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  • The Prince of the Keisei - Ranko

    The Prince
    Black Orchid

    As I dig for wild orchids
    in the autumn fields,
    it is the deeply-bedded root
    that I desire,
    not the flower.
    [Name] Keisei Ranko ("Orchid")
    [Age] 16
    [Sex] Female
    [Height] 5'1''
    [Character Type] Non-shinobi
    [Country] River
    [Rank] Kounomono
    [Division] The Prince of the Keisei [Information]

    [Physical Description]
    Woe to those who notices a flower's beauty but ignores its poison.

    Standing at just over five feet tall, it would be easy to lose her in a crowd – if not for her unnaturally dyed gray hair and her dull red eyes. Despite her attention to her hair and dress, Ranko doesn’t spend a lot of time worrying about her eating habits, often going hours or even days without a meal, leaving her skinny and pale of skin. Her hair is long, spilling to the middle of the back, but it’s almost exclusively held up in twin tails, carefully curled, outside of the most formal of occasions. Outside of the cut of the chest of her dress and her forearms that are visible beyond her sleeves, she’s positively covered in the yakuza tattoos marking her accomplishments and deeds for the Keisei. In particular, her back threatens with a dragon curled around her namesake flower, marking her a willing murderer.
    Dress for your funeral, and you'll never be unprepared.

    Indigo, gray, and black make up the bulk of her leather and lace. A fan of the ornate and the luxurious, she wears clothing that proudly displays her ability to dress for form over function. High heels, black tights, frilled skirts, long bell sleeves, adorned with ribbons – she looks rightly like she’s never had to consider a physical labor in her life. She accessorizes with a black parasol to keep the sun from burning her skin, when she has to make it out during the day. On occasion, she’ll splash in reds for intimidation or flip the script entirely with sunny and bright colors to celebrate. For particularly morbid occasions, she’ll wear a black funeral kimono, particularly before executing an execution.

    The sparkling eyes of youth -- twisted, and made merciless!

    The true heart of this Yakuza is one of anxiety, low self-esteem, and even a bit of self-loathing which is perhaps typical for the bancho type. This personalty, this true heart, is carefully buried under gangster posing and threatening posturing. Her powerful intellect and natural charisma provides a safe cover for her more delicate mind, justifying her cruel and vicious actions as following an internal strict code of conduct. Those who break the code – even if they didn’t know they were beholden to it – have earned their punishment. Her years of study have made her a master of finding the “in-betweens” of language, and her worldwide series of contacts have made her a powerful player on the political field, despite her using agents and other faces, she commands power far beyond her years or individual ability. She has a friendly, amenable charisma to her that distracts somewhat from her murderous and bloody hands. She loves her family before all else, but those closest friends and allies are like family to her. It will be a difficult day when she has to choose one over the other.

    [Ninkyoudo; "the Way of Chivalry"] "Family comes first."
    The yakuza call themselves "ninkyou dantai" ("chivalrous organizations").

    [Clan/Bloodline] Kunshu Onsei [The Monarch's Voice]

    [Sukedan Souban] Delinquent Boss Girl
    Leader + Tactician (Mental, Physical, Chakra)
    Stats: +4 Tactics, +1 to Intelligence, +1 Willpower, -2 Power, -2 Stamina, -2 Strength

    Intelligence: 1 [+1 Tactician] [+21 Pool] 23
    Tactics: 1 [+2 Leader] [+2 Tactician] [+18 Pool] 23
    Willpower: 1 [+1 Leader] [+21 Pool] 23

    Strength: 1 [-2 Tactician] [+17 Pool] 16 [+9 = 27] [Level 5]
    Speed: 1 [+16 Pool] 17 [+12 = 29] [Level 5]
    Stamina: 1 [-2 Leader] [+17 Pool] 16 [+6 = 22] [Level 4]

    Power: 1 [-1 Leader] [-1 Tactician] [+14 Pool] 13
    Control: 1 [+12 Pool] 13
    Reserves: 1 [+12 Pool] 13

    [Techniques] + [Swaps]

    S1. Charming
    Requirements: Willpower 8, Tactics 8, Intelligence 6, Any percentage of Keisei blood
    S2. Domineering
    Requirements: Willpower 17, Tactics 16, Intelligence 16, Stamina 15, Strong Keisei blood, Stage One
    S3. Experimenting Divergence: Cry of the Siren
    Requirements: Willpower 18, Tactics 17, Intelligence 17, Strength 14, "100%" Keisei Blood, Stage One

