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Sonozaki Chihiro - [Miko]

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  • Sonozaki Chihiro - [Miko]

    "The Enlightened"
    Sonozaki Chihiro

    ~6 AP Used~

    Name: Sonozaki Chihiro
    Age: 14
    Sex: F
    Height: 4'11"

    Character Type: Miko

    Country/Village: Grass Country/ Ryukyukoku Shrine
    Rank: Advanced Ichiko [Genin]

    Physical Description: At first glance, you barely notice her standing underneath the large gate marking the entrance to the shrine. She stands rather short in stature and even through her loose-fitting garments one could see possesses a rather lithe and graceful frame. Her skin is a soft, pale white more akin to a delicate porcelain doll than something of ghastly nature.

    Still, once your eyes fixate on the figure of the young Ichiko, one can quickly tell that she is certainly quite a cute child. Her face in general is best described as soft; everything from a warm glow in her rich, mahogany eyes to a mouth which always rests in a smile conveys a sense of warmth. Long, raven hair falls gracefully down her back, flowing back and forth as she paces under the gate of the shrine.

    She is dressed in the typical garb of the women who staff and maintain the various shrines dotted across the continent. Her top is a long, flowing white jacket kept neat and pressed as part of her duties as a Miko. Her lower body is covered by a long, crimson hakama, tied together by a rather large obi of the same hue. Her hair is tied back with a large, crimson bow as well. Altogether, the uniform is unquestionably indicative of her status as a member of this shrine. You approach, convinced that she can direct you towards your destination.

    Personality: The young girl seems innocent as a shrine maiden can be. Her broom swishes gently along the stone pathway to the temple as her lips move to the words of an inaudible song. You think of calling out, well aware of the generous hospitality exhibited by members of the Ryukyukoku shrine. Yet, something stops you. The hair on the back of your neck stands up as your eyes fixate on the mouth of the girl; her lips moving far too fast to simply be singing. In fact, her eyes are shifting back and forth, as if looking out for some unseen presence. The scene is slightly unnerving, to say the least, but...

    She looks up, a wide smile adorning her face as she sees you approach the temple gates. A cheerful greeting erupts from the girl as she beckons you forward, joy radiating from every pore of her body. It seems the uneasy feeling you felt at first was unfounded; this girl seems to be the personification of exuberance. She waves as you approach; her voice is sweet and high pitched. When you reach her she gives a deep bow and politely welcomes you to the temple. You breathe easy, reassured, as you question about the temple's specialty. After all, you had heard that Ryukyukoku was the best shrine to visit to have your fates read. She giggles at the compliment, her bubbly personality brimming to the surface as she motions down the stone path towards the main gate. It seems that down this path is where your answers lie. You thank her, giving a polite bow of your own as you make your way through the main gate.

    It isn't until you walk past the young girl towards your destination that the hair on the back of your neck stands up once again. You turn, convinced that you feel a pair of eyes peering into the depths of your person; glaring at you with malicious intent. But there is no one to be seen besides the girl, humming along to the rhythmic swishing of her broom. She looks up, making eye contact once again and for a brief moment, you almost swear that her innocent smile was contorted into something far more sinister...

    Way of Life: "Can you hear them? The spirits, that is. My friends welcome you tonight, teehee."


    Primary Archetype: Spirit Talker
    Special: Once per thread, the miko hears the voices of the kami and may break out of all genjutsu affecting her. As a ritual, she may ask the kami a yes/no question and receives a true answer.
    Primary: Chakra
    Stats: +2 Power, +1 Control, -1 Tactics, -2 Stamina

    Spirit Talker - ST
    Advanced Genin - AG
    Account Points - AP
    Senryu (River Willow) - RW

    Physical - Secondary
    Strength: 1 =1 +6[RW]
    Speed: 1 +2[AG] +1[AP] +4 =8 +8[RW]
    Stamina: 1 -2[ST] +3[AP] +4 =6 +4[RW]

    Mental - Tertiary
    Intelligence: 1 +1 +2[T] =4
    Tactics: 1 -1[ST] +2[AG] +2[AP] +2 =6
    Willpower: 1 +3 +1[AP] =5

    Chakra - Primary
    Power: 1 +2[ST] +2[AG] +3 =8
    Control: 1 +1[ST] +2[AG] +4 =8
    Reserves: 1 +2[AG] +3 =6


    Jutsu and Techniques:

    Paths of the Shrine Maiden - 4 Freebies + 2 AG Points

    Primary: Divination

    Secondary: Black Miko

    Stage 1
    Jikan wo Tsutaeru - Telling Time
    Requirements:2 Control, 2 Intelligence

