching out to his son but the man who he entrusted his youngest boy to was a tall and unyielding man known simply as Ken. Ken was a skilled Smith but he was far from an honest person--he was an unrepentant gambler, the type of man who gambled on blood sport and cockroaches as well. He drank and he whored and he ruled his forge with an iron fist ultimately turning whatever rage or insecurity his lifestyle gave him unto his ward. A ward, Shohe, thati was forced upon him as way of repaying a debt to his father.

    No matter how much Big Puss desired for his son's to go straight, the lifestyle of his family, of The Family permeated through him. A boy of ambition and skill, Shohei would not and could not tolerate Ken's verbal and physical abuse without knowledge of his innate superiority over him. Did he not know who his father was? His brother? And how could his father want Ken's life for his son? The man was pathetic. It was a year and a half into his apprenticeship when he got news of his brother's death. Hehei had always been a bright child, funny and full of charisma--but the pressure of living up to his father and the absence of Kazuma in the day to day life had caused him to go astray. Shohei refused to do the same. He promised to live straight and he promised to live by his own code.

    Twelve years old, over educated and with a famous family name in a cultural melting pot like Iron there was plenty of opportunity for an enterprising Keisei even one looking to live an honest life. He took up with a local samurai dojo and although he was explicit in his wish to not join the order he was also persistent in his desire to be trained. They didn't take to it at first and only did so after a full three months of prodding but eventually they agreed to give him a shield and have him be what amounted to a glorified sparring dummy for their students. Shohei adapted to that role as he adapted to everything and soon he fell in love with the shield and it's style and soon he was considered a student of the school proper. Though he would never take up the Senryaku-Do and he had too much respect for the samurai to do so--he did consider someone to be of equal honor and dedication. To this day he trains every morning from 4am-7am as an ode to his samurai master.

    Shohei's master Kitsuragi "Iron Heart" Kurai was a samurai of great power that stood at 6'8" and weighed 285lb. He was a known shinobi killer and a retired member of the Iron Guard. Even at sixty-five he was an imposing presence but he took a liking to Shohei. When the boy was fifteen years old his apprenticeship with the Blacksmith ended and his father beckoned him to return to Metsubishi--Shohei instilled his own rebellion: he refused his father. Big Puss was not the most diplomatic of negotiators, he showed his love with money and he always had favorites. Shohei wanted to stay in Iron? Fine...but Kazuma would not be the one paying for it.

    During the background of this Shohei and Kurai's daughter Keiko had developed a relationship and it became Shohei's wish for the two to be married as a way of him staying in Iron Country. It was during a long and impassioned argument that Shohei was first able to exhibit the Kunshu Onsei...finally convincing the samurai to give the temporarily disowned Keisei his daughters hand. Kurai was reluctant to accept but the use of the Kunshu Onsei forced him however the effect on knowing minds placed the seeds of doubt even further in the man's mind. He agreed to the marriage, honor beckoned him, but within a month or so he had grown tired of his daughter's new husband and although Shohei was trying to live right--his inability to find a job due to his father's influence even in Iron and his reluctance to join the Order caused a rift.

    Shohei soon found himself kicked out of Iron Country, homeless with a young wife and in his father's bad grace he did the only thing he could think of...

    He called his father's brother--Uncle Junpei and asked him for help.

    Much to his uncle's chagrin, he accepted his nephew's assistance and brought him to work for him at a casino he had set up right off of the River of Purity. He promised that he would keep it a secret for three months and then he would be obligated to tell his brother--it was to be in that time that Shohei would have to make a decision on whether he truly wanted to enter the family business in full force.

    He just had to take one look at his pretty young wife before he agreed to Oji Jun's offer.

    The Business
    Originally posted by Keisei Shohei
    You know where I was yesterday when you called?… I was outside a whorehouse, while a guy that works for me was inside beating the shit out of a guy that owes me money. Broke his arm. Put a knife in his kneecap. Sometimes I wish it was me in there--and sometimes I don't know if I wish to be the one giving the beating or taking it.
    His introduction to working with Uncle Jun was by working as an Ototo in Jun's casino--essentially a glorified gopher. If he had expected preferential treatment from Junpei he got none but working with his uncle was much preferred to working with Ken. Jun worked him hard and had no tolerance for failure. He was a perfectionist who expected things to be right and to be done quickly and to be done once. He had no tolerance for failure or laziness and was personally offended by dishonesty and subterfuge. He ran a tight ship but his men loved him and part of that love was an innate fairness that came with every one of his actions. Everybody maintained. Everybody ate and everybody took part in the reward based on rank, effort and seniority.