    S1. New Blood
    Requirements: Tactics 2, Stamina 2
    S1. Soft Order - Flank 'em!
    Requirements: Intelligence 3, Strength 2
    S2. Da Ropes
    Requirements: Tactics 5, Intelligence 4, Willpower 4
    S2. Hard Order - Guard Us!
    Requirements: Strength 5, Stamina 4, Speed 4
    S3. Makin' Moves
    Requirements: Tactics 8, Intelligence 8, Willpower 6
    S3. Hard Order - Root 'em Out!
    Requirements: Strength 8, Stamina 6, Speed 8
    S4. Rising Star
    Requirements: Tactics 12, Intelligence 11,Willpower 10, Strength 12

    S1. Stage One (+4 Speed, +3 Strength, +2 Stamina)
    Requirements: 4 Stamina, 4 Speed
    S1. Angeldust
    Requirements: Stage One Swapped into Open Slot 1
    S2. Stage Two (+4 Speed, +3 Strength, +2 Stamina)
    Requirements: 7 Stamina, 7 Speed, Willpower 6
    S3. Stage Three (+4 Speed, +3 Strength, +2 Stamina)
    Requirements: 10 Stamina, 10 Speed, Willpower 8
    S3. Lewd Gaze
    Requirements: Stage Three Swapped into Open Slot 1

    Key Trait: Sukeban Sin-Eater Miko
    Key Trait: Sukeban Brawler
    Key Trait: Sukeban Samurai Dropout
    Basic Trait: Pack Mule

    Gangster Kit
    + Shinobi Kit [0]
    Everything a girl needs for a bit of the good old-fashioned ultra violence.

    + Medium Blade [2]
    + Hidden [1]
    +1 Coated [1]
    A medium-sized blade with a matching flush wooden handle and scabbard. Has a cute keychain. Fits neatly into a parasol handle or underneath fluffy dresses.

    My Chemical Romance
    +2 Hallucinogenic Poison
    Something cooked up by the honors chemistry class. It smells of lavender.

    Authentic Designer Shades
    +1 Zoom
    +2 Night Vision Goggles
    If those golden frames are real, then these are probably worth more than your next three months salary.

    School-issued PPE: Gas Mask
    +1 Breathing Apparatus
    A standard double-filtered gas mask. The orchid sticker on the respirator takes some of the edge off - - or does it?

    + Restraints [2]
    For business AND pleasure.

    Item Points Remaining: 0
    Additional Item Points Gained: 4


    Omoikane Dai-Gakuin is a preparatory school in the capital of River Country, Metsubishi. The stringent codes of conduct, inspired mostly by conservative religious views, combined with top-notch international professors and a brilliant law program makes it one of the premiere schools for the children of the most influential and wealthy of individuals across the acting countries. Made of several schools on one complex, the high walls and beautiful gardens are frequently protected by the best samurai and ronin money can buy. Despite this illustrious pedigree, it’s a well-known open secret that the Omoukane Dai-Gakuin is almost exclusively bankrolled by the seediest of underworld sources. Omoikane Dai-Gakuin’s junior campuses, which serve children aged six to fifteen, are split into two gender-specific schools on each side of the campus, Izanagi Gakuin serving boys and Izanami Gakuin serving girls. The bulk of the campus is made up of the higher-learning schools, Ebisu Gakuin for finances, Hachiman Gakuin for strategy and tactics, Inari Gakuin for business and leadership, and Tenjin Gakuin for the arts. Undergraduates of Izanagi and Izanami schools often participate in mixed socials, intramural sports, and perform in the theatre and arts for an audience of the other school. Otherwise, they’re kept almost exclusively single-sexed until they graduate to one of the higher schools. Graduates of the Omoikane Dai-Gakuin can be found in all walks of the top percentage of earners and leaders in the international arena.

    The students, staff, and shareholders of the Omoikane Dai-Gakuin schools almost exclusively swear their allegiance to Keisei Ranko, a rising senior to her final year of the law program.

    Keisei Ranko always wanted to be a singer. When she was still too young to understand the gravity of her Gift, and the burden that her family would have on her path, her only goal was to be a singer. She had a powerful voice, and it was easy to make comparisons to contemporary enka performers in her strength and beauty. She would perform for anyone who would ask to listen, eager and proud of her vocal training. It took no effort for the Family to get her a placement in Omoikane Dai-Gakuin, where she hoped to graduate from Izanami Gakuin and progress to Tenjin Gakuin to pursue her path as a modern idol. The school itself was delighted to have an other Keisei child in their halls, because it meant a steady stream of income from the Family.

