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  • [Samurai/Jinchuuriki] Kaitoro

    Name: Kaitoro
    Age: 21

    Character Type: Samurai/ Jinchuuriki

    Country/Village: Originated from Spirit Island
    Rank: Bushi

    Physical Description:
    Kaitoro's appearance won't turn any heads or draw him any unwarranted attention. The man has a hardened look to his unblemished face that is only accentuated by his piercing brown eyes. It always has a look of someone that's seen a lot and doesn't have time or know how to let loose and relax. His lithe frame is what allows him the acrobatics and moves that he's known for and his smooth skin tells of no battles. Some say that his unscarred body is due to Kui's influence on Kaitoro's body and skin but there are rumors that he's that good. To top it all off, his sandy hair remains short regardless of what kind of care that the man puts or doesn't put into it.

    As for his attire, he could normally be found adorned with his knives and daggers and light, almost non existent armor. But he keeps his entire body covered save for his left arm which is bare from the shoulder to the wrist. Something about it being his prime throwing arm so he keeps it free of obstruction. Kaitoro wears a pair of boots that rise up to his knees which he's mentioned something about being able to wade in the marshes with them and by this time he's grown accustomed to wearing them. There isn't a lot of variation in what he wears but he's very open to trying new things to find his own identity.

    Kaitoro is more of a straight forward type of guy. That isn't necessarily by choice but by circumstance. Growing up in the wilds of Spirit Island, one doesn't really have a chance to let loose, even as a kid. They're always put to work somewhere so he'd been in the hot seat since he could walk and wield a weapon. He is quick to trust though, quick to trust and hard to let down but when it happens, one becomes part of a very small list of people. This list of people are those who don't want to see Kaitoro again.

    Pirate's Code: "Everyone return home and everyone have a home to return to. Anything for food."

    Primary Archetype:
    If a Gourmand Jinchuuriki consumes a Bijuu's essence during a thread, its hosted Bijuu gains two extra experience points.

    Any round where a Gourmand Jinchuuriki hurts a Bijuu or Jinchuuriki, it gains 10 drive.
    Any round where the Gourmand Jinchuuriki consumes Bijuu or Jinchuuriki flesh, it loses 30 drive.

    Gourmand Jinchuuriki do not have access to the Bijuu Shift or Bijuu Dama techniques.
    Gourmand Jinchuuriki gain one less taijutsu level from Blended, Overwhelmed. Gourmands do not reach Lost state, except they do begin to Bleed chakra.
    Gourmand Jinchuuriki gain access to Bijuu techniques at one lower break point than usually required. (EX. They can use Bijuu claws at 0 drive. Can use senses at Awakened)
    Primary: Physical
    Stats: [+3 Physical, -3 Mental]

    Secondary Archetype
    Speed Demon
    Stats: [+3 Speed, -2 Intelligence, -1 Power]


    Physical 27

    Strength: 1 [+3] +7 =11 (+15)
    Speed: 1 [+3] +11 =15 (+15)
    Stamina: 1 +9 =10 (+12)

    Chakra 24

    Power: 1 [-1] +10 =10
    Control: 1 +9 =10
    Reserves: 1 +5 =6

    Mental 21

    Intelligence: 1 [-2] +8 =7
    Tactics: 1 [-3] +8 =6
    Willpower: 1 +5 =6


    Name: Kami no Kui
    Creature Type: Caracal
    Rank: Zerobi

    Physical Description:
    Kui looks like your typical small, almost baby like caracal. He has the pointed almost elf like ears and sleek body even down to the tail. But there's something strange about his tail...almost as if it flickers in and out of existence. And when it is visible it is almost never in the same spot as it was just previously. His chakra is a faint blue, almost lively but reaching out for that air to really cause a spark.

    Kui is a trickster, prankster and jokester all rolled into one. It's hard to tell if what he's saying is real or if he's just pulling your leg and it doesn't matter who you are, he feels comfortable enough around you to troll you. One thing to keep in mind though, there's only one person who's in the prank for the long haul and that's Kaitoro.


    Force: 0
    Finesse: 0
    Fortitude: 0


    Jutsu and Techniques:

    Dance of the Overseer
    Stage Three [Strength:10; Stamina:10; Power:8]
    Bonus: [Strength 15, Stamina 12]
    //[S3] Rift

    Yatama no Shikaku
    Stage Three [Speed 15, Stamina 5, Control 8]
    Bonus: [Speed 15, Strength 6, Stamina 6]

    Stage Two [Speed 8, Strength 6, Control 6]
    Bonus: [Speed 10, Strength 8]
    //[S2] Ten Ka Mittsu / Gen’ei Setsu Ippo [Control 4, Power 4] - (AP)

    Bijuu Techniques
    Bijuu Claws

    - Twin Daggers [Short Blades [1] x2 ]
    - Throwing Daggers [Large Projectiles [2] + Tracer [2] ] 4
    - Whip [Soft Weapon [2]]

    Item Points Remaining: 0


    Originally posted by Documentation upon seeking asylum in Iron Village
    So you say you're from Spirit Island?

    ”Yeah, Spirit Island. It's where I was born and raised and we even got our base of operations there in the port. A ways away from them shinobi that just set up. It's thanks to those same shinobi that I was created

    What was that? Did I hear another voice?

    ”What? Naw. It's just me in here, right?” He looks around a bit for someone else.

    Well...whatever. What kind of things did you do on the Island?

    ”I was mostly in charge of keeping the port and island clear. We were a tight knit group that did whatever we had to for some coin. I went out to the seas a few times but mostly port duty for me.”

    For some coin? So you were a mercenary of sorts?

