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    Hikoboshi no Natsu
    Don't worry, I'll never let go of you.

    Soul of the mind, key to life's ether
    Soul of the lost, withdrawn from its vessel
    May strength be granted so the world might be mended...
    So the world might be mended...

    Name: Hikoboshi no Natsu
    Age: 17
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5’4’’ (163cm)

    Character Type: Jinchuuriki/Miko

    Country/Village: Wind Country/Sansui and Doshaburi
    Rank: Ateji (Chuunin)
    Division: Hunter/Exorcist; KATA Airman

    Physical Description:
    Her Alexandrian eyes seem to dance through a spectrum of colors as the sun travels the sky, a golden-copper marriage of flecks and rings that invokes the unpolluted night sky, like all the cosmos might stir inside one girl. Her body weight seems to be mostly made up of her hair, thin strands so well populated that they become thick that spills down to her taut rear, wheat brown with a surge of pale blonde mixed in like a fox's undercoat. She normally keeps the end tied in a loose but expertly latticed ribbon and her she cuts her poofy bangs just above her eyeline--the sides falling down and framing her face with a spunky, girlish style. She occasionally takes to braiding her lengths of hair, normally ending with one or two strategically braided functions, like a jedi.

    Her skin is a white sandy beach: soft, pale, radiating heat, and begging to be touched. Her young body dances in the twists of womanhood, tight stomach and wide hips giving way to powerful muscles from a lifetime of obsessive study of kenjutsu. Her chest, normally bound and supported by careful application of cloth bandages, eagerly draw comparisons to the white sandy dunes of her littoral form. Freckles dust her face just enough to break up the endless expanse of perfectly pale, giving her a younger appearance than her years would normally allow. Her nose is sharp, like the tip of a claw, but her soft skin fades her features neatly away. Her lips, soft and pink, give way to a strong, sharp chin.

    Her small ears burn easily in the desert sun, unblessed by her skin's evasiveness, her lips are covered with white patches from anxious chewing, her nails--normally carefully tended--tend to end chipped and frayed from worried rubbing.

    Befitting of her paladin stature, she dresses herself in holy, regal garments. White, gold, black, and silver make up her accessories, while ribbons adorn her long hair. Her chest is protected by a padded white vest with silver plates--not dissimilar from a chuunin flak jacket from Sunagakure, while simple white cloth with golden trim covers her stomach, terminating in a short skirt with a patterned hem. Her gloves are simple black affairs with a golden cuff, while her boots are large and open white affairs with a folded down leg. Typical to her shrine rites--her shoulders, back, legs and arms would be exposed to the elements, but considering more modest apparel is appropriate when you're not alone in the desert, she compliments these with black thigh highs and and jacket that's been fashioned into a form of a shawl, danging before and after her arms and leaving plenty of room for air to circulate.

    While operating purely as a miko, rather than an exorcist, she dons the traditional attire of her Oasis Shrine--a simple white bra and miniskirting with sleeves that attach midarm, revealing her shoulders. These sleeves can be unraveled to hang and spill over the ground, appropriate for performing Shinto dance rituals. Occasionally, when she has to present in this miko state, she'll wear a shawl around her head that spills over her shoulders and obscures her near nude form, as a polite modesty.
    Burdened with glorious purpose, Natsu's most obvious trait is the deep love she has for the world and the people in it. She has a calm and fulfilled aura, a hanging sense of confidence and importance that's meant to be shared with those she encounters--the quiet bliss of religious rapture. Her o b s e s s i o n with her glittering skysword stands in line just behind that beautiful love, exaggerated by her constant polish and care and manipulation of the weapon, like it might somehow heal her anxious worry.
    I don't wanna do this anymore!
    Anxiety takes its time to be made apparent, but it slithe rs under the surface and can be seen in the firm way she sets her lips, the quivering at the tips of her fingers, the loose strands of hair that sometimes spill out from her head in sickly clumps. She finds piece from her occasional torment by devoting herself to her cause.

    She can be naively straightforward, innocently eager, or perhaps a cute extortionist. In her quest to tend for the forgotten wayshrines of the world, she can be a bit more forceful than expected in collecting a "back debt" of donations - - but her intentions are pure, to rid the world of youkai and to celebrate and elevate the righteous kami of the world.