    Keisei Ranko always wanted to be a singer. Like most childhood dreams, these were crushed with the weight of the sad world that she wore on her shoulders.

    An elite among the elite, the idea of political nuance and rivalry was a part of her life as soon as she was enrolled in the international school for the wealthy and powerful. She had always been trained to avoid the discussion of her family, adopting a false name Uchida Maaya to negate the conversation entirely...but in a pit of people from the best and worst examples of power of the world, it was an understood fact that she was a shadowchild of the powerful yakuza. Those from lesser families knew to give her a wide birth and to never get on her bad side, while those from rival families saw her as a target to test their own mettle. From day one, she was immersed in the backstabbing world of international politics. Despite the beautiful complex and the squeaky clean front-facing reputation, the Dai-Gakuin was the playground for the children of the underground. As was popular with noble children of the warring states era, she had been trained in a nominal amount of self-defense, and it wasn’t uncommon for her to notice watchful eyes in the halls and on the grounds...familiar faces, gangsters that belonged to the family, retainers, butlers she had known from a young age. That didn’t stop the feeling of isolation from setting in, separated by her birthright from having real relationships with people.

    Weakness, abusers, slackers. All these words had been drilled into her by the Family as the worst of society, and the school seemed rife with them. People who would put their muscle before their mind, bullies who would try and subjugate others, petty alliances of the angry and jealous roaming the halls to target the blessed and chivalrous. Those that targeted Ranko finally found their mark, where the watchful eyes of her protectors and the school staff couldn’t save her: trapping her in a bathroom on the third floor. She suffered their abuse, fists pummeling her face and feet kicking into her back, huddled up in a ball on a wet floor, until she realized there was no penalty for slaughtering pigs. Her keepsake knife, a wakizashi given to her by her father, sang out with its razor edge. The girl she carved up wore her scars for a few weeks, before the persistent abuses turned to her – for her disfigured face – and she eventually transferred away from the school. That girl’s family soon disappeared from Metsubishi entirely. While it was known that it was Ranko that had carved her, she was untouched by the disciplinary systems of the school, either out of a respect that she had lashed out against her bullies...or out of fear for being disciplined by her Family. This realization made Ranko realize that she had a power beyond a knife or a family, and that the connections of laws and influence could be a shield for those who needed it. She shifted her focuses from the arts to the law programs available to her.

    It was around this time that her father Keisei Junpei took over responsibility for his late brother’s son, Shohei. While her father’s name had offered her the protections from the disciplinary program that she needed, the lack of interest he took in her studies or performances caused a fair amount of resentment. Ranko was unaware that Junpei had already put forward the feelers to find retirement – to become something more of a family man – but all she could see was an absent father who was taking an interest in a cousin and helping him up in the world. Spurned by this alleged betrayal and dismissal of her capabilities to work as a Keisei Family member, she aggressively started her plans to take over her own section of the criminal world, starting with the school itself.

    Kanbayashi Mayuko always regretted her admission to the school. Her family, while wealthy business moguls from the Fire Country, had no way of knowing the sick reality of the internal halls of the school when they sent their only daughter and heiress to the fortune to the preparatory school, eager for her to pursue her miko training at the school publicly famed for its reverence to the kami of the world. While she had the money to attend the school, she didn’t have the cruel edge or the veil of the underworld to protect her against the other groups. She, like Ranko, became a target for her otherness, both for her pious religion and her relatively benign parents. The day before the graduation ceremony from elementary to middle studies, she stood atop the clocktower and considered flinging herself off, to end the torment. Her family had worked too hard to get her to this school, so just going home wasn’t an option...and the others would have killed her, eventually, she wagered. Keisei Ranko discovered her there in that clock tower, a secret hideaway to practice her singing, and taught her one of the great truths of the world: personal weakness could be hidden by a Family of support. She reached out her hand, and made her first Bond with someone else, swearing her loyalty to the girl that would cut her way figuratively and literally through her enemies.