    ”Some of us preferred the term pirate, some of us even liked to call ourselves samurai. We were the biggest group on the island before they showed up. But all the same, we all had our own code of honor.”

    What was your code of honor?

    ”Make sure people had something to come home to and to make sure there were people to come home.”

    Almost sounds like you were the guardian of the group. Explain that to said that you were only 21.

    ”I am only 21 for the easy part. To get a bit more complicated, we all had our jobs. There were those that went looking for jobs, those that operated the ship, those that kept the group together. I just made sure that everyone stayed safe.”

    What kind of things did you in particular do? Let me hear a story about you, Kaitoro.

    ”Well, y'see I helped YOUR shinobi gain roots on the island. We are...what was the word... the Lac. So while when they arrived, we let them do what they wanted, before that we or I had to protect the people. So there are them giant creatures and spirits. We had some of the men and women go get food for the rest of us and of course I went with. There had to be people to come home and to come home to, right? Well, I go out with them and then this huge cougar showed up.”

    Kaitoro stood up and held his hand as high above his head as he could but still open.

    ”Well a lot of them ain't seen nothin like that. Not a lot of people have. My father used to take me out there a lot... to the innards of the island so I seent some stuff tha ain't no one seen. He taught me to keep my distance but what to do when the beast gets close. So that's what I did to protect these hunters. I tol them to stay back and I peppered the cat from a distance, you get me? Pepper 'em with daggers and the like but when it got close, I went in with my rope, catchin it around the ankles before landing a blow straight to tha heart. Open palms work a lot better at transferring energy and chi than a fist. Knocked it flat. From there we ate good for a few months.”

    I see. Interesting. But one question...from the way you sound like you have some sort of disdain for the shinobi.

    ”Ya I do. They messed everythin up. They messed up the island, they messed up the animals...they messed up everythin. They created me. They made way for a being such as I to be made and for that I'm in their debt. But don't let him know.

    The interviewer squints a little bit. What do you mean don't let him know?

    ”You see, Kaitoro thinks I'm one of the great spirits...Bijuu I heard your shinobi say. I told him that I lost my powers when you all took down Kizetsu. But that mess you created...gave rise to those like me. So thank you.” “I guess the cat's out of the bag now. He's the reason I left. I was too much of a threat to the family there with him inside of me. I was out on patrol when Kizetsu went down. Energy going everywhere, flying from his temple thanks to them...Watchers and shinobi they employed. Sparked around everywhere and hitting everythin. Somethin hit me...wasn't Kizetsu's electricity though..somethin else and then I found I was hungry and then this guy started speakin to me. Said he was just a shell of himself thanks to that and he needs to eat more of them..bijuu was it? Whatever, to get back to normal.”

    I don't...understand. You were on patrol and then you were hungry? There has to be more to it than that.

    ”I was on patrol around the island, deeper than usual but I had a team with me so there was nothing wrong. But as we walked around we sensed something coming at us. It wasn't something that made noise really, we just felt it if that makes sense. Next thing I knew, I woke up a few weeks later in our medical clinic.”

    I think I'm making some sense of this now...but what happened there?

    ”They asked what I remembered and it wasn't a lot. It felt like whatever was coming at us swallowed me whole. The first voice I heard wasn't the doctor's though. It was Kui. Something like 'I am you and you are me'.”

    You didn't argue or anything?

    ”What was I supposed to say? You aren't me? I heard it from inside, my eyes weren't even open yet. I wasn't responding to anything. I had to accept it as it was. The first thing I remember after waking up was being hungry and not for food. For energy, for Chi, for Chakra....”

    There was a slow nod and a lot of scribbles on paper. So you came here for that?

    ”I couldn't stay there. Here there's a lot of chi or whatever. Kui likes it here's where we'll stay until he can get back to normal.”

    After a few more scribbles, the interviewer stood up. Well, you are welcome here in Iron at least to stay. I know you wanted to be part of the Legion but we can't allow that, we can't rely on you to protect the City of Kings because of..Kui and we can't point you in the direction to go. But we keep a stance of neutrality which means as long as you don't cause any trouble, you'll always be welcome in Iron.

    Kaitoro stood up and nodded. He understood what he meant. He'd never find a home again but this was the closest place he'll find and here is where he'll start on an all new adventure.
    Other Info:
    AP Log - 0 Stats/1 Jutsu

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    You have one too many Jutsu, unless you're using AP that you haven't noted somewhere.
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      You are absolutely correct. I must have remembered wrong when I kept changing my jutsu around. I ended up just putting in an AP to even it out. Thanks for that.
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        I'm not too clear on how exactly he got the bijuu, but I think I understand what you're trying to do. Half-approved.
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          Doesn't the guy in that picture got a gun on him?

          Numbers seem fine if my understanding of bijuu nonsense is correct. Not sure what exactly flies for spirit island weirdness but I've leave that to the loremasters to pick over. Half Approved.
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            Stats check out half approved

            Thank you Relu for the buttons!


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              Alright, after a long wait, this character has been updated to Bijuu 0.6. Approvals haven't reset so sitting at 1.5.
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                I'll throw a Half on this! Gourmands be weird! Should be interesting.

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                    Bumping this. Mostly waiting on an Admin I believe.
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                      we can't rely on you to protect the village
                      Either 'city' as in the City of Kings, or 'Country' as in Iron Country. But village doesn't make sense here.


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                        Edited for City of Kings.
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                          I think we talked before about hos this really ain't the most exciting of backstories, and how it is a little weird that the interviewer can hear the Bijuu. I guess it is just in the telling, Kaitoro barely seems to care to tell the story himself. But at the end of the day, it comes through, and it is K.

                          Admin Approval. You can move this yourself.

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