    Hiya Yomi - Cold Reading
    Requirements: 3 Power, 2 Willpower

    Shinpo Ofuda Gijutsu: Kuro no Kunou - Hex Seal Technique: Black Affliction
    Requirements: 3 Control, 2 Tactics

    Stage 2
    Ofuda Gijutsu: Shiten - Seal Technique: Perspective
    Requirements: 5 Control, 4 Power, 4 Reserves
    Condition: Revealing Hidden Knowledge

    Bimyou Gijutsu - Subtle Technique
    Requirements: 5 Willpower, 4 Intelligence, 4 Tactics

    Shinpo Genkaku: Kuki no Me - Hex Illusion: Stalking Eye - [AG]
    Requirements: 6 Control, 6 Power, 4 Willpower

    Stage 3
    Hitono Kehai wo Kanjiru - Sense The Sign of Life - [AG]
    Requirements: 8 Control, 8 Power, 6 Reserves
    Condition: Revealing Hidden Knowledge

    Senryu (River Willow) - 3 Freebies

    Stage 2
    Stat Requirements: Speed 8, Stamina 6, Tactics 6
    Cumulative Bonuses: +8 Speed, +6 Strength, +4 Stamina

    Special Techniques
    Nagare Tabakaru (Current Trick)

    - Tessen (2)
    - Ofuda Seals (0)

    Item Points Remaining: 6



    They said she was gifted.
    Her story begins the way most do, at least in her line of work. Born to a loving couple in a small farming community in Northern Grass, the young girl had an idyllic childhood. There were no traumas, no psychological abuse that would shape her life for years to come. No, the childhood of Chihiro was filled only with joy, happiness, and the occasional hard day of labor around the homestead.

    She had always had a vivid imagination, at least that is what her parents assumed. Many days Chihiro would run through the fields of their farmland, laughing vibrantly while playing with her friends. Though, in this case, her friends were not of the corporeal nature. Her family would watch and chuckle oftentimes at her musings, convinced rightfully so that the young child, as many do, had merely conjured up friends to keep her company. She would describe them at length, always with a gleeful smile adorning her face. A young boy carrying a paper umbrella who only showed up when it was raining; a small raccoon who always wore a large leaf upon his head. Most parents would see a child blessed with a creative mind. Few would expect that these imaginations were indicative of a far more impressive power.

    The turning point of the young girl's life came abruptly. A woman had come to visit the town, and though Chihiro knew not what her strange garb signified, many within the town rushed out to greet the wandering priest. Chihiro stood behind her parents, her eyes peeking out curiously to observe the visitor. It was then that the woman snapped her head almost instantaneously to meet the young girl's gaze.

    "You there." she beckoned "Child, come closer."

    Chihiro did not initially oblige, instead grasping tightly onto her father's pant leg. But her parents, perhaps aware of the significance of such a gesture, reassured her and pushed her forwards. The woman wouldn't bite they joked as they watched their daughter trot over to the Miko.

    "I sense...I sense a great spiritual power, as if the Kami themselves have taken a liking to you. What is your name?"

    She responded, stuttering at first. The woman's words made no sense to her; Kami, spiritual power, Chihiro had no previous comprehension of those words. There were some further questions exchanged, ones that eventually led to the discussion of Chihiro's friends. The Miko smiled, clearly amused when the young girl told her stories of playing with the umbrella boy.

    "Ah, I see you've met with Amekozou, then. How fortunate Chihiro-chan, the Kami do not show themselves to just anyone."

    There were audible gasps in the crowd as her parent's eyes widened with the realization of their daughter's true gift. A girl, barely of 10 years of age, visited by the Kami themselves. It was clear that the girl was destined to embark down the path of the shrine maiden. From that moment on, Chihiro's life would forever be changed. She bid farewell to her family a short time thereafter, her mother and father teary-eyed as they entrusted their daughter in the woman's care. They would always be welcome to visit, the woman said, at the nearby shrine on the river. Chihiro waved goodbye as they departed, and her family waved in return.

    Little did they know that would be the last they would ever see of the Chihiro they knew and loved.

    They said she was exceptional.
    Her life in the temple did not begin slowly, as others' might. The Miko who had recruited the young Chihiro to the shrine instantly recognized her latent potential, her immense spiritual energy. She began her training almost immediately; complete and total immersion into the life of a shrine maiden. There was no time for a learning curve, they said, with potential as great as this. And yet, for all the expectations and pressure placed on the young girl, she did nothing but exceed them.