    While in middle education, Ranko and Mayuko’s alliance was secured as they started to turn the tides of the internal politics of the students in their favor. There was always someone who was tired of being the target of some larger force of angry aggression, violence for the sake of violence. There was always someone who needed saving. It became a well-known fact of life that if you swore yourself to Ranko, that she would stick her neck out for you...and fearing her knife or her disciplinary immunity, she was like a living god herself, a protector for those that would sacrifice for her. It came to the point where Ranko couldn’t remember the last time she had an opportunity to practice her singing voice, but she would bury herself in lawbooks and her education provided by the school by day, and by night, roam the complex enforcing her iron will. You targeted one of her students, you got cut. You targeted them again, blackmail would build up so fast your only escape was leaving the school entirely or taking your own life to preserve some family honor. While she never used her Gift on those that swore themselves to her – valuing true loyalty over that gained by supernatural influence – she became adept at using the Gift to grease the right palms and minds to shift the world into her favor. Soon, the disciplinary squad of students was in her pocket, thrall to her sweet voice – these would be her enforcers, keeping the violence to the school at an all-time low through their brutal retribution. Martial law was in effect, and Ranko was the kingpin...but the majority of the school couldn’t seem to mind, because her martial law was in their favor. All you had to do was swear yourself to that charismatic girl and you could enjoy a relatively stress free life of study and comradery, like you had been promised on enrollment. She had realized the dream of the school, and that made her something of a mythical figure. Outside of her year, though, things were still sour.

    Her cousin Shohei was being trained to take over “her” position at the casino, which soured her relationship with her father further. Wheelchair bound from his adventures with the young man, he still didn’t seem to have the time or effort to make appearances at the school – showing no interest in her excellency in the arts or academia. Remaining ignorant of her father’s true condition garnered a lonely bitterness in her heart that continued to inspire her to greater heights. Her interests started to push farther outward from simply the school itself – but she would need leverage.

    Nakano Nagisa was familiar enough with the Keisei crime family to know the secret of “Uchida Maaya”. Her father was a slimy, desperate man in politics that had been on the Keisei take for years, and on occasion Nagisa and Ranko would encounter each other during Family events. Eyes caught across the room, matching school uniforms, they knew of each other, but that relationship was strictly business and had no ground inside the school. Nagisa was a senpai, ready to graduate herself to one of the higher schools, were rumor had it the violence and two-faced politics was an even stronger force. Her father, Nakano-san, had heard rumors that she had been sexually active with a boy from the Izanagi campus and took that as a tool he could use – he swore her body to one of the professors in the Ebisu Gakuin (finance school) in exchange for some cooked books. This trickled through the grapevine until Nakano was targeted for being an impure and easy girl in her year, and she became subjected to the jeers of the boys during the intramural events and objectified by her professors. When the Ebisu Gakuin professor made his way to the complex one night to collect his “reward” for cooking the books for her father, Ranko, Mayuko, and a crew of other underclassmen were waiting for him. After an unfortunate injury in the science lab, he retired from the school the next day. With Nagisa added to her Bond, Ranko’s influence started to spread among the upperclassmen halls.

    Destroying the reputation of the Ebisu Gakuin professor finally made the staff of the school take notice of the moves of the young Keisei girl. Attempts were made to separate the primary trio or to find reasons to expel them, but Ranko had ways to find the worst secrets of those in the school’s employ – it seemed no one was truly who they seemed, and most all of them had garnered tenure at the school through their own criminal dealings. After all, the school itself was notorious for being on the take from any number of business enterprises, legal or not. When she turned her eyes to the staff, she soon had them squirming under her influence. Some, she used the Gift to seduce – others, she merely had to provide a manilla folder containing compromising photographs of staff engaged in lecherous acts with underage students, staff engaged in acts of gambling over blood sport, or – perhaps the worst, given the climate of River – but being on the take from more than one crime family. With her influence over the staff, none of her crew had to worry about authority hammering down on their actions. Most of the girls started to make modifications to their uniforms, dying their hair, or giving up the uniforms entirely. The squeaky clean face of the school was starting to crumble, which would destroy the profits of the shareholders at the very top. This elevated Ranko’s worries beyond the mere walls of the school, and made her an enemy of those with true power.

    Kiku-ichimonji Juri was a young woman, an upperclassman attending the Hachiman Gakuin school during her stay at the Omoikane Dai-Gakuin. She was a loaner samurai, gaining free scholarship and board in exchange for a promised eight-year stint as a personal guard for the school. She was never happy about this arrangement, but she had been sold into the school’s program when she was six years old. While she was a powerful kenjutsu student and a sharp tactical mind, she had always dreamed of belonging to a higher cause, like the samurai of Iron...not protecting some criminal and corrupt religious school. She was bidden by her masters to infiltrate the Uchida Maaya gang under the guise of hired muscle and take out anyone she could without upsetting the status quo too much – members of the crew that weren’t beholden to bigger families, those that the Keisei influence wouldn’t protect. The idea of slaughtering schoolgirls for a school administration made her sick, but she didn’t really have a choice – but Ranko had been waiting for her. Ranko simply provided her with a document that was a testament to her law education, a careful dance of laws and loopholes that would render her contract to the school nullified, but maintain her opportunity for scholarship and board. It would mean, however, giving up her claim to her ancient samurai clan and to swear herself to Ranko herself. It was a no brainer for Juri.