    She can be c l o s e d o f f and distant, unable or unwilling to draw people in close.
    Dao; "The Way": "I will mend this world."
    Maybe if I had been born under a different star, I wouldn't hurt so much.
    Primary Archetype: Demon Weapon
    Primary: Physical
    Stats: +3 Physical, -3 Chakra
    Placing a bijuu within a human host is dangerous, but there is a safer alternative. By forging the beast into a weapon, and then binding the host to that, it is supposedly possible to remove some of the complications of jinchuuriki life. Demon Weapon jinchuuriki pull the power of the bijuu from their weapon, but they also become fanatical and obsessed with the weapon that feeds them power.
    Secondary Archetype: Holy Vessel
    Stats: +3 Reserves, -3 Stamina
    Overflowing with divine energy, the Holy Vessel is a true conduit for the power of spirits. She feels the hum of chakra, chi, and all other life currents. As a wellspring of spiritual power, Holy Vessels are often the lead priestesses of their shrines, but are enticing to creatures from the other world, who see them as doorways to the physical plane.



    Physical - Primary

    Strength: 1 [+9 Pool] 10 (+12 DnK)
    Speed: 1 [+9 Pool] 10 (+15 DnK)
    Stamina: 1 [+/- 0 Archetype] [+9 Pool] 10

    Mental - Secondary

    Intelligence: 1 [+8 Pool] 9
    Tactics: 1 [+8 Pool] 9
    Willpower: 1 [+8 Pool] [+2 Thread] 11

    Chakra -Tertiary

    Power: 1 [+7 Pool] [+2 Thread] 10
    Control: 1 [+7 Pool] [+4 Thread] 12
    Reserves: 1 [+/- 0 Archetype] [+7 Pool] 8

    Name: Amaterasu-omikami (Pseudonym)
    Creature Type: Goddess of the Sun (Actually: Desert Fox)
    Tails: 0 (This is, at least, accurate.)
    Experience Points: 8/10

    Physical Description:
    While he personally identifies as a fox demon, this small mote of angry chakra, this desperate engine of destruction, has spent a majority of the last two decades sealed inside a sword, unable to grow to more than a soft purple light.

    A trickster fox bijuu that gladly wears the epithet "youkai". Kami, he considers, is a good name for one that will eventually consume the world around him, bringing all chakra on the planet to a singular cause. This is his purpose--to devour.

    Admittedly, the miko's attention to his seal prison has made him at least somewhat less hateful of her. He's done his best to convince her he's a shard of power from the Heavenly Kami, Amaterasu. He convinces her that her nightmares brought on by their connection of a world destroyed by a giant beast are not visions of his desires--but rather a terrible future she can avoid by exorcising kami, feeding his blade with the corpses of mislaid bijuu.


    Force: 0
    Finesse: 0
    Fortitude: 0


    Paths and Techniques:
    [Paths of the Shrine Maiden]
    S1. Slot One: Hikari no Hahen - Shards of Light (2 Control, 2 Intelligence)
    S2. Slot One: Yamino Tankyuusha - Darkseeker (5 Control, 4 Power, 4 Reserves)
    S3. Slot One: Kamichiten - Divine Point (8 Control, 8 Power, 6 Reserves)

    [Danbira no Kyo]
    Stage Three (Strength 10, Speed 10, Willpower 8) (+15 Speed, +12 Strength)
    -S1. Gibbous Kaika
    -S1. Mikazuki
    -S2. Kinpa Gaien
    -S3. Hantsuki Shasen
    -S3. Getsuei Suiryoku

    [Seido Kobushi]
    Stage Three (Control 12, Power 8, Strength 8) (+9 Strength)

    [8] Kiyaku [Bijuu Bound 0, Oversized Blade 4, Trick Lock 2, Implanted 1, Repair 1]
    This broadsword is hidden inside the miko's body through a series of ritual tattoos. If stolen, it rebels against the thief by sending out bursts of chakra. Over a period of two posts, it can repair itself if damaged. Bijuu Bound weapons are notably more resilient than other weapons.

    Item Points Remaining: 0


    "Let the record show that the jinchuurki refused to give up her armaments, so I'm joined by SUNA Soldier Kosai Ryuusei."


    "Excuse me?"

    "...I didn't make a sacrifice. I'm glad to serve the people of this world. I'm a miko--settling the chaos of the world of kami, bringing peace to the youkai--that's my greatest purpose."

    "At least you've maintained some human pride. Can you state your name for the record?"