    When her tutors quizzed her on the various Kami, she responded almost as if she had met them in person. When they asked her to perform the traditional Kagura dance, she performed it with a grace and elegance that was unmatched amongst her peers. Even her physical training expectations were shattered; the young girl picked up on the fluidity and style of the River Willow style in a mere matter of months. The maidens of Ryukyukoku were stunned at the revelation; how a girl with such latent talent could go unnoticed for so long was beyond their comprehension. And yet, they were simultaneously ecstatic that such a power had made its way to their home. For they knew that this young girl would make a truly extraordinary Miko and bring great prestige to their temple once she truly began delving into the arts of the shrine maiden.

    She began mastering the art of divination seemingly overnight; her prior connections to the realm of spirits greatly aiding her in answering simple questions on our mortal plane. As she became more in tune with her power, she could make out whispers, softly spoken in the hallways of the shrine, in the weeds along the riverbanks. She could not see them, not yet at least, but she was well aware of the presence of Kami all around her. They spoke to her on more than one occasion through cryptic messages and transcendent dreams, and each time she would relate their message to one of the elder Miko in the shrine. They would respond with glee, delighted by the stunning progress their newest disciple was exhibiting, blind to the dangers that delving so quickly into the realm of spirits could pose.

    A true pity, as those dangers would soon become a very dark reality.

    Unfortunately, they were right.
    An ethereal fog clouded the air, not enough to obscure her vision, but enough to make it clear that she was no longer on the mortal plane. She heard a sound, was it...crying? There, by the river bank, a young boy. His clothes were tattered, his feet dirty and bare. He was crouching by the water, his back heaving as he sobbed heavily. She approached, obviously concerned about the boy's distress. Why was he here? What caused his pain? She knelt down next to him, bringing a hand to his shoulder in an attempt to console the young child. She opened her mouth to speak, to ask just what could cause the young boy such misery.

    The only thing that exited her mouth was a scream.

    The boy turned his head, and where Chihiro expected the face of a young boy, she encountered only the face of pure dread. His skin was pale and rotting, his dead eyes literally bulging out of his sockets. Most unsettling of all, however, the boy's countenance was distorted in such a way that his entire head appeared horrifically inverted. A sick grin rested where the boy's forehead should be, blood flowing freely from its open maw. His bulging eyes glared at her from upon his chin. Two large horns, crimson in color, jutted out from his face like a pair of bloodstained tusks. She made a motion to escape, stumbling backwards, but by then it was too late. With a scream not born of this world the creature lunged, plunging both it and her into the cold waters of the river. She attempted to struggle against the demon, but it was of no use. They descended further and further, her body sinking like a stone to the depths of this lake. The demonic screaming continued, even underwater, as they both plunged well past reality for what seemed to be an eternity. Her vision began to darken; the lasting image of the demon's sick grin her final sight before everything was truly swallowed by darkness.

    She awoke in a cold sweat, panting heavily as she clutched at her breast. Alive, or so it seemed. She patted herself down; once, twice, ensuring that that terrifying vision was truly nothing more than a horrific nightmare. It seemed that she had made it back, back to her realm. She stood, still visibly shaken by the twisted dream her psyche had imagined, and made her way towards the washrooms, intent on wiping her face clean of the puddle of sweat she had awoken in. However, as she departed her room, Chihiro would have done well to inspect said puddle, for it was not as innocent as a mere pool of sweat. Two wet hand prints rested on either side of her pillow, both the size and shape of a young boy's. And as the door closed behind her, the prints evaporated, seemingly into thin air.

    A chilling laugh echoed softly through her room. The taking had begun.

    Other Info:
    Possessed by an otherworldly Youkai, the source of her Black Miko powers. No foul deeds have come about of it...yet.
    12 Advanced Genin Points - +2 Speed, +2 Tactics, +2 Control, +2 Power, +2 Reserves, Kuki no Me, Hitono Kehai wo Kanjiru
    6 AP Used - +1 Speed, +3 Stamina, +2 Tactics

    Thread Ratings:
    [08/31/17] Spirit Breaker: +2 Intelligence, Bimyou Gijutsu
    --[AP] +1 Willpower

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      I was gonna ask how a Black Miko could operate within a shrine without anyone knowing that she's off kilter, but it looks like you don't have the technique that allows her to twist conditions to her own ends and that marks her as corrupted to practitioners. So it looks like you're fine. Just keep in mind, if she ever gets that technique, she's going to be marked as a witch to any Miko or otherwise gifted spirit-reader she meets.

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                You have my GM approval and Approval after you add a total to your strength attribute line. There are a few typos in the shrine description too, but beyond that it looks good.


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