    With her three bonds and herself, she held a powerful influence over each major section of the school – the underclassmen, the graduating classes, and the higher education. Her spider’s web of influence quickly compounded through the students of the school, stretching out to their families. Through a mixture of simply using the children as agents to influence their parents to meeting with these parents themselves and making use of her subterfuge and blackmail or her Gift to bring even these powerful moguls under her will, her influence quickly grew exponentially. Each connection bringing dozens more, and dozen more on each of those. Despite her headquarters being a quiet dorm in a school, Ranko was soon manipulating businesses and culture across the acting countries. Inside the school was where she made her start – her own crew that had sworn themselves to her, as well as her three Bonds – her closest and most trusted allies, each with their own crews underneath them.

    Her exemplary performance at the school, both academically and politically, rendered her an ideal candidate to take over the responsibilities of the Prince at the Table of the Keisei. With the Ienaga’s incarceration, there was a need to have representatives of the direct family line seated at the table – those who’s loyalty went beyond sworn bonds and mutual fear, but ran deep into the blood itself. Ranko operates outside of the school, with a majority of the underclassmen making up her crew when she’s there. The upperclassmen, staff, administration, and now even the shareholders are all on the Keisei take – and Ranko’s blackmail is a tighter leash than any physical manacle. She uses the grand libraries and the academic minds of the school to spread her will in the most nefarious way known to man: through the courtrooms and parliaments.

    Ranko’s attendance at the school, these days, is lackluster at best – although her records show a perfect attendance. Long since turning her political blackmail to the world at large, she mostly uses the school simply for the libraries and to reference the minds of top-scoring students and professors. Occasionally, she’ll make an appearance to strong-arm a child to get to a parent or to maintain her physical intimidation, but her goals push her to travel the world more than she’d perhaps like. Typically using a much older Oji as a mouthpiece, she’ll “escort” these Faces to add her personal flair to important meetings in the courts or boardrooms. As her power and reputation grows, however, the more keen allies of the Keisei know that she’s the true Prince – and will immediately defer to her in a form of respect, even if it means bowing to a young woman. Her exponential network of politicians – both for legit governments and for the underworld – granted by her schoolmate’s influence grants her a unique position to pressure people from inside their own personal families. Given that she’s been trained from birth in self-defense and she tends to always be guarded by her trio of sukeban, she’s also an asset on the field if she ever had to get dirty, but that really isn’t her style at all.

    Her style is that of blackmail, overwhelming societal pressure, and the law room. With an army of undergraduate law students constantly pouring through the most arcane of region’s lawbooks and the ability to send alumni lawyers to lobby and press for laws that satisfy her and the Family’s needs, she has the terrifying ability to always seem to have the upper hand.

    Keisei Ranko always wanted to be a singer. Like most childhood dreams, these were crushed with the weight of the sad world that she wore on her shoulders. As she blossomed towards adulthood, she realized a more beautiful and powerful dream: to reorder this sad world into something that her Family – and her newfound friends – can be comfortable in.

    As for her relationship with Sho? Despite having a sour opinion of him for taking her spot as her father’s favorite, she respects the moves he’s made for the Family and sees him as her Father’s Son – although she hasn’t taken to calling him anything like “brother” yet. Her professionalism alone prevents her from letting her own grudges overlook an asset to the family, and she can’t blame him for being in the same spot she was in – a lackluster father figure.

    Her primary goals by virtue of her spot at the table are to press forward with the legal side of the family’s affairs. It’s not difficult for her to find a policeman’s son to seduce in a Podunk town or a Governor with a child or niece already attending one of her schools. Her continued drive to outshine Sho and to make her father recognize her as a proper agent - - if her title wasn’t enough for him – she pushes herself out with her own crew to perform jobs for the Family. She’s not even afraid to tag along to check the progress of newer prospects for the family, or to come in on an assist for an Oji that she’s particularly fond of.

    [Other Info]
    - It's "The Prince" of the Keisei. Not "Princess." This is a well-enough known faux pas that it can be used to suss out undercover investigators amongst the higher level members of the Family, and sometimes used as a hazing tool for younger recruits. She's fine with other titles -- Lady Keisei, for instance -- but respects the title of the table.

