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Keisei Ken - Oji of the Keisei

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  • Keisei Ken - Oji of the Keisei

    The Hellhound of the Keisei

    Name: Inubushi Keisei "Ryoken/Hellhound" Ken
    Age: 31
    Sex: M
    Height: 6'1"

    Character Type: Non-shinobi

    Country/Village: Wave Country/Hanaman Village
    Rank: Kounomono (Jounin)
    Division: Oji

    Physical Description: Through years of training to fight on the streets and in the forest, Ken has a body that is primed for combat. He takes his physical conditioning seriously, with runs, lifting, and workouts whenever he has downtime to spend by himself. His hair is black and has a sheen to it. When slicked back, it looks spiky, and that's how he usually keeps it when in the city or doing official family business. When out in the country, or talking to locals, sometimes he lets his hair fall natural. Either way his hair lends a certain intensity to his appearance. His eyes are a dark brown, and watch people with a gaze somewhere between disinterest and hunger.

    He has tattoos all over his body, stopping high on his arm, going across his whole torso. He isn't filled out yet, and keeps room for new accomplishments or designs. His favorite is the flaming dog on his chest, for his nickname as the hound.

    Clothing: Ken has two major looks. One in the city, and one while hunting. While he is in the city he wears the best suits he can afford. He is only an Oji, so his suits don't always fit perfectly, but they cover his tattoos, and they make him look slick. He stands a representative of the Keisei, which means nice cuffs, and sharp shoulders. He tends to wear nice coats over his jackets, fur when possible.

    When out in the country he wears more traditional clothing. His hunting garb may be more colorful, but it is still earth tones. It is looser, flowing, and allows him to worry about the hunt instead of worrying that his shoes might get scuffed up.

    Personality: While Ken has the attitude of your average Keisei, he still has the heart of a country boy. Spending most of his early years in less populated areas of Wave country, he has a pragmatic mindset and tends to keep his mouth shut until he is absolutely sure of what he is going to say. He has a tendency to be short, and if he is talking too much it is a sure sign his nerves are rattled. He has a soft spot for pets, children, and old folks. He doesn't like activities that prey on the weak, like binge drinking and gambling, but is more open to games of skill or harmless fun like karaoke.

    Most of all, Ken hates superiority complexes, and those who lord themselves over others. Despite being a gangster, he sees The Family as a way to protect them from outsiders.

    Kariudo; "Way of the Hunter": "We're all just beasts in the end."

    Clan/Bloodline: Keisei Mafia Family

    Primary Archetype: Beast Master
    Secondary Archetype: Archery Specialist



    Physical Primary

    Strength: 1 + 20 = 21 (+15 Dance of the Savage = 36)
    Speed: 1 +-1(AS) +2(BM) +20 = 22 (+25 Hidden Sniper = 47)
    Stamina: 1 + 20 = 21 (+20 Hidden Sniper = 41)

    Mental Secondary

    Intelligence: 1 +1(AS) +-1(BM) +17 = 18
    Tactics: 1 +2(AS) +-1(BM) +2(Thr) +16 = 20
    Willpower: 1 +1(BM) +16 = 18

    Chakra Tertiary

    Power: 1 +13 = 14
    Control: 1 +-1(AS) +-1(BM) +17 = 16
    Reserves: 1 +-1(AS) +10= 10


    Jutsu and Techniques:

    Kunshu Onsei - Monarch's Voice
    Stage One - Charming
    Requirements: Willpower 8, Tactics 8, Intelligence 6, Any percentage of Keisei blood

    Hidden Sniper
    Stage Five
    Requirements: 17 Speed, 15 Stamina, 11 Strength, 14 Willpower

    Dance of the Savage
    Stage Three
    Requirements: 12 Strength 8 Stamina 8 Control

    Merc Technique List
    Stage One

    Requirements: Tactics=3, Speed=2
    Stage Two
    Eyes of the Mercenary
    Requirements: Tactics=5, Intelligence=4, Willpower=4
    Acrobatic Leap
    Requirements: Strength=5, Stamina=4, Speed=4
    Stage Three
    Hunter's Instinct
    Requirements: Tactics=8, Intelligence=8, Willpower=6
    Lucky Bastard
    Requirements: Tactics=9, Intelligence=9, Strength=7
    Requirements: Strength=9, Stamina=9, Intelligence=7
    Stage Four
    Eagle Eye
    Requirements: Tactics=12, Intelligence=11, Willpower=10, Strength=12

    Gangster's Kit - 0
    Hunting Knives - 2 [1 Short Blade X 2]
    Collapsing Hunting Bow - 4 [3 Medium Ballistics + 1 Hidden as a small item]
    Heavy Net - 2 [2 Restraints]

    Item Points Remaining:



    Other Info:
    Has no kids
    Is Oji of an alcohol smuggling operation in Wave country
    Still hunts in the forests of Wave, but sometimes travels to other countries to hunt

    Thread Ratings:
    - 5/09/19 - Hellhound & Orchid - +2 Tactics and Catch. Katashi takes +2 Speed.

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    Wish you would put your Tai bonuses in parenthesis next to your physical stats as we've done for 10 years--but I'm sure you're trying to make a deeper statement about how we should treat taijutsu I'm just gonna let you live.

    Happy that the dog is called Katashi II...but I also expect some PTSD style flashbacks with that narrative choice. Numbers checked out for me and hopefully that's worth something!

    Imma give him a offer Half Approval he can't refuse.

    Don of the Sanada Family
    Leaf & Grass Lieutenant

    Let's end the speculation, I'm talkin' to all of y'all
    Males shouldn't be jealous, that's a female trait
    What, you mad �cause you push dimes and he sell weight?
    Y'all don't know my expenses, I gotta buy bigger plates
    Hehehe, and more baggies � why you all aggie?
    Homie, respect the game, that should be it
    What you eat don't make me shit; where's the love?


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      Merd mentioned in Discord he'll be adding his taijutsu bonuses when he gets back to checking the sheet out.
      Nara Shikagerou, Sennin of Leaf.
      Hyuuga Yuu, Genin of Leaf.
      Sanada Ema, Chuunin of Leaf.
      Gushiken Ren, Chuunin of Mist.
      Hikoboshi no Natsu, Miko of Wind.
      Sajime Sahori, Jounin of Stone.
      Kiku-ichimonji Jun'ko, ronin samurai.
      Hatsuyuki Shiro, renegade shinobi.
      Keisei Ranko, The Prince of the Keisei.
      Available for Registry Checks
      Engi Tech || Leaf & Stone Secondary GM
      Important NPCs: Higashi

      Maybe it's the patterns that make me that made me crazy
      (a r t i f i c a l f a n t a s y)
      (swaps [AP] items)


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        Approved or whatever.


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          Looks good to me, Boss.


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            you've got my half