    "Your full name, please."

    "I--I don't really have a surname. I'm called Hikoboshi no Natsu, because I was born under the star."


    "Altair, maybe, by your star charts. The summer star. So I am called."

    "And your residence in Wind Country?"

    "An oasis shrine outside of Sansui and Doshaburi. I was, uh--uhm...I guess left by my birth parents in the twinned towns, and given to the oasis shrine."

    "That was back when the first born rule was in effect, so you likely should have been a Sunagakure recruit."

    "No. I should have been what I am, a priestess. I have answered my calling."

    "Laws proceed faith, I'm afraid. Nevertheless, the rule isn't in effect now, so I guess it can't be helped."

    "That same law got me stuck here looking after fidgety little demon-possessed mockeries of the faith--"

    "That'll be quite enough, Kosai-san. So, little jinchuuriki, what let you do this supposed purpose--this sword of yours?"

    "Amaterasu is known to leave portions of her power, blessings, around the deserts of wind. Meteorites that sometimes contain portions of her power.
    Some manifest as great kami, revealing groundwater springs, and some..."

    "You'll do well to take your hand off that hilt, girl."

    "I'm--I'm sorry, I didn't realize..."

    "Precisely why your registration is required, Natsu-san."

    "R--right. Anyway, uh...this piece of the sun isn't always in his right mind,
    so he had to sealed away."

    "Mhm. The bijuu, you mean."

    "The science of chakra and the faith of Shinto aren't unalike. An ephemeral being that can manipulate the physical world, an old spirit that grows in power as the years turn, demons that can hurt people...what you call bijuu is what I call kami."

    "Kami are supposed to protect mankind, keep the rules of nature working right. What you have there is an engine of destruction."

    "Great power can be confused for destruction. A sandstorm is terrifying while it rages, but the fresh dunes that it leaves are a beauty that even you might enjoy."

    "How did it come to your possession?"

    "Nice choice of words."

    "The purification ritual. Some meditate under waterfalls, others choose to fast...but a majority of my sisters choose to expose ourselves to the elements in the great desert. In a great test of faith and stamina, we wander until we find new springs of water to help the people of Wind."

    "Yes. For this task, Sunagakure offers your temple thanks. However,
    the bijuu--


    "The demon sword."

    "It was what the spirits led me to. A glinting rock that surged the wind and sand around it, the rage of the trapped kami made manifest. I took it with me home and kept it safe, and polished it, and eventually had it forged into this."

    "Not dissimilar to the story of your sword, Ryuusei."

    "Ain't no bijuu, that's for sure. It's a channeling focus that redirects chakra manipulation. When they're hot from the atmosphere,
    sometimes they've picked up a charge just the same as you or I mold it.
    What she's got is...

    "That's correct. His weapon isn't like this sealed kami. The materials might be the same, but the spirits are--"

    "Ain't no spirits--"

    "The...mechanization is different. This is no mere sword. This is the home of a shard of Amaterasu, a holy implement."

    "Right. Well, you've never posed a problem for the people of the twinned cities or your shrine. If anyone was to protect that thing from the enemies of Sunagakure, maybe a shrine maiden makes the most sense."

    "That's what I was saying when you brought me here--I'm no sacrifice.
    I believe this youkai can be purified, and brought back into his true purpose of protecting this world."

    "So, what did bring you to Sunagakure today?"

    "I want permission to assist your shinobi. I want to travel this world as an agent of good will, returning forgotten shrines to their proper glory and to protect and serve as your shinobi do."

    "How long have you trained as a miko?"

    "My entire life. Seventeen years."

    "And how long have you trained with that...sword?"

    "The last four years, without fail. There's a dojo in Sansui and Doshaburi that even some of your ninja come to train. I've dedicated my life to the purification--the mending--of this world."

    "What's to say the first time you get in a scuff, that demon doesn't consume you and kill a lot of those same people you want to save?"

    "I'm a miko. Sealing youkai, placating's a job more suited to me than any ninja could. He's a small spirit, if eager. I'm a powerful soul,
    a pure body."

    "Right. So, what brings this quest to you? Why do you feel the need to leave your temple?"

    "The stars can be divined. Recently the stars tell of strife and great loss.
    If Wind were to come to a new war, none would deny that it would be best to have the kami in our favor, our shrines properly maintained, and our people happy."

    "You want to save the world?"