    - Regrets that her schools doesn't have an equestrian program, and is interested in acquiring land to generate one, or simply cannibalizing a school into her group that has one. Incredibly fond of horses -- if a bit intimidated by them.

    [SIZE="1"]Thread Log

    05/08/19 - Hellhound & Orchid: Chapter 1 - Ranko: Pack Mule, donates 1 TP each to Nagisa and Juri. Mayuko: +2 Control. Nagisa: Gate Two (1/2), +1 Speed. Junko: Steady Mind I, +1 Stamina. Edited Items.


    - - -

    - - -

    Gangster's Knuckles [2]
    Restraints (Handcuffs) [2]
    Limb Armor (Arms) [2]
    Limb Armor (Legs) [2]
    - - -

    �Nara Shikagerou, Sennin of Leaf.
    �Hyuuga Yuu, Genin of Leaf.
    �Sanada Ema, Chuunin of Leaf.
    �Gushiken Ren, Chuunin of Mist.
    �Hikoboshi no Natsu, Miko of Wind.
    �Sajime Sahori, Jounin of Stone.
    �Kiku-ichimonji Jun'ko, ronin samurai.
    �Hatsuyuki Shiro, renegade shinobi.
    �Keisei Ranko, The Prince of the Keisei.
    Available for Registry Checks
    Engi Tech || Leaf & Stone Secondary GM
    Important NPCs: Higashi

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      she soon at them squirming under her influence

      This bio is fine. The age for a Jounin level character, not as much. I read through the bio telling myself that if the activities inside justified it, I would be fine. But honestly it makes the Keisei look dumb if the family member that can most handle their interactions with world governments is a girl who is still in middle school. It doesnt even make sense that she would still be in middle school, considering everything that she has accomplished. This is a private school that handles students all the way through their education, but she managed to handle all of her business and become the boss before she even gets into high school?

      On top of that, where is the path forward, what is the goal?

      I'm all for the main thrust of the bio, I just don't know if the rest of the world plays into it enough. It is hard to imagine interacting with this character, because she is in her own world. She meets no other Keisei, she rules her world from the ultimate isolated world (secondary school), and evidently no one has ever been able to make her slow down since she got beat up once back in like first grade.


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        Aged up Ranko and her retainers significantly. Added the following paragraphs through the biography to link her better with Buko's character as well as his NPC, and provided more motivation for her activities outside of the school as well as opened her up for taking Family missions with other big wigs as well as more general PCs.

        �Nara Shikagerou, Sennin of Leaf.
        �Hyuuga Yuu, Genin of Leaf.
        �Sanada Ema, Chuunin of Leaf.
        �Gushiken Ren, Chuunin of Mist.
        �Hikoboshi no Natsu, Miko of Wind.
        �Sajime Sahori, Jounin of Stone.
        �Kiku-ichimonji Jun'ko, ronin samurai.
        �Hatsuyuki Shiro, renegade shinobi.
        �Keisei Ranko, The Prince of the Keisei.
        Available for Registry Checks
        Engi Tech || Leaf & Stone Secondary GM
        Important NPCs: Higashi

        Maybe it's the patterns that make me that made me crazy
        (a r t i f i c a l f a n t a s y)
        (swaps [AP] items)


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          Love it, the rest of the sheet already felt great and these changes take care of any problems I had.



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            Half'd for da family!

            Don of the Sanada Family
            Leaf & Grass Lieutenant

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              Sacrificed 2 pool points from chakra stats to gain 4 WP to give a set of brass knuckles to the brawler and a vial of Hallucinogenic Poison for the black miko. I felt bad for favoring one retainer over the others.
              Last edited by Virtual Dream; 05-18-2018, 11:19 PM.
              �Nara Shikagerou, Sennin of Leaf.
              �Hyuuga Yuu, Genin of Leaf.
              �Sanada Ema, Chuunin of Leaf.
              �Gushiken Ren, Chuunin of Mist.
              �Hikoboshi no Natsu, Miko of Wind.
              �Sajime Sahori, Jounin of Stone.
              �Kiku-ichimonji Jun'ko, ronin samurai.
              �Hatsuyuki Shiro, renegade shinobi.
              �Keisei Ranko, The Prince of the Keisei.
              Available for Registry Checks
              Engi Tech || Leaf & Stone Secondary GM
              Important NPCs: Higashi

              Maybe it's the patterns that make me that made me crazy
              (a r t i f i c a l f a n t a s y)
              (swaps [AP] items)


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                Approved and moving.