    Shohei kept true to his promise and spoke with his father a full three months after joining work with Jun. His father to his credit, was ecstatic that his son was married and appeared to be working hard with his brother. His father was quick with his hate and showed his love with money and often played favorites--it wasn't long before Sho was back in his good graces and he and his wife Keiko were moved into a much nicer apartment off the river side. Life was good, the money came in often and he was still very much in love with his wife. After a year of working he was promoted to Ani and his uncle was given a job to expand his business to Wheat Country and expand it beyond casinos and into bootlegging and other vices.

    Sensing opportunity, Shohei agreed to follow him and became more learned in the nature of the business. He worked as an enforcer towards his uncle and a de facto second in command to his gang. To the naked eye Shohei appeared to be the ultimate family man and at twenty he completed the image by the birth of his first child, his son Toji. Fatherhood was supposed to be a calming element but it did little to calm Sho. He took to cheating on his wife shortly after the birth of Toji. He ended up becoming the manager of a strip club/whore house a few blocks away from the casino and he took much liberty in his wares without telling his wife much of anything about the business or his habits. Sho grew a self loathing he aided with drinking--though he was also determined not to let it effect his work. The effect was someone who acted straight laced and proper at business events but cut loose far too much when it was time to play.

    He enjoyed his lifestyle, he enjoyed working with his men and he enjoyed the lifestyle his Family provided. His father was still a distant figure but he was more constant with his letters and consistent with his aid. A year after Toji's birth he was called into a meeting by Uncle Jun who was in tears--the first time he had ever seen emotion on his uncle's face. Shohei was needed back in Metsubishi...

    His father had a degenerative disease and only a few weeks to live. The two left immediately...

    Keisei Kazuma, Big Pussy, the most accomplished cat burglar in River Country history with over fifty million ryou in unconfirmed thefts of money and artifacts died two days before his only living son and brother made it into the city.

    The Swamp Witch
    Originally posted by Keisei Shohei
    “All due respect, you got no fucking idea what it’s like to be Number One. Every decision you make affects every facet of every other fucking thing. It’s too much to deal with almost. And in the end you’re completely alone with it all."
    The funeral for Keisei Kazuma was an affair that nearly shut down the city and the amount of members of The Family who appeared to pay their respects was truly inspiring and even the Ienaga appeared to give personal condolences to Sho, his sister and his mother. Jun was inconsolable. His brother had been his hero and it had often been said that Junpei never had an idea that Kazuma hadn't first. The hard-assed perfectionist and immovable leader Shohei had grown to respect and love was a shell of himself and he soon became obsessed with two things: finding a cure for the disease that killed his brother and find out more about the man he had idolized.

    He failed in one and succeeded far too well in the other.

    Keisei Kazuma had been an accomplished cat burglar, this much was for certain and he had managed the Keisei diligently and with a measured hand paired with an ambitious heart. Through studying meticulously kept journals and ledgers Oji Jun was able to discover what amounted to Kazuma's lifework. In Swamp Country there lied a shield belonging to ancient Keisei conquerors. His way was different but every Keisei of true blood had within them a certain lingering for the era of Kings. This shield was supposed to be a bastion of protection for the family...

    And Kazuma through sneaking and scheming and bribing and skimming off the top for years had shelled away enough research and time to both map out where the shield lied and enough funds to plan an expedition.

    An expedition that would consist of Oji Junpei, Shohei and a few other Ani handpicked by his uncle. The goal being the ultimate recovery of the shield proper. It would be a dangerous mission and definitely outside of the wheelhouse of The Family but Junpei was determined. Both to recover the shield and to keep it within the family.

    He was told his wife was pregnant with what would be his second son a few days before his departure. He told the Ototo to send her flowers and a fruit basket with a kindly written letter.

    The mission was an abject failure and it was very clear that the Made Men of Keisei were in far above their heads. They traveled the swamp land for three weeks lost and disoriented, one of the other Ani perishing and Junpei himself falling very sick with an infection from an open wound he had gotten in an accident from an exposed root. In his fevered haze he refused to back down and only move forward. The other Ani abandoned them--it was left only the two Keisei.

    Sakura a Black Miko wandering through Swamp found the two men and heard their plight. Through meditation and the calling upon spirit's she guided them to the Shield of the Keisei--Uncle Junpei grabbed it and collapsed. An Ogre summoned by Sakura took him and Shohei to her camp. She healed Junpei and her and Shohei grew close...they spent the night together and the next day she was gone.

    Shohei and Junpei both at the edge of the forest with a proper Keisei artifact in their possession. Shohei grabbed the shield and left with his uncle in his arms.

    A meeting with The Butcher, the General of the Keisei Oji was the only thing to do next. Shohei couldn't imagine him not being pleased.