    "I want to save the world."
    Other Info:

    - Miko Shrine :||: The Daughters and son of the Endless Spring exists a half day's walk from Sansui and Doshaburi. The women and man who live there pronounce glorious faith, and their faith is rewarded by an endless spring of clean drinking water at the heart of their shrine. A popular place for weary travelers making their way to the great intermixed towns -- if not for water, for the unique miko uniform, consisting of next to nothing. These miko and priest perform their purity ritual by exposing their skin to the sun and sand directly. A great tan without welts or imperfections are considered the ultimate example of rewarded faith, where pale miko or bruised and burnt miko are considered to be lacking. Natsu, who's bijuu heals away her sun damage, appears to be the least pious priestess in the history of the shrine, despite her many hours baking in the sun.

    - Her thick hair occasionally clumps up like small animal ears -- an effect exaggerated when she reaches higher levels of Drive.

    - ED: Telecaster Stripes - Polkadot Stringray

    Thread Ratings:
    07/04/17 A Spirited Meeting +2 Willpower, +Yamino Tankyuusha - Darkseeker | +2 Bijuu XP
    06/07/18 GRIT: Mental Cosmic +2 Control, +Seido Kobushi Stage 1 | +2 Bijuu XP
    01/27/19 Reignbows: Rain of Terror +2 Control, +Kamichiten - Divine Point | +2 Bijuu XP
    01/31/19 KATA Initiation & GMAP +Seido Kobushi Stage 2
    04/01/19 [Sandish] The Exoticism of Noritaka Tetsu: Seido Kobushi Stage 3, +2 Power, +2 Bijuu XP

    The girl at the end of the world...
    �Nara Shikagerou, Sennin of Leaf.
    �Hyuuga Yuu, Genin of Leaf.
    �Sanada Ema, Chuunin of Leaf.
    �Gushiken Ren, Chuunin of Mist.
    �Hikoboshi no Natsu, Miko of Wind.
    �Sajime Sahori, Jounin of Stone.
    �Kiku-ichimonji Jun'ko, ronin samurai.
    �Hatsuyuki Shiro, renegade shinobi.
    �Keisei Ranko, The Prince of the Keisei.
    Available for Registry Checks
    Engi Tech || Leaf & Stone Secondary GM
    Important NPCs: Higashi

    Maybe it's the patterns that make me that made me crazy
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    This has been moved to registry and is ready to be completely torn apart and have all my hopes and dreams dashed.

    I obtained Hitoko's permission to apply as a jinchuuriki.
    �Nara Shikagerou, Sennin of Leaf.
    �Hyuuga Yuu, Genin of Leaf.
    �Sanada Ema, Chuunin of Leaf.
    �Gushiken Ren, Chuunin of Mist.
    �Hikoboshi no Natsu, Miko of Wind.
    �Sajime Sahori, Jounin of Stone.
    �Kiku-ichimonji Jun'ko, ronin samurai.
    �Hatsuyuki Shiro, renegade shinobi.
    �Keisei Ranko, The Prince of the Keisei.
    Available for Registry Checks
    Engi Tech || Leaf & Stone Secondary GM
    Important NPCs: Higashi

    Maybe it's the patterns that make me that made me crazy
    (a r t i f i c a l f a n t a s y)
    (swaps [AP] items)


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      Did you really ALEXANDRIA'S GENESIS me in your physical description? You disgust me. Half'd, as soon as you add the requirements and bonuses to your tai.
      Available for registry checks, just ask!
      If you need character sheet edits done, let me know!

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        You've got some interesting formatting [spacing/coloring] going on in your physical/clothing/personality section. Not sure if that's intentional, but thought I'd at least raise attention to it.

        Otherwise stats and such check out, so Half'ed pending you add your jutsu requirements and tai bonuses in your stats.

        Thank you Relu for the buttons!


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          I like her n_x and the secret code hidden in the descriptions is a fun touch

          Half Approving this (pending the requirements, bonuses etc we all need you to add)


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            All these Jinchuu in Sand. Approved.
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              Jeez, right, Kaen?

              Sand GM Approval + Approved

              I definitely enjoyed the biography, and felt the best question asked in this was: So, what did bring you to Sunagakure today? I've got to figure out an easy way-point for Miko to be integrated into Sand. You handled everything about this character well, and am excited to read how she develops.

              Go have magic girl adventures now. Make me proud, lol.