    The Family Shield

    Originally posted by Keisei Shohei
    "You know, it's a multiple choice thing with me. 'Cause I can't tell if I'm old-fashioned, I'm paranoid, or just a fucking asshole."
    The Butcher was pleased in more than one way with Shohei and Junpei, Uncle Jun had been a loyal member to the gang, a brother to a former table member and completing the life's work of both his brother, family and a high ranking member of The Family gave Junpei an incredible amount of leeway and collateral. It was unfortunate that the sickness and healing of the Black Miko had left him alive but crippled, confined to a wheelchair and unable to be the force that he once was. He had two requests from The Butcher--that Shohei would be promoted to Oji and that he would be capable of gifting the casino in Wheat and in River to his nephew. The Butcher agreed and went to grab the shield--only to be shocked by it.

    He immediately thought some funny business was about but it turned out that Junpei himself was unable to carry it. Shohei thought they were both dead meat until he himself grabbed the shield and got on all knees holding it outward towards the General and begging forgiveness. It must've been the fear in their eyes or the insanity of the situation that saved them in that moment.

    The only person in the room capable of holding the shield turned out to be the man who had benefited the most from it's recovery--Keisei Shohei. The Butcher concluded that the weapon was cursed and demanded some sort of Miko consultants. The Shield was left in his possession under lock and key before three Reibai hired by The Family investigated it. They all came to the same conclusion--the Shield had a spirit of it's own and it had latched itself to the most capable of Keisei's available at it's recovery. Junpei's weakened state had forced for him to be overlooked but the weapon had made it's would not change hands again as long as Shohei lived.

    A marvel and an ingenious piece of technology Shohei was amazed to have this artifact in his possession but even a member of The Table was unwilling to go against manners of fate and the proclamations of the God's. Sho's ascendance to Oji at 23 was marked by him being marked forever within The Family. His Shield a mark of glory and a cause of envy and envy being a cause of hatred--in this family it counted for a lot.

    The next seven years marked the most trying of Shohei's life and he immediately immersed himself in his uncle's businesses as an Oji himself. He was different than Junpei, he ruled with a silver tongue and an open hand rather than an iron fist but it was clear that the Shield had changed something within him. He was more focused, much more in touch with his own spiritual energy before and generally thinking himself above rules that he imposed on others. The only rules were the laws of the Keisei and he was beginning to truly desire to lay the foundations of taking his birth rite--his father's seat at the table. The Merchant.

    There was no Golden Rule in the Keisei--he who had the gold ruled.

    One day while training he felt his knee give out and tear, something that had never happened, the rage had provoked him to unleash a power however briefly--a shinobi's power, Hachimon, The Celestial Gates. He sought the one Miko he could trust, a dark one, the witch Sakura, who revealed that their union many years ago in Swamp had resulted in a daughter of his. With his new position as an Oji safely established he promised to provide money to Sakura if she could provide insight to his chakra and his shield--she did both, confirming a large amount of the theories and visions of the Reibai but also showing Sho even more intricacies of the shield, such as it's ability to sense incoming shinobi. A testament to the era when the Men from the West took everything from his family.

    He wouldn't fail again.

    Currently serving as an Oji Shohei spends most of his time between Wheat and River, his family living in the same apartment his father had moved him into many years ago...Uncle Jun providing company and guidance to his children while away. The casino on the River and the casino on the Beach are both running great and Shohei's own business accumen have turned them into more family products less reliant on the criminal element and attracting a much more higher end clientelle...almost like a clean enterprise.

    Keiko is expecting another child and Toji would be turning 10 and heading off to Iron to train with his grandfather shortly. Life was good.

    And the Shield of the Keisei remained guarded, ready to protect what was his.

    Other Info:

    -Fully trained Blacksmith
    -Manages two casinos: one in River Country on the River of Purity and one in Wheat Country on Koishi Kin Beach
    -Has part ownership and a stake in several bars, brothels and theaters in both River and Wheat as a way of manipulating the local business communities of both.
    -Cannot cook on a stove but excellent at grilling meat
    -Plays five instruments (guitar, piano, violin, flute and drums)
    -Owns a vineyard in River Country he has never gotten to visit.
    -Owns several thoroughbred race horses including one named 'Boots' that has won several races and has recently retired due to studding. Uses horse draw carriage largely for travel between Wheat and River Country businesses.
    -Poor Poker player but very capable Black Jack player, favorite game is dice.
    -Only drinks dark liquor
    -Smokes an average of 4.5 cigars a day
    -Scorpio, figures.

    Inspired by...

    -Tony Soprano from The Sopranos who is responsible for all the Shohei quotes throughout the sheet
    -Michael Coreleone from The Godfather pt. 1
    -Ace Boogie from Paid in Full
    -Frank Lucas namely Denzel's portrayal of him in American Gangster
    -Detective Alonzo Harris from Training Day
    -Young Jeezy
    -Captain America

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